please imagine what would happen if we all do positive acts, not just respond to negativiity...

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Lets take a review of what we've done + what still needs our attention, to trigger us to collectively come together in every local community + make changes now, understanding/developing a better means for all to apply simple respect;

CREDO action  
Thanks to you, we've stopped a war with Syria -- for now.  

Dear Kara,

Tell Congress: Don't Bomb Syria — click here to take action.  

Last night, President Obama announced to the nation he was delaying a vote on the use of American military force in Syria to pursue diplomacy.

This was a stunning turn of events and a big victory for those of us pushing to bring the U.S. back from the brink of war with Syria. Just two weeks ago, an American attack on Syria looked all but inevitable.

But despite the media, despite the conventional wisdom in Washington DC, despite a full court press from our president who was pushing for authorization to attack Syria, we stood up and said “No.” And for the moment, we’re winning.

 Members of Congress who were expected to rubber stamp the president's resolution authorizing military force in Syria received an unprecedented number of phone calls opposing strikes against Syria. And one-by-one they started to come out against the attack.  

There are still those in Congress who are seeking to pass what amounts to a backdoor authorization for war, even while it's clear that the American people want all diplomatic efforts exhausted before war is considered. All of our representatives in Congress -- whether they oppose, support or are undecided on the use of military force -- need to hear from us that we still oppose war.

Pick up the phone today to tell Representative Peter DeFazio and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley: Don't bomb Syria.

CREDO members have been a big part of stopping the rush to war. We were the first large progressive group to come out against bombing Syria. Since we started our campaign, over 225,000 members have signed our petition opposing the war, and our members have reported a staggering number of calls to Congress (over 18,000 by the time President Obama began his speech last night).

First it became clear that the president didn't have the necessary votes for war in the House. Progressive champions like Reps. Alan Grayson, Rick Nolan and Barbara Lee strongly opposed the attacks and were soon joined by others on the left and right whose constituents were calling every day saying no to war.

Then the Senate started to turn. Democratic Senators Tom Udall and Chris Murphy voted no on the president’s resolution in committee, but it was widely believed that the president and Majority Leader Harry Reid had the necessary votes in that chamber.

Thanks to your calls, Bloomberg News now estimates that the firm "no" votes outnumber "yes" votes in the Senate by a nearly 2-1 margin.1

And the Washington Post has declared opposition v. declared support in the House at 10-1.2

 But our work is not done and war remains a very real possibility.  

Call Congress and tell Representative Peter DeFazio and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley: Don’t bomb Syria. Click here for the numbers to call and a sample script.

With the president's call to pause a vote on unilateral American bombing while diplomacy is pursued, the White House is starting to move back from the brink of war. But because this is a direct result of activism by CREDO members and our allies, we must keep the pressure on.

Momentum could quickly swing back to military strikes if we do not continue to make it clear that we want our government to pursue accountability for the Assad regime’s war crimes through diplomacy, the UN and the International Criminal Court, and not unilateral military strikes.

 We need to keep up the pressure in order to stay on the diplomatic path. If you don't want us to bomb Syria, you need to pick up the phone, call Congress, and speak out against another unnecessary war.  

Pick up the phone today to tell Representative Peter DeFazio and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley: Don't bomb Syria. Click here for the numbers to call and a sample script.

Americans share President Obama's horror and outrage at the use of chemical weapons. The use of chemical weapons is morally reprehensible, and it should be punished. But we reject his framing of the choice we face as though the only way to take action in response to the war crimes of the Assad regime is a unilateral cruise missile strike.

In his speech last night, the president suggested Americans who reject his call to military action "choose to look the other way" when faced with the slaughter of civilians in Syria. This is simply not true.

The president spent little time in his speech explaining that Syria is now willing to sign the Chemical Weapons Treaty and turn over its chemical stockpiles to the international community. He didn't use his speech as an opportunity to make a strong case for the International Criminal Court to immediately start war crime tribunals and proceedings against those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria as several members of Congress are now calling for. And he didn’t detail how the U.S. can now work with allies like France and the U.K. to negotiate with Russia and China to seek a UN Security Council resolution as a result of this new diplomatic opening. Each of these efforts are opening doors for international action to broker a ceasefire -- the only way we will stop the massacre of civilians.

What's more, the White House hasn't even begun to address in a serious way the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria and surrounding countries as millions of refugees flee the violent civil war.

The newly emerging potential for a Russian-brokered diplomatic breakthrough with Syria has shown that we have not exhausted all diplomatic options.

Rather than bombing Syria -- which is more likely to make things worse for civilians and has the potential to drag us into another war -- we must go all-in on diplomacy to hold the Assad regime accountable for war crimes, provide aid to refugees and find a negotiated end to the brutal, sectarian civil war that’s currently gripping Syria.

There is much work yet to be done to stop the bombs from raining down on Syria and prevent the U.S. from moving forward with a war that will be much harder to exit than it will be to get into. But for now, we are winning because of activism from people like you.

 Please help us keep up the pressure by calling Congress now.  

Pick up the phone today to tell Representative Peter DeFazio and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley: Don't bomb Syria.

We'll continue to keep you informed of opportunities to take action. Thanks for everything you are doing to stop this war. It's working.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1 "Obama Far from Approval on Syria Vote (Infographic),", Sept. 10. 2013
2 " Where the votes stand on Syria," Washington Post The Fix, Sept. 10, 2013
call + share your feelings, here is sample below;

Don't bomb Syria

President Obama has sent a draft resolution authorizing the use of American military force in Syria to Congress. We need to speak out today and tell our senators and members of Congress to say no to American military intervention.
Calls Reported:

Review Script if need, or just tell it from your heart.

Hi my name is [YOUR NAME] and I'm a constituent calling from [YOUR CITY].

I'm calling because I do not want us to start bombing Syria.

The use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and should be punished. But for Syrian leaders who committed war crimes, we should seek accountability through the U.N. and the International Criminal Court. A unilateral U.S. attack is NOT the answer.

Besides we can hold war criminals accountable in accordance with international law, we should expand humanitarian aid for refugees and maintain constant diplomatic pressure for a negotiated end to the bloody civil war.

The newly emerging potential for a Russian-brokered diplomatic breakthrough with Syria has shown that we have not exhausted all diplomatic options when it comes to dealing with chemical weapons. And we have not exhausted all diplomatic options when it comes to brokering a cease-fire either.

Can I count on [THE REPRESENTATIVE/THE SENATOR] to vote against any authorization for using military force in Syria?
Make the Call
Rep. Peter DeFazio(202) 225-6416

Try a local office?
Credo would like to know your results, contact them;

+ tell them;

How was your call with  Rep. Peter DeFazio?Called and spoke to a staff member
Left a voicemail
Line was busy or call wasn't answered
The phone number isn't working
Sen. Ron Wyden(202) 224-5244 + Sen. Jeff Merkley (202) 224-3753 the same..

end CREDO..

begin Just Foreign Policy;

Dear kara j lincoln,

The successful campaign to block the U.S. bombing of Syria marks a historic turning point in the long struggle to reform U.S. foreign policy so that it reflects the values and interests of the majority of Americans.

I think there are important lessons to be learned from this campaign for stopping war in the future.

I've written a piece about this on Huffington Post.

I make three main points:

1. Congress Matters
2. The War Powers Resolution is Crucial, But It Doesn't Enforce Itself
3. In Blocking a "Rush to War," Delay is Crucial

You can read and share my post here:

You Can Beat City Hall: How We Stopped the U.S. Bombing of Syria

Thanks for all you do to make America more just,

Robert Naiman, Just Foreign Policy

end Just Foreign Policy..

begin Congressman Kurt Schrader;

Rep. Schrader: 'No unilateral U.S. military action in Syria'

 As you probably know, due to recent diplomatic developments President Obama has asked Congress to delay voting on a resolution authorizing him to use U.S. military action in Syria’s ongoing civil war. I appreciate the President’s thoughtfulness and willingness to work with the international community to find a diplomatic resolution to this conflict, as I have been calling for.

The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime is reprehensible, but without attainable objectives tied to a clear strategy, direct military intervention by the U.S. is a mistake that will lead to numerous unforeseen consequences. Therefore, I remain opposed to authorizing the unilateral use of U.S. forces—limited or not—without strong international support and clear, attainable objectives.

There are no good choices when it comes to getting involved in Syria's civil war. The choice between supporting Assad, Iran and Hezbollah or a large faction of al-Qaida fighters is clearly no choice at all. I know after spending much of August in Oregon touring the district I represent a large majority of my constituents are against our involvement. Opening the door to getting involved in Syria in any form without international support is a slippery slope to the ill fated policies of the last administration.

In the 21st century, it is time for the United States to encourage the world community to address this breach of international protocol and drive an international response, much like the President promised when he was elected in 2008. Otherwise, we run a serious risk of turning moral outrage against Assad into outrage against America for once again deciding by ourselves what is right for the rest of the world. We should continue to work with our international partners to end the violence in Syria through diplomatic means. Our nation has huge economic security issues at home that are a greater threat to our nation. Let's empower our international partners to do the right thing.

As always, I appreciate your feedback on this important issue and will keep you informed as this situation develops.

Sincerely, (signed)

Kurt Schrader
 Member of Congress
end Kurt..

begin MoveOn;

see what has taken place;

Today feels different.

Unlike the last three weeks, we seem to no longer be standing at the brink of war. President Obama declared on Tuesday night that he'd halted requests for an authorization to use military force so he could pursue a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Syria with Russia—and Congress has stopped moving toward a vote on that authorization. This is what we wanted. And it's only possible because progressives led the charge in calling for peace.

Click here to take a look at what MoveOn members did over the last three weeks.

This campaign isn't over yet—and we'll stay vigilant until a diplomatic solution is reached. But getting this far took the work of millions of MoveOn members and grassroots activists on the outside, and progressive champions like Representative Alan Grayson inside Congress. Check out this note from Rep. Grayson, whose steadfast opposition to military strikes has helped avoid our fall down the slippery slope toward war.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Rosy, Angie, Mark, and the rest of the team
—————Forwarded message—————
From: Rep. Alan Grayson
 Subject: How We Stopped a War—For Now

We did it!
Dear MoveOn member,

After three frenetic weeks, during which time MoveOn members and Team Grayson were burning the midnight oil every night, it's time to take stock of what we've accomplished.

Here were the headlines in late August, just before we started our campaign against U.S. military intervention in Syria.

"Syria crisis: UK and US finalise plans for military strikes"—The Guardian, August 27.
"Syria strike due in days, West tells opposition—sources"—Reuters, August 27.
"Strike Against Syria is Imminent"—Reuters, August 27.
"Obama Will Bomb Syria"—Politico, August 26.
"U.S. military ready to attack Syria, Hagel says"—CBS News, August 27.

And here are the headlines, now:

"Obama to explore diplomatic route on Syria,"—Reuters, September 10.
"U.S. to Work Through U.N. on Syria Arms Proposal"   The New York Times, September 10.
"Obama Agrees To U.N. Discussion Of Putting Syria Chemical Weapons Under International Control"—Associated Press, September 10.
"Syria Will Sign Chemical Weapons Convention, Declare Arsenal, Foreign Ministry Says"—Reuters, September 10.

Let's go behind the headlines, to the numbers in Congress. Bloomberg News just came out with its own count of how every single member of the U.S. House and Senate would vote on war with Syria. In the U.S. Senate, which is institutionally designed to favor war and bailouts, the war vote is losing 34-22. That's shocking—the Senate is voting for peace?! In the U.S. House of Representatives, it's even better. House members oppose war by a 10-to-one margin. The Washington Post has it at 26 in favor, 251 against.

In other words, we are winning. Peace is winning.

How did this miracle happen?

To answer that question, look in the mirror.

You did this. Your calls and e-mails. Your pressure. The military industrial complex, the neoconservatives like Dick Cheney, the foreign policy corporate-funded think tanks in D.C., the warmongers at the State Department—they wanted war, but you wouldn't let them. We stood up for peace.

Now, what's interesting is not just that we averted military action (so far). It's also what has happened, because we averted military action. We showed that successful diplomacy, shunted aside just a week ago as irrelevant, is actually possible.

Think about this. We are on the verge of a solution that:

•Removes chemical weapons from Syria, preventing another attack and putting them out of the reach of both the Assad regime and Al Qaeda,
• Does not require the use of dangerous military force by the United States,
• Compels Syria to become a signer to the Chemical Weapons Convention,
• Restores the role of Congress in matters of war and peace, and
• Rejuvenates the United Nations as a platform for peace.
 This happened only because of our work. To his credit, President Obama listened. He listened to Congress, to the voices of allies around the world asking us to pause, and most importantly, to We the People of These United States. But you spoke, President Obama listened, and now peace may bloom.
Of course, we may still go to war—the war lobby is fierce and relentless. Even as we speak, warmongers in Congress are writing new war resolution language, thinking that if they tweak this word or that word, making it an itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy war, it can pass. To that, we say, "a big, fat NO."

We have shown that Peace can be more powerful than War.

And hopefully, one day soon, we will not be arguing about where to direct our bombs. If you and I keep working together, we will be trying to figure out what to do with the fruits of peace—the Peace Dividend.


Rep. Alan Grayson

P.S. Please share this with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.

end MoveOn..

begin Peace Action West;

Dear kara j

It’s astounding to watch a run-up to war come to a screeching halt. And it wouldn’t have happened without your efforts.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the media was discussing a strike on Syria as an inevitability. After you joined the clamor for a vote in Congress, President Obama surprisingly slowed down the rush to war and got ready to put the question to Congress.

Then things really got impressive.

The public sent a persistent, insistent message that couldn’t be ignored. We were on Capitol Hill this week while all of this was developing and visited over 70 House and Senate offices. Every one of them confirmed that they were flooded with calls and emails overwhelmingly opposed to military action.

The red flag thrown up by the American people, forcing a real debate, left time for the promising diplomatic opportunity that arose this week. On an evening when President Obama had planned to sell us a war, he instead announced that he had called on Congress to delay a vote while his administration works with the Russian government and other allies on a new proposal to secure Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to be in the middle of the action and see your efforts reverberating in Congress. Thank you so much for the thousands of emails and phone calls that gave our arguments for peace a fighting chance.

This isn’t over yet. We must remain vigilant and push for the diplomatic solution to succeed, and block any new attempts to revert to military force. We will be keeping our ears to the ground and will let you know when your action is needed.

But for now, we should take a moment to celebrate the fact that we helped bring our nation back from the brink of war.

Thank you, from all of us at Peace Action West, for making this possible.

Rebecca Griffin
Political Director

end Peace Action West..

begin Senator Jeff Merkley;

Dear Kara J,

Thank you for your earlier email to me on the violence in Syria and the possibility of U.S. military intervention. I appreciate having heard from you and I want to share with you my thoughts as the situation continues to develop.

As I wrote in my previous message to you and have said in my public comments, I have had serious reservations about the proposed military action in response to Syria's chemical weapons attack on its citizens.  I have spent hours meeting with the President, Vice President, and officials from the Pentagon, State Department, and intelligence services, and those discussions have not resolved my concerns about the wisdom of the proposed plans. If the Senate votes on the resolution (S.J.Res.21) authorizing that proposed plan, I will oppose it.

I share the President's belief that the use of chemical weapons by Syria is horrific. But it demands a strong international diplomatic response incorporating an array of political and economic actions. The goal should be to deter any additional use by Syria or any other nation. The international community should hold Syria to its promise to transfer its chemical weapons stockpile to international control. While achieving this goal will be challenging, I applaud the progress the administration has made towards its goal in the last few days.

Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts with me. I hope that you will continue to reach out to me about the issues that are most important to you.
All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator

end Jeff..

begin our combined` effect;

  our take is many assertive acts could take place simultaneously. for one lets thank all, including President Barack Obama + all the legislators that are working for peace. not to mention all of us people that worked like crazy. lets not waste any more energy being upset, etc. lets move forward + continue to end the war mode + false green economies.. keep the momentum alive, but lets seek the passion we have in subject matter + bring the original traditional solutions + create good science with them to over ride the much bad science now. + bring these ideas to every local community, globally + link. so we sit down eye to eye at the table, + together define ways that work + start acting on them..

the sectarian civil conflict should be communicated with, tell your representatives we can link good solutions for community restoring + for all to harmonize by seeing how we do it at home + start it now, with others as we open the transparency + all ask Barack. considering US gives a lot of funds + Barack you state you do not get involved, when yet we can, vs. support opposition. rather we can support all to come to table, here in US. + bring all the WMD to the pile + rid. showing others how we do it. as we observe others + gain in exchange from these experiences the world can give each other.

so it is wrong not to be in contact with these sectarian groups, as aid is distributed, with locals working together at resolving conflict resolution, community building as well all to harmonize.

it is also wrong to support the opposition when yet a lot of controversy still rises regarding who has the weapons, + US should not be giving any weapons, nor support to any one else that does.

this is a great time for all to co_evolve + turn in all the WMD. put students/student within all yet to develop, to work with great minds figuring out how to do this + rid them all, supporting all in solidarity as we share this earth + beyond with good ecological assessments in place. so no one no longer goes beyond mother earths natural boundaries. as we all become supportive of each to become a responsible local, global + beyond participant, so we all can work at the freedom for all to explore this planet. giving equality rights to all that do their homework. + share awareness for those that don`t realize the homework needed.

we can constructively take apart the world market, as we welcome those leaving negative effects to rethink + look at the local facts students/communities can show, as we link globally. once we show solutions to working within natural boundaries with tapering transitions that work, then people will redirect, wanting to take part for serious changes that all will gain from.

students can innovate with real time prioritizing so as to always have modes of investment that now rebuild + give locals their own sovereignty.

imagine the jobs created, positive energy fueling all to heal, rid baggage + understand it is our healthy balance for every local ecosystem to link, to become our best medicine as we are interdependent on healthy biomes supporting all life that supports ours.

Barack + many govs, why are/where you fragmented, please go within + understand so we don`t repeat this? to manipulate the market? support lobbyist? or seriously in big time lack of awareness with humane consciousness for our human family + all the life that supports ours.

we can assertively develop a very sensitive on going peace negotiating sharing platform that is transparent, bringing in the world`s solutions, for us all to help. this has not been done + can now.

please all, share what you can do now + lets help bring transparency so solutions can link ASAP, as we motivate creativity sharing the human potential, that we are fortunate to have now, to reflect with.

just reach out + come aboard now + share what is deep within as we all stay in the moment..

thanks US gov for what you did, it is a big start to free all of you from this dysfunctional institution that can be restored with us all working together. thank you CREDO, Peace Action West, Just Foreign Policy, Avaaz, MoveOn + the many more groups here + out their, not to mention Staples for all their help + the many people as we continue to stay in the moment.

   please all lets continue to share so you legislators are very clear, as well the world, that now is the time for peace + major changes to end the war mode + false green economies, + all come together making good science so all tongues can translate common sense + go figure as we prioritize what sustains us as a human species.. focus direct together giving all the fuel for freedom, for each then to enjoy the stories/belief each choose, yet leave no footprint..

but before we go here, lets remember gov is still not organized with such good gauges, for we have yet to take part to make it happen everywhere. + can now take part in our local communities to make sure.

end our combined` effect..

begin LCV please see;

After playing so much defense this past year, I know this may be hard to believe, but Congress actually has the opportunity to pass a bill that is good for our environment.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire has partnered with Senator Rob Portman to propose a bipartisan energy efficiency bill that would lower energy bills, reduce pollution, save taxpayer dollars, and create thousands of jobs. Who wouldn’t want to support that?

Here’s the catch: some anti-environmental Senators may try to attach bad amendments to this good bill that would support the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline or undermine the President’s climate action plan.

Don’t let a good bill go bad. Tell Your Senators: Support the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill and block any anti-environmental amendments >>

Right now this bill offers some really exciting changes to our energy usage that could help millions of homes and businesses across the country become dramatically more energy efficient. It would also help factories reduce their energy consumption and it would spur investments in research and development of new energy efficient technologies.

Most importantly, by reducing the amount of energy we have to use every day from polluting sources, this bill would help us combat the climate crisis.

So how could it go wrong? Well, polluters and their congressional allies have been looking for ways to block the EPA from limiting carbon pollution and to promote dirty fuels like tar sands oil -- and now they see their chance.

When voting on this bill begins -- likely within the next 24 hours -- Big Oil’s Senate cronies could try to attach amendments that would support the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline or block the Obama administration from taking action on climate change. We can’t let those amendments pass.

The votes could happen at any moment. Email your Senators now to make sure they support energy efficiency, not the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline >>

The good news here is that your Senators can vote against any bad amendments while still supporting the energy efficiency bill. But if they don’t hear from you, they might make the wrong decision. So please make sure to send a message now before they head to the floor.

Vanessa Kritzer
Online Campaigns Manager
League of Conservation Voters

end LCV..

our combined` effect;

boy we`ve got to get much more organized, for we should not have to be do_in the jobs for those that are getting paid very well. we need + can set measures so regulators cannot allow mother earth to be abused, + it should be their job to watch for this, as we set good gauges with our local regulators/planners + bring them also to the table for our `plan.

for signing petitions is not the answer. we need to co_evolve this. although I believe that I wanted to do another one at Avaaz, but they are working on error, so watch for it please; so we can serious act on ending the war mode + false green economies, giving us more thought to define in each community what this takes. talk to your community + let us know what works.

imagine if we had our ideas up + running Kenya could reflect with the many good traditional ways;

                       I`m so happy to hear about the water found in Kenya, wahoo!

now why is it we all together can`t go figure so smoothly + sensitively we help locals find their own sovereignty, sharing in solidarity what has worked traditionally, like smart water management, with Anupam Mishra`s work.

Africa has had too many scars, we don`t need vultures to come in. can we not show humane consciousness so ideas can come to Kenyans to make this work.

I have not had the time to research the contacts, but if any one knows, I would love to be part of a group that does it virtually, + sure I would love to be their ASAP eye to eye, but I am also trying to make our project co_evolve. so every community would have this reflection with easy access to go figure.

 meanwhile send the contact my way, if any one aware, + I will give input once I have detail to work with.

this is so wrong for supposedly different legislators to be manipulating our understanding + putting issues in energy bill when they should be resolved in another bill, see here;

Kara j -- Mitch McConnell has an appalling new scheme to tear down Obamacare: he just snuck an amendment to defund Obamacare for an entire year into a popular energy bill.

 It's just the latest obstruction from the "proud guardian of gridlock." But here’s the good news: After 428 filibusters, McConnell is now trailing Democrat Alison Grimes by SIX POINTS: McConnell (R) 40 - Grimes (D) 46. With your help, we can finally throw McConnell out of office and end his reign of obstruction.

McConnell's so desperate to turn his plunging numbers around that he just fired off the most brutal anti-Grimes attacks we’ve seen yet. That's why we must put another 1,000 contributions in the Mitch McConnell Retirement Fund by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. Will you help us respond to McConnell's attacks and defeat vulnerable Republicans?

Can you pitch in $3 to the Mitch McConnell Retirement Fund to help defeat McConnell and other vulnerable Republicans?

 The choice is yours: if we let McConnell regain the lead and win this election, Nate Silver projects that it could cost us control of the Senate. We could lose our majority by just one seat.

 But if we defeat McConnell and other vulnerable Republicans, Politico reports that we will destroy the “Republican Party’s best shot at taking the Senate for years to come.”

The stakes are incredibly high. Will you help us keep the lead and defeat McConnell and vulnerable Republicans?

Please pitch in $3 today.

 Thanks for your support,
 Matt Kehres
 DSCC Digital Director

end this foolishness..

our combined` effect;

I don`t know about you people, but I will not support any funding to legislators, this act needs to be changed. + no funds should control any one`s decision. stop allowing funds, especially at lobbyist`s mode, please.

+ lets work with the good folks now using good sense as we welcome support for our project to bring students into our community as the best classroom ever + focus direct with us, filling in these worn torn links, as we link the many great solutions now, as well the traditional modes of engineering as we suggested, please review if did not see;

peace is our reality ASAP we do our homework, if we help each other understand it, + once we have good sense, we don`t have to be on our guard all the time, this is crazy, incompetent + we will not accept this to continue, rather we will go figure. as each of us do our homework, so we hold our self + others accountable, locally + afar. + collectively we then use good sense, addressing early signs. making a friendly process that stays with us in real time, simply as we respect all life by staying in the present.

 thanks, kara