living the log book..

        Our log book is created from eye-to-eye in a `way potluck, that coincides with your local message board. then as you experience bi`joy, come post.
                   self register turning each opportunity as you network with those still do_in.. sustainable is abundance, engage in the process. build creatively, restore the ecological damage.

Share the seasonal arts of celebration.. as we exchange our bi` joy  experiences. rejoin` the natural world.. a bio-calendar to reflect with as we check in to nature`s progress. sustaining us to harmonize as a community, sharing wild crafting how tos` via each ecosystem:.
              Log to simply live understanding our intent, to catch up on what we missed eye-to-eye:
                                 date,  lat/long, address, ecosystem type, bi` joy experience with story description, contacts for local up date. To enable folks in real time, to tune in + experience..

            rejoin` the define of i

this is about posting our true desire in the log book, for our offering whether working into it, reaching, to rid our needs to make space for new creative self-expression prioritizing function for self + community as we energy efficiently - offer to volunteer to gain insight.. not just the reality of what we do. Rather what we are exploring, that which fuels us. sure it may be tidbits, but it feels so real, yet is a small part of us, because we yet to bring it out, not realizing we can or due to the many things that has kept us preoccupied.
             that which has been buried as we yet to find time for our self to truly self-satisfy + be present, creating our moment. now becoming aware not to leave a footprint. so as we post + stay real with our self, we then get triggered by others` communicating with us as we expand on it. triggering others, inspiring new thought, new ways to move on.
                while yet we cooperatively do what is needed for all to move forward as we restore life in our self our potential in a `way is to simply relax. In the other do_ins we focus in detail, here we are light, boon` with the wild + our earth offerings, good food, friends in our community come together, reach out + bring from afar from those unable.. so yes everyone gets to try new recipes at our potluck.. giving us a true taste of what each local offers, as in same species, grown in different locations, yet used for different purposes of food/ medicine, depending on their experiences carried down from their family.
         Enjoy different ecosystems. each time chose a different wild space. until entire area is covered + then reach out to your neighbors, then repeat in yet another location, as your bioregion that sustains your local community is covered.. checking in as you spend time with it in a focus, shared together.

 this reflection is a good indicator of how healthy are tools are that sustain us. trek, ride bike, gather sea/fresh water life + observe + then put back, take a bush ride, bring input from folks living in it.. + exchange food + updates a long the `way..

                  Checking in, take note + channel thought needed eye-to-eye. enjoy the gathering + the local fresh food offerings, grown + foraged as in time indicators how the folks catching fish, putting back + how to figure a `way to not kill the females filled with eggs, is a true SUPPORT QUEST..

Come to an understanding + log it for those unable. then take back ideals to the do_in`s.
                          These early signs addressed make us all enjoy this focus. as it enables us to have nuts + bolts to build a community that works for us. as we keep our community tool shed updated with good tools that work + any tool used is then better maintained.

potluck - food becomes our blood + flesh..
     spices in heaps.. as beaming oil glistens, as it cooks in open earthen jars at the fresh market, as folks cook meals from abundant, farms organic with live variety, foraging, as we collect our food for the potluck..  all cues present themselves as we share in potluck mode in old growth, indicators expose themselves, with visual seasonal colors beaming, smiles on faces, body language in simple do_in.. this is not noticed when focused with group in workshops by doing.  do_in yes for the joy of a shared focus is carried thru all do_in`s:.

      early signs for putting balance + support into community, families. folks bring gardened goods, one grows one + the other a different, according to the lands offerings of natural diversity. children painting tablecloth as young give their perspective, others pick fresh berries, mushrooms from forest, fish grilled, sea vegetables + vegs foraged, etc. bulk list for orders as we coop efficiency direct from the natural producers locally + our surrounding foraged patches. gives us reality check of what we produce locally as our seasonal barometer.
                Our first get together with folks of interest in a potluck, with local foods/preparations + taste - revealed reality beyond words.. (sharing; winged bean having 10 x`s the protein of cassava, potato, sw potato, yams, + not as bitter as soybean) can show the harmony of do_in + resistance of obstacles… as together we remove unnatural barriers + folks realize how other do_in`s can better address some issues as all trigger what can be applied to their local ecosystem.. to some this may sound rather dull, but when we where in a village with only a few eatable species, this ment a lot. As we proceeded to dig dirt/look in the ocean + define what else could be grown/harvested. As some folks seriously had only cassava to eat along with very small children with a fishing thread + home made hook catching a fish or they did not eat anything else.

                share what you are do_in in a bi`joy way so as to stimulate others to create + face what is within, even if in reaction to the ecological whores. But this can get very productive as folks become self-reliant as we restore our communities to work within nature’s limits.
             spinning wool, weaving fabric, shell, rock, bone (only from natural deaths + or parts from hunt for food). natural building, planning a hybrid alternative energy system for fresh water in a cooperative from sea desalinization fueled by wind generator, etc.

a `way log book cover, speaks for how we can build our community, as we come alive..

                                            what people are do_in

we loved this colored truck from family coming home after 30 some years as refugee from Afghanistan.. Newspaper wanted to charge us way to much to use it. abo art as those folks truly boon` with their natural world.. the fertility awareness art I could not locate artist to get permission from her really nice colors.. to me this is so real how with a hoe in 1 hand for us to work the earth + the other hand gripping the wildlife as we let it guide us, + reawakening to our sexual inter/intra communications with mindbody making us whole. For we the human species are designed to reproduce. + can do it responsibly as we plan`. The `way chinese character to us symbolizes the efficient way to live - as we awaken to how we can maintain sharp sensors perceiving `infinite + `finite energy. as we maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief.

                   log in what is useful for community + tool shed as you co-evolve + recycle from what was leaving negative effects interfering. to know laying the path for restoration naturally, etc. so no one lets the other just self-register what doing, rather truly inspire what is within yet to come to fruition. as we support each to awaken to self to satisfy as each boon` with the natural world, discovering on going explorations when we live + exchange our bi`joy experiences.

              without this awareness, reflect, self-observe, + post truth + it will surface. or if clear your `way was wrong, then start the `tapering transition – post in makumbo. In micro-seconds we have human potential to start new neural pathways to define space to rid baggage, bring our self to the present + create our moment. amazing how this sparks our energy, as we create new jobs from real needs in our community, in our self. in our loved ones/neighbors local + afar.. become happy people fulfilling, self-expressing, no longer being hostile, now redirecting negative energy into positive acts. supported by the community.

                  this sets the cloth/table stage, for us to self-actualize. to reflect + interrelate with folks that continue to co_evolve. as we network + explore, locally + beyond. being one with our natural process fuels a source of self-perpetuating energy that has no waste..

when you post in forum, a topic or comment under a subcategory, make sure you link to additional posts if related, such as photos in photo gallery or news brief or to an outside link such as the log book + others. etc.
               example for updates 
or Navdanya`s diary of farmers in India - sample of pages to link to awaken us to what US is doing.

folks take a look at effects some are leaving.. can you imaging how we have supported this indirectly. here we do a walkabout to those building own back yard + invite them to link to the wild building corridors. + look at our entire biome/ecosystems  for ecological sustainability to sustain our community..
                       volunteer in an exchange that is ecologically sound + ethically right. for it takes linking - coming together in this movement to shift some. So if you address folks respectfully + they not responding then best to regroup yourself + share with other like minds. + together we go figure..
                          when we address the natural solution of what  is being done in patches`  for our cooperative natural local community, then all are empowered. i know it’s hard to decipher this when misusing, but this is why we do this together with those areas in chaos or those folks unable to figure it out, or simply being bombarded by irresponsible folks locally, or at the end of their focus;
                Dominated by false ideals which we share a `tapering transition process. where those that perceive negative – offer options + together we add input to rethink. + come up with recycling solutions, as the individual regains a sense of participation, empowers from the natural world vs. stuff.. as original ideal that left negative effects that we all supported unknowingly or not - gets deleted, recycled + new ideal co_evolves, etc.

                               then those perceiving solution no longer pissed as their long worked skills/sensitivities get applied. which we shouldn’t have to wait until destruction occurs. we can be clear + create a common language with respect from all fields, to come together with simple natural living now + support all to self-register. This reflection reaching out will help others awaken to it..
               accept nothing less than living within 50-100 miles or so to truly think of your local space, building a natural community, with balanced ecosystems that sustain them self. researching as in permaculture now` species/graftings, from afar that offer seasonal offerings for diversity. not talking about a commune, but a real community that harmonizes as in agro-ecology, where intervention can enhance the natural world, as with Miguel Altieris curriculum created with indigenous.
                       as we gain/enjoy/maintain + get support if fall off our balance. seek out folks that are sustainable, invite them to log + see how each has creative offerings:.
              when local + beyond folks collectively support protection of wild for wild, trans-boundary migration or relocation etc. of large umbrella/browser species, it fuels a natural energy. this leaves us able to boon` with the natural world, producing mindsets that demand true natural exchanges in real time with land/marine cooperative use.:.
                 all seasons offer different wild foods/medicine from mushrooms + other foraged, planted species. depending on location, same species have different effects due to it’s surrounding compositions it grows in. how nice to live each season as we share the wild + apply as story gets passed around. Regaining eye-to-eye seasonal adventurers vs. left in journals.
                       post mile marker to berry patch, where best off road trail to bike for animal viewing for local + migratory events, fresh drinking creeks, springs, camping,  do_in for relocating, building path/trail, cooperative efforts, inner-personal awareness, building community.. when we enjoy the wild we also are in tune with early signs that we can address in appropriate do_in.

                   Renewable power maintaining inner tools review:
                                    bioneers network

                    Land use Overview - set aside wild for wild, for all organisms, including humans.  while exploring where to best do what. define where to settle for self, for cooperative is important when clear, but more important is to network + plug in with your self + be honest + not commit long term, best interchangeable responsible roles not interfering in natures ability to care for itself. while we self-sustain from it’s sustainability:.

              Seed/root fairs exchange organic not necessary, but yes natural seeds, sustainable, define each..where best to forage, grow small patch + larger small farm/forest, hanging, vertical, plantings, seedlings, grafting, seeds, exchange gardens where best fertile soil for cooperative what to plant where, products made from cooperative exchanged for all needs to be included in application from beginning instead of mindless planting, etc.. no packaged, rather bring in containers + package for storage + stay in real time with sharing distribution via seasonal offerings: thinking bulk to share, planting, maintaining, harvesting, cooperative grinding flours, nut butter, beans, balance enzymes in chutneys canned, etc.:.

            Bio-waste from home, outhouse, garden, cooperative, short term, long term. Recycled waste in need to destroy permanently with efficient creative thought for it`s potential. + don`t use that which needs to be recycled - rather use over + over  healthy products, etc:.

            Building supplies recycled how collected for ecological sustainability + layout of cooperative, compost, sauna, hot tub, river – spring offering, well, food distribution, drying + grindings, preserving, etc. most efficiently done for community:.

            Renewable planted building supplies:.

            Hybrid alternative energy technology along with small generators, off grid overview, define when for self vs. when for cooperative:.

Living local with old ways that work along with present indigenous that has maintained along with innovative technology - that supports local diversity, real individualism + self respect (which is prerequisite for respecting others. producing local economies, working within nature’s limits. Exchanging via ecosystems, for all to become local, global + beyond participants, prioritizing what sustains us:.


              Water let rivers flow + build upon with water makers from sea, dessert condensation, gray water recycling, rain collectors, clothes washing/hanging to dry, + layout of wells. etc:.
                             Wells with concrete + lime softened water.
                             Desalination cooperatively make 50 gals of water per hour.. build own system..

              Out houses had bucket to throw lime, so no smell + bacteria killed + then put on a field set aside for 1 year + then planted. Folks hung coats near heater, as in Russian Siberian stove, so had warm coat to cover them + a fur toilet seat pad to sit on, bible for toilet paper. Cotton in basket for women’s period.

               Siberian wood stove built with fire brick surrounding a very large area, with brick then clay or metal pipes laid, sometimes u shaped thru sand into a rock wall in each bed room so bed near wall + stuff set on pipes or pipes closed for intake or exchange to control heat. Children slept on large platform  which was heated. 1 wheel barrel went into stove 1 time every 3 days or so, always burnt during day so could watch + then sand + stone kept hot along with bricks. Cooking wood stove small next to with drawers for different function: kefir, yogurt, bake, cook, warmer. Small stove so not to hot in summer when used fire.

              Ships crossing oceans:.
simply stop buying these products. Create locally a solution.
               Sails again appear on large ships which is better, as they once where powered only by hemp sails. Sad stuff comes into country, same stuff is traded in + out of Europe + Us, etc. yet illegal still to grow industrial hemp. this shows what folks are fueled from + lost..

Now ships ballast is water filled carrying species across ocean, where once carried sand + rocks + when got there dropped off + filled with productive cargo to deliver.

          self-register plot your course..

plot your position as we draw it in sand, get clear + now self-register in log book, keep your community informed of you.

             folks if we are sincere with what we think is right, then we will feel the energy behind truth + co_evolve together. if it is not clear then see our `tapering transition to better rid the deep frustration + transcribe it.

                       Peace is an option if we share + settle for nothing less then harmony..

                             Thanks, our combined`effect makes a difference..

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