rejoin` a define of i do_in..

           enjoy a trek in the wild, have a bi`joy experience, stay calm + consider this.. not knowing how you have co_evolved, we will throw out some thought that we have been fortunate to have. use what jumps at you to give back an exchange to your self + others..

                now that we have had a chance to gather with old - new friends + neighbors, on whats, wheres, + hows in a `way do_in.. what deep inside of you surfaced.. where will you go next with your self.. don't let us throw you off your track, rather take the time once your affairs in order.  in a calm wild space reflect with what this triggers. take some notes, if need + sort them out, or take a break from them, for this may be helpful to rethink.
                  we suggest not to make any long term plans during this `transition, reviewing the do_ins` as you go thru each. which may be old hat + or 1st time..              
                  we place our own limitations. we allow it to happen. now you know.

      take a moment + enjoy the natural wonders around you, with feelings unfolding. share with friends + experience.. take note, follow up when convenient, sort, rid + bring to the moment. stay updated + check in as folks post. + post for your self or for your community.
                   we work best when we maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. chasing belief..
                   we can be present + create each moment. check in with self. what you are experiencing in your mindbody fibers..
        do you stay in your head + adjust with body as feelings arise, addressing all early signs. or do you feel them + not respond to all. do you even feel them.. in micro seconds, minutes, or days, which is it.. in this moment take a feel of your energy in your body.. think about it. is it blocked.. in excess.. depleted.. or calm.                            
                   we feel energy mode is most efficient verbiage.
                   we are an open book + the status of our energy is a resultant of how we use our whole being allowing our inner tools to work efficiently, without us getting in the way.
         are you good at self-study, get a pal - rejoin' your self.. then once clear with subject matter to share, get a pen pal.

here we get serious of asking our self, how do i fit time for me. do a review once convenient + make a space within your existing schedule + do nothing as far as long term commitments.. rather be clear that you want to self-sustain, center + ground. as feelings come up, ASAP comfortable - address + edit early signs + bring all to calm. This is within our control at this stage. Fueling us to break all false dependency's producing negative effects on self + others. removing layers – boon` with natural life we are all interconnected with..
                        don`t allow such resistance when so many folks out there to reflect with. are your needs important, are you removing baggage. as you become present creating your moment. present addressing early signs within reasonable time. as you redirect to focus part time collectively with what sustains you. as you self-observe - defining your effects left on yourself + others. as well others negative effects you allow on your self.
            self-reliant on our ecological sustainability helps us sort out these layers. Is this ecosystem your choice to live in now. are you exploring locally + afar. are you now living as a local plugged in to what sustains you, even though temporary + happy to be their or plan to stay awhile. Are you part time collectively do_in.
                     we invite you to post your bi`joy experiences as they unfold.        

              For what is important is now. what we do now fuels us to be present in the moment.. only then can we walk in truth with our children, so together we unite + organize for each local community to part time efficently comprehend, understand + deal with the mess that exists in pockets` locally + afar left without.

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thank you Mark Levine for your post; Should the Syrian revolutionaries have taken up arms? we still await our answer to Barack Obama, World Bank + UN Securit... read more
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patches` of growth in amazing spurts for us all..

in patches' of sweetness for refreshing ourselves + lil bu's..
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i've said no on the west coast for the proposed area Cape Arago in Oregon, due to the process being very bad science. my ideal of good science is to fine tune each area, not carry forward thought from another, yes like detail can share but each to be treated individually + by locals. giving t... read more
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please take a review of your personal footprint + redirect as you include support for these folks to be heard as they represent the many that ecologically protect our biosphere + give us our food, meanwhile they are abused/killed/lnad grabbed. while yet many legislators/governing bodies are pr... read more

we open our proposal to be walked with, in support of those presently being abused..

in build a community that supports everyone to understand our local/global obligations..
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note we did not get accepted for grant 2 stage, after it passed thru stage 1 having all requirements. but this has been a good work experience as we co_evolved project osic, thinking this was the best we can make of this. we are awaiting explanation why, please see our combined` effec... read more
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consider a few thoughts from Dr. Leon Hammers' articles + his associate..

in suffering can be gripped early on..
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