make sure to update feelings of OFA elections for 2010, if can't meet..

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I did not save my post to Nikki for the meeting of OFA in Eugene, but this is the gest of it:.

we are with human error, but much can be accomplished with our honesty + updates. virtual tools don't have our issues but other issues that can be resolved efficiently. + due to many technical errors + a human error on my point i was unable to participate in deciding if i was going to vote. my ballot did not get to me out of town.

we are a living organism that is dependent on earth's ecological sustainability so anything else should be in a tapering transition to rethink.

business whors gaining from aggression + conflict are to end, with us going beyond being pissed + with compassion transcribe our feelings in an exchange giving these folks detail of what can be as we invite them to rethink + recycle their waste, etc. allowing them to once again become a local, global + beyond participant. we can live local simple natural lives boon with the earth fueling our oneness with the universe + our ability to part time come together + rethink our footprint that interferes in others inabilty to do as we define/exchange/resolve.. yes actually self-satisfy without leaving a footprint.

address local experiences + good to review so negative not repeated as we co_evolve into the moment + continue again.

i choose not to participate again in a town meeting, after last one here in Charleston. kind folks but fragmented + no time for communication that is sensitive for understanding, Senator Merkely was kind to stay later but still to much left unaddressed, etc.

i choose to communicate with people here thru Nabble, until changes made with our dysfunctional political process leaving way to much stress on Barack, folks review your stress of organs, by seeing lines between your eyes, chinese diagnosis has worked with these early signs for few thousand years, etc.

it is the folks politically that are irresponsibly creating their own science to justify themselves, which has built neuro networks that are not the true potential for us humans. we can with support build new pathways to resolve this programming which is actually unaware to many. this is a dysfunction leaving folks run rapid without easily stopping, unless we give them support in a collective focus that is true in exchange for peacful resolution, redirecting the negative path. we can do this in the next` move together most efficiently.

i don't respect anyone chasing religion, as it interferes in ones centering + grounding, or ignoring that we depend on balanced ecosytems where we minimize our volts + watts as a living organism demands ecological soundness with wild to remain wild to balance our pests + fuel our food/weather, etc.. I do support all to have their own bookshelf of collections.

i don't have the respect for sarah, hillary, madeline as ex to speak for us, as they reach out locally + beyound, for they yet to develop themself.

a good example is the now leptospirosis killing the Ca sea lions, as oregon coast now has found 8 dead. this is highly contagious to dogs + humans, do your homework + report to police findings of ill/dead seas lions + don't allow dogs to be close to their urine without vacinating every yr + even then long term disability could happen to them. check for local updates. plus water polution on beach as in charleston, Or periodically. + commercial fisherfolks haggling issues, when enough issues..

charleston marina is now trying to resolve + rid back to the wild the many sea lions that daily are on docks.  

peace is an option now if we share..

this sea lion in particular has easily moved from the dock without us waving hands or water spraying. about a thousand ponds, beautiful creature yet to me appears like a 4 yr old as i talk to them. but it is this wild nature that he has been aggressive, as he chases us on the dock, not letting us pass. so please folks those that are unable to run, as in small children + frail, this dock is not the place to be. rather view from above. here them barking, enjoy them from afar. for it is easy for them to come between you as they are very fast + jump up on the dock  or can take a dog down, or go after a crab pot, etc. we want them to go back to their wild, not be an opportunist + be here due to feeding them with carcass debree, etc. think about those that can be negatively effective, for we welcome folks to the docks to buy fresh fish + support the local fisher folks.