protection of our wild - is word`s to be redefined, rather we can `boon with it + become sensitive our self, using our natural world as a tool..

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i've said no on the west coast for the proposed area Cape Arago in Oregon, due to the process being very bad science.

my ideal of good science is to fine tune each area, not carry forward thought from another, yes like detail can share but each to be treated individually + by locals. giving them the option to include this research into their daily chores + pay them for it.

to define if needed. if needed use good math for what their income was + adjust for how long they will not make it. remember this is our fish they are catching for our protein. not to mention the high risk of working in the elements. which they are over regulated as is.

so now they choose a new perhaps temporary or permanent career change to protect their livlihood. or get adjusted subsidizing. but most important before any new procedural protocals, cancel out or clean up existing + let the fisher folks cooperatively do it.

right now Deb Lambert states they are redoing the Maguson Stevens Act due to public opinion, + then will reopen again for new comments.

the people pursuing environmentalism, MPA/reserves, ask yourself, do you go to the local fisher folks + ask them to do this work + pay them. i see a lot of science bad science not integrating them, as well they end up isolating, fragmenting without adding reality. rather just move aside + let them in.

in reviewing the bad energy ideals presently as i just told Barack, ecologically their is detail to be considered when enhancing from the top i say good ecological enhancement of natural systems 1st, vs. fragmented not realizing until after the fact that it interferes in a natural tool.

good science needs to integrate + only allow alternative energy when other layers of wrong doing that messed up our environment is stopped. where simplified understanding is laid out for local traditional co_evolving modes.

i use the Amazonian as an ex; where natives where dependent on large parcels of property with many ecosystems as they moved with seasonal camps with fine precision, understanding the interrelations of soil/plant/animal in all modes of fresh water, sea, brackish, flood + occasional 7 yr or so flood + what to do where.

them like the natives everywhere have been abused by people fragmenting. even the IUCN in it's definition of protection. we are the human species dependent on interacting  + require large areas to `boon with. only then can we + as they did + some indigenous still we are fortunate to have, then fine tune their neural networks + enhance human development to  be sensitive to this life.

where look around + if we could test those neural networks of us that have abused many years not being aware, i sure have. do you see we where taken away from our livlihood by quote protecting it being the wrong policy. rather live with those that have developed `ways for it to survive.

these indigenous stewards rather a plant colony such as the mangroves or people such as many doing agroecolgy as with Professor Miguel Altieri from Berkely writing curriculum from indigenous `ways that work.

we have so much simple `ways to integrate + respect all life, so locals don't no longer get pushed aside, + yes many can only talk about what used to be as resources are depleted. but we have globally many that offer an abundance yet we do not support them. why.

our project we invite people to share via biomes/subject + use strategies + schematics that can resolve as we end the layers. yes don't just add another, invite those in that where abused misusing, etc. + together simple understanding of local awareness can set the cloth/table stage to make protection be common sense, not a means to have others afar come in, rather for locals to learn + take control, so commons is for everyone. + sovereignty exists.

we applied for a grant + are working at project osic to support students. to come our of the classroom into the community + together define + prioritize working communities for harmony.

our forum is crude for we stopped it to do the WASH grant + our proposal is to not just target the poorest countries, rather do it globally + show our effects left on our self + others as we reflect with `ways that work so together we work thru our baggage, we have become familiar taken it as normal.

please join + share what works + we can integrate + restore life so as to maintain discipline of our self sensory observation vs belief that takes us away from the moment, leaving us chase something allowing us to not respect life.

come take a look;

peace is an option if we share what works.