lucky us to have patches of folks making life simple, as we want to share with pockets without simple understanding, for at times it is difficult, so come talk...

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some say it best;

      I`ve been making peace w/ things more and realizing not to get too caught in set thinking about things, for it interrupts the natural flow. which is a sign we are working thru the baggage/gaining fuel, as we prioritize our function energy efficiently. accepting nothing less then creative expression to follow.  

     we are part of the larger organism called earth and beyond and we are naturally consumers but can also be producers/growers/stewards.  I still don`t appreciate profiting from mother earth`s resources.  I don`t know how she feels about new techniques, reassessing/replacing/restoring/recycling/co_evolving, etc. perhaps depends on how resources are used just to do it.

          who knows best is each of us to think a little more carefully, dig a little deeper to what we are perceiving + that which we yet to address in our self. as we reach out with a little more detail, sharing focus, reflecting with others locally + afar, defining what has been, what can be + then remain open as we co_evolve, remaining present in the moment, becoming more clear of our self + our collective effort. as efficiency comes best when we associate + apply in follow up, so we have hands on experience + not just stay in our head.  + with our great virtual tools bring these experiences eye to eye, + include like ecosystem/subject locally + afar if available, thru internet to save footprints. so more can go eye to eye locally + do the same.

   here we are talking interchangeable roles sharing virtual tools for all to collectively post for their local community, as well have scheduled time to share for self + explore locally + beyond. so each build your path as you walk it into your opening, leaving no footprints...

     It`s good to tune in + `boon with our natural world. as many are to stay sensitive in such endeavors or advocating them.  If we didn`t use resources we wouldn`t survive so definitely as we are saying;

              It`s the excessive waste and use and not giving back that needs shifting.

our combined` effect makes a difference..

    for peace is our option now if we share what works..