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`we can define a way to share the ocean `s resources, yet keep it sustainable:.
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect

Hi Cristen,                                                 emailed 1.11.2011

Considering each fisher folk i talk to adds to this thought, i thought i would share along the way with you. for you to send on to management/superior folks. i would think OFW would have a data bank of fish permits, etc for each + in their communication processes, perhaps they could come up efficiently with a questioner. + seriously get together with all + resolve. before going on. for your final decisions for marine reserves, etc..

Thanks, kara

the plan` do_in:.
                    sharing the ocean..

what is missing here when as of 1–2010 a blue fin tuna weighing 754 lbs sells in Japan for 396k dollars. 525 US dollars per pound..


    i believe  efficiency can best be done when locals come together with good detail + understand. leaving all confident of what is still misunderstood. i`m new here + perhaps my perceptions are off. but i think not. For i`ve met some very good sustainable, subsistence - sport + commercial fishing folks + my man Mishi is also one along with a very good seaman. + although we are here  + gone part time, + once we sell our sailboat will be leaving on to our explorations elsewhere. but while here + wherever we go i`m willing to put in my few cents, if we can help. just contact me, see below.

For the entire west coast of US, we have experienced same thought against F+W regulating commercial fishing.
             `A state advisory panel backs proposals for three new restricted offshore areas By Winston RossThe Register-Guard Published: Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010 05:02AM    
           1 ex; has comments from few folks commenting on why their should be no MR`S. amazing how controversy still fills the air, it is amazing you would have results to make a decision vs. more clarity with all this i state.
wave energy + fish farming in Canada should be supported to stop with all their good data of it’s ill effects on healthy species – local people should be able to stop without the exploitation of MR`S.
is it true already spots have stopped subsistent single hook fishing + breath-hold diving with spear gun, in Lane county..
i`d like to see locals get satisfied. So please review this gest of what i was considering + suggest.
                      i invite J.D. from Charleston, Or US, whom has a family run Charleston Crab Shack - to start this off with his long over due concerns after putting much thought along with others. yet to be supported by the ODFW.
                      along with asking Jeff Reeves, Seth Smith + Behmer folks, Bess Chet guys, Roger Pryce spoke at last meeting in Charleston, he has commercially fished these waters since 1965 + felt no change in abundance. + others you think best. So lets see if we are addressing the right issue with the right folks. + once we get clear answers then we can collectively see our next` move.
                              Cristen Don whom is collecting input for marine reserves has agreed to help us seek these folks out. for he feels ODFW has many advisory boards with commercial fisher folks. as well fisher folks agree there are some very kind F+W folks, but many not.

               i personally know the discouragement i`ve experienced from hard working commercial fisher folks due to struggling with issues not resolved. i must say they have allowed themselves to be quite effected from this inability of ODFW to see it another way. as well my distraction for their support to define this + resolve.

                which i`m not clear still of what these issues are, i just know it is a real interference in the morale of the commercial fisher folks i`ve spoke to. Many have spent a lot of energy in these attempts + are drained. This is wrong. in order for you folks to work on the sea you must get a better perspective so these issues are not wearing you, as i see they are. they really feel ODFW do not care about their issues. these fisher folks are hard working sensitive folks. so i invite a solution, ex; the ODFW to please send a form to each party they work with + ask what is their issue in detail + what is their solution. + give personal detail of those that have been very offensive, rude, etc. to them. + go eye to eye, once you gather some clarity of problem. + have a meet with both sides.
                 lets see how clear we can be in listing the issues so we collectively reach out + together see what we can do. To lessen the burden of many. + for ODFW to get a good perspective of perhaps what is not being equated as in the sea experience that is so difficult to work with along with the regulations set. the biologists don`t have this to endure or i`m missing something. i`m not saying i have good perspective. i just have a desire to help stop what  i see here happening.

i think scientists perhaps can be isolating their detail, which is not good science. we can make 1 universal science by creating  with local folks working the subject. so research is applied in real time in an earthly manor. Where all species are in harmony as those sensitive to work the sea/land/fresh water, etc. truly live for their sustainability. + without life they could not fish, etc. so those that become boon` with the natural world leaving it in harmony, is what is to guide. so folks can reflect + become sensitive to do the same.
               Not have to quit fishing while researchers do their job, rather together with respect talk a language that can be applied in real time in local communities. not stored in a file, isolated in conversation, no one misunderstanding/over working in thought, when someone has lived it/living it, or from the abuse from those afar, without the focus of all involved working it for our sustainable resources. where all people are involved in 1 universal science of common sense. To go on for good foreign relations.

              Not make another entity when yet existing is dysfunctional making folks unhappy. Rather resolve, simplify, communicate + co_evolve together a language for each ecosystem/biome etc. that people become familiar with. for i believe everyone has good to exchange.
                        But i also know ecological whores pull strings + make things happen for the wrong reasons.

 ODFW + commercial fish folks please come to peace with a clear understanding. Better you do it amongst yourself + clear the air vs. more distortion as rumors spread. Or serious issues occur.

This year the crab season is not what was predicted + folks are hurting. They don`t need to feel the way they do from ODFW.

i`m building a web site on KompoZer text editor, hosting thru Gaia Web Host Collective, soon to publish – still editing a lot of thought. + embedding a forum from Nabble.
                    i have several do_ins` like workshops with subcategories. 1 is called the plan` where we cover our local communities starting with what sustains us: our wild staying wild, our small natural farms, estuary/ocean + fresh water by a bioregional perspective. each area having  what works via different biome, ecosystems, etc. that sustain the local community. so as to collectively cover our local areas. i saying our, do to we live as a local, where ever we are, even if temporarily. + have discovered this works most efficiently.
          For it is natural systems that we depend on, not people. it is people working together in these systems that can make good science. but it appears scientists/researchers/fisher folks have a different verbiage yet to produce 1 universal science. So we need to come together respecting our fellow humans.
                  we can define a `way to look at these issues in our local communities. for those of you that use the virtual tools, tell me how best i can help you. once published, i will have this subcategory + comments will be posted for us to review, reflect + then act + update others unable to view. + it will be here for issues not addressed. for folks to work local + afar so as to come up with local solutions for each ecosystem, each community, etc. + share what works.

For now i give you this ideal to be worked in a paper print out, due to forum yet to be published. Meanwhile we can clarify this + work it, so as not to let me get in the way with another ideal of reaching out. please share + lets see how it co_evolves. For the ocean is our passion + as we stated to some:
            we built a sailing catamaran in Wi before + trucked it to Wa + sailed it to Costa Rica over to Australia, + back when moms` husband dieing thru Marshals, Hi, Alaska + back to Oregon. we did exchanges, saw a lot of depletion of species + corals, a lot of stories of how it used to be. a lot of ecological whores. + learn`t a lot realizing we need to do a walkabout with it, so we soon to publish a virtual tool, so as to better help us go eye-to-eye + build community that harmonizes. via sharing good story of what works in a variety of subcategories.  So folks can take/post what they create with for their area.
               Which we will welcome folks to pay what when can + hope others will come thru with more if they see the value of making this a good tool to reach out farther. up until now we used all our own funds, did a lot of work + once we publish will invite donations.
                we are leaving for port townsend around 22, few days at brothers where may be without immediate internet/telephone but can leave a message. you can still contact us regarding some issues we can handle from afar.
                we want to collect + share stories that work + feel you folks have done really well to enable us to walk on your beach, enjoy your ocean + eat local fish.

We are not happy if what we heard about no subsistent fishing in Lane county, any more, if that is true.

sadly we never had a good experience off shore on this coast, the several times we sailed. So we have empathy for you working it. but we feel these issues clarified can be more helpful to you.

                  as i got involved these last few years with the marine reserves/wave energy, i knew too many already not being supported correctly, to start another entity that could interfere due to it`s fragmentation. i collected story from old fisher folks on this coast + spoke for them in Brookings, they where so pissed with politicians they would not participate. i felt we had to + gave it to OPAC, they appreciated it. + still do, to clear the air. for you to become whole in harmony with your self + correct the interpersonal negative response to this effect + for your local community.

please add issues + comments to clean up sample issues..
                      issues examples to be confirmed + added to by whom best, give detail or go to them directly + have them post once i publish. Or what ever comes 1st, they can email me; + i will post,
or call me tel; 360-450-3749 lv message + i will call back within few days + i will post...
                + or contact Christen Don – OFW,  (541) 867-7701 x228
              for his input, so he sees your side + hopefully will share how in this bigger picture the marine reserves if enacted are added stress. + guides to those making decisions regarding your specifics. or help follow up with your ideals.

              + go direct to each party involved eye-to-eye, which is the best way to deal with these issues. go direct no layers. Then let us help by bringing public attention, if resistance so together we can make a difference. For these issues need to be resolved before restrictions from marine reserve, etc. which many folks state if was enacted would wipe out their crab pots presently their.

So this is just examples of how we need to compile some data + communicate it to appropriate people:

                       1 = the reality that if a marine reserve is needed then what is the purpose of ODFW when it comes to their science that determines the sustainability + regulation for the commercial fish folks.. or is the issues of marine reserve not for regulating fish rather defining other issues as article commenter stated in Why not make this a functional entity that regulates accordingly for ecological sustainability.+ make it a universal science that will co_evolve with the commercial folks input from their life at sea within a local area.
                        Clear up the facts if the science is good enough as commercial fisher folks state then where is all the history that the science should have been created from. vs. ODFW stating they have no good science. so this is a question of curriculum + prerequisites to define the actuality + in comparison with the commercial findings. as they should go hand + hand is it is created. + science is only good when it can be applied in real time as those involved co_evolve utilizing the findings for the application with the commercial folks. for our food. not for files, not for waste + consumption to be transported afar. rather for local consumption.
                         marketed at a fair price directly from a commercial collective. No middle man until they cannot keep up with it. yet it still complies with the species sustainability. then a fair sense of marketing thru out the US so as not to enter into another local`s area. working together. coming to a reality of how the ocean can be regulated. So we no longer have abuse + unfair trade, left not enforced. Or regulated in good foreign relations.
                         When commercial folks could be compensated for this enforcement participation when they are fishing, with notification to appropriate channels or even when unable to fish. They could utilize boats for these functions. + assist the CG.  So community works together. same with maintenance support for ER issues + those unable. working to prevent same folks from needing CG help, funds could better be channeled to comm. folks. as in compensation when unable to fish due to a closure for the sustainability – agreed upon by all. or giving them a means to make it up elsewhere.
                         Ex; as in if unable due to wave energy off limits, etc. which we also agree the local coast should be for locals, not sell to ecological whores that would transport from afar. resources should be 1st efficiently used on land before any thought of sea use. + all entities presently on the sea should comply + be in a `tapering transition if ecologically whoring. + all should support them with direct feedback of perception for options. Supporting them within a time period to rethink + make it right or rid. so as to come back as a local, global + beyond participant.
                         Locals then should bring forth ecological proposals for hybrid energy efficient realities, to be reviewed + agreed upon by local, state + federal interventions. + channel funds to be built by local folks. before any wave energy lease`s are to be considered.

                      2 = specific species issues that commercial folks easily have an answer to.        
                         ex; unable to do as they do with Alaska`s nursery..    
                         ex; salmon closure with no follow up dates including our choice of when to go within a window that gives us a chance for do_in it in good weather. yes actually trust the judgment of the commercial fisher folks to choose responsibly. for sustainable effort to fulfill their quota in good safe weather conditions. it is not efficient to have dual functions when resources could be better used elsewhere. if a natural reserve is already respected/limited access due to rocks, etc. then where is the advantage of making it a marine reserve. that is wasteful attention. Science folks may not think that, but a real estate developer will exploit it. look around.
                         1-10-2011 draggers/trawlers unable to go out yet, fulfilled last year quotas + being detained.. again our discussion if they do harm + how, as some say the rocky spikes here at Cape Arego area on the electronics now show rolling, from draggers.. all deserve support to a `tapering transition vs. cold turkey as we co_evolve..
                         the natural world is here for us to work within it`s limitations. where research + fishing should go together for collective results defining regulations. ex; stop all fish farming + see what we can do to support + stop of the Canadian salmon fish farming, etc.

                    3 = boat regulations.. ex; having to have ODFW aboard to monitor when boat is too small, that it interferes in the comfort of the seamen aboard during their rest period. Yes we agree if the biologists gain more awareness of the sea struggles the fisher folks have, they can better trust their judgment. Although they should respectfully go on some, with them as they create science together + in a good exchange where com folks are compensated for this learning curve. For the way biologists perceive science, is not equal to the reality of how a fisher folk lives successfully from sustainable fishing. This needs to be added to the biologists prerequisites prior to any one determining regulations to the commercial fisher folks..
                    4 = excess cost from inadequate group/public approval, as in Tom`s from ODFW in Charleston, 300k loss, J.D. shows photos of detail..

                    5 = the trawling factories + others unregulated + not enforced in international waters. Our foreign policy - increasing our limits to ex; 500 miles offshore, preventing close abuse.. institute foreign regulation + enforcement. As well clear up debate of extent of damage with local trawlers/draggers.

 i would like to be part of the ocean communication process. to see good things happen for folks + stop foolishness such as fish farming, the lessons of Canadian salmon farms should be enough, we should help them as well to stop them.  as well the list we hope to compile for solutions to rid with folks going on a `tapering transition where they are respected with support. to make choice + come back into local communities recycling + making it right with ecological soundness. As they once again become whole as they pursue a healthy choice.

the present crabbing issue of very little as of 1.11.2011 gives you a perspective of how lucky you folks are compared to the many countries we have seen without fish, depleted from unaware locals or irresponsible from afar. leaving folks without.

i`m sorry for any of you to go thru this, so lets put our heads together. that is what our human potential is - to communicate + not settle for uneasy feelings when we can make it better. it is a small world + we need to define how best to share the ocean`s  resources with all, yet keep it sustainable..

                  thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference.. kara



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