`natural building with hybrid alternatives, off the grid.. will leave no one left behind, rather all get to enjoy the bi`joy experiences of life..

 we thank our friend Steve Baker;

whom has been a great asset for every local community he has taken part in, as he now shares his experiences, as he works at Aprovecho Institution;


                                his now position is Kitchen + Garden Manager.

                 check out Fred sharing Rocket Stove  to fuel us in more `ways then one..

                    this is a great project for us all to share locally + afar with those still unaware;


  we look forward to Steve + his friends sharing their experiences here as well as he takes part building;

                                    Clear Water Sanctuary

                                                 at Matlock, Wa

                                             forming a community;
                                   An Intentional Community


    please check all these folks out + see what you can do now to support, become aware + take part in their plans, as you build yours.

    remember we invite you all to come share this forum + have a representitive of your local community come post to take part building this archive with us all globally. so we may effectively lessen the burdon on any one person, as we coolectively rid what never should of been created..

  yet support us to stay present in the moment as we live local + share our bi`joy experiences that many patches`are fortunate to have, yet still many in pockets` without..

     please if can share emails of schools + reps with no schools, as well no communites.. as we reach out in a gobal mail out, so we all focus direct together;


                 as we reflect, triggering thought for each ecosystem/subject, giving us the clarity to go beyond the false green + war mode economies..

                 as together we end all weapons of war + share the goodness we have now in patches` on this earth + beyond as we reach out to poscket`s without..

                            our combined` effect makes a difference..
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our combined effect` says check this link out before you break ground, to see what you really could be part of, as you cooperatively build your local community; http://blog.chestnutherbs.com/2012/mountain-gardens-and-joe-hollis/ read more
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