please take a look at what we can do by cooperatively addressing reality..

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Michelle, Barack + children please note i share here my concern to you, with all;

    i know it seems very difficult at times to work hard addressing what we think is important, then little to know that another comes about with sharper sensors luckily + shows us just a bit more of reality for us to self-reflect, adjust + share clarity as we cooperatively shift + continue on with solutions we have now.

    yes admitting the truth of wow, look at my focus + my effects left, little to know i left so much negative effects on life, i give a specific;

        Barack i know you think US fuel independence is good, + yes this is good thinking for the world for us all to be self reliant. but the reality of how this is coming down, you are not getting at least my message, so i try again here. maybe if you share this with Michelle + children they can help you understand better then i. for it is inefficent for me to put this repeated energy to you + still see the negative effects from the large alternative energies that should be only developed from small cooperative communities.

          each time you give support to large business to build many wind generators or solar panels by the the hundres in 1 natural space of land, you are leaving negative effects. sadly i see the many good education products you have supported to attempt for them to create good science. but this example of these manifestations are fragmented science. they take the power from the local communities ability to protect their own local commons for ex; local food/medicine soverenighty, leaving the microcosm of genetic biodiversity along with large browsers trans-boundary migration along with simple natural folks tending the commons, interfered with, as a few make big bucks.

              so natural world is not respected in good science integrated with applicable processes giving local species sustainability as well local human species that we are all dependent on all life in harmony.

      as well these large infrastructures are temporary requiring large funds as well large problems that are inefficient with our human consumption to maintain, when each local any many spots are not even doing, rather people from afar. especially when our global community runs on your wave, duplicating in places elsewhere besides the US + we see US people taking advantage, land/water/sea grabbing without being held accountable by US or the local community locally + afar.

      Rafeal is a good example thru La Via Campesina whom i teleconferenced with this last year, stating how much poverty is in honduras as US business people have come in + raped the land of it's ability to naturally sustain, then they doing it wronly then moved on, leaving it harder for locals. locals where injured + beaten in the process as they tried to stop them.

yes we belief we can all be self-reliant. we have many small communites do-in just this + more in the building. sadly our archive here is still being detained from sharing + building these nice examples, as we continue to move on, working thru many local obstacles that we have 1st hand experience with;

               this list is many from locals ill, drugged from self, as well over medicated from doctors, illegal people heavily self-abusive leaving negative effects on others as the mental health has no budget to properly house or rehabilitate + when they go to jail as last resort after committing serious crime - when police would not respond to that in the building easily seen to lead to more seriousness, then to take them in + let them out. even after they go to court + commit being gulity of attempting to kill some one, after they where over drugged + out of sorts. yet soon back on streets. so more gates coming up, other people quickly kicked out due to shortsighted realities when they could be rehabed. + many people made more uncomfortable.

  not to mention we are still awaiting our non-profit status that our officer in last month stated would start only as of 10.2010 + cannot go back farther to our 2008 crash when we where foolish to go down with the banks + i hold myself accountable as a domino effect occurred, after over 30 years of volunteer work giving from our own pocket.

  well we still yet to hear + it has been very difficult trying to do business when IRS non-profit was so confused telling us yes we could recieve donations to do our outreach helping better those without, while those with can better support our focus direction from our combined` effect offering very good solutions as we are awaiting confirmation. to then do a market to reach out to students to come into their local community as we propose in project osic in the building cooperatively together.

       utilizing this forum as we market it more, to share how this process can easily be done as people network what works to simply live in respect with all life. going beyond the environmental misinformation of saving all life when it interferes in the local community balance for natural harmony as in those people wanting marine reserves where they interfere in local fisherfolks due to bad science. interfere with relocating or opening a sound managed hunt of the sea lions as in here in charleston, oregon where they are a threat to locals as they walk the dock as we support fisherfolks to sell their goods. this list of species out of natural balance is long.

    we can share these strategies + schematics going from the false green economy of too large utilizing what should be locally planed from locals, as locals do for themself + lift themself up with self-empowerment, going beyond no jobs rather building good simple living that integrated good science so all co_evolve with the natural potential we all have.

       as in before the thought of energy alternatives only as a supplement, we 1st cooperatively pool our community realities putting our attention to lowering our own footprint, yes lowering our volts of use of energy. only then do we think of 1 solar at a time on roof of house or boat as we do, after we know the house is in good location, etc. for the betterment of the whole community.

Michelle + family don't you think all can rethink this so we enjoy the benefit of our natural potential. not just fragment so those making great profit do it for a few. when all in our local communities can do it + now look at what the potential is??

     we can heal, become aware + yes end the war mode economy, where we don't need to lead anything + i hate it when anyone talks about US having to be the best. rather lets join in with our global community for peace now. sharing simple basics for clean water/air/soil, local food, + if we support those locally that are do_in, they then can reach out to their locals, vs. bringing in from afar, waasting energy that this large false energy economy thinks they need to supply. this is inefficient + bad math, no common sense.

Barack i've told you alot + now children give it a try, all of you go to Walmart + sit down + watch the people, look at how unhealthy they are + look what is in their carts. yes Walmart could be made to only buy from locals that have only natural made products without a footprint. but right now they don't + other countries bringing in this waste + you supporting is not good. this we cannot support, as well when you speck for the US business, it does not include us. for you then support the problem that gives many the ticket to make more on this false green econmy, from people being ill to doctors gaining more.

    same with the war mode economy. girls please tell your father it is not necessary to have any weapons at all sold anywhere. accept for a good natural hunt for food/clothing/shelter. rather it is insane to seethe present statistics of war, which i won't show here. as well to see how people profit off of chaois when locally this can all change, as students come together with community + show the tallies that many cannot concentrate to thread reality of what can be, as well what causes what now.

     so i cannot sit back + just enjoy what i or some can do, without helping you become aware of what you can do in your responsible position. i see a lot of dysfunction in the US + other governments + you people within need to end it, vs be lost in it. + your negative effects do interfere in local living. so we need a cooperative intermediary to see that we can concentrate + focus direct simple natural living locally protecting the commons while we invite you folks locally into a tapering transition.

i tell my family i'm like a cookie monster that eats away stuff that interferes + makes from it beautiful art. we are fortunate as well we suffer as healing continues from our loses + those still alive dysfunctional, so we keep working along with ourselves as we tryto do this for the support of all.

so we appreciate your truth in taking another inward look at yourself + what you are supporting + what we share with you.

soon we will know if can recieve donations or not, if charity of non-profit or not, which has been flip flopped along with IRS misinformation. either way we will find a `way to share the goodness that is simple here now in patches` + we hope to reach out to those pockets`without as more come aboard.

how can we continue our nice sand paintings as we recycle if earth is abused. when the natural world is in harmony it gives us great wealth that cannot even compare to money that has no backing.

please enjoy our thoughts + let it trigger the goodness within you!

i'm going back to cleaning my cupboards recycling coffee of 2 different shades as i recycle spice containers for my little grandson + friends to make art as they give thanks to those that share a `way that works, giving many lessons of good science as it fuels us all to co_evolve as we allow children to participate in daily activities + together we define what works.

i share a note;

   i give you few empty bags to collect those special colors of rocks to crush, old spices to recycle = a good way to learn how not to touch some plants with harmful chemicals that yet make good medicine when prepared right so be aware of what you pick?? or if making art or rub in eyes, so maybe add water then use a q tip or toothpick, for those special colors desired.

          toothpicks can be lessons with sharp objects, or a q tip right in powder so not touch eyes for different effects. even a plastic dropper to puff few fine powders over flour + water glue. i'm just imagining how much fun collecting, i dried some flowers/seaweed for you + best to get in habit of choosing eatables so no negative effects on skin or eyes. crush for colors if want to add to lil water.

 then only then refine the art of picking up a fine powder + you can do that now with your spice in food. + do the art of focus to sprinkle fine lines like indian paintings of sand, etc. plus this way the steam when you pour a spice over food doesn't cake up + dull your fresh spice. just use dry clean fingers. such a fun with so many appreciations for natures offerings! wahoo, but remember to wash your fingers + not rub your eyes, which for lil ones can be hard at 1st, not to mention us big people.

plus we gain sensitivity from these beautiful nousrishing spices to then feel the amount needed for each meal as we sprinkle.

   now place a clear cover so art is preserved + the gift of giving thanks is appreciated. amazing how much `Humanity for Habitat, has in their stores as people volunteer + recycle good building materials. a glass cutter + fine glass or clear plexiglass, etc. can easily cover this art. not to mention repair your old windows or wood rot by installing some old recycled sliding doors or thick pane windows. the sky is the limit when bringing in the natural world, so we live inside as we do out. with fresh air at our easy access.

you can tell the early signs of people in need of support as their air quality they live in is so unhealthy, closed curtains, not letting fresh air flow, surrounding themself with unhealthy pathogens as they breed them causing more ill effects. this can all be history as we live the art of natural living.

thank you for what you can do! + please awaken to what we can do together if develop this simple tool that Nabble offers us now.