lets reflect back on what it ment to us when unable + another shared thought/act..

      The next` move
starts here with
          # 1 what is the issue at hand that we can work now for those unable until they can..
think of what this has ment to you when couldn't figure it out + another shared thought/act..
        our titles start with explaining our ecosystem  in which are issue is about, used as example in plan` do_in over view of our land use:.
             Ex: > fresh water  creek – well - pond > estuary  > ocean  > dessert  > semi-dessert  > tropics  > semi-tropics  > forest – very old growth – old – young – newly planted, etc.  > mountain level  > snow/ice > etc..
               #1   with old + new friends, we together define our - 1st issue of 4 direction mode of thought/act. Where # 2 is where we figure out how to deal with this issue to bring to calm. # 3 we do it. # 4 we rethink our lessons. so as to carry it forward as we again start with # 1.
        we are not about throwing it out so it stays in files. Or await ruling. Rather people will plug in now + feel the energy to trigger that which they could not.

          we invite folks to do this walkabout, collect story as you reach out + gather folks to share their focus, share in our results, as we all become a better person by part time pooling our thought for those having difficulty do_in on own.

 local harmony with nature, in this specific ecosystem – is our barometer. so that all other like ecosystems can gain while allowing this experience to trigger + fine tune their thought to apply what works for them locally eye-to-eye, as we log it in appropriately. if locally you can use this tool to do for self or for community then do it. here we are covering the planet + beyond. with what we all can feel + welcome you to gather folks + put in a thought for you, your local community, or afar, for us all to decide on + pool our thought + resources to truly see what we can do to stop our own misuse, that arises in this unfolding. as well that which is causing issue..

                              bring in resources available + lets choose these issues, location + see throughout the world others in similar situation left with these negative effects in like ecosystem, living as if there is no way of relief from this suffering. + compare with those that where also their + came about with support as they strengthened + redirected focus, etc.

            title it:.
#1- ecosystem description by latitude + longitude, if aware or can look up –  with subject matter of issue. + be clear that we are still open to receive vs. ending our # 1 due to defining an issue + now going on to # 2.

       we don`t  go to # 2 mode in our  4 directions until #1across the board has given folks an opportunity to participate: post on patches` for entire community as you agree in your walkabout or for self if unable to agree, local bulletin boards, etc.
So then if we finish our task early, we assist the other, + now experience how we with original desired thought, experience yet another application, from these stories. As well gain awareness by reflecting with how others accomplished similar tasks/solutions. further recognizing our own misuse + breaking behaviors carried as normal, passed down from others struggling to do same.

      we learn to be present in the moment, with more awareness of ecological offerings, when boon with when we make choices, defining how products/services are done + if done within 100 miles or so, or not support it.
       we easily see how this lack of awareness has contributed to negative effects left on self + other life, thru the destruction/misuse of natural resources.
        we define how the vibration we have hung on to for survival, filled + lost in information, now unfolds + we hold our self accountable while maintaining self - sensory observation vs. following belief. + become clear with alternatives to boon` with our natural world. as we now experience the bi`joy of nature`s wonders, as we live in it. vs. be so preoccupied we can only talk about it, or another do_in.

it is up to each of us to be clear + see the stage – end signal, before moving on so we all gain insight of our common life denominators. + aware that we just can`t think of our own back yard alone, for all on this planet is interconnected. for those tricky situations we may choose the `tapering transition for further insight:. Or share with other folks in specific do_ins`, archives, links, etc. specializing with needed insight:.

this can be very exploratory + insightful, as we fall into place, synching our management over our ongoing rid of baggage. bringing future delusion to present. + more efficiently harness the energy that fuels us to be present creating our moment - as we build our path, as we walk it, into our opening. leaving us fuel, clarity + physical strength to also support local + beyond to do same.

this is an international forum for local folks to share local - being a local, global + beyond responsible participant. if locally unable to self-sustain then via part time cooping we share. + thru cooperation/reflection we bring home for our ecosystem + fine tune our ecological sustainability, while co_evolving our own..

we can at least support a `way of harmony when living natural lives. then it will be up to us to seek ability for folks to migrate if it is out of our control . + others continue aggressive measures. so we will address this from all sides.

Recycle + open up old buildings sitting idle/homes with rooms + use for collective where we all pay for processes, same time motion enriches the community. this has to be done by all. not just blame certain group of folks or the scientists, rather we make 1 good science together, + hold individual people responsible in how we understand, perceive + put it to application, in our every day lives.  
                 Not being religious, I could never understand why an empty church would stay empty for so many hours a day. when community could organize schedules, supporting education + self-devlopement classes, as well showers + warm beds. As then homeless can schedule their supported effort to define their needs + offerings as support given to explore outside in the community, during those hours of service. As well change locations with different folks within the community as they get clear for more guidance + feedback to develop that which is needed, or be allowed to heal. As students interchange roles + act as a tutor for these folks in need of mental clarity + physical strength to regain own balance.
                              So what a child lives, as in folks do_in daily chores/bi`joy experiences – one can also apply same principle when a natural disaster hits or the reality of overcoming + ending war negotiations. as well beyond earth exploration + application of findings.
                              So students use this same thought as they come into community + as a learning tool + a local community participant, actually care for folks in need + all life endangered.
                                                 Vs. learn ecological soundness then see manipulation on stock market gains up + down as an ecological whore is allowed to do business locally + afar against the natures boundaries. As students where learn`t in class that environmentally that would be wrong.

Same with ethical business of living local vs. no thought of Fair Trade while folks wastefully consuming as goods transverse countries + back in processing + marketing for financial gain/power that totally left negative effects on our natural habitats + local folks, changing the program. As locals then can`t afford own local grown food. or unable to afford local living as others come in from afar + actually charge a lot, + then as we experienced in south pacific. Where then Japanese business folks then had funds received locally to be sent back to Japan. Not support the locals. I`m speaking of cottages that where for rent in a resort.

How far are we as people going to stay stuck in layers. as we pass on our baggage. or another layer interferes to protect our position, which is not needed. yet so much codependence, folks struggle to survive in all roles, yet to be aware it is natural to be free of it.. This also can help one to realize as a community participant we are all important + have plenty of work when we step back + recycle own self, own position. + are best to build our work + have the language to do that, once we all share our community desires as in a`way potluck.. log it in the log book.

Come together with the fresh local small farm offerings, with fresh ocean offerings, not farmed in season. to really set the humane gauge to see how alive our sensors are + how sharp are we maintaining them for mental clarity + physical strength. To see clearly + share our local ecological sustainability in place.. for our fuel, our medicine + our harmony. with our natural resources being not interfered with.. as we share with our neighbor.

our beautiful old growth, sea, lake, river, forests, etc. of all ecosystems allowed to manage themselves. + as a person contribute + share in exchange as we redefine what nature speaks, + ER triage with all resources so we can once again regain our human balance to self-sustain + cooperatively have in place measures to support when + those presently unable, including all species.  

yes refugees tell us your story as you have had time to rethink, what is your solution. After being having to rid your homeland, can you see a like ecosystem elsewhere to satisfy, even temporary. It is these happening of displacement that require our review of who is giving what to whom, when.

                         To define how countries can support each other yet this continues. Where as a priority of precedence needs to be common sense. So ecologically all live with correct land use to sustain all to self-develop. Where no one could be displaced due to foolishness or in attempts to survive, without the international community coming together for support big time to pull in the strings from those causing havoc, beyond a democratic system.

  Lets not just use # 1 for negative issues. we don`t have to put salt in your already wounds. lets transcend them to positive issues in the building. as we thank those for continuing in mind, even though your body has been relocated. if lucky to of survives the ecological whores.

                     Post in our makumbo list under `tapering transition or share in a `way where ever can, for another to post, for our clarity. Real people with real facts in time to support positive resolution in this movement. As we focus direct our energy most efficiently.

in this walkabout we want to get this updated with folks living it. that know the difference in carrying delusion for manipulation for others to gain. vs. hands on experience. then review effects from when locals don`t pay attention + the same - senior government officials allow local + afar resistance to continue.  ignoring their human/natural resources. as they  degrade..

           this is what it comes to for folks to regain position as a democratic community, where sensitive folks in all areas self-observe + take control only of them self. listen + rid or recycle them self, or positions that resist creating a layer, interfering between us + our natural world.  people self-review  together + enforce with in them selves along with education cooperatives. as schools open their doors into the classroom of the community. for those not abiding + wanting to understand, once given the opportunity to rethink. together folks act to rehab + channel them back to them selves as they build their path into their opening, as they walk it. the sensitive `way for each ecosystem, each biome. so as to rejoin` self as they come back as a local, global + beyond participant..

        we can live our policy so ecological common sense prevents excess policy/people/war - just to employ or secure those paranoid of losing co-dependency, not knowing any other way`

Getting good measures in place for the people/ecological whores locally, with compassion for we all have been entrapped in same behaviors passed on from war aggression frequency. triggering further illness. Once our sensitivity is aware, we see how we stay preoccupied with this entrapment of producing, attacking + then fighting vs. healing + coming to grip where we interfered + make mends from our heart, as we restore our organs.

Then we also have a better chance to do an exchange with afar, where folks are still selling/purchasing goods with out realizing the intent, while people + natural resources are brutally beaten:.

         we can redirect fear based sorrow into a unique process with positive results.
          we can simplify this process + self observe, ask yourself:.
                                        what kind of energy do you have -
             physical strength or not – with or without support as you interrelate with us as an equal community participant, locally + beyond. with mental clarity from maintaining sharp sensors or dull, pissed, sad, with guilt, yet to transform as you share your perceptions to resolve that issue + bring all to calm. That within you as well those that have been negatively effecting/effected..  or yet to do a `tapering transition for self or makumbo for self or another.
             this awakens us to what is + what can be as we restore intent within nature`s boundaries. Knowing when to listen, when to redirect back into self, yet find a `way to post our offerings locally for beyond.

in `rejoin do_in we understand early signs + adjust in a variety of ways. living with layers contributes to leaving negative effects on our + other life + our natural resources.
        we can all continue to self reflect, deprogram + rid baggage that enslaves us, stealing interpersonal energy from our moment. when we go direct we get fueled + stay in control with our early cues.

you may think how much baggage can surface, as we continue to edit it..

i say be thankful you can still feel it to remove. For many have dulled their sensors + have taken it as normal.  as they remain racing unable to get to remove as they continue to add, etc. So we can`t just tell them for they don`t hear – we can`t over stimulate for they are numb – but we can love them + in that, together they will help us define a `way. for them to calm + remove 1 layer at a time, within their comfort range. As they regain chemical alignment.. it is so wrong to give psycho active drugs + then leave folks homeless without support. or housed imprisoned, unable to figure out with perhaps screaming family members, where they had to repress to survive. Or stay alone unable to figure it out.. meanwhile the drugs eat away at organs.
                Where herbal formulas prescribed along with good student support + community housing + action for learning tools, along with good rest support for healing, can seriously work. both student gains own interpersonal adjustments for their own studies of choice. as well the other that had been racing chemically altered walking the streets –unable to figure it out, then can gain in their support. a win win situation.

I`m not sure how this will work out for I personally have no interest for religious verbage due to seeing many of you well equipped with that. Meanwhile I have never seen productive use of your gatherings as in larger scale peace negotiations. So I cannot speak for you + feel this is not the platform for you, best you do your own with like subject.

As a transcriber please use science language for folks to reuse via like ecosystem. for we are interested in clarity + acting on it now. when I see this precious child that had been abused + then see her consumed with religious dictionaries in order for her to survive her past experiences. as she simply replaced one misunderstanding with another organized belief.

Here we would like to see folks gain discipline over self-sensory observation vs. belief. so to get out of their head + live within their skin now as a whole being. using tools now to remove baggage of past. bring future to now + fuel self to be present + take part in creating your moment. as you build your path as you walk it into your opening.

So ask yourself what fuels you. upset adrenals, stored baggage from past on behaviors yet to even realize how they enslave you, or fear based misinformation unreal, or habitual over doing in all tasks of daily living,  chasing increased blood sugar levels, this list can go on + on, etc.

So self-observe your habits, if you are in harmony then you should be do_in nice local self-sustaining community functions. Such as grown own food, live local, exchange in real time as you part time prioritize our do_ins or similar you may come up with. + link with the many patches + pockets of community that harmonize as we link with those without so they can figure out what missing.

in plan` do_in we understand our individual assessment from reading what land speaks.. our ecological choice of using natural resources along with hybrid alternative energy, so we go beyond the hype of solar, when yet is limited, or electric batteries which is still leaving toxic effects when produced/rid, etc. + o beyond the false green revolution. + utilize that old + new way that does work. that not just conforms to 1 cultural exchange –from 1 particular community. but rather transcends to our common denominator within our life rights for all with like ecosystem/biome, with same species.
yes we realize some areas use same species with different results. But here we want 1 universal science to be clear across the cloth/table platform, for this is not a food/medicine recipe, rather a recipe for life.              
                                             yes those that have none
          are we a minimalist. or are we also guilty of not paying attention of what life rights are effected by our choice, as many ran with the green movement, Al Gore mode destroying habitats awhile back.

this next` move is not about pity, feeling sorry. yes we have compassion for those of us without + those of us contributing.. it`s about getting real with how things happen + getting beyond the intent of why + restore boon with our natural world..  getting on with life, uncovering solutions living local yet not letting loopholes of corruption happen afar effect locally + afar, as well we stop supporting them locally nor beyond as we become aware..
                   no longer do we feed 1 hand locally in sight while other hand feeds the opposite side out of our view + we unaware yet support the whole being. this is ecological whoring + with our virtual tools – this walkabout will give us true story on this planet + beyond we share. not just another false interpretation, but direct from you living it.

with patches` our virtual message board we can go eye-to-eye + connect this walkabout. we have the tools for you to develop what works for you locally as well this is a platform for you to share what works for you + your community for others to reflect with. as it triggers solutions for them to then fine tune via like ecosystem in like subject.

        we want to put these aggressive acts into retrospect so here we resolve + not let thought in acts or guilt or not knowing how to rid this disassociated energy, deplete our energy.. rather by cooping here we efficiently redirect + conserve allowing this now empty space to fuel our self empowerment.. do_in positive acts, clear out our own baggage, self - develop + back to living/explore, yet having energy to part time collectively focus with us. so those displaced have a plan` to relocate, as they already have rejoin` them self.  while folks work at sharing land use as all rethink of these fine tuned areas.

it`s difficult when 1st become introduced to such terrible living conditions as many do around the world. we don`t want to get consumed by it, where we become contributors to it because we don`t retain our own focus staying centered + grounded. vulnerable to allow someone or an issue to ride by us irresponsibly + not act on early signs, that we do have control over, which rejoin` do_in addresses..

we don`t want to emotionally react, when we have great inner tools to agree upon. in our exchange, as we prioritize these hidden layers + loopholes, stopping ecological whores interfering with our life rights. from manipulating corrupt regulators, with their lawyers deviating away from the reality at hand, so 1 hand no longer supports while the other prosecutes as in many acts around the world.

where we, either by not understanding, votes get passed without our awareness or our self importance keeps us blind to unproductive roles, positions, acts etc. that due to staying so preoccupied aren`t even aware. + some think others intentionally keep business so as not to catch those manipulating. thru dysfunctional acts, drawing in folks to help us perform as in military acts in Afghanistan + like, then leave them without + end up getting folks pissed thru manipulation + once finished with them, target them.

or those seriously aware of a need for military to help us understand why as in a local mall, it is advertised as it is.

these acts we simplify so folks live it locally + no need to think elsewhere. For these layers dissolve as we take responsibility for our self. it appears US + many other countries do not function with out a war economy. this is false. We can get to the bottom of this where we see the end + the beginning of what produces the conflict. Vs. let a war economy fuel it. as well the big money from some religions.

I invite all to use science language for your what ever belief if clear. But it has to be in a simple language we can read. Vs. bringing in translators. + I don`t mean language translators. This the virtual tools will do. I mean beliefs triggered from religious copdendencies, as you folks perceive your understanding of religious stories, which vary from person to person.

to think that we need a military economy to survive is so wrong. the military has it`s suppliers + they feed off each other. This industrialist power that is out of hand, is a real potential energy, yet very disruptive, vulnerable to explode at any time. + I call it disassociated energy that is shapeless energy, confused from the resultant of layers. Which this can be defined, but it takes removing layers + defining threads worn + torn + those needing replaced. + this we will do here in the next` move as we get clear from all of your input.
                  Are you one of them.  can you share how you awakened in appropriate do_in, so as to help apply solution vs. displaced thought harder to use. it  takes` a clear mind to not support this. imagine over 91 billion supposedly given for military support for 2010.
                                            if we don`t who will give it. by you posting in makumbo, we will define these hidden threads that support other entities fueling them, that we are supporting. Mother corporations + affiliates, etc. their resources can`t survive without us continuing as we did as parasites. + once we know local origin we can then redefine local policy + hold them accountable as we welcome them to the `tapering transition + share our options/feelings so we work it out. bringing them back into our community as together we make it for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.      

                   This is not our symbiotic relationship that is natural.. rather this is fueled by a war economy for some. Peace is our natural relationship when we boon` locally with our earth + beyond, not interfere in other locals trying to simply live. but exchange + reflect with for unique bi`joy experiences. from those that boon` with indigenous ways, living close within nature`s boundaries.

our ideal is to focus + exchange detail to live local, empowering ourselves, allowing this clarity + simplicity to isolate + target ways to stop aggression. awareness so we have an abundance of fuel for all our needs as we replace products that are built from natural resources where revenue was looted vs. gone into development or ecological damage done.. as in Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Turkmenistan, Liberia, Tunisia – list goes on..
                this is democracy when truth allows us to act locally + end our negative effects locally + afar. + when can`t locally have networks in place for  international prioritized spot focus to help out in real time part time. not develop full time, where we interfere in their ability to do afar. it is very wrong to send in only food without having land to plant their local seed, make their own cottage local industry + keep it local.
                             for once folks afar realize how they participate in this negative whoring effect. They will regroup + not just comply. So at each end if we work it together, their will no longer be as 1 said when trying to understand our ches+s game:.

                You mean no more will the knights support the king + i said yes you got it, rather we build equality amongst people building a community that supports self-reliance working within our natural boundaries.
                                       As in this next` move as we come together + define efficiently #1 – the issue at hand to work as we pool our resources for those unable to do for self:.

When the world governments allow manipulation with senior government officials + their PEP (politically exposed person, such as family that take millions for extravagance) + banks accepting their funds from these corrupt folks, such as Barclays + Cities, as Global Witness states in 5.09 information addressing the US  House of Representatives.  the ecological whores that presently commingle/control government heads that look the other way + continues to allow these atrocities thru jurisdictions with insufficient laws or enforcement of them by banking secrecy + tax havens.  should be recycled via our `tapering transition + rid.

                       This is our local responsibility to be global. + ex; the US is not acting on FATF number 5 (financial action task force) says Global Witness in their report 5.09 to H. R.. the US legislation requires oil, gas, mining companies registered with the security + exchange commission to publicly disclose their payments to countries, where they operate on by country bases. H.R. 6066, 110th congress passed extractive industries transparency disclosure act.

See democracy unlimited, fight abuse, when government doesn`t, are you going efficiently to intent or are you stuck still being pissed because you allowed yourself to get trapped as we did.  + yet to make it right to those that did help while others interfered. Don`t confuse your baggage with this  # 1 issue. go beyond + it will fuel your self to change political process, write a memorandum encumbering responsibility, create alternative solutions, cooperative economic arrangements – ex; with Humbolt independent business alliance, humiba.org, (solari.com with Katherine fitz a past banker in humbolt) CSA, in Humboldt, David cobs radio station khsu + khsr thursday night talk show 91.9.. living local, awareness of regulations or creating what is needed.

realize how folks elsewhere are also trying to live in harmony locally + also care for our human family. as we link with Peace Action West + other peace activists, shares story regarding folks wanting peace + reaching out to understand how. Yet many can`t understand why folks do war..

even though a lot of folks are linking, so as not to repeat in this movement. Simplifying so we don`t get confused by all this information that is not relevant to us living local. rather each focus on own local area. giving fuel to have part time shared thought for the next` move from self or self speaking for your community decision. So you can with your neighbors gather folks + change policy that does not comply or stay within nature`s limits.
                    This way your community has a list of needs + as new folks unfold + get to know as well old perhaps frustrated, entangled in programming + disgust, etc. so now you folks figure out what your community needs as you create it.
                     wow does that feel good, to not  await another to make responsible changes when you folks gather + do it with like subject shared. all of a sudden deep ideals long left addressed, start to surface + as you act on them you get clear to keep or rid. building community allows this exploration + support. long term commitments only enslave you to follow what you decided you didn`t want. so don`t trap your self.

 review the do_ins + check in for new posts + stay updated yourself with at least 1 person posting here for you r community bi`joy experiences that work.

when we look at this happening to us all locally, we then take the time to self observe to clean out that which covers up or triggers us to contribute blindly.. + network when in doubt + bring home what works..

               we as people can live local, support + expose our self as we transcend, along with those that loot, deplete natural resources, abuse life rights locally. + whom allows them to get a way with it. by being transparent.

we not supporting folks locally that corrupt or look the other direction when afar loopholes or unregulated in humane acts take place. For we are an open book + can tell with early signs.

Nor do we continue to have to be on guard for our regulators, for they are our community participants, if they are to continue. For an interchangeable role is more efficient then 1 continually doing for another able person. Unable yes, that requires ongoing support in place.
                         a like mindset, ecologically responsible for life, should not require local folks to act on each issue or negativity gets thru. Rather then system is still to complex with layers of folks interfering in others ability to self sustain + needs simplifying.

Considering what has violently happened/happening on this planet + beyond, yet for many to understand, we still become aware when reflecting how to`s for change. even if from afar, we can bring it back to home as we do an inter-interpersonal review with what it triggers..

Like a good chess player that we welcome to co_evolve our ches+s game for human equality for harmony - not human potential of derangement, etc. we invite folks to listen, self reflect + offer detail of how we can ER triage, in priority, our issues, resolve by understanding + do_in solutions, when the world governments yet to act responsibly because they are not democratically running at their efficiency. By not letting people interrelate + evolve it.:.

               We the people co_evolve when we make democracy together.
Post your # 1 issue + please as you experience your eye-to-eye application of it. or co_evolve with other`s postings, update changes.

                         Please don`t  go on to # 2 until we all agree on # 1, share your ideal of a time limit for gathering this walkabout. let`s get optimum efficiency for our self + for our focus. from the synergy we can create by channeling our energy together.

                   Our next` move here may contribute or be the next` move do_in or may actually be your next` move for self + or for your community.

                    Our combined` effect makes a difference for our self + when we part time work for a focus aiding another to define what missing..

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