it`s time for skilled regulations, inspections + enforcement to redirect + prevent, so we can go beyond + respect all life..

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  this is uncalled for that the public should have to be interrupted to respond + prevent. when the regulatory boards should be do_in their job to not allow such dysfunction.

  all species have been subjected to toxic substances leaving many ill, as well our environments.

why can you not co_evolve this process accross the board ASAP. so as to efficiently stop all of this , so we rethink + support them to taper into community building vs. destroying.

i can`t even imagine people going into this harsh environment to clean up a spill. nor do i want to even imagine the life running filled with oil.

I commend your administration's commitment to "ensuring the strongest possible safety and environmental oversight" of drilling in the Arctic. + we ask you to strengthen this clarity + act responsibly everywhere on this earth as well space exploration of other planets, etc..

In that spirit, your Interior Department has wisely withheld final permits while Shell addresses mechanical and electrical defects on its oil response barge. But Shell's problems don't end there and they could be too serious to fix this year. Meanwhile, the company is effectively out of time to drill this year in the Arctic.

as well as those that have dove on oil rigs, still say, the inspectors do not get the true report unless they themself go inspect, for the leaks that continually happen under water continue.

so with yet to be addressed professionally, these people have no business until good safe measures are created, for all to comply on a regular bases.

Shell's oil response plans assume capturing 90-95% of any oil spill or blowout at sea. Now the company is backpedaling, saying it will only "encounter" or "confront" that percentage of oil in the water. This opens the distinct possibility that far more oil than projected could reach extremely sensitive marine areas and the Arctic shore. It also indicates that Shell's standby onshore response measures aren't adequate, let alone the "strongest possible."

After Shell's spill response barge failed to meet the Coast Guard's standard of weathering a 100-year storm in the Arctic, the company asked the Coast Guard to weaken its standards to only rate the barge for a 10-year storm event. A few months ago, we saw the potential impact of the lack of strong safety measures when its drill rig almost ran aground in harbor.

To boot, Shell is seeking authorization to significantly increase the amount of air pollution that can be generated from its spill response barge and Arctic drilling rigs, which would harm human health and pump black carbon onto Arctic ice.

Drilling in the Arctic Ocean puts at risk one of the most pristine places left on Earth. I urge you to take immediate action to stop Shell's rash effort to drill without providing the required safeguards to meet your administration's high standards for drilling in this fragile, demanding and unique place.

please folks lets rethink so stuff like this is skillfully dealt with;

add your input as we do;

              our combined` effect can conserve energy + waste, not to mention destruction of life as we truly still have energy to live in harmony, not just get stuck in prevention..