project osic - where students open school doors into + with community, + restore it`s/your/our potential..

      i have to add to here,

please note folks we have applied to as of 2.22.2013 + suggest you also explore it;

        we once felt we would collect emails to do this global mailout, but we then realized we misunderstood or misinformed about the bulk emails we could easily obtain. so rather then to make this a continued lengthy task. we decided to take part of wiser earth, so theri platform could better work with ours on Nabble.

        we invite all of you to take part, give us feedback, edit to your liking + come share your story to trigger others via like ecosystem/subject. already our new acquaintence, Steve with his offering helps us fine tune our ecological assessments in this exchange.

please see Steve Kaye`s link as you take a breath of fresh air + rethink this with us;


    so being in transition inviting your input + your participation to work with your local students, we will not collect emails for schools globally, along with representitives with no schools + no communities. especially with our limited resources.

  rather we all work with our young + old together, as students make the best school room ever from joining with community, whereever you are forunate to be, welcome them to this project osic for all to co_evolve..

       we released an unedited final version of project osic for Rio + 20, for all to take part + take a review..  + now we have rethought + edited it more yet still not perfect, but we know you can get the gest of it as we

               now release for the 10.26.2012 deadline for the UN Civil Society Conference.

                      we explain at end of part 1 which we upload now for your review.

                             please also work with part 2 as we continue to work at that.

       not to mention help folks old + young rethink these continue negative issues that many are still unable to process eaasily.  

     it`s time to come out of the fog..

we can come out of the fog as we come together sharing the goodness of mother earth..

           thank you for responding to our introductory email or how ever you found us..

      if haven`t read this yet or want to share it please do + please excuse us if we are not updating all corrections as we co_evolve. for we feel you are very able to go beyond this + bring clarity into your local community;


      we want you to take a review of our forum - i come to talk story;

  + realize Nabble also gives freely a forum + sells advertising to pay their fees to support us.

          so please tell all/us what can be efficently done to incorporate this information into your local communites so that our schools/people, students within all, can simply enjoy the world`s offerings as we network mother earth + beyond as a human family.

   as many are living in patches` of goodness cooperatively living simple `boon with their natural world, which fuels them to share what works.

        for we all have a obligation to live local, + only than can we responsibly build ecologically sound working communities, that builds a self, so we become a local, global + beyond responsible participant that is in harmony.

once those in need of support get daily needs sorted out, their will be all the more coming aboard to build local community.

           we are looking forward to what we can do to rethink, or please post in appropriate subcatagory + all can than go figure..

please have patience as we work with respect of Nabble, to define how best to create this archive, which has not completed it`s final edit, but due to wanting it to get out now, we ask all to take part as together we make what works most efficient;


part 2 i`m still editing due to my + Microsifts/Libre smushing when i switched over to Libre, so i put up in a document format to continue to work, so today i upload 11.9.2012 + watch for changes;


    project osic part 1 + 2, as we continue to edit can also be worked by you. is for you to help us go figure how best to build this archive as you build your local/afar community. as we ask for all to take this natural enhanced rule of law + apply so you are clear to take your support to UN + the world;

a ASAP ask all to come to the cloth/table discussion, leaving no one left behind, but 1st put down + get rid of all the weapons + develope the most powerful tool we all have, as we sharpen our sensors + do it friendly as we link, let music fill the air, not toxic smoke + fumes, please!

       as you do your chores 1st, then when you come post tell us what subcategories to add, what  tallies + see the tally sheet we are adding to + invite you to do the same. we will await all`s review before we respond, create upon with your ideas, so watch for changes.

 Please go slowly, if have old copy, for we are revising a bit for you to take a review, jot down notes + review the tally sheet so you can trigger your thought to add or edit + we will adjust. Please see our thoughts in the tally subcategory under here, + check back for we will keep updating it as it is being edited.

      thank you + think of this as you take a walk.. take a breath of fresh air + enjoy our mother earth`s options to create with.. as we are excited to hear from you as you come help us build this archive or suggest whom best to do it with their resources. which we have offered to a few, + open to your suggestions.. meanwhile we keep at it...

  everyone come talk + do your part...

come talk let all children be part of the real world as we focus direct together in project osic

 our combined` effect makes a difference..
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thank you all that have put good energy in as we all continue to work for our local, global + beyond obligations to be connected, as we priortize efficientcy now for all; we propose project osic as a very good tool to utilize all negative as we redirect unsound development from the misunderst... read more
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