please stay in the moment with these petitions, as we welcome diplomacy with Iran..

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On 11.9.2013 7:52 am, Robert Naiman wrote:

Dear kara j lincoln,

Last night, President Obama announced that he was putting his push for a Congressional authorization of force against Syria on hold while he pursued negotations with Russia and at the UN to bring Syria's chemical weapons under international control.

This turn from a push for war to a push for diplomacy is a historic victory made possible by vigorous public opposition and Congressional resistance to a new push for war.

We and the Obama Administration should seize this historic moment to push for the resolution of the underlying issues of the Syria conflict through diplomacy and negotiations, starting with a push for a ceasefire in Syria's civil war and political negotiations to end the war.

Diplomacy with Iran will be crucial to achieving international control of Syria's chemical weapons, a ceasefire in Syria, and negotiations to end the Syrian civil war.

I've created a petition to President Obama and Congress at MoveOn. Please sign and share it:

Syria: Ceasefire. Negotiations. Talk to Iran.

I wrote about this campaign, and the historic political significance of stopping a war before it starts through public agitation and Congressional resistance, at Daily Kos. You can read and share that here:

With War Off the Table, Time for Syria Ceasefire, Negotiations, Talks with Iran

Thanks for all you do to advance diplomacy as an alternative to war,

Robert Naiman, Just Foreign Policy