no potluck.. but using virtual tools sharing what is needed with `my gov is a step forward with Barack Obama`s Fellowship Project..

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Subject: my gov 1st meet.
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 05:19:18 -0400


this is a good ex; i see posts from 11 months ago. yet i just got an email
wednesday, after another one prior saying i was not accepted for
fellowship, from my previous request only to communicate from afar. so this
fine detail of threads annalized shows us both to be of some
misunderstanding, that is not efficient.

without studying more after a few quick reviews of the posts 11 months ago
i say this, only because i am presently working on editing project osic,
which would be nice for you all to read edited version. 1st copy released
to various modes was not corrected. + considering microsoft wants a big
corner on the market, my new computer giving me a starter quit before my
deadline notice leaving my work a real mess, this is not efficent when a
few control a lot.

so my comment after my experiences in need now from gov;

i suggest in each of these categories only 2 entities at the origin of
issue for young + old /good to reflect/network like ecosystem/subject to
talk + make decision, all else can talk + add but only those 2 principles
make decisions. + the decision should be made from a real commnity with
this issue, so now it is in real time + it must be applied to the local
community + with them being the origin locally. so ex;

the fishing community here commercially/sports is over regulated + the 2
major principles locally such as F+W + the fisher folks could sit down at
the table eye to eye + sort out real time regulations from their
experiences. a business advisor for each side added. this then would give
very good data 1st hand from those that work the elements + the natural
world they work in could be within their experienced control. those new
must show they are trained with experience before licensed as in any field
as yours/doctor/farmer, etc. now we have a real time dialog with locals
coming into the conversation of past/present experiences. here in
charleston maybe 50 people + each fishery special to do own. now this mode
continues to write good science of reality, fisher folks pick own timing,
no more safty risk due to bad weather as now regulatory board holds them to
a date which is what they do. meanwhile many upset left/leaving + good
science went with them unrecorded of their experiences.

ok now what about the several other boards regulating; Maguson Stevens act
that will be again coming up for open comment on their last changes of our
comment. when i said their logistics are a safty hazard + need changing,
etc. NOAA, national fisheries, marine reserves + more, each not knowing
what other does clearly, as well does not talk directly nor stick to 2
entities, nor apply at origin of focus with those folks nor do they apply
it then locally in real time.

so now we have reality in time going on, plus we have all these others
trying to do as they did + yet not in time with this new mode, so then you
need another to stay in time yet stay local as they do their own
interpersonal local community responcibility. not just air heads throwing
off decisions at random because a fragment of it looks good on paper, or
with a few, without real application, etc.

so now this needs support to be in real time yet work out of this mode so
the 2 entities are strong + not losing their moment having to respond to
other modes not in the immediate local origin. so this role should be
interchangeable so now no 1 person is stagnant creating debilitation
preventing them from doing good work in other areas as each work out of
these other modes. they may create goood ness elsewhere badly needed. again
with real time issue  + do it at origin.

ok now we have all these origins with real issues, so how do we prioritize,
we add more interchangeable roles to exponentially downscale yet alll have
little time away from moving forward in a constructive efficient `way. so
space needs to be set aside for unknown as well to prioritize collectively
+ not just from 1 local community, for many have no clue of the goodness
some already do_in elsewhere, so reflection good by students in tallies +
observing the rations + motion for sustainability + harmony.

do you see the layers resulting as in now. that are not prioritized.
Baracks dog + his birthday probably are clearer then the budget on the war
mode economy. that i would like to see us all prioritize + not be lost in
strategies + schematics going somewhere but prioritized as a whole with our
human family. not just in US but globally. for those with sharp sensors
perceive from afar so we need to get real with how our neuro processing
works best. plus this issue is just as important as those daily needing
hands on, same with the `plan review, so a harmony needs to be reached for
all + students can do this if all focus direct simplicity.

so if we have reality of real issues daily that people are in need of
support, that fall thru the gov cracks, they can get hands on by students
being focused directed, not to mention those aleady being aided, now can be
educated + then given the chance to share the walkabotu with students. that
is what we propose in project osic. + actually if any one interested i will
give unedited version in a pdf form for you to get the gest of what can be
as soon as people become aware of these ideals. + what better `way then for
students to do a walkabout as they are focus directed by all, including
them as this is a really good education training. + they can take
responsibility to learn while they maintain school/community functions,
etc. starting with local food sovereignty, school lunches for all as they
get from the small farmers + taper out the monocultures/GMO + save own seed
+ do it naturally. no more dead zone as in the midwest farmers leaving N
run off, due to them killing the wasteland + water shed areas of their
indigenous species to filter, leaving N to run ionto gulf. well the farmers
are no fishing in the gulf realizing what they did + how they where over
sold pesticides, N etc. meanwhile they still don't get it with the
monocultures, even though they are replanting the watershed species, they
need to stop the monocultures + stop sending commodities afar across the
planet + start sharing for afar folks to produce own balanced diest as
indigenous did/do. plus we don't need all this processed packaged food. go
to walmart + watch the ill people + look at their carts full of this food.
when doctors should prescribe no processed food, etc. as well food stamps
to ill folks should be with a nutritionalist/behavioralist so folks
understand how + why ill + change.

same with herbologist fine tuning a food/herbal medicine community
garden/perennial foraged areas that many have for each season as they get
to know their biomes, now making them better prepared for earthly
cycles/changes. actually having camps at higher levels more secure with
lime piles/ponds with fresh water + species to kill malaria mosquito + have
fish to eat, etc. vs. one dependent onpill box/equipment caring a bucket
with water/food when tsnunami, etc.

now once students/community put hands on + start tallying these issues +
now professionals come out into the community also + walk side by side, now
they see where their office visit with their client was fragmented by 1 or
both, now walking into the patients turf, they can get a better
perspective. same with above point of origin + applied shared focus in real
time for fisher folks. we don't need to pretend with all the dysfunction,
we can just go figure.

then our idea is once rehabs now are being talked to + restored with each
community reality, including natural wilderness awareness for the natural
earth cycles so people are familiar vs taken it all as a ER crises + then
repeat it over emotionally as some exploit it. which we can go beyond this
+ work the commons as locals stay in control. no more set aside due to, we
cannot isolate ecological corridors. we are a living organism dependent on
our natural balance. + once we all become aware of this we will understand
better what to prioritize such as our ecological genetic biodiversity. +
our interdependence on all local biomes being in balance + then linking
them for the earth to better provide for us.

the earth will take care of itself as it always has + will keep co_evolving
into pieces. but we can stop bombing/biologicals/mines/even selling
weaponry for war is a crime against humanity, plus it destorys the
microbial + other life we are dependent on for our survival. same when
large alternative energy businesses are constructed. not to mention again
locals lose commons control, etc.

where once students have a good grip of who needs what daily care + with
rehab support/restoration, etc. now everyone comes to the cloth/table to
now talk democracy. + a `plan is put in priroity for a land/freshwater flow
to sea review for each community locally + afar,changes inefficiency. now
the priorities are tallyed of who /what/when. + with a tapering transition
process for each local community all welcome those leaving negative effects
+ with this all rethink + now investors can support locals to sustain their
own commons as they work them.

so students become very good natural science engineers + always have
investment mode on the table ready to restore the local community potential
once investments come in. now as people sharpen/heal the energy of the
natural community comes alive + fuels creative solution, energy efficiency
as all reduce volt usage + with good science, student within develops in
all, music fills the air + people explore the uniqness as we gain fuel from
conservation services  + cultural experiences are reborn as people `boon
with the natural world, even going back to homeland + restoring local

the market needs ethical cleansing to go back to the origin of its intent
of safeguarding as in farmers crops from the elements so they gain as they
lose the crops, etc. plus people are pulling out due to as in 401K funds
being lost. plus IRS is not efficient, i personallly know due to my lengthy
application for non-profit status plus the thought of Mitt with a 20
million to 100 million IRA, wow that math does not legally add up in real

we believe we can create a universal science that is integraed + applied as
sugested with fish story, which is not happening, science is fragmented. no
common sense use to co_evolve.

religion should be taxed if they make investments just like everyone else,
+ they are not. not to mention recyle building for homeless/showers/meals
to schedule around their meets.

we feel people can gain discipline over their self-sensory observation so
as to not ignore their mindbody maintenance vs the belief that many allow
themselves to chase. as well be enslaved from misuse/abuse, that many take
as normal as these behaviors are passed down. which students can aid this
awareness as good folks living sustainable simple natural lives, can focus
direct with them for reflection. sure at 1st people`s dull sensors need
more support, then as they sharpen they come alive + want to do an exchange
+ can feel life when they see it take place in real time good sustainable
living. this is what we want all to achieve for themself, simple reflection
+ aid until they can do themself, + continue aid until then + if done the
right `way, it is not for ever for many.

as in now with my experience with developementally diasabled, the funds
that go out is a lot when you give to one that is unaware + in need, yet
you want them to choose, once can't if their sensors are too dull, they
choose others in need so blind leading the blind. they need sensitive focus
directed intervention into what sustains them. nor should anyone assume
they can't sharepen themself if guided right + do for them. everyone should
do their own homework at a healthy pace for each. then less expense from
others. same with food stamps, many need more than food, so they trade for
cash at a low price, street is 2 to 1, + are in need of reflection, so they
cannot get above even with some help. while others will manipulate to do
what must to then be self-relaint + get off. so a student focusing for
their own education as well the other can be very helpful for each to build
a path as they walk it into their own opening + reflection helps them see
the path. vs. let them continue to be a slave to their own dysfunction.

look at Iceland how they put their bankers in jail, hired a bounty hunter
to find the rest + said to IMF funds will trickle to you after people are
payed 1st what is owed to them. now Irish Republic + Russia are on board
+ like that idea.

ok enough for we have thought this out very well + continue to co_evolve
with solutions. + bed time for me after many days of struggle with
computers which no one accept students should be expected to work them.
each mode developed for computer should be duplicated eye to eye + this is
a real trick to do, but it keeps people real + computers as just a tool,
not a ruling run away force as in presently by many, taking them off their
mind body balance or work they do for others interfering.

i told Michelle Obama about her eyes showing left right imbalamce + she
needed more time to make her self happy in her skin, but she is nothing
like Mitt Romneys wife if you take a look at her. good research can +
should show the reality of how well one can make decision for themself let
alone others, by the left right brain actually not in synch resulting in
actual muscular disfiguration of different sides of the face. easily
detectable when people allow something to preoccupy vs their own mindbody.
students support can help all.

all the more reason why good gov is good people in the now working together
with what should be interchangeable roles so no one loses their
interpersonal alignment of being a good community participant,fueling them
to cooperativley share afar. so as not to interfere in anyones ability to
self-develop, which is negatively happening by many people + processes now.
military for one + the war mode economy which has to stop asap. this is why
many should be in a tapering transition, going back as a local community
participant. now they will see what they are doing is not the same as what
is truly needed + now students again can work these worn torn threads +
pull them in. now once local prerequisites finished, they can continue
exploration as they continue education afar sharing what works.

as well the large green economy with big alternative projects being
supported. this is 1 of the reasons i wanted to join here, for i had asked
Barack for what ecological assessments used to go along with MOU`s. for i
feel the micro biomes are being interfered with as well trans boundary
migration for large browsers. + non locals controling local commons no
good. not to mention as in the fisheries the sea lions need a managed hunt
+ that is not being done by emotional environmentalists. these are unsafe
wild creatures causing risk to fish folks + on docks. for what is taking
place is unethical to shoot them with paint balls at 1 end + some fisher
folks feed them bait as they clean at other end. when in the old days a few
only had to be taken out, yet all the fish plants put all the waste/sure
some species need to be ground so not to smother the nurslings, but this is
money being thrown out as fish debreee is not disposed in the bays.

     for in past it created an abundant of marine life in the bay. yet regulators
stopped it. we have many old `ways/indigenous `ways that work + for our
`plan review we believe gauges such as sgro-ecology work + each commons can
be worked as the wild still is kept prestine more so than now allowing
genetic biodiversity to be our best medicine + fuel for our food/medicne to
be fresh + natural for each local community. no more hauling across the
planet, rather we can support each local to reach out to their locals as we
share what works. this is our findings of what the international community
wants to make peace. live local + share what works.

when working in wild beautiful nature sensitively only then do we develop
our sensors to be sensitive to ourself + all life. then we don't need the
parks set aside inefficently just for tourists. this mode changes as we all
become naturalists + understand how we are dependent + take effort in
restoring natural creative energy efficient communities that harmonize.

thank you for allowing me to share + i hope this triggers some thought.

my thinking/research has led me to a lot of yada as i have my share with
those left between the cracks. but if interested please take a look at our
forum/archive in the building once we edit the project osic + get it out to
welcome all to join in, we will clean up the words a bit + good thought
will fuel simplicity.

which i did see the govs forum also for people to use, but again as in many
good gov projects, if not used no good, people are in too many layers to
get to them, so students can help each rid baggage so each does own
homework, then each community fine tunes + stays aware, vs. as in Barack +
many making policy + many are too pissed to even get close, due to over
regulated, etc. or simply cannot concentrate to go beyond trying to survive
+ stay focused. so many are just not aware.

but what NPR broadcasted recently is not to take lightly; about if Barack
wins, a community in Texas will go against the UN guards that they feel
will attack them that Barack would call in, + they feel the law will be on
their side. this i believe is about a tax issue they don't like that will
change + they will refuse. so i do know how people ride on others wave,
rhwanda is a good example. actually this is how our project started,
hearing about that war + no one stopped them. which students fueling
community produces cooperative effort to respond to early signs.

as well some very ugly suffering from many making us realize no one should
have to await death while they have their skin break apart, which i've
observed several times in the intensive care, where tests are not accurate
nor sensitive due to degreed people unskilled focusing more on equipment
that is not as sensitive as with tradional chinese medicine that if
skilled, can more easily diagnose with no equipment, lessening the
suffering. as they put their sensory sensitivites as a good science +
apply. which western medicine should be made to study from them + those
practicing made to go back to school regularly as well do walkabout with
students for local community.

good night, + until we speak again, i do hope we all rethink as we hear
each other!

sincerely, kara j lincoln

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks Google for threading. 

we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

peace is an option now if we share..