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                  All the WMD should be held under International control for starts..

  many in US have not supported the 1 billion dollars in aid to Syria, while leaving them in sectarian struggles, meanwhile have pie in the sky delusions of international equality, this is not how community building works.. nor have we all supported giving funds to Israel. meanwhile we do not hear about Syria having chemical weapons to protect themselves from Israel`s nuclear ability.

+ it is this dialog that needs to be transparent globally at the peace negotiating table, + do it sensitively with respect for all. Ambassador is so cold in her negative speaking, as she carries forward same with Kerry, same with Barack, you folks are carrying assumptions from the past, bringing them to the present, which will interfere in our ability to negotiate peace.

  if you folks where sensitive + clear you would of sat down with Assad long ago + still now. + let us share our perception as we experience this transparency, then listen to us, for you may hear something else. for what I perceive from my limited perspective is everyone is not on the same page. folks are paralleling the discussions vs. interrelating.

people  coming from different experiences creating different neuro networks are trying to communicate thru other people vs. directly. this is wrong. when each can have a translators or several bringing reality if the intent to the table, so each are supported to understand.

         we do not have to allow our experiences to make us what we are. as the human species we can support each to develop our own intuitive natural center + co_evolve with our humans potential to self-develop humane consciousness, without leaving any footprint..

this is not happening nor being reflected from many of our US gov representitives + we opposing the use of a military strike insist we also have the ability to share what can work peacefully + more efficiently now, then destroying an ecosystem/injure life/waste resources when they can be better redirected for us all to rid the production + existing WMD, + your objectives that we do not agree in, while we bring good understanding to the table to build our working communities, heal + aid all to self-develop.

  many of us globally refuse to support any military/private, WMD to be produced or used by anyone. we are not that unaware to see more + more the hundreds of % profit made from weapons exchanged, then to see the other hand is helping give billions in humanitarian aid. how undeveloped is this lack of clarity to efficiently organize a way that allows us all to co_evolve our human potential of being humanly conscious.

        we can with our local students graph this easily showing what is given to each country, while yet whom is left without. meanwhile those dollars that never reach it`s purpose. same with war mode + false green business + what needs to be done to correct them so we no longer pay peter to steel from paul.

        we need to have transparency + understand what we support + don`t, so we together make changes to build natural ecological sustainable working communities + share the simple respect that works.. get the drift..

         we all are needed to give support, for fragmenting + lack of transparency must stop in the US government, as we are given incomplete over all perspective, that perhaps they themselves are really lost in, yet look at the resources they are choosing to waste, not many of us. for they do not let us in to make these decisions together;


Supporters of the proposed U.S. war on Syria have successfully pressured the President to address the nation on Tuesday evening in support of the war. Opponents of the war should have equal time and equal prominence to make their case to the nation. Networks broadcast a response to the President's State of the Union address, so they can broadcast a response to the President's pitch for the Syria war.

Many Democratic Members of Congress could give a response speech, challenging the President's arguments for war.

Rep. Alan Grayson says in the New York Times that the Administration is refusing to disclose to Members of Congress the intelligence supposedly justifying the war.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a decorated Iraq war veteran, is "adamantly opposed" to U.S. strikes on Syria.

Rep. Charlie Rangel says there's no such thing as a "limited war" in Syria.

Rep. Jim McGovern says the President should withdraw the Syria war authorization request.

Call your Representative! The Friends Committee on National Legislation has set-up a toll-free number: 1-855-686-6927.

That's why I signed a petition to Gary E. Knell, President and CEO, NPR, Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC, and Andrew Morse, Senior vice president of CNN/U.S., which says:

"Ahead of the vote in Congress on war with Syria, the broadcast networks should give the same time and prominence to anti-war voices that they do to pro-war voices. MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and other networks should each broadcast a response speech to the President's Syria war speech on Tuesday evening, just as they do following the President's State of the Union speech."

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