our response to what Iran, US, Syria, Israel, etc. can do today, so please share these ideals for building your `plan, it's long over due..

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i will respond as a earth citizen equal to you all, for as a US citizen i see no democracy, as i would describe it;

   meaning all having support for awareness to understand how we work most efficiently as a human species. we as a living organism are dependent on balanced genetic bio-diversity in local balancd bio-spheres. this is our human obligation to not interfere in natures enhanced ability as in agro-ecology as a gauge for land/fresh water/sea. if nature sustains itself locally it than can link globally.

here in US large agriculture business as well energy development is happening by people that should of been tested with life rights awareness, for many micro biomes/large browser trans boundary migration has been + is being interfered with, which our + all life are dependent on.

this is why only a small farm should exist + after a `plan of the entire biome(s) is done. who would think a farmer should have to be tested, before he would farm? who would think a commercial fisherfolk would have to be tested before he fishes? but it is people doing business that have failed to carry forward as mnay still do, the life giving properties so as to further the tools, further the services of our conservation services, so that our small communities which are most efficient with the real world, can have all life within it simply respected.

now many places have no balance between our human count + this bio-diverseness locally. rather it appears many are preoccupied in survival. i also shared that coming from a dysfunctional family in US. then to discover self-satisfaction as i pursued thought of harmony. but i cannot have only my back yard in harmony, nor myself, for it takes us all to do this, so all can obtain the same.

we are building a project osic, to welcome students to come out of school room + into community to 1st aid those left behind, unable to be clear, as they struggle to survive. than in an exchange young minds can self-reflect + network locally + globally as we invite all to use a simple forum thru Nabble, each could do their own freely. but we invite you to focus with us, so we can build working sustainable harmonizing communites.

mother would pull my hair early on  in church, when i said mother this makes no sense. then to see how she perceived + lived for her god + as many of you it appears doing the same, stressed mindbody + she was a beauiful lady that was very ill. she suffered dearly thinking she was here for a purpose + their would be a better after life.

well folks i disagree. sure i would love to see something clearly defining our path beyond earth, but what i have seen, i have no verbage of religion, nor do i want it. rather i really appreciate the ability now to process my perceptions. i do my homework, + it is a challange, sorting thru all that is.

but i do love nature very much + my understanding working thru this is that we can build + support all to build one`s path as each walk it into their own opening.

but you have to do your homework, rid your baggage + `boon direct with the natural world. it is up to each of you/us to define the language you want to speak. + than take responsibility to follow thru. + it is most efficient if we can do 1 universal science good language. not what exists today, rather 1 that flows with the real world as we co_evolve each step of the `way, making it work, as we stay within the boundaries of natures enhancement ability as with agro-ecology.

today in defining in a discussion that sea palm seaweed in Oregon after June cannot be harvested from the shoreline due to not having good science to define how to preserve due to limited knowledge, thinking it does not come back easily. so to perserve, they will say no. this is better than the exisitng no policy in place..

this i could not accept, for democracy to me is having natural space so as to become sensitive to self + equally to all life. we don't even have to get into the different species, + i will add here after reading above article on the Arab Spring/ dispute with Israel + Iran, even different religions.

we can generalize + just state lives. a living specie, when we see it, we need to understand our life is dependent on a balance of life in our biospheres locally than link globally.

i love the natural world + daily i'm in it addressing what sustains life every day. + sadly due to everyone preoccupied in belief, many have dulled their sensors, unable to maintain discipline of self-sensory observation, which our human potential gives us the ability to rid our baggage + daily assert positive understanding, sort out the negative, admit wrong doing + make a responsible decision + follow thru short term. if don't work than do some home work, network. + see how the local community cooperative is failing to prioritize, reaching out + not settleing for 2nd best, as another unexperienced person inteferes in another life, another habitat, + pays to get a way with it.


as i'm seeing just because locals are not on top of our ability to network + organize gaining the synergy for mental clarity + physical strength for those that can to reach farth for solution + make wrongs right as we welcome these people into a tapering transition, as many are simply unaware, not knowing.

a good ex: is the greenfire productions of the `ocean frontiers, movie we just saw in Oregon. showing the undeveloped states of humans awareness as in Iowa farmers monocultures now replanting the water shed areas they removed originally, after gather with folks, going fishing in gulf + understanding the dead zone, as they state they want to make it right + give back, yet monocultures to my understanding are still happenng, but i yet to look into these people specifically.

point is this is still fragmented unless a plan is in place i yet to see, where small rotating crops/agro-ecology gauges will be put in place to even have to use the  chemicals, such as the excess nitrogen that know will be filtered thru the water shed areas. rather yes reestablish the water shed + surrounding ecosystems, but complete the efficiency we know now for all local life as in the micro biomes in the soil, in the watershed areas + the rivers now not having to process that water so it leaves no harm for the gulf.

  this is good science when it is integrated for it`s full potential + it is life giving with a purpose in mind, so as to stay with daily + co_evolve with these natural tools we gain from the results of the environmental services. the natural foraged gardens for all to become aware of how we can feed ourselves + obtain this food soverighnty.

end the aid + create economic/social local sustaining `ways of development so now no one is left behind.

     many have died, including mother in this battle, as they felt they should give for another, rather than simply give to self, when yet someone else also interfered, without the awareness, making struggling worse.

but we do not have this issue now, this is 2012. we have many good people working on solutions + with our virtual tools we can channel to the appropriate missing link for the worn torn threads to be replaced. for many good people are trapped being degreed yet unaware of simple respect for life within self + the effects this leaves on other life, whether yours, mine or in the earth below their feet, being bought + controlled yet still unaware, as life is depleted.

  take a look at Professor Marion Nestle, NYU, as she + her students deciphered the US 2012 Farm Bill, which penalizes farmers for growing healthy food we need in diversity for nutritional balance.. + the bill was incomprehensible from Congress, etc.;


 Barack Obama signed sanctions today + he is trying to keep the internet open for all to go figure. for we have good solutions + i don't think any one should struggle as i or you, to learn the good solutions we have now. when we can simply network + share. the days of our parents/grandparents struggles do not have to be repeated. interpersonally we can bring ourself to be present with only our self in the moment + hold our self accountable. no more grief/revenge/misuse/abuse carried forward as normal, etc. + if so, it is because we still are not building local community to build a self, that self-sustains 100% with mindbody now.

this is what we invite project osic to take part in, as students fill these missing gaps in themself, + thruout community, as all energy is used efficiently, not as machines, but as living giving awareness for simple respect for each to being self to the moment + have support to share what efficiently can work now. + have interchangable roles in exchanges for each to understand + build new neuro networks. each with support to do their homework.

now we have all with rehab/support in place to come to cloth/table as an equal participant, as we still work at our baggae, but now it no longer interferes in our vision now, our work in progress becomes a bit clearer as we locally plug in + if needed network.

than share what works so more interpersonal + environmental tools become available.

so i invite you to offer your school bulk email lists + representitives with no schools to our subcatagorie on our forum, + we will mail you 1 email only that is an ebook giving you a variety of focused reflection, for us to start with. as in some ideals to trigger sharpening dull sensors, as in aid people to heal in an ER mode ist.

    than we do a `plan to restore our community, as we do a land/freshwater flow to sea use review, starting at the top elevation of our biomes, with our neighbors. + seeing our negihbors afar are equally important, so together we globally fill our obligations + link biospheres, as we share like life needs for each local ecosystem/subject;

that when in balance, in harmony, cultural experiences continue to `boon with hands on exchange. not just build a museum for what was, or talk about what once did, but to flourish with life giving exchanges now, as communities than are fueled to share what works, shares when early signs calling out + conserves vs. send abundance around the world inefficiently, as many now are interfering in locals ability to self-sustain. thinsking their values are saving them.

so lets have compassion for misinformation + unawareness + target this detail, as we support those with solutions to gather in local tapering transitions with those leaving negative effects, going eye to eye + together making better channels, so if 1 attempt doesn't work, we find another until it does.

   than come back + share thought on our forum via like ecosystem/thought to build an archive to reflect with, thoughts that are unable to be clear, stratgies to schemetics that work, so we prevent this depletion of energy, when we can simply do.

  plus we have few more focus ideals to share together giving each the ability to self-sustain, self-satisfy, making you aware as we have shared, in our local obligations, to responsibly build a local community that fuels all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

  so this is what i'm doing today as i hold Barack Obama accountable + we cannot support in US nor foreign relations, until we can define 1 good universal science language to deciphere the many cultural native indigenous acts of positive `ways that work now, when yet science regulators state no resources to allow as in us to locally forage correctly, as we do, within our local community. vs. having to buy from afar, which is wrong..

  yes this is what democracy is about, not the US or EU thinking they have it + others don't, rather how each of us can work together to say this earth has enough scars, fuck this shit carrying forward such aggressive acts just to want to pull own way. US has more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world put together, so why think you should follow US. follow the universal energy we all have, by following the earth below your feet now. everyone with nuclear in my eyes is a fool, if used for weaponry + do to all this high risk of safty, even energy development should be stopped until we can share awareness, heal + reduce volts, vs. supply energy to wasteful consumption.

             we are not interested in an accident from such foolishness exisiting, as in the present lack of clarity as peace negotiating `ways that work are still not efficiently being shared.. many people are without struggling..

             we are not interested in a WW3.

            lets go to work to rid this risk on this planet please.

   life is good, we have patches on this planet of small cooperatives that simply live daily with what sustains them, as each moment is conscious of simple life giving principles. they don`t loose them as they preoccupy focus, such as on a campaign, or anything else, rather they remain responsible to themself 1st;

      each than find time for local communnity - taking old/young, past/present + come together in regular coordinated discussion, always in priority + find a `way to sit down eye to eye on cloth/table platform + make it work. than reach out to neighbor that was unable to attend + make it work. + it does.

now students understand their equally held accountable for their obligation to themself + part time to theier community, but never failing to see the lack of respect for life that crosses their path, they they gain support to build, as they follow their opening.

  do you see folks what now is missing, in yourself + your community. + now is the time to stop this misuse/abuse + hold self accountable, as well others, locally + at the end of their focus afar.

   so if ya want to stay preoccupied on what belief should rule, remain in confusion, than where is your energy now for you + for your communnity? whom is taking care of the daily chores to build a community that harmonizes, where we have fresh small farmed natural food, no to GMO, no to monocultures, no to large energy developments, when we can't here in US even come to a language to deipher into a good science due to no resources, as in our natives had worked these beaches picking seaweed as a very nutrient giving food for thousands of years.

      meanwhile they had their land taken away + thru out the years many are now politically recognized as land owners + can occupy once again. but it is fragmented. in our ebook we share ex`s as in the Amazon, where the human species does best when we migrate with seasons offerings in a wide variety of genetic bio-diversity. many are struggling to have space for a small farm, not to mention have our local biomes have many foraged/small farms so as to supply our life giving needs + `boon with our natural human potential.

so when people are stoped from this `booning ability with our walkabout, it is producing ill states.

          also cultural exchanges are happening to perserve what once was.
but i said today, what is important is what we are doing today, not just save the past for a museum, but live + bring thought to the present moment + co_evolve with our unique opportunities + live them now, not in patches as is, but link these pockets without + address all that are leaving negative effects locally, as this requires many positions to be fulfilled, creating self-satisfaction as energy is no longer wasted being confused/pissed off, as people support each to become whole + rethink, give them space with options, + let them heal as they build new neuro networks, + let others fill the space that is needed or that has been abused/misused, as together you try to recycle what can.

           making wrongs right as profits are reallocated not to share holders but to those that have been negatively affected + the awareness training if want to contunue as is. this will make a few take note quickly.

   we work a lot + we will continue to ask Barack Obama to send detail, as in the form MOU or like to clearly perfect the simple respect for life locally for locals to sustain (people + micro/large biomes), building food soverignty is a good gauge to start.

      i request again today, to specify this ecological assessment, equating natives/locals `ways that work, with indigenous do-in along side good science being written with fisheries, land + fresh water. so no more, any one`s land/fresh water/sea is being grabbed. as La Via Campesina can easily show you as they represent many in the world now struggling.

   so to me this is not democracy, when we fragment + can't live local becomeing aware of respect for life that we can learn it`s behaviors as in the local offerings of sea palm seaweed as a1 example here in US, which opens the doors to addressing real life issues now being misused/abused.

   so as to continue to pick + all can continue to forage + have local food soverighnty enabling good development for life that is lived wisely + not supply foolishness, rather share awareness + give us all the opportunity to become aware, vs just saying no.

      without huge expense of base line studies to prove commercial foraging permits, as required, which regulators state their is no resources for that. i refuse to be penalized when i am willing to learn + do right, to be prevented, due to others abuse. this can be redirected. + people can become aware. this is more positions needing filled + prioritized, as we all take another look at how if we can do this locally, we than can know how best to internationally communicate. until than what ever is being negotiated is fragmented, + has no root of organic intuitive origin, coming from a whole person standing ground as they live their local community.

only than can we network efficiently. other wise more interference take place.

       US commercial fisheries struggles being over regulated, which presently agian, we ask you Barack, along with NOAH/Fisheries Management to address this conflict of interest, plus the Maguson Stevens Act, as many fish products are brought into US that is farmed, unhealthy + processed + wastefully packaged sent back + forth.

  same with farmed food, we won't accept that, not when we have the clarity + ability to handle local community + industry with state directly + cooperatively bring in indigenous natives/locals to show unskilled degreed people, good `ways to write science that `boons with the natural world as we come together in real time as each local community, does this `plan restoration;

      change curriculums to co_evolve with each local communities sustainable ways that have been from the beginning of time, + as with Prof Miguel Altieri, he has no problem creating good science of agro-ecology from working out in the world with indigenous. but we also have to change the poltical policies that still prevent good science from being applied, as those with bad science, unskilled degrees, promoted by people with money or political power being misused/abused to control + manipulate to over rule..

Barack, i heard as i stated before that you have chosen a committee to look into this to stop government from interfering in local industry + state to work together + due this ecological study, which requires good science, not present ways with degreed unskilled, etc.

this needs to be made aware clearly, not just a brief few minutes on NPR.

locally people need to know what we can do now, + in not seeing this clarity, we proposed our project osic. we originally attempted to get more support with WASH grant, but still awaiting why failed 2nd part, when yet all in place in 1st part.

     All please say no to trade across countries, live local + share so all can locally sustain, prioritizing local issues 1st.

   so we all have to keep working at this for yes we all have problems of different subject. but we can work thru them, we don't have to reinvent the wheel. we don't have to ignore suffering. we don't have to repeat the past.

right now we can network + solutions are abundant. sure it will take a bit of time before Barack you fight Congress + Senate with neuro networks filled with dysfunction, whom are in great need of taking a rest, + no one should lead any able being, nor should any one be doing business without knowing what they are doing to life below their feet or below the subject focus afar;

      this can be changed as young good minds fill positions in all communities to sort out good working `ways, ending layers beween us + control self + our local industry. co_evolving even with no one in any position lasting over 1 term, some maybe 2 just to rid so much dysfunction. than all go back into community they left, + still should be required to live local, before they represent anyone locally or afar now. so this review needs to be done + will by students tallying, whom is locally responsible, building local community.

    + together ask why we need government, accept to recycle down, giving people power to heal + self-empower. why are you doing what you do than if able people are responsibly doing, please get out of the way + you people come back into your local community + take part with us, as we sort this out.

        + simplify these local `ways + let go of interfereing in peoples ability to self sustain. a rehab can be built more effectively than government now.

    please be aware - all the baggage we have been thru, along with our past generations, has left a lot of baggage in us all. + if we don't work together we continue that baggage. but we can daily be positive, plug into the real world, yourself + all life around you, + than you will have a good night sleep + each night we all can build new neuro networks that go beyond + add more peaceful solutions, so no more war mode economy from fragmented dysfunction gaining profit fueling both sides of controversy adding more dysfunction, yet financially gain what? especially when bad science has given the military data to than act on. this is wrong. gopod science will show peace can happen now if we share what works.

what possibly can a person wanting war, wanting weapons, wanting nuclear or biological tools to destroy life, what can they possibly gain by their money, their mindbody will soon be deseased from this distraction of good energy lost in baggage, when yet the body`s organs demand the attention, leaving you with more dull sensors, unable to get thru this. unable to truly connect straight to the universal energy free to us all.

   yes i see many people on this planet with a serious concentration  problem to sort out our options of solutions now, so come check us out. don't do this alone unable to know which belief, due to mixed signals as your neruo network is over whelmed with stress. when yet we, meaning our combined` effect, see calm beautiful fortunate people that have gathered like thought + with their children work daily at building good sustaining cooperative, where art is lived + music fills the air.

this also is your choice;

  thank you for sharing for we are anxious to explore your goodness + many have worked hard to build this network for many have not been as fortunate as us to still live + endure. don't push your luck + be a fool or you will break. life is short + in this walkabout we can share tools with young as they aid, building their path to even know how to get out of this mess that we have produced/producing now.

our combined ` effect makes a difference. please come take part + make our forum in the building a nice tool for us all to meet, + let it trigger another `way that is real + is being lived by some one somewhere for this truely is a beautiful time now on planet earth. + together we can sort this stuff out, for none of it compares to the beauty many cultures have created as they developed `ways from nature sustaining itself which they did not interfere, rather they gained as they contributed to the environmental services that can be abundant when we respect all life. + they now co_evolve with the times offerings + we are still fortunate to have these reflections shine on, giving us yet another `way to rethink as we go figure.

those of you close to Iran, Syria, Isreal, etc. that are preoccupied in nero networks with mixed signals, please tell them to take a rest, take a breath of fresh air + together we all need to rid these weapons of mass destruction before we have a serious accident. rethink, we welcome those leaving a negative effect into a tapering transition, let those with sharp sensors show you another `way that works. so those of you in need, take a break + than come back whole + participate. for a lot of life is struggling, while many are being wasteful, when yet so much goodness is really happening in patches when efficient.

  come check us out + gather your emails + i'll send you some nice work from many, as we rethink;


             peace is our option now if we share what works..

thank you for your support, kara j lincoln