`tapering transition - what.. whatcha mean their is still another way:.


           after reviewing/digesting this transition - 1st go thru a walkabout with all the do_in`s with another, eye-to-eye..

here with sensitive folks we gain understanding by becoming another, that has yet to experience exchanging with the natural world.. as we put ourselves in their shoes, do a walkabout with their whole being..

           in this exchange we discover yet another `way for those misusing to conserve energy, make space, sort out baggage to rid, perceive what is + alternatives to apply.. as they amplify signs, we let them feel what they couldn’t alone, due to their dulling of their own sensors. So with a walkabout with them we compare, exchange feelings + awaken as old threads are removed + calm space is made to reach out.
enjoy a bi`joy experience building new neuro pathways as folks awaken know knowing how to edit with conscious + subconscious working together as we share the experience of organizing to rid baggage. Bring future thought to now + make calm space so can react with edit, so as to work + follow thru later, that which is not an early sign for the moment. which will be put in motes to be worked at a time convenient. So they let it go + come back to the present + be present while creating a self. that is rejoin`.

           share eye-to-eye 1st, if unable or want more reflection, share here, gain a pen pal + post:.

please address pertinent discussion eye-to-eye, which is the most efficient `way to get to the root of any issue.. live with the healing energy that now replaces that chaos, experience now what you may think/act.

then post in this network, to enable us to join in, become aware + use the tools to apply locally + beyond within our scope..

if clear you could not find any other topics that better address your issue then use this tool + reflect with another while going thru your daily living to get few priorities in order to have some space for this review. + then once feel calm, go thru together with these do_ins . + even have helper be with you finding like subject with making a pen pal + eye-to-eye experience applying..  + see what it can trigger:.

       we can gain understanding by becoming another that has yet to experience exchanging with the natural world.. as we put ourselves in their shoes, do a walkabout + in this exchange we discover yet another `way for them to have energy, to make space, to perceive what is:.

         we identify layers of mindset, 1 at a time + shift them. leaving fuel to perceive what is. as we may hit another layer taken as normal, so it might take a bit to see the early cues..

as one is supported to be relieved of the self-enslavement a bit, one can then feel normal energy flowing once again. now + understanding of what was needs to replace what can be, as exploration now continues.

perhaps still too fast, + the behavior now needs attention. to the energy that one was used to, yet to be calm. now that the subject matter has been identified + baggage being removed. a sense of peace may be their while the body or mind is still racing. yet to be calm as a whole being.

        we again use a meditating calm fire, self-massage/deep breathing/etc. in a wild or natural space. to soothe + allow our energy to flow. as we gain control + maintain our discipline over our self-sensor observation vs. belief. reflecting with sensitive natural calm folks is away for each to self-adjust. Vs. staying alone with our own clutter that was inefficiently/incorrectly processed in many folks attempt to survive while being surrounded by dysfunction. Along with western medical files left lying not acted on.

                              please address pertinent discussion eye-to-eye, which is the most efficient `way to get to the root of any issue.. live with the healing energy that now replaces that chaos, experience now what you may think/act.

then post to enable us to join in, become aware + use the tools to apply locally + beyond within our scope.. in what ever issue you may feel is not being addressed in our subcategory/topics/eye-to-eye..

by reflecting with this tapering process, from other's experiences, we can better share in the `transition co_evolving process + become sensitive as we support another or align our self..

            you share what you feel + then we give alternative of a positive way, if it was negative. which can deplete energy vs. fueling energy as in a positive way.

            now when thinking, all of a sudden one has energy to keep thinking. especially when preoccupied or enslaved with a lot of western medicine + equipment from misuse, leaving a small amount of energy each day to build upon..

it is an important step to understand we can work on tapering off meds into more friendly practices..

                    reflecting with horses has been very successful for folks having difficulty expressing + feeling frustrated from folks not responding. Check out Vicky`s offerings in Ferndale, Oregon;
                       tel 417-439-5636   email; www.redwoodequinepartners.com

herbal formulas from an experienced traditional medical doctor (TCM). which should be requested from the medical doctor doing western drugs. A patient should not have to search for a natural option to regain own center + ground. many get confused, try but then thought regular doctor wouldn't support or insurance would drop. this is a serious issue + should be treated as all prescriptions purchased from local natural grown sources.

 it is helpful for you to request it, so that the doctors take responsibility for the tapering process of all options, etc. but many doctors + people unaware of a natural alternative.

now you know. don't waste time trying to medicate yourself, when so many experienced folks knowing pharmacognosy:.
                  herbal formulas - can heal, restore, cleanse, rid what shouldn't be their by strengthening our inner tools to work more efficiently. what is your medicine doing.. ask your doctor. + see how you can taper off one that leaves side effects to one that doesn’t + then taper off that with good behaviors.

                          in any `transition, many layers of information easily cause mixed signals. So you have to sort them out 1 at a time, they may not show themselves until you reach in + make a calm space to sort them out + when new surface, sort them out again in your chosen time. don’t let them steal the moment.

                          but also by staying with your moment, meaning being present in what you experiencing + creating, vs. what baggage is just popping out loosely.
                          take a deep breath + calmly sort it out, make a note to work on it later + back to moment.

many times are loved ones give us good input + we too preoccupied to receive:
              I know my experiences of fighting a battle with my own understandings + work load – that I put on myself. after a lengthy paper that was lost + added to stress, had rewritten then went on carefully to regroup. So I then access + back off + go make it right with one that tried to express.

Always try to make time to follow thru. If can`t remember make notes + always go thru all your lists. Here we want you to address your self 1st, but feel if you make time it will be rewarding as it has been for us. but you have to do your homework.

Many don`t realize the true exponential burn out as we get older, as mom would always address, in attempts to tell me to slow down. Which so many of our lessons here have built on the good ness of many moms + dads, as well loved ones no longer here, yet we have co_evolved this energy + awareness for ourselves + shared. + now here with many of you if yet to figure this out.

Dr. Leon Hammer that created the Dragon Rises Acupuncture school in Orlando, Florida, US, did a lot of research in his 55 years of psychotherapy. as he knew western medicine was incomplete + added Oriental medicine with great success + did some nice papers on his findings.

                    disassociated energy - we can address. I have co-evolved with my experiences. illness we experience with a youthful body leaves little distress. an illness several times less then that can leave an exponential effect. meaning many times over as we get older, our body gets more worn. Leaving it easier to misuse, by not tuning in to our early signs. then when worn it triggers suffering from the past. so we want to not just suppress our feelings, we want to transform them.

As we rejoin` our self, we want to part time rejoin` with our community so we make stability for those or us when unable. until able or permanent support allowing us each to still be a local, global + beyond participant. many folks now have low or no budget + no community support + many that have expensive support still are left imprisoned in own head. still not having bi`joy potential from living out of town or those in a small town without good community that goes beyond prevention, actually living bi`joy experiences.

                As in many with a social support system in place sharing common sense, music, focusing as in the do_ins that work for many as they prioritize what sustains them, takes care of business that fuels pleasure time in the wild. `booning with the natural world.
        exploring - developing self + new relations, making time for old - rejoin`

once others are limited in involving family members, the immediate support can easily get overwhelmed or under staffed, so folks this is where you want to fill in part time. so folks can gain optimum benefit from taking part in their community.
the significance of communicating in follow ups. Or the inability from afar for each to communicate with loved ones, can be enhanced with local support, helping one make space, organizing. Defining needs of each + creating with for each to self-sustain, yet become aware as a local, global + beyond participant.

when it comes to the pri-perf  do_in, we basically have created 2 functions:.
                   1 is to allow our sensors to cooperatively define where words stop, this gives us yet another motion to defining some important intents, to address solution with early signs. yet to remove more layers of baggage, that can become easily confused with normal. + this can lead into nice movement/music for clarity:.

              such as body language with self-expressions. On location of said issue - into a choreographed movement that is soothing, with music with folks that also have taken control of their path.. freeing them self from enslaved thinking.. which kept them soothed while being tangled in the mechanical world.. + now realize to rejoin` our self is a priority, + cooperatively working with our community fuels us to do just that.

       we have a chance to prevent from hanging on to programmed behaviors passed on from generations as we do a walkabout with this exchange of awareness..

folks address the feuds buried deep within + now come clear. as you gain a sense of calm from this + are strong enough to piece it together help those still fragmented to understand.
       we have tools to end this past feud.
       we can redirect all this energy that lies deep within our mindbody. That which interferes in our ability every day to create + be present in our moment. this energy now can be unburied as we bring it to surface with support as folks come together in a cloth/table discussion. It is easier to do this when young vs. pile more on depleting ones energy in our attempts to process it.

        we want to hear story so it does not happen again.
        we want to sort out past + present, make it right by going on with these experiences guiding our ability to create solution + co_evolve with it. natural living offers a lot of fuel to prioritize function - energy efficiently + with creative expression. So you self-satisfy without leaving a footprint.

             no matter which side you are on here – leaving negative effects or being the one bothered by those effects + perceiving another way, both bring this energy to calm as we resolve + move on with positive act.

Now you same folks living with terror - eating you away. can now actually confront + go visit that which may be your homeland without the terror. Get clear of your options, it does not have to be in stone. Perhaps a like ecosystem of your choice. restore new connections or enjoy others restorations, etc. as indigenous stay in the moment using all resources, continuing on ways developed from `booning with nature, not dependent on nature only in 1 location, so explore where you are with this, if hanging on to what.. when yet earth offers us goodness.
          we are fortunate to still have many to share tools that work.
                  celebrate + take a break along the `way + enjoy the building process to rejoin`.  to figure this out in all stages + yes by coming aboard gives us yet another coherency that can replace some of the other more negative ones. Until you have a chance to sort this out for yourself - via reflecting with the many good folks simply do_in.. that we are fortunate to have now..

         we can co_evolve with these lessons from our lost loved ones. + carry forward inner tools to remove baggage.. as perhaps they did unknowingly in their struggles that where many, although it left them little time to remove layers to get to them self.. leaving layers of personalities created in their attempts to survive, that we picked up as normal.

yet some can`t see clear + end up in suicide.. our organs really want to survive + when they get so overloaded they pull their own way, leaving no sense of a good self. mixed signals, where each organ wants to survive independently once the whole has broken. In a`way gatherings we can pick up on these early signs.

The folks left incorrectly medicated have a really hard time with this on top of their fragmented self.
                          Ex: in my tunnel ness lately, especially  between 2 layers of frustration:
          as i was observing because i was again interested in getting deeper to my center, removing baggage. These tools also are a defining path for me, not wanting to commit, when yet other ideals floating yet to reach. + felt this uneasy feeling i call a layer, like taking a glance + then continuing living on that glance not realizing it was built on a mode of programming, not my organic infrastructure that I`ve worked to keep clear..

i thought i had adjusted after going thru a self-discovery process once before big time. as i watched my video unroll realizing i had incomplete information with my perceptions + communications. + allowed information to be stored as me. but it was just another piece of the big puzzle, yet to be finished.

but this process takes time to allow space for it to surface, so we can address it.

                    i made up my mind to work what i perceived to be wrong.

This is our true only responsible act we all should become aware of. + that is to edit what we perceive, not just accept it as normal, especially if feel surfacing signals. all should be able to calm self..  when we perceive it should be in real time with our instinct driven intuition based on our organic centered living requiring us to make good choices. grounded in nature`s application living within it`s borders. With good common sense that our wild must remain wild to ecologically sustain our biome/ecosystems/us as a living organism dependent on it.

So folks unable still require it as well in story:
         breathing the fresh air, gigging into the earth below their feet - `booning with it. so this is opportunity for folks to reach out with this walkabout + get to know your community witch in return will help you center + ground maybe temporarily - but will fuel your exploration to self-fulfill. So please be responsible + commit to your schedule only.  

                               For any good stable support network is based on interchangeable roles, not people. so when + as you self-fulfill or move on taking you from this schedule, you take the sensitivity required to share with new person. + share together with that person you where exchanging with so notes are in place of that which they may be unable to organize.  add it to the community log book for future reference. This way as folks enjoy their own bi`joy experience, others can to. so no one is left alone, isolated with own inabilities.

During the  a `way potlucks they can feel like they are right their even if unable to come, as folks come + share in exchange. + as we have experienced the goodness from our world travels, many actually brought granny + her bed or favorite chair to the market + or to the beach in the back of a truck or a dug out with a trash bag over when raining. Whether they ill + needing attention or not.

So folks the rest of the world has just as much to offer as you do here. + by exchanging bi`joy experiences created from our natural `booning. it is a true experience that fuels us to continue to explore.

yet many do not have this reflection in their circle. so if find this helpful, do a walkabout + communicate to see where your neighbors are at + if they interested in unfolding with this exchange.

it can be a chore to get the words + feelings out of our head, when we thought it was part of being normal.. + redirect it into a positive working tool, which i feel this can become more so as this walkabout reaches out.

taking loved ones sorrow + that in our self, can keep us preoccupied in layers.. then when we ground in between to find no self + then have to make one.. this is neuro processing we have as a inner tool + many yet to be aware of our human potential.
                                   rhwandan war  folks with feuds carried forward, left little time for them to build an organic self. so when the wave hit them they went with the movement of disassociated energy. not real centered + grounded people. ask them after if they so lucky to live thru it.

an African singer Enric, was such a person.
          our do_in's help define these shifting stages as we self-observe + go on to self-reliance..  to grasp the clarity of these lessons, reflecting with our self.
          + our family clarity. helping others get thru to not just survive, but to be a human in harmony now. vs. all the years of suffering so many do, + die before they can have a chance to be present creating their moment. as inner displaced energy drains all livelihood.

           good ideals of overview, do not seem to always fit into this enslavement of seeing all these levels of layers, at the time. which is another facet of processing many yet to experience. but if reflect + have loved ones close, it makes it easier to address.

                           many are so fortunate to have such loving friendship in family or friend that has felt these layers from our generations of suppression. which have done a great job to work throw, although not easy. yet many are left with very little support accept for their belief. my experiences are that belief left a great support, yet these folks accumulated much disease in their inability to have support with working the inner tools we have, that all share as a human. Which if developed can lessen our suffering here on earth now. vs. await another time period after death, which many continue bad behavior not understanding they have tools to change their habits now. stopping their suffering now. which we invite you to share this walkabout.

                                  sensitivity has given us all nice reflections + still does.

                              our actions creating hormonal stress, chemistry over riding;
                   experiencing the realization of being aware of wanting to get free of this + define it. being in between a few layers + luckily being able to identify what should be. with no organic creative foundation, it can be a job to sort this out.. To self-satisfy, explore + co_evolve. Vs. stuck with serving mode, or feel good mode that many have by just giving. Vs. a balance of healthy exchange.
                  no thanks, we don`t want your help that way. we want you to give it to yourself, so you become aware of your own misuse.
many folks do this, they create + commit, then awaken to not being happy + realize they grabbed on to the wrong path.

          this is a good tool for me + figure it may work good for all, if you work yourself. but not just to make money off of, but to build a self that sees + feels the beauty of the whole being, a cooperative family.

As we feel our presence, we come together to ground ourselves with the `transition of do_in. to differentiate our rides on others vs. our own path we build as we walk it into our opening. + the effects left of each path that was materialized. Seriously if you are honest to yourself, this will inspire you to redirect the energy into self-satisfying creative employment as a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

               which is what may work for another or we rehab + recycle..

Meaning our inner-interpersonal layer we built - on top of the land/water use that is not harmonizing with it`s core root ecological sustaining foundation.. for it perhaps interferes in other life to sustain.. leaving this hard for many to go beyond the stuff we`ve hung to.

In the plan` we want to shift our land use as we seek out, recycle with zoning to make it functional along with all existing regulatory entities. + make them efficient with application, or rid that which is standing in the way to restore our natural processes that sustain us.

In this realization only then can we come together to see how we supported our misuse or anothers. For 1 person cannot leave such negative effects alone with product/service. It has been our greed of many desires that we have to become aware of replacing along with this process of exchange for options of efficient energy flow, leaving only positive effects..
            These tracks can get dark until someone lights a path. Some don`t have it flickering from afar. we can network to define which path to take, by addressing our ecosystems true potential, as in Miguel Altieri's agro-ecology, permaculture now, etc.. which then awakens us to our self.

Now realizing we can address this openly + express our intents.. what do you say, when someone says what is wrong + you are preoccupied in juggling all.

       we have to get real with what we feeling + how best to calm our self to let it surface. For if stressed it really gets confused + signals are hard to read. But if we calm our self, control our balanced flow of energy. only then can we easily get a grip of what we are feeling;
                 Vs. thinking nothing or lying not knowing how to identify or process our inner signals. Which will not be nothingness that is harmony, rather blank from being overloaded with sensors triggering stress hormones that we then act on as normal, due to simply not addressing what is, because we had no reflection of do_in it. + now we do.

how many children or undeveloped children in adult bodies are experiencing this juggling act.. locally that you can reach out with this walkabout in your part time.

folks have gained programmed ways due to fear-based misinformation + actual beatings thinking innocent as teacher did + bad experiences from others.. never allowing themselves a space to address it.

rather numbing with more preoccupation, adrenaline which is no different then booze or drugs etc. due to being so numb from these adrenaline states from reaching beyond ones limit:
                actually creating behaviors, characteristics + even characters as in split personalities. We have great tools but we also have a range that our mindbody can go in if we self-abuse, misuse or allow misuse from another. making us live with this deranged displaced energy that continually builds suffering. yet so many unable to see free of it. + many die with it. look around you. look with in you. rejoin` for many folks take this discomfort as normal + it is not. We can realize the difference in housing energy to fuel that flows, vs. energy that eats at our energy needed to simply function as a healthy whole being.
Along with the many other illnesses from juggling disassociated energy too long. chemistry leaves altered effects leaving energy trapped, blocked, etc. + it is wrong for these simple processes to be ignored + folks left to live in it as they continue these bad habits. + get attacked..

                     self-massage not to mention other acts are free to all.. that we can do now + make a big difference in our ability to regain our natural balance.
                     working hard on one issue can prevent a natural focus on the other. + soon domino effects build.
                it truly can be wrong + wacko craziness of this learning experience plus if you are a caffeine drinker in coffee or tea, or nicotine, or drugs whether street or overload with medicine, it can really get crazy. Now add a doctor or one misguiding/uninforming:
                       as in, even with excessive salt or the many folks fighting diabetes with insulin, many now are in the fog not clear how to maintain it. as many over come in with good understanding. + the glycemic misunderstanding of how it is calculated with incorrect mindbody use, etc. Not to mention the high prices for some to guide.

when yet natural living comes at no expense or very low if simple. Amazingly we allow this other stuff to detour us + resist, why. we don’t have to settle for this small portion, that yes may seem to be everywhere but it isn`t. yes it can cloud our issue to focus at the many good examples of folks simply living by do_in what sustains them. which fuels creative harmony as nature is respected living within it`s boundaries.

It is this we build this medium on. so folks can go beyond the excessive waste from misuse of one kind to misuse of another. as many jump on the green mode of inefficient reality technically + organically.

sadly this repetitive pattern continues as domino effects appear, left unnoticed. subjecting folks + their children with negative effects from shifting layers left unaddressed, not noticing all these triggers..
but we have to have compassion for those/us that misuse our mindbody, for we all have done it + many continue without knowing. i hope this `tapering transition allows you to create - redirecting your bad habits to good + sharing your new discoveries with those yet to become aware. it will help you awaken to more within your self as you exchange what feels most comfortable to you.

Especially while many doctors/teachers/business/politicians, every aspect of community gain, not intentionally perhaps, but are lost themselves, promoting more fragments;

               incomplete reflection from limited perception. it is truly hard to know another unless you walk in their shoes. many don't look at whole perspective with family + loved ones, nor even become a local participant them self. so they don`t know you as a community member.

this is nice to have the opportunity to reflect with folks truly shifting their own shit. + coming aboard as we work on this together to rid our baggage as part time cooperative community participants locally, holding local folks accountable locally + at the end of their focus.. + when we do it with our children as an equal we really gain as we both develop in the exchange, the undeveloped child within.

            breanna kirch + this gorrilla show us how together we all have feelings..

i'm seeking owner of the gorrilla photo, unable to locate for permission to use. together this unique photo with hands on chin along with this beautiful young child also having hands on chin, tells this story best. at any age we can communicate with our perceptions if we share.

if we share living in the moment, we can see clearly our life right to self-develop responsibly + work thru any thing we once percieved, as right, even though we may of left negative effects unknowingly..

                                As in all life gatherings, define your 4 directions + enjoy:.
                                                     a `tapering transition..

anyone that is upset or has creative energy to reflect for those still lost.. to harness our energy + regain control, creating solution from misuse for each individualized special focus, will gain in this exchange:
        whether creating a hybrid alternative energy platform for an individual community.. preserving marine life efficiently – prioritizing those working folks dependent upon it to supply us our needs..  together developing tools for the making of solutions. applying them to cover all life - allowing all to work in respect of the other. which has been ignored on this planet + beyond.. or those simply lost, so mental clarity + physical energy becomes priority, so as to apply the uniqueness of being alive at this time.

            Perhaps the original ug mode to words got lost when folks rode on other`s wave, or in attempts to survive, when being dragged or eaten, etc. + perhaps fear based decision superceded being present in the moment, or one remained living in their head trying to figure it out, leaving mixed signals. then 1 took them as natural behavior + they stayed with them, always feeling a little off yet not knowing why, etc.. What ever the heck the reason, it doesn`t matter, what does is, peace can be had now if we network it.. for all these cues can be made clear.
     as sensitive folks come together in `transition, with other folks still facing resistance from the misuse, either from self or another. A few more heads figure it out as applications, explorations, are played out in the natural elements. so we experience what should be felt vs. talking about it.

                                      we can spot focus with our/others misuse:.

       don`t talk to me i`m human. it is amazing the range human processes have, when we are filled with negativity leaving ill state, seeing only negative, connecting with only negative, etc.

                 take a nice breath in a walk in the wild, or just sit, feel the shift, at 1st it can feel like foreign energy trickling in. as our perceptions change. that many yet never to experience. as we can bring ourselves back to balance, with the right awareness chosen - introduced into our local living daily..  sorting out, chemically altered how with what, tapering into natural ways, hormonal reconditioning as our mindbody regains balance, sharpening our senses, as we stay within our skin, microseconds of comprehension, removing blockages, as redirecting brings in calming nourishing fresh supply of energy as we center with natural energy, leaving us with pleasure, nurturing, spontaneous adjustments + movements. That fuel us to make space to work on self..

                                      Yes self - satisfaction without leaving a footprint.

Once some shifting – defining if inner tools working or not, then choose natural herbal formulas to aid natural functions if need.. as i support Yun Wang at Oriental Herbs in Seattle, if can`t locate a good local helper to chemically fine tune, align, restore, cleanse, nourish so you can once again be in control of you. Along with balanced natural food from small farm supported responsible local living, where seed is local + pure from all around.. Prioritizing core root wilderness areas, planned according to ecologically sustain. Giving folks connection to earth, living boon with nature. Natural flows of trans-boundary migration. Allowing the large browsers to lead our path. As we give nourishment + fresh water for all species, including humans, thru prioritizing plant succession.

                   This is where the next` move do_in comes together for good minds to brain chase vs. play chess:.
                   using our whole bodymind processing potential, as we cooperatively part time come together for others. yet gain in the experience with our own discoveries of misuse along the `way. while we rethink how best to address the many folks left on this planet, without basic survival ability.

                    in our part time cooperative effort, to cover many patches` we network what we know works via like ecosystems. As we live locally responsible + become a global participant in an exchange giving others support to calm:.

                        supporting other folks to fine tune, as our personal exploration reaches out with like subject. + research,  in a reflection, triggering them locally to harmonize. As the international community does a check in on own misuse, contributing to their resistance.

Now awakening to the flow of energy in all life, finite + infinite as perceptions began to get clearer. Seeing how we are all from the same human family.  we are a living organism with much life that we are dependent on, from the 700 or so species on + within our body.

                      To our surrounding balanced ecosystems + their offerings for all life, including our life to sustain as we boon` with it. For we are all interdependent on the natural world.

       we want undeveloped children do not have children. By opening the classrooms into the community, all together develop the undeveloped within. good logging with many lessons as each rotates roles. as stable support is defined + given to those in need:.
             compassion with respect, communication of mindbody workings efficiently, responsible sex understood. truly exploring, co_evolving, responsibly living local + networking local + beyond as a global participant.
     As we live for our self `boon with the natural world responsibly, as in rejoin` the define of i + the rest of our do_in`s. Only then will our children feel true natural energy that fuels all life, all body functions. Only then will they apply + feel the experience of our true human potential. + the natural ways that give us joy, as in reproducing. Only then should the consideration of family planning take place.

            all involved gets enhanced by this experience as we carry thru self-satisfaction, as we explore yet a little more deeper + a little more sensitive within our self as we go eye-to-eye with our loved ones, being real ridding our misuse.. building our community, as we participate with our offerings, in making it a better one. Which then only then gives us fuel for our creative collaboration part time, networking, posting- refreshed vs. allowing old thought, old threads to become rotten, saged or aged.

Personally, for self or for another, moderating or collaborating part time with others, for others locally + beyond to do the same is a bi`joy experience.:.

                                   post your/others ecological whore misuse + info under makumbo subcategory. your personal contact if want to be given support to restore your center + ground as you rethink + shift. Or your experience of the `tapering transition which can triggers others.. or those issues/others aware of yet still not able to communicate your options for solutions, which can gather support from others. as we all then become aware of the misuse from another. so as to do a review to see how we are supporting directly or indirectly + stop. Understanding alternatives folks offer, once aware. welcoming folks to give constructive feedback. so exponentially we address + balance these issues.

                              this is where this virtual tool is good.

 i say this after again we where interrupted with another 16 viruses + Misha spent 2 weeks figuring out my viruses + both our computer replacements due to not working..

                    we refuse to give in to this foolishness of those doing this.. when life offers such goodness.

                                            Peace is real if we share it..

                Thank you for your review/offerings that are an important link to share best in appropriate do_in. as well in makumbo.

                              our combined` effect makes a difference..
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