no sensoreship is the way, Walter Cronkite was right.

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i'd like to share some info from a friend along with my answer below. see what you can do to support us.

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Truth? Who cares about that when Obama does not, obviously.
These videos of children being murdered are not a pretty sight, yet the terrorist president OBAMA said that this is a SUCCESS, in his own words on David Letterman which is on video for the record.
Obama should be arrested and executed for war crimes, crimes against humanity, after a trial of course. What trial did Obama have for those he murdered in cold blood ??? U. S. citizens don't get a trial anymore, they just are murdered and this is on record. Obama a great humanitarian, I don't think so.


The Bible says the truth shall set us free, and in that spirit I want you to know.
Watch the videos then tell me how good and righteous we are supporting this with our tax dollars and votes without being angry at this great satanic evil. The Bible says we are to fight against evil, not support it.

kara's answer:

            thanks for your input,

yes some people need to see blood before they can focus, i don't.
you can show it but then bring them back to us to focus harmony so
they don't loose it as many do.

my ideals of students coming into the community is unsensored, so as
to show the whos + what + solution networked local + afar. as well help
+ get help. kids here at Sunset school come hungry, so teacher says it's
hard to teach them.

i find it more productive this route for me, due to all that is needed.

so please find time to support this. for it will take many calm folks
to make change. no need to fear base with reality, especially when
so many are without sound mind to know how to act. for they/we have been
sheep mode + that baggage needs to be supported to leave. many don't
              the power we have to have peace as soon as we share what works.

be safe, love