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nature offers great tools, if we open our eyes + take a look as we network old `ways that work before making a `plan
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
        Here we try to share what people offer locally eye-to-eye, in acts of do_in, as we travel thru, utilizing virtual tools for this kind of sharing, read a good book or have hands in the dirt, alongside;

  considering the present negative issues taking place in the Amazon today, which we ask your support, check here to see what you can do now;

            Greenpeace has done a lot of work for this support along with many folks in the past..

please take a review as i quote some research from long ago -

                           'The Dilemma of Amazonian Development'

                        edited by Emilio F. Moran (very well i must say)

          When we see story of the past that has left devastation, we don’t have to repeat it. This forum`s goal is to invite you to share + do your homework.
Before a `plan in place, review like ecosystem/subject, for there are many good lessons learn`t from many folks that have suffered + still are, along with premature death. We are so fortunate to still have indigenous folks living old `ways that still work, along with new that makes common sense.

We are not going to address fear based misinformation, rather actual experiences +  sharing bi`joy experiences of nature`s offerings, if we work within it`s limits + enhance accordingly to its potential, as with agroecology.
This is nothing new, actually I share with you experiences  also from `Conserving the World`s Biological Diversity, 1990 prepared + published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature + Natural Resources, World Resources Institute, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund – US + the World Bank. To show a lot of work yet new entities continue to merge as in the upcoming  preparation for the Earth Summit 2012 in Rio, as I review 2010’s summary from the 8th annual meeting of UN + International Organizations Civil Society Focal Points in Manila, Philippines.
   People yet to realize climatic change often relates to changing regional vegetation patterns. Producing global carbon dioxide buildup, regional El Nino + monsoon systems + local effects, involving fire management. (Graham + White, 1988) Climate change, which appears to be taking place at the fastest rate in history, could have drastic effects on boreal forests, coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands + change boundaries of world`s biomes.
     Introduced species on many oceanic islands have virtually replaced the native species of plants (Fosberg, 1988), even Galapagos Island has as many introduced as native ones (Adsersen,1989). This is most serious threat facing US national park system. Animals are not immune to such threats.
   History Ex: African Rift Valley lakes, w/high level of endemism, introduced species of fish have threatened most native species w/extinction. Mongooses, snakes + others introduced can rather quickly lead to the extinction of the native fauna. While introduced herbivores such as goats + even reindeer can extinguish the native flora.
     Let micro + large browsers show us the `way, as we support trans boundary migration. Which has been successful + amazing what issues take place when this is not in place;
    History Ex: The S.E. of Tarangire National Park experiences, in Tanzania, where poaching + uncontrolled hunting of elephants + rhinos led to bush encroachment. Because main browsers no longer had a major influence on the vegetation. This in turn caused an increase in tsetse flies, which reduced the population of domestic livestock in the area.
Far from being just an ethical act, the conservation of elephants + rhinos would have enhanced the productivity of the livestock industry.
           Amazonia has taught many lessons on negative experiences where people deforested for raising cattle or farming then to find out soil would not permit, or in flood zone, etc. leaving yet a bigger crises by removing the trees. Their 1973 Altamira Project proved that there is a serious problem in the linkage between functional performances + the structural organization of development institutions. The numerous institutions that were placed in the colonization areas were unable to make adjustments to the difference between what the plans had indicated + what the empirical realities they faced;
            Lack of knowledge unrealistic, credit incentives should not of been tied to specific cereals giving the spotty performance of cereal production in humid tropics + lack of research on soils in 1971. Roads could not be kept open during the long rainy season, crops where rotting in the fields due to no feeder roads + storage facilities throughout the region. Planned communities along feeder roads were unable to attract + keep education + health personnel. Farmers were moving to their lots in this packaged deal, suggesting the construction of such communities was unjustified.
          The Maraba Integrated Colonization project was severely curtailed by high increase of malaria +  Itaituba Project by bad soils (Ipean 1974).
      The locals were aware of many of these problems, the information did not flow to decision nodes in the Brazilian Planning Institution. So that changes might be made. Nor where local adjustments made to meet the problems encountered.
          4 criteria in order of importance to bring in people to settle + work the grounds; they looked at their management experience, residential stability, previous credit experience + initial capital or liquid assets.
         The more experienced managers sought out the local Caboclos, + followed managing farms from the start, choosing accurate soil selection with areas w/ph > than 6.0 + got twice the yield per Hectare; diversified cropping practices bringing in a higher income than cropping dominated by rice farming, greater use of family labor in farm production processes, greater use of technology available, lower expenditures in consumptive items, less dependence on salaries to meet food needs.

     The soils could not sustain sedentary agriculture, environment is unhealthful, government had poor record for support for colonization, local markets are unable to absorb production + colonists lacked managerial skills. Much of land was held by few; loss of species diversity, fragility of ecosystems, destruction of native peoples way of life, global in changes in climate as only a few of the potential dangers associated with deforestation + development (Goodland + Irwin 1975; Lovejoy + Schubart 1980). Soils are acidic, leached. Ion in soluble nutrients + lateritic (turning to hard pan after minimal erosion). + These people were given a 100 Hectares of virgin forest each + told soils hailed to be as fertile as those of Parana. Along with many promises never fulfilled.

     Yet here in 2012 Greenpeace is on it’s way to Brazil, due to another mode of development that is not good + together we can make a difference.

         we can end these repeated patterns of destruction.

   It is clear good soil protection by natural vegetation cover + litter can preserve the productive capacity of the land, prevent dangerous landslides, safeguard coast lines + river banks + prevent the destruction of coral reefs + fresh water+ coastal fisheries by siltation. In Malaysia suspended sediment load following logging increased 70-97% in comparison with non-logged area.
      Management of watershed as a protected area can greatly reduce sediment loads + contribute to the longevity of resources + irrigation systems downstream.
           History Ex: Nepal`s Royal Chitwan National Park, villagers cleared + grazed N. bank of Rapti River (forms park boundary) so intensely that it has been subject to rapid erosion. On S. bank in park the protected vegetation binds the soil so that when monsoon rains swell the Rapti on the N. bank is washed away. As a result the course of the river has shifted + in less than a decade roughly 100 Hectares has been taken from villagers + added to park by natural forces.
       Maintaining natural balance of an environment affords natural habitat`s sanctuary to breeding populations of birds that control insects + mammal pests in agricultural areas. Bats, birds, bees that nest + breed in reserves may range far outside their boundaries + pollinate fruit trees in the surrounding areas.
 I don't want to add here History Ex due to no trees left or no bees or no Agouti, etc..

            Ex: Brazil nuts depend on a variety of poorly known forest plants + animals. Male Euglossine bees that pollinate the flowers of the Brazil nut tree gather certain organic compounds from epiphytic orchids to attract females for mating. The hard shell covering the nut is opened naturally only by the forest dweller Agouti (a large rodent), enabling tree to disperse seed.
        Maintaining production appears to require conserving enough natural forest to protect bee nesting habitat; Other bee food plants, certain orchids + trees upon which they grow, the insects or humming birds that pollinate the orchids (+ all their necessities in turn) + Agoutis.
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

   Please see our new Subcategories on URGENT UPDATE SUBJECTS (UUS) on the right side, so as to help ASAP the many left behind/or on the run now, as we welcome all to post on this `transitional shift message board (`tsmb).

   Humanity has solutions please share yours, so all needs can get met along w/the local `plan of each community, sharing in solidarity, globally, so all get one's needs met, fueling each to get out of the survival mode and into being a mindful participant, as we all work this `transformation needed in every community now to prepare for global weather getting worse!

    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do one's local `plan that prioritizes our co_evolving collective plan of earth-space as together we rid toxic were most negatively effecting all species including humans, now to help! Only then can we al then live local doing one's local `plan, staying updated on our earth-space messageboard in the building, w/your help!
                        Thank you Nabble for your support!

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