please come take part in our restructuring of for our human family to come together now to share the many solutions..

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we have great plans thanks to all!

what does it take for a solution to be had for preventing strike on Syria or anyone??

 it takes simple respect, going eye to eye + open transparency.

it makes me sick when our reps close the doors, as many are acting, including Barack, like a child.
it amazes me to see a man as Barack with such grace + perhaps constitutional law understood, then to see him not apply it within, inner/inter personally.

   our US + many gov`s need restructuring as well! so all continue to co_evolve within our natural mind body, respecting all life on mother earth, that sustains each of us.

for anyone wanting to do a military strike is totally unaware of the natural ecosystems they destroy, which disrupts locals habitats as well ours afar. for we require linking of our biological genetic diversity. + this disruption at great human resources/monetary expense/when yet so many are in need + we give so much, yet not take part in sectarian civil disputes, that is a crime against humanity.

we share on talk talk more needs now that may be applicable choices for more, if interested in taking part building a global virtual platform for us all to share what works. come talk.

right now we are defining present links within schools/community/people with neither, so we can interact from afar as local students go eye to eye with your communities + calmly co_evolve while we all do our homework. then to share yourself along the way.

how we simply restore the many solutions we can trigger by sharing like ecosystem/subject, as locals co_evolve their curriculum to build ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize, so music once again fills the air, with nice smells of local natural/non GMO/non toxic additives in soil/ability to save own seeds, you get the drift, vs drones that fill the air.

    as in with natural respect for mother earth, + the traditional ways that still are the most efficient way. here is an ex of the ingenuity + beauty shared as we live simple with respect for all life, + develop skills from interacting with our community, not isolate + fragment with competition/brain drain/lessons that fail to prioritize ones inner realities or ability to self-develop/heal + reprogram so as to perceive reality in real time + be consciously humane in the present, take a look at a few + thank you Anupam Mishra + folks for supporting this awareness to go beyond the false green/war mode economies, giving true respect to all life;



if want to think of your legacy;


  we have yet much to learn from the worlds offerings, so we should not feel we can control anyone, + better learn to control our own humane consciousness.

  we all have fragments due to all the scars on this planet + together we can build new neruo networks to harmonize now.
so together we make this process transparent, giving us awareness of how we can speak a good science to over ride the much that has been manipulated in this war mode + false green economies.

                 please let us know how best to do this with you + your community.

 help this shared linking come about. for as we all co_evolve, we feel we can tap into the much goodness already here, so each can fine tune + take what needed. as you allow yourself to be triggered to add/to use/to apply with your local community + within yourself, + co_evolve when most comfortable for all.

yet with early signs support others to do the same. where now many people are left misusing/abused.

for this is what is happening by US aid giving what they do, they interfere in our ability to self-develop locally + afar, people are paralleling each other, triggering more disassociated energy to leave people in the fog. when yet we can harness this real energy that leaves deadly suffering to many now.

we can nurture conflict resolutions as local are allowed to simply speak as we listen, working beyond rehabs, rather make community functional so reflection gives clarity within, for each then to work themselves. so our mindbody regains the ability to care for it self, vs. exploitation of stimulants interfering in ones ability to even find their own center + ground it..

we stop the waste of resources by supporting this sharing process of admitting our own faults/our own success, as we here in US have much to do to achieve ecological assessments that work within mother natures reality, not to mention self-develop our own inner/inter personal abilities to harmonize.

 + every community needs to work with planning/regulators, bringing forth the traditional smart management of our locals being allowed to speak for our local regulations + maintain the developments locally so as to stay within the local natural limits.

this has yet to happen in many pockets within US, as well globally. yet we are giving time limits for others to stop abusing, this is wrong, for we all need to stop abusing the life that sustains ours, everywhere.

 + change the mindset of the global markets that push + shove beyond nature`s limits.

right now is the perfect time for us all to work at ending this war mode + false green economies..

we know once students organize with us, welcoming those that are leaving these negative effects, they will come about + appreciate seeing yet good science in real time linking the worn torn links, that many have not meant to do, rather they felt obligated for many of us did not participate, so good old ways have been tilted, leading puts + calls to lead their path, failing to retain the ethics of the original design of this ability to help people protect them self from the natural disasters seasonally.

this can co_evolve, for we have great ethnic indigenous ways that are still fortunate to be.

as I stated many times, Google Prof Miguel Altieri, as this is exactly what he does, works out  in the world with indigenous, then back at Berkeley creating good science to reach out + allow these acts, that leave no toxic effect to restore the many now depleted, toxic environments we have from developers chasing puts + calls, etc.

due to many people being unaware, you chase Bill Gates mode which Miguel shows well how that mode has contributed to the global food crises, which we need to prioritize what sustains us here. not chase pie in the sky solutions, leaving many still without basic traditional ways that can work, if others would not of interfered.

where as with your support even Bill Gates can co_evolve coming back as a local, global + beyond, responsible community participant, aiding our ability to do this.

 as together the community in many places does not hold their  own sovereignty. rather their resources are exploited locally + beyond, as people are not focusing on the ecological footprint we contribute to.

where now with students help, we can leave the investor to invest + gain, vs. having to be an ecological aware person to decipher how best to transform the depletion done, etc. as locals maintain their own local control of these natural resources that sustain them.

+ until we locally are in balance, we cannot link responsibly with the global community to maintain our necessary biological genetic diversity, that gives everyone of us life. + good healthy life when we respect these local global trans boundary migrations of our micro + large browsers ability to freely migrate, protect our good health as they balance the pests, we basically house + support unknowingly. plus pollinate our natural food, these species can lead our path, as we then do smart management of our resources.

so together the world will gain as this process starts unfolding with our resources staying home, people living local + exchanging what works. yes this is a change in our present neuro networking, which can bring us alive once again within our human potential, for us all to interrelate, yet obtain harmony.

I know that is a lot to imagine, but it happens. plus many in patches live collectively as they maintain hands on what sustains them,  + very sensitively I might add as beautiful children take part in this early on as all add to the awareness. where now music, smell of local grown natural great food, arts of living it, fills the air vs. WMD or nuclear repository still far over due to resolve. rather this helps us all rethink + reprioritize our sensors to resolve these long over due issues, negatively effecting much life now, from the native Indians with misinformation in Canada as they have been selling themselves out, while others are working hard to change their communities + avoid stockpiling nuclear waste. as well the negative effects on marine life from all the weaponry on tools, in the sea. + these lists are lengthy to be worked at.

come on folks, come aboard + get real, + self-develop harmony, not ride the puts + calls, chasing delusion that destroys life that we are interdependent on. rather lets share this + make a friendly process to resolve + simply live without fear based, rather with good understanding + enjoy the much beauty we have now.

I could not believe the joy I had of the beautiful young raccoons on the jetties, the colors of the pigeons, the designs of the young birds, the fog with the great photos of a barge coming in. sadly I left my camera at home.

but mostly to think how fortunate many of us are;

       just to live where we do, being alive + healthy, with so many choices, many yet many are ill, requiring foods + sensitivities unavailable as well simple water to drink, bio-sanitation, ability for  a good night sleep, as many are misusing/abusing unaware that it takes good assertive daily work to then build new neuro networks for change.

well folks those of us with fragmented tools, please lets join together + be sensitive as we do our homework + merge, not interfere, not over ride, nor waste more resources, lets recycle + build upon what we have now locally, to help all go within + self-develop the student awaiting to merge.

as we have the human ability to remain as a student in mind, fueling our mental clarity + physical strength. so lets create + explore as we prioritize + focus direct together.

                     we are willing to work at this with you, are you willing to work with us??

every person co_evolving taking part, making good science, just to simplify the common human denominator, as this then respects all indigenous ways to continue each to do own. will enjoy this process of transformation into exploring the life + one`s habitats on this unique planet + beyond.

 + we are talking of sharing the work of engineers within us all, based from intuitive organic natural awareness. which we all can do as we `boon with the natural world, welcoming our students to work together for our local community, + do it part time in the classroom. but not exclude this great classroom of our natural world, which is happening now as students are being whiplashed.

so Barack as I was upset at how you supported a strike, I also thank you for getting in real time + working out a solution, as you personally co_evolve with the world, + with us here at home..

 we can do this via email/Skype/teleconference/virtual tools to reach out efficiently now with those that can comprehend + go eye to eye to help others understand as you ground this for your local developments;

         to support people to come eye to eye in end results. sharing solutions that touch their needs now to heal/reprogram/go beyond as all are supported to come to the local `plan land freshwater flow to sea review, to give what each have if have the support to sharpen their dulled sensors, sharing humane consciousness as simple respect for equality is shared. + priorities are put in place, always alive transforming for this flow is the natural way of life..

 going beyond prevention + simply living natural lives being present in the moment, as best education as community becomes the classroom.

      please contact me. we will commit to a duration at a time with a time schedule suitable for all, as we focus direct 1 step at a time. + I always then follow up eye to eye where ever I am at, to associate + apply what we discuss thru virtual tools to better assimilate + share. + I suggest you gathering locals + do_in the same. their are too many people lost chasing their head, living beyond their skin producing their misuse/abuse unknowingly. so we need to reflect a human energy that all can assimilate + working within our natural inner tools will give us these early signs to share..

in subject line please put; aloka


I look forward to your offerings, please come talk/post + work this yourself to see what it triggers within you + then share it with your local community, then have a rep come share with us..

our combined` effort makes a big difference if we can work the student within us all...

thank you, kara