makumbo list to work..

This is the list, not to be negative but to be the better person, as you start the transformation your self. yes by being aware of what could be, now go farther + do something about it, + rid this loose energy from your self. so together we can support those leaving negative effects to make it right, by editing with your options perceiving.

 have compassion, for you as i also, most likely contributed somehow to this expanded market:.

                post your awareness from self - supporting these transitions in need, in `tapering transition.

+ post those names + detail, contact info of the ecological whores - under this title –  makumbo, as we support them to walk into the wild + rethink.

                           nothing is in stone, just share the truth + we will find a `way..

 where we welcome positive feedback for recycling/rid/co-evolve supporting them to rethink as they become a local, global + beyond participant to create with.
                       remember jj + breanna what we defined to help us communicate. how when i of us would discover how foolish we did something + another would say makumbo, as they could see clear yet we couldn`t. as we redirected the energy, because it was clear + we corrected our selves.

                                   it is a bi`joy experience to feel it + want to shift.
              do a walkabout, reach out + establish this like minded human family connection, with folks simply living - local + beyond. That share the same common denominator. holding locals accountable locally + at the end of our focus.
                   we suggest addressing these issues in a `way as we 1st meet + redirect the attention so each self-register in log book as well under `tapering transition subcategory + makumbo, if needed.
              This is most effective to catch it early on, even if a new ideal approaching with early signs. this is most comfortable for those that have left negative effect, knowingly or not. + as they get clear with positive options to make it right, once they choose to rid , recycle or create upon.

        Then in a potluck they can now experience the application as they introduce to their community. as they become a local, global + beyond participant. this is much easier then the many businesses/focuses folks start, little to realize how easy to get in but yet hard to get out of. simply then realizing it was an undressed inter-intra personal issue that detoured them.

so rather then to waste all, good minds can come together + recycle what can be + lessons shared by what seriously needs to be rid correctly -that never should of been created. as we restore function + now this person is relieved as well the community locally or afar, no longer has the negative effects. so this is a win win situation for all.

     this can be a truly inter-intra personal  bi`joy experience  as we exchange.      
          what we don`t do for peace, when we work within our human design..

                    Thank you! our combined` effect makes a difference..


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