people please make space for this review, to calm yourself if need, to see reality of stopping anyone that wants to push a botton, pick up a weapon not realizing how life/perhaps yours or your family is destroyed, or your ecosystem, that we all are interdependnent on..

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it is time to talk reality so we go figure, not be lost in emotional delusion as we simply go about our way, or be lost in riding on others wave, when yet their is another `way to help us rethink responsibly + now is the time to come together + show what best resources each have to make this simple + friendly, as we link/give suggestions + we welcome you to help us build an archive for project osic soon to be uploaded, or at least part 1 before elections.

              we have a lot of work that we also can celebrate along the `way.

         for we are fortunate to have such good people sharing such good tools, as here in our platform that Nabble offers to help us create as we share our needs now;

         i share an email i sent to President Barack Obama in his OFA campaign, as he reaches out in his marathon on 10.25.2012. to give you an example of how we need to take part + hold his responsible role accountable, as well our own. + change the dysfunction that he alone did not build. as we break it up in clear small pieces within our local community + do it cooperatively with our human family sharing this earth + beyond together.

          + restore these worn torn threads of good indigenous values that brought us once to the cloth/table eye to eye + with sharp sensors, + in many patches` still are. please see clearly the reality in front of us, to then do what we must peacefully, respecting all life. as we efficiently fuel our self + those unable, to stay present in our moment + go figure as we together review the bigger picture + remain focused in a calm manor as we structure + organize, yet not let it steal your moment from living local simply `boon with our natural world.

          Barack i really hope you do not feel good just voting the way this dysfunction continues. + i'd like you to be honest, of how you include all, to respond to this moment responsibly. + help change the risk of the way the world now is communicating wrongly.

      We cannot afford for you to isolate your energy for this campaign alone. We have issues  locally + globally, that need attention, that are past due.

i find it very hard to keep working, as i also reach out + see many in disarray. as i tell people we need to hold you accountable, which i was disappointed in your response to stand behind Israel with its boat load of nuclear weapons + others, yet offering more, that is a thought of the past, that needs to heal + become aware of our peaceful solutions now as we communicate this platform/a platform best suited to merge if not here.
       You ask me to help support, give funds which i refuse to support this process, make telephone calls, when yet we have these good tools to link good people already do_in their homework. right not you have at your disposal good folks releasing what you are doing + do_in, + ask you to rid this doing that takes us backward + move on forward do_in that which stays within our own skin. within our human potential of sharing awareness.

                     which i have many to thank around me for reflecting their goodness for our local + afar communities that deserve are support as we link efficiently. + i share this email to all of you that i respect to help us go figure with your good tools you have developed + link them here, appropriately as we soon will upload project osic as a 2 part pdf here in our forum.

         we need to stay focused of real issues at hand locally + globally. + all  of you can more efficiently direct this energy in front of you right now;

           Barack please take a breath deeply thru nose at count of 4, hold it count of 2 secs, then release thru mouth,  wait 1 sec + repeat, or do what you know works best for you. as you restore healthy balance to your hormones that i promise you will rise if you keep up your pace as going..

           be the example of what we can do as humans, not as fragment people or robots reaching for mechanical answers, considering the dysfunctional role you are attached to, with now 20000 nuclear weapons on this planet or so. aprox. 150000 times the strength of Hiroshima experience or so.

   when we can go within + responsibly balance our self, if we share how locally/ globally with these great tools, + heal. + resolve with good understanding, giving tools for people right now. once they leave you to take part in restoring their local community, do_in their responsibility for all to become a local, global + beyond participant, as they build tools to go within + self - develop then to reach out co_evolving, prioritizing working with those reflecting simple respect for all life, as you calmly come eye to eye + go figure sharing links;

             supporting interchangeable roles to log in for those to catch up later + teleconference for those afar + define what locally needs to come in to share what works within natures` enhanced limits now, as Miguel Altieri can share as he can put into perspective our global food crises as well solutions that work with his curriculum created with indigenous, as agro_ecolgy is a gauge for all to use.
      For all the development that has exceeded these local limits, can then be welcomed into your local tapering transition that you can build right not with those that speak the reality if what is with each ecosystem/subject. within good gauges as we suggest agro_ecology, prioritizing local food/fish/medicine sovereignty for every local community to then link globally it`s balanced wild biomes. that locals can sensitively work as these positions are shared from indigenous that know it well.

               vs. the many that isolate it thinking we need to have it to experience as parks/areas are set aside. we are a living human species that requires us to have our hands on as hunters/gathers + we can become aware to work these lands sensitively, as we retore the large energyevelopments that exceed nature`s enhanced limits. for we can regain a healthy understanding with good science now so as to co_evolve the world markets.

        for Free Trade is not free, it steals our local + afar natural resources. which we now have good alternatives as people share what works to live as a local.

  we arenot that unaware that we allow Wal-mart to continue as is exporting material goods that contribute to this depletion of our human/life rights as well the ecosystems we are interdependent on as a human species on earth.

rather i hope when you called Iran you told them that yes it is wrong for their mouth to say such negative stuff such as wiping Israel off the map, give compassion + solutions from Israels accusations that continue this negative communication over 15 years + hold both accountable now along with your self to continue all depletion of all nuclear weapons + weapons of mass destruction. + tell Israel this could simply be resolved + their fear could end if they simply give up their weapons now. leading the path for all others to to the same, simply as Hans Blix has suggested with all his experience.

+ now strengthen this structure for all to see this transpariences + hold those needed accountable as we all reach within + do the same to our self, then come act responsibly, as you share suggestions for efficency, not allowing any thing else to detain, as we maintain a reto perspective of our true local needs as these threads to afar are broken that never should of been created, as threads worn + torn sharing as a human family is replaced + restored. for simplu understanding to reach all, support for all to become aware + self-develop as we `boon with our natural world + freely migrate as all species are in need of globally.

words from experienced should be worked with for all to co_evolve + taper immediately off our high risk. Hans Blix by now should have a better perspective so why do you not listen. + why are you procrastinating. not to mention these weapons as of now can't even be disposed of safely, so they should not be manufactured. + you should share this process of tapering down clearly, + define with efficiency + whom best, as you share this with us all.

        or we rid + re figure building what it takes, vs. everyone falsely repeating not knowing something is already done. This is where our students become a great resource to help put this into simple context, as all do their homework as we focus direct with them, do_in their local prerequisites as they not just address their own back yard, but replace + restore threads that we are all interdependent on.

                                              They or we cannot do this alone.

so please don`t just run around shouting in this emotional hype, rather please stay centered + take care of business, showing people you have a job to do, which sadly Mitt + this campaign as well Congress/Senate/House, etc. in their bi-paritsan unclarity that has interfered in everyone`s life. + structure that which should become 1 as each state then responsibly speaks as each also do this walkabout along side of their community members, getting a real grip of reality now + redirect the waste.

           if you follow thru with your commitments + show people now what we all need to work on in priority, then now you are one we will support, so all can seriously start building new neuro networks as we gain understanding + rid the disassociated energy that we can harness with clarity + good physical strength, as we go figure..

it is a fine line in my thoughts yet as i continue to work whether i vote for you for most efficiency to implement project osic, or vote for project osic, for everyone to do their local projects to change the governments extreme waste + dysfunctions, leaving many negative effects on our earth + beyond, as both you + Mitt want to manufacture + build military pretty much the same. for even your drones are wrong.

            When yet project osic once merging/or redesigned, etc to be more efficient, then can define resolutions as locals tally realities as neuro networks open up for clarity, no longer being enslaved by themselves as all of us have allowed these many layers of dysfunction to interfere, in our ability to self-develop.

      we all right now in micro seconds can do a 360 + regain our own center free of fragmentation as we `boon with our natural world + link to the many we are fortunate to have that reflect very good energy as they simply live, that i share this with.

 Look around you + what do you feel. For many are trapped with many truly not knowing we have this ability.

Which we propose in project osic, as we invite all to help, to reach out to these pockets` of mixed signals in misuse/abuse + simply share what we are do_ in patches` as we continue to have hands on daily with what sustains us, co_evolveing beyond the fragmented science + engaging + integrateing a science that all can share as we share this process via GPS fix, so each can better now theri ecosystems/subject + work within your enhanced natural limits.

    as you aid this process to simplify, we then trigger others to do the same. + they will self-observe + redirect. + no more Barack will they support as in the marketing from the world market in your so called Free Trade, rather it will end as they simply say no thanks, + welcome them in to share a local `way that can replace it or it simply is not needed + they work to rid it safely.

  which right now we have much research to do for we have no clear way to rid this toxic mess we are in, that lies at high risk to all, even if it goes off in a single drone locally.

This is the goodness of what many are do_in now in my experiences that i have been fortunate to experience in my travels, for the international community wants to live local + we share this goodness simply. + we as US citizens are part of this international community + we refuse to accept anything else..

if you want to self-develop you will make things happen for a fair exchange 1 on 1. + that is the only weapons we should have. so all the restoration in doing this opens many many positions, that now will fuel people to rid their baggage, come aboard, heal + prioritize respect for all life + if you do as we suggest or better comes up, to start focusing on your local food/fish/medicine sovereighnty will show us then the path of how to fit all else in, as much it will simply be desolved + that waste will be eliminated from the negatives, as we restore our local natural potentials. + use the good tools we have now.

i see your commitments Barack to end nuclear weapons, but i don`t see yet progress in good peace negotiations that i offered long ago to help. so please daily center + lay out priority for your interpersonal ability to maintain your discipline of self-sensory observation. for this is not the time to stress leaving your voice go back into that jive street mode as a child, listen to yourself Barack, feel your energy + bring it to calm, rather show dignity + show the pile that exists in a simple order, as every day we don`t forget the risk we all face.

                              rather we create good communication.

+ their is no one better then your ability right now to share this path + structure building as we prioritize now energy efficiently for all to go back into themselves + conserve their energy + put it back into cooperative community building, hands on to those left behind + then a local `plan.

           ex; our project osic in the working, to come help those without + every government become whole + recycle as waste is rid + function restored..

so as to calm people + conserve energy, for all to realize the work ahead, that all should continue to work at now, as those in need heal.

                                    yet many are left in turmoil, with no alternative thought, as their hormones race + the world profits as both sides make business, + many are not even aware at the global markets gain both as they build what they think is Free Trade, yet wrong, as well when they tear it apart they gain as they push it down, yet leaving young people totally unaware as they only know the struggles of theri past as they continue those behaviors past down as normal.

                this is unhealthy + ill, + once the many bi`joy experiences are shared as many build conservation services + local communites that harmonize are fueled to help us build this archive. then people will also want to do the same as we celebrate +music fills the air, as smells of fresh localnatural food fills all empty bellies as they now become aware of what was not healthy that was passed on wrong.

this war mode + false green economy will supply many positions, as we welcome all to take part in theri local tapering transition, as we all gain understanding + rethink together, as students help show us these tallies as together we focus direct, linking globally with those most efficient to help us restore our natural harmony.

when you can show people now the list + read it to them, so it syncs in, + they can feel a tapering mode of what to build, to replace Mitt`s idea of having no problem supporting Israel, same you as you said you would give them weapons. + together take this time to co_evolve your reponsible roles, freeing them of such dysfunction. seeing clearly this is programming of the past + we refuse to let it continue.

                      only then together the walkabout will be productive.

it is this inability to see how you are also short sighted along with many + tell people this clarity is what we all need to work at. for your role has been so programed to financially gain as Congress/Senate + all are tapped into this war mode economy. that many people are numb + have no neural networks to even follow thru in discussion, rather in bipartisan either wanting to kick ass or communicate, listen to the energy now of people in front of you.

         yet no transparency for good science for all to help with, as fragmentation of science is allowed/bought/controlled/manipulated, leaving 15 years of so called negotiation, meanwhile no one can handle this negative energy, as in Israel + Iran conflict or theri neighbors or us as the so called developed world, for everywhere people are left behind + suffering + we can stop this now;

               For we open this cloth/table discussion, for good sharp minds can fill in these missing gaps, for this is our earth you + many are allowing to fragment, there is no isolation in any ecological category, we are one + interdependent on linking our wild globally, not just our back yard..

              i`m telling you Barack as i tell others to fight for Freedom you will be fighting in WW 3.

      we have many scars on our earth + beyond to prove this, please lets not go backward + repeat..

if we reflect the many great solutions we have, sadly in patches` those in pockets` without, will be reached. for this exchange requires all to build/maintain + share peace building neuro networks.

          to then fuel each, as each gains understanding of how we as humans work best + share this process, in as ex: our archive in the building or whom with best resources as we reach out to offer, as we continue to do our self, which we feel confident Nablle can help design what is needed??  

this fuels compassion, for all to bring them self to calm, then now we can with transparency efficiently prevent + rid more suffering, as we prioritize all these existing contributing factors now producing sufferings. As many positions will open up as clarity unfolds + disassociated energy producing the fog, clears,  as we harness + redirect it..

           We have much more to do then build roads,  we have to build our selves within our human potential that can follow thru, concentrate, sharpen our sensors to stay calm + go figure as we prioritize globally working with what is most efficient now + build these networks, etc. sadly we can`t just live local without making space for this. but we can do it without fear as we assertively work together part time on this beyond local threading, + put good tools in place with people with sharp sensors, as both are maintained well reflecting, with good gauges created/already here..

so please address in calm conversation the list that should be in front of you Barack + set the cloth/table platform for people to know they are obligated to help build their local community, locally + afar. + these tallies as we prioritize our local food/fish/medicine sovereignty will fuel the path of clarity.

    so each of us are supported to walk one`s path as each build it into one`s opening, leaving no footprints.

 right now you have a good opportunity to sit down Barack + have a discussion to start building these required neural networks for diplomacy to be communicated from all. as you welcome our students to work with us + can be clear as they take part in co_evolving real curriculum, as we suggest in this project osic along with many good programs. + put affairs in order, for if even 1 weapon goes off;

            it interferes in ones life, + a local wild biome that we need here now.. to link for life that sustains us, to migrate as it naturally lives.. as it contributes to our conservation services we all need.. to make our local environments our best medicine..

so no matter how you fine tune + sharpen your target, it will not perform as well as diplomacy in respect for all + communicate now structuring this to be acted on respectfully by all. which Barack i thank you for your ability you have developed, but it will be wasted if you cannot stay composed each day + do, not just local work, but global work we all are dependent on.

so please Barack, rethink the path you are on today, for you are just triggering more hormones in yourself + many. + it is not hormones we need out of control now or at election day. for already people are unable to retain calmness + this can trigger more to do wrong.

When yet you can set your calming energy + reflect this peace, as you enjoy sharing with people eye to eye + celebration can come later. + it will be what you do in the moment that will better tell the story, of whom best to do what + how. for i speak for many that are present in the moment. + it is this discipline that fuels us now. + it is now that needs attention of what i share with you + all, for we need to grip it now..

Thank you for do_in your part. For we all need to be more gentle + listen deeply + only when we are calm, do we have a direct line to reality. Other wise the mixed signals lead many as our neuro processing has extreme ranges when hormonally off. + it is this imbalance that then aggressively acts, not the person that needs to be healed or nutured or never had a chance to self- develop..

                    when not we have these tools, awareness inwardly to reflect + virtual tools to share + fine tune to do this work. so please come talk! or have a representitive for your community come post so all get to experience what is, for all to make happen as we build this archive into a nice tool that shares the process of all this good + bad, meanwhile those with sharp sensors reflect + we share real strategies + schematics or contacts for links sharing your work in an easier fashion to trigger ones thought as they seek their like ecosystem/subject via GPS locations.

                our combined` effects does make a difference..

thank you all for sharing your goodness to allow this to get this far, so i can share the thoughts of many unable or no longer here.

                  peace be with you all! sincerely, kara j lincoln