nice to be back to Port Townsend where some things just get better..

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            thank you `boiler room, they now serving free food over the weekend inviting all to share..

                 check out their schedule for a great community building network for young + old..


                    the first sail of the season from the 23rd Annual Shipwrights' Regatta
                                         February 22, 2014 was  a success..

                             shipwright sail race first if season port townsend
    actually if i had a close up you would see the tall pole here w/2 eagles that we have watched for years perch on top..      
                                        shipwright sail race first if season port townsend

       Stan your gaft looks beautiful even though you came in last, he + ladies where out for the fun of it. it had lightly snowed + brisk but the hardy sailors have fun.

                                                     check out the events

                   + one of my favorites is being in the boat yard, Barry it was nice to see you! will stop back..

          + again s/v Adventuress is on the hard + they just now planked the hull, i was just here + the ribs where all exposed on the starboard side..

                                       s/v Adventuress


                                    thank you `Better Living Through Coffee for the music, great fun!

                                      jamming at Living Better Port Townsend

                                     great music at Living Better Port Townsend
                                 enjoy by staying current with your community + create!

                                              our combined` effect makes a difference..