please now act on stopping ecological destruction..

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Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper, President Barack Obama + legislators,

please review the requests of Idle No More. you have or are in the middle
of doing a terrible ecological mistake. we ask you now to stop this process
+ revert it instantly.

please review the present developments/negotiations done + on the table to
be done + realize the truth of what is now that can resolve.

sir, we have a great permaculture tool kit to give you many solutions as we
work within local gauges within our water shed areas for linking our local
responsibility, globally.

what you people have done fragmentedly, ecologically, is destroying our
ability to locally do what is needed to supply our interdependency, as well
our local self-reliance. please call these principles + tell them you made
bad judgement. + ask them to share with you in our conference that i would
be happy to set up at your + their convenience.

please tell them we can share how to be a local + global responsible
participant, rather then continue this false green + war mode economy, that
is prehistoric + needs to stop.

please gentlemen, rethink + tell those resisting now to come talk, + admit
these truths + these solutions, together we can resolve asap.

i look forward to giving your responsible position`s in gov, a very gentle
skilled ecological assessment gauge in discussion/or email + it is not just
you that does this harmful act. rather we invite all.

i invite you as men, as part of our human family, as a community local
participant. to come together in this conscious co_evolving transition over
the Free Trade + Fair Trade that is not working within our natural enhanced
limits, + taper into conscious trade.

we have solutions.

thank you for your review, + i look forward to aiding your solutions.

sincerely, kara j lincoln

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

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we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

peace is an option now if we share..