take a look at some of the world reflections to trigger local thought, yet remain organically instinctive...





                      Post Oil Solutions | www.postoilsolutions.org

If folks add what has been helpful or what needs to be worked with potential..

peace is an option if we edit thru the fragmentation + apply what is needed to build ourselves + our community, for our ecosystem/biome.

if it works for us to co_evolve with then it is good for anyone to do the same. we invite folks to review + adjust what they put out their + make it efficient for all to gain, what works for each community. supporting folks to become a local, global + beyond participant.

we can change the waste that has been interfering in many + make 1 universal science that is enforced. but it takes all of us to share our feelings + edit together as we apply them local + network them afar.

                                    our combined' effect makes it happen..

                                                 thank you!
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