`space to nurture life:.

we welcome folks to start this subject from hands on experience. with a grounding issue to share with local folks with in natural limitations respected:.

          an earth cooperative, energy efficient, low cost, simple technology designed for nonhuman probes, giving us simple awareness of our potential + set priorities within our realities to explore what sustains us + our earth..

good simple folks to selectively use designs that produce results that we apply now, understand + enrich our earth experiences..

so all other consumption + waste is stopped + cleaned up here on earth + out their. while we review/recycle + include the many designs yet to leave the drawing board.

we welcome discussion into our cooperatives, to define just cause + clarity as we stay with it, to continue a stable exploration process.

help us become aware of how truth of our existence, earth's reality, can fuel our resolution for `peace now on this planet:.

              + assist ER triage locally + beyond, while we apply tools for our simple living `boon with the natural world, with all species in tact..

it is exciting to hear about space exploration + findings.. but it is not fun trying to figure out why folks don`t pool resources more. when some consume so much waste + energy as Nasa has, while others do more. our human status of mental clarity + physical energy from healthy living sadly is yet to reach the people of the planet. Leaving a high risk with dangerous compositions that presently exist, that we cannot support such as the nuclear/biological/chemical, etc. war materials, that have proven to be in the wrong hands:.

           Russia uses nuclear energy for probes + solar for back up on some. This is most efficient. If we can support common sense with our usages + respect for nature, we can then do much more, go a lot farther in all aspects, yet still remain within nature`s perimeters, if resources remain in correct hands.

           There upcoming world coverage of satellites for GPS, navigation, weather + satellite communication will be offered to the world only in the Russian language. Considering only 4% of the world speaks English, it is good for folks to retain their cultural heritage. But we need a means for preparedness for natural disasters. It is so inefficient that so many resources have gone into war economy mode vs. this, + has left such terrible footprint.

So how do we come together + get better informed from indicators for local + beyond use that we should become aware of..

Earthsky.org gives us updates as in Turtle Watch, Nasa`s Aqua Mission - an example where satellites are used to define temperatures in ocean, so the fisher folks are restricted + avoid their range, preventing driftnets from catching + throwing back.

We welcome folks to share understanding so we can define/minimize expense/waste with the mechanics of the tools needed;  

                 Ex: web telescope coming in 2013 to replace hubble..  kepler looking for earth like planets, louise Hamlin. magneto plasma rocket ? steven Jeffries, national institute of standards + technology.. sandia national lab; reflect/deflecting from sun on asteroid to move it so it doesn`t hit earth, which has 100% chance of getting hit again. look at moon to see it`s impact craters.. 7-1994 schumaker levy 9 on collision coarse to jupiter, broken up in several pieces all going to jupiter, 1st time seen explosion in our universe, 1st time in 400 years since telescope begin.
                 1950da: cosmic enemy #1 to come closest to earth in 2880, 100 thousand megaton, it could hit earth. this is 1 we know, several more are possible. speed of spin defines weight, hundreds of slow spinning out their.  Eros ? a 18.5 mile astroid width, traveling at speed of bullet, 300 million kl from earth, when nasa launched shumaker spacecraft probe, which was nearing it`s end of research after 3 years, to land, 1st time landing, with delicate thrusts, to such a small object so far away, to define information of asteroid.
              overview + direction from whom best.. this information is amazing - what folks are doing to figure this out..

natural history museum, tyson.. defining/prioritizing unmanned probes without the rocket mode to get their..

                     dark energy to put pieces to puzzle together.. or my favorite, defining the gamma bay bursts from the first stellar, star nursery, to define another thought of our origin, considering our elements come from formations of stars… the photos are beautiful. The 2001 research was amazing to define the most powerful release of gamma ray bursts of inconceivable size, if all the stars energy from the universe where put into a focus, it would not equal this energy of a gamma blast from a massive star. coming from 1 place with constant flow, from a massive star death which due to it`s size + density dies young in 1 million years vs. 10 million, close to where it was born + it turns into a black hole.
                   red shift = defines it was at edge of universe, 10 billion light yrs away or so. At first with all the hundreds of bursts each day continuing, they felt close in our solar system + maybe a extraterrestrial attack + then had to release it was distributed throughout sky.. stan woosly figured this out, santa cruz univ,  pac zynsky? princeton stated size 5 yrs earlier + science community thought he was mad. So they questioned einstein`s e=mc2, + then proved it later to be still effective in defining size of burst, etc.

with out galaxy we would not be here. We have several, no clue how any of them have been created, before that just? hydrogen gas clouds being sucked into a black hole which is a hole deep seated in a disk + colors bright, spin fast, dust, stars, gas, sucking up quasar, triggering bursts of stars + force out into galaxies, leaving black hole alone as a latent destructive power not to be underestimated.. star collapses burns up producing a black hole..
Most amazing the physics has changed + even now they have areas that need new language to figure it out such as - yet never have they seen anything crossing a black hole. They think maybe in our galaxy the black hole is feeding again. black hole is the most powerful.

With so much unknown amazing how anyone can use such potent deadly materials.
            nuclear science was dismissed to break up killer asteroids + then went to moving it`s orbit in a stand off blast 10 years in advance, to steer away from earth, ahrens, ca institute of technology. Then thought of sun being huge supply of energy, focus beam on asteroid + burn pushing asteroid off course. Weapons designers did not approve, several worked hard for objections, dismissed outlandish ideal, then melosh`s, arizonia, was asked from gov`t to help, his design was already orbiting as a parabolic device studying radio waves, which he could use for his plan with a 10 yr warning to reach eros? release a solar collector (which is cool how the gadget is folded + unfolds like a parachute) to burn asteroid slowly + push off coarse. None would work if asteroid came within 2 yrs or so.

The weapons industry still considering with 20 megaton - a stand off blast to redirect a ½ mile across asteroid, + ongoing probes as hubble ends, shammer, spitzer, spelling wrong..

     30 million times the mass of sun a black hole will combine with another giant black hole in future + if earth in wrong place will be hit. A super massive black hole could fill a whole solar system. Destroys very fabric of universe. Distorts space time to breaking point. In middle, singularity requires new physics, very radical. quasar is the gas just before it is drawn into black hole. nuker group hunts for these giants. You can`t see them but they move at super speeds. 1994 hubble searches for stars around massive black holes. Every galaxy seen has giant black hole at heart. Ours has 1 the size of 300 million suns. Black holes may be central player in the building of galaxies. rutgers university, folks discover everyday new ideals.

 sigma = speed at which stars circle edge of galaxy. After calculating mass of each black hole against speed of stars, they see graph, bigger the hole, the orbital speed related perhaps from birth. Why is black hole their, silk, oxford. Massive black hole it self may of gave birth to the stars in galaxies with holes.

Gases dissolve into hole building explosions to produce stars, force pushes out into galaxies.. Black holes give off intense heat + hard x-rays.  neutron star is few miles across + mass of sun. density enormous + powerful, maybe has something to do with black hole.. 10k stellar black holes in center of milkyway. Our milky way is 100k light years across.

After big bang ½ million years of cosmic darkness until stars appeared. Factory of universe in stars core.  Now telescopes getting better with adaptive optics for atmospheric distortion, crisper pictures + have ways to go farther. With each nuclear explosion a blast of gamma ray.

The bi`joy of ex: april 20 thru may 4 the cluster of 5, happens 1 x  @ 100 years; mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn..

Found: Firm place to stand outside solar system
 AP – This image provided by the European Southern Observatory Wednesday Sept. 16, 2009 shows an artist rendition …

By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein, Ap Science Writer – 58 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Astronomers have finally found a place outside our solar system where there's a firm place to stand — if only it weren't so broiling hot.

As scientists search the skies for life elsewhere, they have found more than 300 planets outside our solar system. But they all have been gas balls or can't be proven to be solid. Now a team of European astronomers has confirmed the first rocky extra solar planet.

Scientists have long figured that if life begins on a planet, it needs a solid surface to rest on, so finding one elsewhere is a big deal.

"We basically live on a rock ourselves," said co-discoverer Artie Hatzes, director of the Thuringer observatory in Germany. "It's as close to something like the Earth that we've found so far. It's just a little too close to its sun."

So close that its surface temperature is more than 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, too toasty to sustain life. It circles its star in just 20 hours, zipping around at 466,000 mph. By comparison, Mercury, the planet nearest our sun, completes its solar orbit in 88 days.

"It's hot, they're calling it the lava planet," Hatzes said.

This is a major discovery in the field of trying to find life elsewhere in the universe, said outside expert Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution. It was the buzz of a conference on finding an Earth-like planet outside our solar system, held in Barcelona, Spain, where the discovery was presented Wednesday morning. The find is also being published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The planet is called Corot-7b. It was first discovered earlier this year. European scientists then watched it dozens of times to measure its density to prove that it is rocky like Earth. It's in our general neighborhood, circling a star in the winter sky about 500 light-years away. Each light-year is about 6 trillion miles.

Four planets in our solar system are rocky: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

In addition, the planet is about as close to Earth in size as any other planet found outside our solar system. Its radius is only one-and-a-half times bigger than Earth's and it has a mass about five times the Earth's.

Now that another rocky planet has been found so close to its own star, it gives scientists more confidence that they'll find more Earth-like planets farther away, where the conditions could be more favorable to life, Boss said.

           "The evidence is becoming overwhelming that we live in a crowded universe," Boss said.
On the Net:
European Southern Observatory: http://www.eso.org/
(This version CORRECTS the spelling of name of observatory's director to Artie Hatzes.)

 i enjoy efficient research to understand what is + getting organized to prevent waste. I just collected what has been out their with truly no clue of retrospect of reality of who does what + what should be but not being done. so I thought by putting our heads together we could make sense of it simply.

 i see the need for this focus. It`s like working butt off to nurture growing sprouting seeds naturally, yet adjacent fields are filled with GMO`s. same with
 composting, or seeing trans-boundary migratory path/trails planned correctly, allowing all life/ critters to migrate. including us as a human species.  folks if humans can see this focus i think we can figure away to use our inner tools + share for peace now on this planet linking our walkabout, vs. leaving fragmented focus in such areas as in the waste that has accumulated from this area of thought. when yet amazing work has been done by many to attempt to resolve true issues we need to take a look at. As well the bi`joy experiences of this awesome subject.

                       this is our true exploration.

         thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..


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