please use conscious trade as we taper from Fair Trade if needed, that we can taper into from the Free Trade that is not free..

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       feel bi`joy energy below your feet as we nourish our mindbody + circulate, leaving no blockages, that we ourself allow to happen..

           with optimum nutrients made available.. it is here we set a cloth/table discussion on location + in the dirt/sand we draw an overview for our ecological sustainability.. this is done when folks perceive ways, recycle knowns + share tools that provide reality of what the potential space/land/water/ocean use is:.
         defining our natural perimeter as we invision all removal in a tapering transition, of all false boundaries. for their are no ecological boundaries to keep us apart.

         we are not interested in ordering organic sprouts while having no clue of our sustainable water source, earth to plant + sensitivity to maintain local common sense. We won`t settle for anything less then our good earth offerings. not shipped across the planet, but save/grow our seed locally. as we cooperatively rethink our wild to sustain foraging perennials, linking unused earth, small back yard, creative planting utilizing sun as windows set in for vertical farming, kitchen sprouting + small farms locally, as we utilize our earth`s offerings efficiently.

     so together we define where best to do what for the entire community including wild species..
                you may say why would i do this if i`m still temporary, moving on, not clear, or here to stay??

        this is our earth + space to share together. what we do in the moment can fuel our clarity to gain the optimum energy that is free for us all. once we remove our own blockages that we areself have allowed within us.

            take a walk in the wild, do an over view of your earth in question, take a breath of fresh air + start a focus with shared like thought. bring a nice grounding energy to your cloth/table platform.

     leave our large browsers intact - to set the path with trans-boundary migration. please give them space + build  around them accordingly. allowing the rivers to flow on to our neighbors, so all can have fresh water flowing from the mountain tops..

         no more should folks have to fight wildlife for fields or have water blocked with dams. it is now we define our fertile fields or potential over time to produce them, for small farm diversity + foraged areas to continue our sustainable wild crafting, filling our local markets..
                 we have folks on this planet, that can guide from Masonobu Fukuoka`s life`s work from his followers that carry on, to Miguel Altieri, whom is active, as well the many permaculture `now folks, not to mention the locals we are fortunate to learn from that have local experience.

      throughout the world, we can network + bring in what is needed to understand + reflect with, if nothing locally available..

   Vs. accept the present food world crises that Miguel Altieri shares, as food travels across the planet + back, processed, packaged, grown with pesticides + GMO`s, leaving our earth, air, water + many ill.

    each area will tell us how many can live comfortably with an individual assessment for hybrid alternative energy or not to fuel the community. along with local resources to rehab/build accordingly. even if many folks presently living in housing that appears nothing can be done or refuse with resistance.

      we have solutions with good natural gauges. to taper off of this false green + war mode economies, that have left footprints, interfering in many communities.

  together we can over come these dysfunctions as we welcome all into a tapering transition, as together we reflect another `way. inviting all to make it right, show needs + offerings in real time, as all come back + build community for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.
             if we look into restoring potential in a `tapering process, we then can define creative processes, such as subsidizing particular areas/buildings once owner sells. so that community supports, so now property can be better utilized to comply with the ecological sustainable plan for the entire area in question.
           communities please come together to fuel solutions as we share with neighbors local + beyond..

     from sharing bio-waste for heating/air-ventilation supporting longer term restoration, unused strips of land for planting or to join larger spaces, relocate + rid that which interferes in over all efficiency for the whole. as each connect in gardens as the land offerings define what best to plant where or open to trans-boundary migration, as we prioritize our water shed areas to once again flow to all..