it`s mind boggling to have to stop from simple living to address such prehistoric mind sets.. folks, please don`t let them get away with it..

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I share an email i sent to all legislators, please do the same, for they appear to foolishly work on tallys, vs. common sense, at times, you can copy mine added to what Peace Action West researched.

        email: I am appalled that the Pentagon is planning a $53 million arms sale to a regime in Bahrain that is violently oppressing the free expression of democracy.

  not to mention the US Government negotiates + distributes funds/materials to other governments when they don`t support their local folks to become self-reliant, leaving them misuse, or abused from others, locally + beyound.

we want to review an accounting + hold you folks accountable. please tell us the articles, books, data, of where we can get this tally of accounting. not just to Bahrain, but every country.

   so all information shared can be comprehended by students young + old as we support people to regain human common sense. as we work on the many negative issues of what results from aggression, wars, + still as in the US many going to school hungry as many are without + still unaware, misusing or being abused from another. such as the present dysfunctional US government, educational department, western medical practice, judicial system + many without good local social structure to even produce fresh natural grown local food. when her in US we have unfair trade, pesticides that are toxic, GMO`s proven to leave negative effect, economical collapse, this list goes on.

where is your head at to support weapontry to be sold or made.

Please do everything in your power to stop this sale by speaking out and making your views known to the administration. as well future ones to all. this is 2011, it is no longer the time for weapons, rather good human potential to communicate. the US Government should no longer do this business nor allow any one to.

Specifically, please cosponsor H.J. Res 80 to block the proposed arms sale.

The events of the Arab Spring show that the policy of arming dictatorial regimes for temporary geopolitical leverage is no longer viable. The United States should be unambiguously supporting values of human rights in the region not aiding those who oppress those rights.

thank you Peace Action West for your research +

thank you folks for spreading the word that we hope to help folks become aware for peaceful negotiations, not aggression. this is twilight zone. those of you with this mindset, we invite to a tapering transition to rethink, reprogram, + allow us to share alternative thought for our human potential. for we have solutions now.

please come take a look at our forum, where together we can build a tool that supports harmony.

until Google threads , please open document, then open ctrl l box + put in url:

peace is our option now if we share what works.