jibberish + waste in our political systems that continue to be in the fog..

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this is a good ex;


our students can co_evolve these issues as we focus together living with common sense.

this project osic in the building can do just this as curriculum changes to resotre each local community as people regain a natural sense to build these neuro networks.

   we can do it best by experiencing application.

if we are so fortunate to live in a food forest community where early on lil bugs learn respect for every live. we then can easily see the signs of those that share our communities that still are without good support to find their place within themself, as well their community locally + afar.

not everyone is so fortuante to understand the simplicity + grace our inner tools give us, if worked so we each can build our path as we walk it, into our opening, leaving no footprint.

please join in as we locally can collect these tallies of this resistance as we network solutions that work.