please hold Barack Obama accountable now in his responsible role to make changes ASAP.

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`Thank you Peace Action West for your good work in helping us stay in real time with what takes place.

       When you take the stage at your party's national convention, there is one issue I feel you must address.

Since 2001, America has increased defense spending by nearly two-thirds. It should be lost on no one that we have fought two wars on borrowed money. This isn't sustainable. The strength of America's economy undergirds our ability to keep ourselves caring for our local obligations.

Meanwhile, some policymakers have proposed that we protect defense spending in exchange for deep cuts to the federal workforce, even though civilian-sector government layoffs are a top contributor to unemployment and economic stagnation.

Given the stakes, we need to allow America's restored ecological sustainable working communities to guide the tapering transition of all defense budgeting more than politics. Smart cuts to military spending could in fact enable us to develop a sustainable strategy ridding defense spending that makes us stronger here at home, as well as abroad as we share what works.

 I ask that, in your upcoming convention speech, you address how you will bring military spending to an end and stop the already planned budget increases over the next 10 years.

plus i`d like to know Mitt Romney with the 1% your investment companies support, what is the ecological footprint behind them, please share these examples of real stories of the % of life negatively impacted. you did not make 20 to 100 million, if you did in your IRA by doing nothing.

Barack + Mitt I ask you both to require ecological assessments  to go along with your MOU`s as your continue to support any/ large energy alternative developments. for my experience small development only can support our natural restoration as in our local communites taking control to restore our earths` natural biomes, + we suggest starting with local  food sovereignty to start this path for all to be locally self-relaint, protecting our commons as we learn to be sensitive to work our wild as together we restore a healthy balance of genetic biodiversity.

fulfilling our local obligations. + share what works so our human earthly communities realize we must link our wild transboundary migratory paths for micro to large browsers..

       for when the natural world`s life is in balance only then will it sustain our human life for good health + our ability to co_evolve;

        too many have fallen thru the cracks left daily unable to do simple chores as they are imprisoned in own misuse/abuse which we propose project osic welcoming all students to come out of schoolroom + into + with community, giving hands on as tallies are accumulated + shared, so solutions do not have to be reinvented. we welcome all to come take part + share these inabilities as your tallies will thread the origins of whom + where, left these negative effects/strategies of innovation + actual schemetics, in the building of an archive to share so all restore natural communites that all life is dependent on .

making 1 good universal science to be integrated as common sense as people regain hands on with what sustains each natural community to fulfill it's potential;

      derivitives, putts + calls on both sides, as people gain is not what the market was intended for, rather the small farmer/fisherfolk once could protect their investments from the elements when lost. what happened to this idealogy of ethical investment. Mitt you have such experience in derivitives, lets  look at the people/natural life that is/has been negatively effected along the entire path of your gains?

Barack we hold you accountable now in your responsible position to instantly redirect this degenerative thinking/manipulating + set a path for our human family to be equal, stopping all drone/weaponry from exisiting + reestablish sound human communication as people go eye to eye + with good student support rethreading all the worn torn broken communications + once again fulfill our human potential for peace now for all;

      as each become aware to hold self locals accountable, locally + afar. leaving no one to land/freshwater/sea grab from the other. causing them to fight for their local survival then to have another deluded gain from the present war mode economy or the large false green developments. as locals loose control of their wild commons needed to sustain.

we would like to make sure everything else on the agenda gives all life simple respect 1st. + build support for the harmony that all can obtain, not just a few. support locals to reach out locally, no more across the planet deliverys of waste. then to build large developments to support it.

we cannot afford to support only the 1% or even the middle classs if it leaves a footprint. now is time for us all to responsibly act, self-reflect + make changes supporting life locally, networking what works afar.

it's time for us all to prioritize simple respect for all life.