it is our responsibility to say no to GMO foods/fish..

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please contact FDA + your legislators + tell them how wrong this is. for i`ve told Peter this is wrong we even have to waste our energy to tell them in their responsible role, which now is dysfunctional.

this is my response from Congressman Peter DeFazio;

Dear Ms. Lincoln:

  Thank you for contacting me in opposition to FDA approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon. I appreciate hearing from you and share your concerns.
  We are in complete agreement on this issue. In 2010, I led a letter to the Food and Drug Administration, along with nearly two dozen of my colleagues in the House of Representatives, asking that that the FDA halt the approval of GE salmon. I am also a cosponsor of legislation introduced by Representative Don Young, H.R. 584 that would require all GE fish be labeled if approved.
  GE salmon is engineered to grow twice as fast as wild salmon, and will outcompete any native species. Unfortunately, millions of farmed fish escape into the wild every year and AquaBounty has admitted that not all of their salmon are sterile, which allows them to mate with wild populations. With depleted wild salmon runs, we should do everything we can to protect our native and wild fish and coastal communities.
  The decision whether to approve GE salmon, the first GE animal intended for human consumption, will have far-reaching consequences. I am extremely disappointed that the FDA has moved forward with an approval process that is flawed and inadequate, while ignoring the consumer's right to know by stating that product labeling is not required for this salmon. I'm working with Senator Boxer to require the labeling of all GE foods including GE salmon.
  As we have learned from GE seed crops, unintended contamination is unavoidable, and we must learn from these mistakes, rather than repeat them. You can be assured that I will continue to fight the approval of GE foods.
  Thanks for contacting me about this issue. I hope you will continue to stay in touch in the future.

Rep. Peter DeFazio
Fourth District, OREGON