`seeds, if ya don`t save them, you`re yet to be a true farmer..

                     Seeds saved are not going to produce a nice next planting, why.. how did we ever get to GMOs. folks we can get to the bottom of this understanding + put this false intent/application to an end. i know how difficult it is to attempt to understand what we are eating is bad. it may look so good yet behind what we see is leaving ill health on our self + our habitats. What makes it really bad is to see so many natural/organic farmers produce such unhealthy veggies as super markets attempt to sell them. what is it.. why are they staying to long in the markets. i can`t imagine with the excellent produce many have experienced that food would be sold this bad. Or communities without completely or goods traveled around planet.

                  Believe I have had this terrible experience that totally consumes us from seeing our beautiful earthly offerings that can be picked up, mailed, dropped off + shared efficiently a drop off location from very good natural farmers that have done their home work + offer natural sprouting seed/seeds to plant, etc. along with the many CSA`s that will let you participate in every stage, as well community gatherings of people defining locals yards, farms etc. + make it work for those of you that can’t pick it up to have it delivered so it is made easier for all.

                     I can`t tell you how our human brain can come up with the stupid ideals of why you can`t have organic natural food at a reasonable cost + efficient expenditure of energy. how polluted we can get when we allow a handful of folks leaving negative effects to side tract us + interfere in seeing simple beauty. Tasting + smelling along with easy access to making it ever day..

It is this simpleness that we link with for peace for all to have this clarity so as to not allow or accept anything else to come between us + our earth.

                 What we want + folks please don`t settle for any thing less; is for all to have good seed. yes local natural grown seed that grew for years in same place, perfected from our generations with love + care. now with co_evolving with young, then energy is amazing what is being done. when folks like those at the granges` seed fair produces.

See Navdanya`s diary of the local India farmers + their updates on the negative effects of Monsanto. As well Miguel Altieri`s agro-ecology + his clarity of our planetary food crises.

                       thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..


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these folks have a nice selection to buy/add too, when you save your seeds. see their free lessons to save your own seed. activism can work to stop GMO`s. Find people near you through http://permaculture.meetup.com/ ... read more
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