pt's boiler room to use as great example of what every community should have + this one also needs to add a fresh juice bar - direct connection with local farmers + coordinate locals to share their empty rooms for homeless to sleep + switch off each night..

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     these photos are great from the port townsend boiler room in Wa. where great folks attemtp to show hands on actualizing of our creative potential. i suggest including a juice bar run directly with the local farmers, not the coop. so all can have hands on experience of becoming aware. a bi`joy experience with local planning, planting, organizing, harvesting, creating with business at hand + gain the organic centering + grounding so needed with many. the boiler room cannot replace good educational institutions or parenting. but it can do a heck of lot of good when dysfunction arises in the family + children/adults are isolated in fragmentation with out social community to offer alignment. so this example is great to edit with for all commmunities should have this. but not as expensive as what pt pays. this is crazy. this building should be recycling something in need. so pt folks don't quit now. you have a great tool. you invite great folks such as Mandal theater for interrealting/creating peaceful resolution. thankyou boiler room folks, you are special. please reach out + become independent with your local farmers. ches+s is a co_evolved chess game in the building. stay tuned.