natural` or not` disaster preparedness to create upon:.

                                        natural or not.. preparedness..
                          can be better prepared for, as we take a look at how:.
                                      when calm, we can best rethink.
       it's nice to gather folks in a way` to become aware of our community, our local resources. we invite you folks closest to potential disasters to bring it to our attention. So we can work together creating fine detail for solution, before it happens. channels linked, to put the word out to us all in our log book:.

                          with insight + contacts, each then can fill in, where each going. especially if repeated seasonal visits, welcome tourists traveling with seasons, year after year + live as a local wherever, to update with our logbook, bringing efficiency + recycling. But only of products of true value for RE issues + or to share so locals reproduce + can maintain with good understanding..

plus we want to know the specifics of folks unable, their medical needs, if they are even their for us to have to put energy into, so log it, let others know.

          we want to know detail of people do_in good + doing bad. for if we wait until all chaos, then our perceptions can get overloaded.  adding more negative to an already negative natural disaster, ER situation..
this focus is most efficient if done in a calm time, so no matter where you are or if planning to go, ya then can react by maintaining sharp senses. Once had a little prep prethought of what could be. where fresh water stores could be recycled in larger quantities, waste disposal, sustainable goods, contacts for folks that have space to open for a warm bed, shower, comfort for young + old or frail.

folks do an ER triage for your offerings, think when you make your community tool shed. prepare for the unexpected.. have it in higher ground out of the wind on good solid earth. easy access if roads not usable, etc. so when this happens, early signs are addressed + those that have not been able to build out of the high risk zone, can then be relocated to lessen their suffering:.

             a maintained, going beyond ER mode, to simply living in the present with a log book that is a working live communication tool, will show now whom is old, ill, young, wildlife, cares of what where, etc.
             as well those with energy to act with, as well you folks that offer, but not make them dependent on anyone, yet a stable interchangeable process managed by the students as they open their school doors into the community, learning all kinds of real hands on experience as they become clear to build their path as they walk it into their opening.

             as well all community participants knowing how to do the interchangeable responsible roles. as we all self-develop + build a sustainable community for us all able to harmonize. + for support for all unable, until able. + if unable then permanent support in place, to be an equal as we build a community for us all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

            enjoying the worlds uniqueness from those living within natures limits.
                                still from interchangeable roles.

   so all become aware of responsible reality. for each of us can become disabled very quickly.. just state what is real, so these measures put into place.  
       rid the high risk. dig out tools that are duplicated, not needed yourself locally + add to the community tool shed as it co_evolves in time. supporting ill + injured, ex: instead of bandaids buy rolled gauze + skin tape, tea tree oil vs. expensive medicine, better yet buy bulk + share supplies when meet + this way stores are always fresh. Get out of the boxes mode of storing for long periods.

Rather these are tools that fuel energy for quick response in a calm manor with early signs. tools used every day some where. try to have it in local mode produced by locals to maintain local living. don’t support expensive stores/ even health food, which are more expensive.

             Recycle, wrap with clean rags cut up, from those along the way. again use them regularly so all keep them fresh. Keep them flowing in real time, save some give to tool shed, take some out of tool shed, etc.

           Good friend Gillian knows how difficult to find an arm sling, so as you folks find them at used stores pick them up. this way by location, jot down a few tools that are helpful as a simple medical kit, in log book, for when in need. this way neighbors from 1 community can call another to define if have in log book.

Our community tool shed is not for dumping feel good mode of stuff, rather you work it in real time. no stored long term stuff, it is of no value when it takes good space from all with bad air quality, harder to manage, etc. rather this tool shed fuels us to down scale + get light as baggage is removed from self + the community.

Now replaced with real fuel that harmonizes as community naturally complies to it’s natural systems to ecologically sustain us. with fresh local products + services. Where folks are clear + accept nothing less then harmony in the moment, as space is made for collecting only bi`joy experiences thru daily living with natural housing, composting, waste recycling, ridding all correctly, + good minds creating ways for the toxic unable to recycle, along with that which has enslaved many from the codependences of stuff.
                                  Vs. eye –to-eye exchange.
       toiletries, if have fresh water plenty or go to those rain water collectors, even grey water if have + boil, keep moving them as they are daily used with a store left.. + maintain systems, so with early signs repairs are easier.
            again cut rags to be washed, when urinate, white cotton cleaned + properly stored for women's menstrual cycle, etc. which goes farther then toilet paper + use newspaper/toilet paper if have when poop + put in a compost hole where it can be limed, etc. properly, have this cloth already in use. + lime already in compost out houses. + construct so then bucketed on to a field to be left over a period, then planted, where it won't interfere in run off river/ocean water flow.
           as well soap bought in bulk or made locally to build local business. same with lime maintained + other materials to sustain a community. so no longer purchasing stuff from afar from unfair trade. folks pool your resources for cooperative effort + gain. reach out farther into your ecosystems + biome limits, + connect with neighbors.  if folks want to help they can post on their virtual tool so the log book shows all. become aware of your local offerings, posted from a walkabout. + maintained as we suggest in a way`.

it’s a true bi`joy experience to see + be part of, a whole village that comes to help, when neighbors in need. then with updated left overs have a true celebration, refreshing all.

                  use the message boards/virtual coinside to post this update so each person knows the verbiage of your community when serious attention is in need. easy access to stores put away efficiently in containers that stack, make sense for easy carry/transfer.. all this is in time thought that all can enrich themselves with as they make it more efficient in shorter time. + go about their way with good simple living avoiding much diaster. more local productivity to go beyond living in ER mode, + live in harmony by `booning with the natural world. + rethink/relocate from high risk.

                                         As new ideals in the plan` go 1 at a time in the over all assessment to now create new jobs by recycling high risk scenarios. that have exploited our natural systems. our communities now get restored back or for the first time, within the natural limits. + co_evolve with real time.
        cast iron cook plate + propane burners are great for large soup pots. Fisher folks have these already for their crabs, etc. so again locals take part + post tools already used.  this way we take our life in our hands + rethink for harmony as many in `patches do on this planet. no need to stay without. Or await for dysfunctional entities, thinking they will help. especially when neighbors or visitors may have anbundant crop, etc. + local folks not even aware.

it was disheartening to see Mongolian folks die from a winter blast, when these kinds of networks could have been already in place. It does not have to be with the virtual tools, it can be eye-to-eye as folks reach out in their walkabouts + build community together by it’s available resources. no need to isolate  yourself + struggle due to all the bad `green revolution destruction.

                 Here good folks are making it work in patches` + it is this that we want to share eye-to-eye + use virtual tools when can, conserving energy of all as well air waves.

please lets not go the industrialized mode + bring that into our ER modes. rather lets build our community to prevent + go beyond with living locally responsible + becoming a global + beyond participant, that lives simply so others can simply live. we have indigenous/sensitive folks with wilderness awareness. to co_evolve with that still locally live + can reflect what is. seek them out locally. nothing better than to gain this natural way of simple living, knowing your ecosystems offerings + tools of every season.

       food can be purchased in bulk. set this up ahead of time when calm, farmers will come together + offer abundance, even though plan for efficiency. + folks can gain by buying/exchanging local bulk + coming together to share so stay fresh with creative recipes. utilizing that which was abundant to make up for loss diversity: seeds, nuts, beans, whole grains, oils + dry foods/preserve, etc. yet supporting local small natural farmers to have a better season ahead. With diverse offerings as they + you get together to define where best to grow what for a balanced local natural diet harmonizing with the foraged areas.
       fresh water tools, collapsible blatters or a shared desalinization machine making salt water into fresh, if on sea. should be for all communities. tool sheds  locally can be supported to stock what is important, + regular folks can have their number to supply missing pieces.. this kind of thought is enjoyable to become a local + share part time while meeting new friends as you reach out in a walkabout. sharing what your community has + welcoming more to pool resources + join in part time collectively.

make these connections with your personal interest to share skills + do an exchange. amazing what you can bring home + fine tune for you:.

        a better understanding of what is near both folks stories along with new innovative natural restoration, goods to collect for tool shed, composting bio-waste for gardens the healthy way + fuel, grey water + rain catchments, rid packaged + share bulk right from a farmer + allow this to add diversity for nutrition + grow more foraged, planted small natural farms, while getting clear on needs not being met to inspire those with like interest to do.
      Rid the mode of sadly people having increased prices, around the corner. + if you don't shop around you eat it. stop the competition + communicate so each can specialize + do a quality job + truly self-fulfill desires. fueling your exploration locally + afar as you create true natural ecological integrity of you offerings from those that have `boon with the natural world.
       is it cold, what weather shelter needed before material items can be maintained, such as bedding, used clothes.. take a review of what your community now has to offer, industrial hemp grown locally for many resources, natural sheep wools, locally raised, cotton weaves not so heavy so easier to maintain + light yet comfortable + warm, etc.. check out the Hudson bay wools to replace acrylics/polyesters, that are very light, etc. + replace those that leave negative ionic exchange, require more maintenance, produce toxic unfair trade + ill effects on other mindbody, etc.  not to mention it is still illegal to even grow industrial hemp in US which is so wrong. As GMO’s + those using toxic pesticides are allowed.

do a walkabout + log with skilled/sensitive + define the composition of their material products they use now. of your local folks. actually see how this is a natural disaster hidden from many as they are unaware, contributing to their illness now. define + resolve. what should be done with all these products that never should have been created. to start only those that have resources should salvage. + again how much resources to maintain them are pulled from the community resources. so look at the bigger picture + have a short term goal to rid + replace with new cooperatives locally established + support those unable to obtain them at fair prices.

 it's nice to always establish a high ground base out of wind when calm + think thru this. learn to love those old trees that many cut down. replant some fast growing species for weather protection + talk to those that have experience.

           have some shelters mobile + stored correctly so each year these can be moved if needed. now at least folks can get dry supplies + have a dry good night sleep while this `transition of rethinking + cleaning up takes place:.
            portable racks for shelving dry goods + logged in on the website, message board posted locally, made from yet another local participant + creative energy gets fueled to off set the seasonal disasters we can influence.
this kind of thought directed by skilled can put the students + those that have energy for those without. to work responsibly as they care + take part with elders in building their communities. maintaining care for those in need of support. + you folks can have contact with these helpers year after year, as they responsibly post their move as they responsibly share whom takes their place. this way you get support as well, along with personal guides + new friends.

for if foolish enough to put ourselves in high risk scenarios, all can gain by sharing resources to regain some natural common sense..
       plus they can log in sizes needed + update the supply list. so when you go to a used store, etc. + they are ready to dump their piles, you can be real with taking what you can use. + have a dry space for it to be housed + folks aware of dampness + it building homes for microbes that then make us sick.

      so think out weather plan for living with + in ER mode.
       before building materials, think land use relocation, recycling, redefine how to prevent this + where ecologically can 1 sustain.. get a good understanding from opening channels with locals now + networking with like ecosystems. so goods established, naturally grown, can be included in your community. jenny with `permaculture now has many offerings for what we can bring from afar without disturbing what is..

                         supplies go where most efficient. a lot of folks have access + the used + new stores will sometime donate along the way for your whole caravan to pick up, but be selectively. only good valuable tools, that you know are needed.
       I suggest using your connections + put out a few words for now, for those that can do, + when calm for those to think on their way down for next time as you explore same areas afar or locally..  this energy is more forgiving so no few people have to have so much weight on your shoulders. stress + panic can be relaxed + redirected into positive act for harmony.
      folks can look at their routes + have support systems along it + folks can connect for free with very low cost valuable tools. as they see this message board needs + where. this way those that have room can seriously load up + cover areas. it can be mapped out by googles map, just add to blog or web page, as I state below, these are all free.
 folks take responsibility to communicate to this tool shed + it could be a message board blog + maybe their already is 1 for that area. If not take part in creating one. this way it can be organized + actually just send this email to folks, + those that can do what, come aboard + create, recycle what already is laid down from the locals to participate in.

meanwhile each of these thoughts all can add to as they further develop true fact. The fine details for better understanding + application.

you can use these tools to post along with your `patches or another - message board locally. or until you create what works if want. but this tool we hope you use to build for your local community, + that which you explore + share. + then come back + post here what worked as you had a bi`joy experience.
as you reflect with others that have done the same via exchange of their ecosystem/biome.

                   do a walkabout locally + beyond, reaching out.
most important establish a contact base for each to do vs. another having to repeat + think for the other. rather each think what their needs + offerings are. + what area their route covers + post it on a message board/blog. But actually take time to also organize the efficiency that some may yet to have, to enable them to understand how simple this can be, when we do when calm.. where locals can look + see what is coming. + what needed locally to organize folks, to better help those helping from afar, yet not dependent, rather co_evolve with. to help you to live as a local while their for your needs + offerings also.. + take responsibility to update along the `way.  
                                          our do_ins` give some nice fuel.

                    gives us a chance to take a breath of fresh air..


knowing 1 cares + is in action to support, funnels positive energy in motion efficiently..
 with the resources you bring in, define how best they can be used in time of need:.
      set up a camp or kitchen, that needs least amount of work to clean it up. support a soup kitchen, that can become an existing community restaurant or school cafeteria, accessible to locals. nice barley + pea dried goods can be brought in + collect some eatable greens, some fresh fruit, reach out to local fisherfolks for fish + each can define what can do, even if limited or physically unable. folks can change roles + have some nice meals. Meanwhile the stores can be continually rotated to remain fresh.

little bits add up when folks distressed. a good night sleep + nourishment helps fuel the mindbody to get back to normal ASAP. + don’t wait for an ER disaster to do this exchange.
              play some music + let the smells of good local natural food fill the air as you come together in a potluck. Celebrate what is.. be thankful mother nature rejuvenates + gives us abundance, if we prioritize our wild to ecologically sustain us. support trans-boundary migration for large browsers + let them lead our path to restore natural communities. marine life from the waters filling with enriched nutrients creating more life for folks to fuel from as we prioritize sustainable ways.

                             Support each so we can sharpen are dull sensors from our misdoing. + share awareness in how we can maintain discipline of our self-sensory observations vs. belief.

open mind to our inner tools + rethink. Gather with those old + young that listen to the land. as they speak gather folks to define where best for what. + don't repeat.  look at all available overview maps, etc. work with all officials to develop better land use. So now what was dysfunctional entities, now become are community participants. as we work together to restore what is needed, bringing them alive so we co_evolve with them.

start this by thinking of what sustains you + your habits of daily living, is it simple, does it fuel you or drain you, how collective is your potential to part time share building community locally + afar:.
             your fresh water, your bio-waste, for your gardens, compost for your simple natural living, etc. so together we get clear of how real + productive we can be without leaving a footprint on any life including our own.

                 we can build on permanence as time goes on. vs. energy wasted in repeating with each disaster.
let folks know what they can do with you + for you locally + those directing focus from afar.
                     Peace is available now if we do something about it..

                     Thanks!  our combined` effect makes a difference..


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