reflecting with like shared focus to get a better understanding of what ya thinking.. do an exchange for further recipe thought + add link..

I`m sharing a letter edited for you that I had originally wrote to mom about mom’s, gram’s + family recipes;

                converted with alternatives that conserve + give energy. Or simply appreciate as is. What a treat to see + touch the cards well worn in, knowing the many times used. Seeing the chaos of disorganization, how many times did all just enjoy at the expense of another loved one stressing to produce…

Love is all about being responsible to self 1st then sharing, which is not the case for many, they never get above water, too busy making it better for the reality that all not participating as should, leaving a load on another. It is this strength gained that one loses when as a child you decide to leave home for what ever reason. Plus one loses the bonds that build + words don`t easily describe it. Rather acts become the language.

It is this balance that needs to be supported, taking one from the stress. as norm mode, + nurture that one that took on that load. By not finding the time for all to interrelate in all chores, so all completed as efficient as possible. Having to do their way, keeping control of a survival mechanism to keep them going. Leaving them overloaded. Lucky us to have the opportunity to be clear to review from an energy perspective. Which some never see. Many die without ever being nurtured back to a harmony that was once felt as a child if lucky enough…

I personally enjoy memories from another in notes + even if only few thoughts shared due to others attempting own path clarity which takes them away from me, why is not the question. What is important how can I help them achieve full inner satisfaction + always attempt to reach those still with us, leaving good effects on them most important, which can include me but hasn’t yet + I know that is important for them also, so we still working on it…. a true tongue twister this psych babble can be. but if can follow + allow it to trigger your own thought to work out options, it is worth it.

Visit, to simply share feelings in time so not so many inefficient issues build up + all over again the stress is produced. this time  do an over view of what happened last time in distress + see if same cues being over looked know, if they now building. if being left undressed. If so, that is why all needs not met. try to bring in support to relieve the pressure while getting needs met…

What a nice lesson for the kids to: learn satisfaction of identifying feelings of this num or that, can`t beat warmth from cooked goodies, smells from fresh aromatic herbs, spices from afar, hands in soil as we compost + nurture life, experience recipes from new restaurants, to create with, composition, spelling, efficiency, nutrition, interrelating when goodies work or not + the process of simply do_in, by choosing what jumps at you as intuition triggers unique applying in real time. editing to your liking + at the same time developing computer skills  if choose or filing system that works, without really thinking about it. Especially for those that have a problem concentrating and communicating.

Grip the moment when you feel 1 is manipulating energy inefficiently + set straight , redirect + conserve energy. Otherwise we become part of the situation.. exasperating it more or passing the blame to another.. when yet we ourselves are contributing. + patterns continue unnoticed leaving stress to accumulate on little bits scale. producing major effects to those suffering already.

                         Just as many pass down recipes without change…

What better way for all involved to learn, then by accomplishing such a unique exchange over tasty treats. vs. getting lost in fragmented information when pursuing each subject alone. Don`t get lost so you forget the main objective of what your do_in + why so as to stay centered + grounded every moment…

what a trip done memory lane, visiting mom`s recipe box, + now have to give back. I wanted her to enjoy + keep her communication going with loved ones still alive. she have work to do. to edit for mental clarity and hopefully already noticed what I’m saying about resistance , strenghthening how tos and ingredients, which I’m sorry I haven`t shared or noticed this sooner.  

she asked for a recipe + I tried to get her to understand how she can take ingredients good for her + create with. But I failed to see how burdened she still was with resistance. Where as a simple recipe much better to follow. But at the same time she didn`t have to be in this stressed situation, just to maintain independence.

Best lesson now for us to understand ways to change now to get good results with loved ones. Sharing a common subject matter helps, whether a recipe box or playing music, gardening, etc. vs. trying to define common ground with no focus, yet scheduling ahead. When improvising with a like shared by both is a great start. it lightens the load. By getting to now each other along the way, then we can rethink our once thought of worry + define. Conserving energy.

We create our own illnesses. thanks to grams` ways passed on, that hurt her, the repression + suppression of resistance, that was left unnoticed taken as normal behavior. which continued as a `way of being in fragments. where areas of uniqueness where also developed in this attempt to survive. Vs. noticing it as stress.

Did gram take time for smooth regular motion without pressure so as to strengthen whole body and maintain a gentle motion? Yes she lived it, as her concentration + planning where seen in her arts, gardening + music, etc.. she produced a lot with plants in + out with each season, canning, gardening, root cellar + steps full of goodies, which that in itself takes a lot of energy. As well played instruments, performed, beautiful handcrafted art + never missed a birthday card to be mailed out to all in her family.

Which is the one thing she asked me to do which was clear to me + I didn`t..  Mom and I have not focused on a motion without stress. I`m seeing the details of the tiny fragments left undone. As well grams ingredient`s passed on unnoticed, very bad but tasted so good! this is what younger generations due when not preoccupied in same mold as past generation. Amazingly as new generations occur, it appears as in mom to us, was very protective. Dad + mom wanted to give more then they had. Then in return we become brats by not do_in rather doing what ever, because our simple do_in is done for us.

So then we turn around to our children + grandchildren + want to give the opposite, self-reliance. Yet when we truly did not have it our self, we then end up passing on fragments, which actually can interfere in child`s ability to do for them self + or walk by our side as equals.

Meanwhile grams moment of suppression passed on to us, definitely contributed to fragmenting with already dulled sensors. with flip flop experiences of personal moments of fear + manipulating energy. to do our best when it would of made it easier for us, if we could of been able to ask for help when needed. vs. this strange thing that happens when 1 cannot ask for help + feel ashamed to ask or to admit can`t do. when issue is we didn`t have vocabulary of working applications of do_in. we where just doing all we could.

When yet all maintains very good skills + talent in many areas. jumping over the fine tune links that make us gentle + calm. Vs. accelerating our hormones falsifying our cues, thinking all is right. especially in denial when loved ones try to share another way`. not being open to appreciate rather resisting.

Sorry community did not redirect sooner, could of saved energy wasted + still can prevent suffering, if are?? Lets check in + update with these needs + offerings. Many good folks now to fill in the missing gaps of understanding. By reflecting a calm simple natural life `boon with the wild. So missing gaps/links get noticed + addressed. torn, worn + old threads get replaced.

I`m so thankful for mom/dad/loved ones now gone for their wonderful unique setting of completeness that they did offer. a creative presentation with what they had to work with. Please don`t allow a fraction of a second to go by with resistance without sharing + having compassion to work thru it with a solution that calms + fills in for harmony that is natural. vs. the confused cues wrongly being read. interrelate not just listen and together we can create wonders.

I thank them for precious memories + hard lessons which I think we can choose to learn easier. As well we can help all regain harmony, after being influenced by so much of this repetition, continued unnoticed..

You may have still the option of loved ones alive to do this. Vs. having to wish it was different once they gone. We don`t realize how short life is until it is gone. There is nothing better then being in harmony with blood family so as to carry no concern or disbelief, rather be clear in mind to go on + interpersonally develop + then on to building a sound relationship that also is clear with sound meaningful exchange.

Where as so many can`t get beyond this young age of behaviors taken as normal. they are interfering in ones ability to simply live. as they yet to bring out baggage + identify with all generations, within immediate circle. still in denial of ways that got them thru tough times. Which they have hung on to.

only with reflection of do_in, can we self-observe + when we have space freely given to us to work on self. we can as humans self-develop, rid the baggage + bring future delusion to now. as we fuel with all energy addressing immediate mindbody needs. so as to simultaneously work thru this, staying present in the moment + co_evolving. as we each, even though we share human likes, can grip our moment + create a path that we build as we walk it into our opening. Our individuality obtaining self-satisfaction yet leave no footprint on any other life.

it is many moments of living with loved ones, leaving to work, trying to work out away from afar. while others desiring for others to be home with them, yet unable to define a way. that this a`way has been created.

much hard suffering reflected has produced harmony, which we share in patches` forum. we invite all to come into our do_ins + allow them to trigger what you can personalize, share + together we hope this walkabout reaches out further. For this planet + beyond truly gives us options if we `boon with the natural world.

                           thank you, our combined` effects make a difference..

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