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The Via Campesina stresses the need for public policies for rural areas..
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
     {summary_start} Hello folks,
              please note we have yet to figure out how to post on, email comes back + when i go to Google groups, no success in searching. so can you please explain how. for now i send this to La via campesina for your remove of our response + we post your press release below in our forum in the building

                              i come to talk story..

if we had a UN that was efficient as we ask now to Secretary General Ban - Ki moon as well World Bank President Jim Yong Kim + our US President Barack Obama, as we hold them all accountable now to rethink + prioritize working within nature`s enhanced limits to lead our path for local food/medicine sovereingty to start a path of peace for all, as every local community has a human/life right to become aware + be protected from those refusing to come tot he cloth/table as we welcome them to local tapering transitions;

           as we resolve + network, sharing solutions, as we propose in our project osic to be posted soon..

                 we offer UN + others above, ourself + project osic in the building for an archive to network this process as we all restore our local communities + share what works globally, via like ecosystem/subject, along with our work here on  this forum, laying the path. for it is wrong to not have their truth of holding all accountable to work within nature`s enhanced limits with good gauges as in agro-ecology. along with sensitive indigenous/local people working controling the commons, is the only `way we can reassure that we can protect our ability to build ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize.

         we will continue to build this project with people, if they choose not to rethink with us, or perhaps one of you may have an idea where we can unite + be more resourceful with tools already established, as ex: to reach out to all local schools + local representitives for communities without schools, globally. so al of us can use a good science, speack common sense as we share like ecosystem/subjects + share this archive we build together as we resote our working communities + harmonize.

                  which once i finish editing this tool, this pdf called project osic, then this is what i will work at, defineing emails to all above + i ask for your help. please submit emails in subcatagorie for school emails or share yourself this forum with your local schools + representitives please..

         we welcome those leaving negative effects into each local communities tapering transition process, showing them what works, as students will gather tallies + resolve with us. supporting yes even those that may have hurt many due to their lack of awareness, greed, etc.. it is still more efficient to be the better person + share with them with real human compassion, giving them the option to make wrongs rights, as now they become aware of what we can do internationally in changing the awareness of the global market, so now locals set modes of investments to reassure their local food/medicine sovereignty for a start as locals control the commons.

                   now once these investors rething, they will come back as a local participant, so all can work for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant, as each `boon with the natural world. + each are supported to build ones` path as each walk it into ones` opening.

         we realize many are abused/killed + land grabbed/depleted, yet many locally or globally do not hold these locals accountable, but we must define a calm `way + only then will our mindbody process solutions, as we get clear. now we can as we start giving this detail to all in an archive we can build together. showing how we can do this in yet another `way as we merge with locals that are self-reliant on land + by sea + reach out strengthening the locals farther away. to stop from having goods come from afar so as locals get supported in this local exchange. where local resources stay for locals, saying no, + finding another `way to be self-relaint as you merge.

has we build this archive of what project osic triggers, which soon will be released in a pdf uploaded on this forum. we then can start showing means to do this safely as you folks share the many good `ways you already have in motion + we open to the international community that wants to live local + share what works.

Occupy Wallstreets` globalNoise on October 13, 2012 is an example to celebrate our good fortunes of how we can find a `way around this negativity that produces disassociated energy that we can harness + channel efficiently into our own harmony locally + then share to trigger what to bring home + apply. 

          we have suggested for them to take advantage of the times + link, sharing solutions as we welcome communication with those that are restricitng/interfering + show them another `way.

          we feel just stating the ecological truth of each community that has false green along with war mode economies, as we support students to come out of the schoolroom + into + with the community + focus direct these tallies. so now we have a basis to share + scale collectively supporting those unable to define a `way. for these folks we welcome will want to rethink once we expose these tallies.

  for no more should anyone take over another company that is do_in good, buy the stock + then gain as they short the market, elaving company with out + they a pocket full as they seek others.

          we can define these people + define what they support, their mother corporations affiliates as we globally hold them accountable + gain synergy for further clarity of how to resolve.

          we  even propose in one has a quiet village on the sea that can receive goods, we personally had the idea of building a cargo sailboat barge that then could be made their + rolled into the waters as a coastal cruiser. to bypass the lands that people are resisitng so as to make new pathways + we personally were thinking of sharing cooperative means of water desalinization on a small scale locals could manage + build, once you define how best to get supplies in + we could help research. same with wind generators + solar along with small generators as we recycle local material + minimize expense. now we can further self-reliance in areas that you folks know are controled ethically with sound natural `ways as you deal with good folks.

             especially if you can collectively do this around markets that you know are being sustainable managed by your like minded people. this `way you can pick up the supplies + carry farther locally so as to strengthen another spot along a migratory pathway where seasonally you become yearly sustainable as each location gets more perfected. even in the wild we speak of this in project osic, as in a tsumani where already now your highland seasonal offerings are being developed so you know now the wild to comfortably live/work while freeing yourself from the danger.

our archive hopes to build more strategies, give feedback when you are stumped, along with actual schemetic of means that we all can do ourself, by sharing at low or no cost. such as the idea of the cargo sailboat. we have offsets we would share, + in a few months to 6, we will be ready to do this if all goes well, so contact us, + if interested we could build one if you have local good sustainable wood + even to recycle, as many do here in US actually at a very high fee. where wood logs has been left in the sea in mud, or build into a house + then taken apart after 100 to 1300 years the wood gets better. this all would have to be researched according to your ecosystem + species, but we are happy to turn you on to the few comapanies here to show you how they do it, so leave a comment + i will get back to you.

              + this may trigger where you folks can recycle things you where yet to be aware of. + you could build another or few as you talk with your friends + network + they could come from afar + if you have space we all could do it together a lot faster  + this `way we could cover several sea miles + we suggest due to it being a shallow center board 36 ft barge, that it should be a coastal cruiser. it goes fast so it could go out fishing + back before weather gets bad. many years a go along the pacific coast in US they built 100 fters + went in all kinds of weather. but we think you could choose your length + we could calulate accordingly from the offsets within reason.

   plus an investment like this where people pool resources it is a friendly proposition, for you can pull it out on the beach to repair, so you are totally self reliant to travel, pick up goods or fish + do repairs along the `way without having to be hauled out. then this is just 1 idea where you can cooperativley pool resources for nuts + bolts such as sail material bought in bulk cheaper, sewing machines, make traditonal blocks, buy line in bulk etc. to now cover many sea miles, yet at lower fees + use to barter, etc.

              this is how this project started long ago, we built a 42ft wharram catamarand + circumnavigated the pacific then went back to US when found out family dieing. so we have tried to get to asia 3 times + will try again. so hope to see ya one way or the other.

        we presently are trying to define this military shift to S.E. Asia from US for many of us do not agree in having weapons accept for personal use, + will continue to define + try to stop it. it makes no sense to support all of you to keep pathways open, surround China, then to promote as Barack Obama + Bill Clinton supports Wal Marts globally to then sell China`s goods. so if any of you got this figured out please let us know + post, thank you! w think Hillary as acted as a blood queen.

        we would rather see all local commuites be self-relaint + US stop building or selling any weapons to anyone.

so i hope this idea triggers you + we would have fun do_in this with ya. so post some ideas + we will get an email of your response + get back to you or post here also. this `way you can tell us what you have + we will give you some ideas of soft or hard wood for what parts, etc. + we can see how we stir up an interest to cover every country of interest, etc. so sleep on it + even if not a sea going project, thisnk the same of a gypsey wagon to stay mobile carrying goods to safe havens as your friends develop good grounds + good markets + reach out strengthening more safely, + sharing your goodness eye to eye as well don`t forget us + come post. thank you!

              this is just 1 example, but it is amazing when we pool our thought locally + afar. for together we can figure this out, please see below of our friends;                        

                                   Press release – the Via Campesina

(Mexico, October 3, 2012) More than 100 peasant farmers, both men and women, from over 30 countries came together in Mexico City on September 28th – 30th, 2012 in order to discuss public policies for food sovereignty and to receive concrete proposals on the issue. {summary_end}

In a context of a crisis of capitalism and a new wave of neoliberal privatisation, public policies do not always contribute to structural changes that benefit society. However, for the peasant organisations present, the fight for public policies at all levels is an important step towards improving rural living conditions and ensuring that peasant farmers are able to produce healthy and sufficient food for their communities and their countries.

It is evident that all public services and infrastructures must be maintained and developed in order to guarantee that peasant farmers and their communities can live a life of dignity. Of these, it is education, healthcare, housing, and support and protection services for children and older people that are most indispensable. These services must recognise and strengthen indigenous and peasant identities, and be in keeping with our cultures.

Public policies must recognise and value the role of women in the food sovereignty process and in community maintenance and development. Therefore, it is vital to develop infrastructures that facilitate their productive labour - such as land, labour, loans, economic income, and child care programmes - and safeguard their reproductive rights.

Peasant-based agriculture requires specific programmes for participatory research, markets and sanitary standards in order to strengthen this production and consumption model, as opposed to the current so-called standards that serve only to tighten the stranglehold of the multinationals.

Agro-ecological programmes and programmes for local seed and breed recovery must be introduced. Common goods, such as land and water, must regain their social and collective value, and be protected from commoditisation. Policies for public food stocks and market regulation are needed in order to ensure fair prices for producers and consumers.

Specific policies must be developed to facilitate the inclusion of young people in peasant-based agricultural projects and support the transfer from one generation to the next.

Finally, there must be a guarantee that these policies will be implemented.

As peasant organisations, we must continue to strengthen our organisations and establish alliances across all sectors of society, to continue to put pressure on local and national governments.

La Via Campesina
Via Campesina is an international movement of peasants, small- and medium-sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. We are an autonomous, pluralist and multicultural movement, independent of any political, economic, or other type of affiliation. Born in 1993, La Via Campesina now gathers about 150 organisations in 70 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

International Operational Secretariat:
Jln. Mampang Prapatan XIV no 5 Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12790 Indonesia
 Tel/fax: +62-21-7991890/+62-21-7993426

                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

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