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if we understand, we can apply.. so seek your questions + make sure you answer them..
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
      we can do research by recycling existing tools with in a community shared toolshed:

            define, manage, set boundaries + limits for restoration, usage, redirecting, yet supporting if folks livelihood are dependent on these goods.. allow nature to guide, those sensitive to read early signs. we all can become aware of our human encroachment/ practices for solution to support restoration. so please define whom does what locally + then once clear, if need bring one in from afar to help read what your natural enhanced limits are. as Miguel Altieri states, see his links below:.
       we can protect habitat/shore line erosions, stop removal of excess nutrients from our earth that balance the microbial world - pests + diseases will be naturally manageable. Species will be prioritized to save their eggs, as we gain respect for leaving the largest females. using that small hook to preserve the large female + not interrupt. as we share simple fishing hunting practices before licensing..

    so as to regulate efficiently without extravagant measures so community grounds together in self-reliance from ecological sustainability + no longer manipulate from whom is the largest business dictating or an economical investment controling, etc. rather natural boundaries rule..
       where we can preserve wild lands while we work them via our recreation, inspiration + cultural heritage, etc. supporting enough life to live it`s natural cycle, so now we all will flourish, as each community self-sustains..
          people, please don`t take these ecosystem services for granted + overuse..

    this awareness has been shared enough for us to understand that a healthy shoreline + ocean/river use, give us natural protection from pollution control, climate change, natural disasters, socio-economic factors/compensation..
                   people become more vulnerable to natural catastrophes such as hurricanes + flooding when urbanization degrades salt marshes, mangrove forests, coral reefs, kelp forests, barrier islands, + other natural features that normally offer protection from storms.
                  these are live systems that require us to be `boon with them. as you post co_evolve with time + show how this relates to your living experiences.. use data as each cooperative gets more established in different areas.. or relocating conforming to the ecological sustainability of the core root wilderness area. together we can define what makes our cooperative perimeters.. what kind of resistance from the ecological whores, what time delay if working on `tapering transitions, welcoming them to rethink as we share local facts/applications locally or even afar via like ecosystem, etc.. as well our own awareness thru this transition, defining what options we have together + what it triggers within as our baggage is rid.

   folks realize these people cannot exist leaving negative effects, if we pool our energy, stop supporting them as well stop being preoccupied complaining + strengthen to go beyond, unite + gather collectively in every community. sharing alternatives + linking when in need for others afar to hold their locals accountable.

when we consume our energy in these negative effects, we no longer have it to creatively unite + go beyond, showing them how to make wrongs right.

        yes it is a sensitive issue but it can be simple for us to be honest with our growth + that is all anyone can expect. if our communication is done right then we can be fueled from not interfering or becoming dependent, rather supporting locals with sound foundations for start.

    please go within + ask yourself are you drowning riding on the wave of negativity or contributing to constructive simple solutions being applied which energizes + fuels us to self-sustain as an individual as well enable us to participate collectively, restoring our harmony.
                living as a local no matter how long of stay or how many moves one makes, we still plug into the plan` designed within the natural local boundaries + learn to live local, with in them. this then fuels our ability to continue to explore our desire/subject, not to mention synch within our natural boundaries within our self, etc..

               using same species sharing different recipe for food/medicine/tool - growing in different earth compositions. leaving each area to use same species for different applications. The many communities in India do this, where same species has a different effect. + it is this sensitivity of individuality that gives us the unique cultural expressions, if one is free to experience them.
 the earth`s indigenous/native cultures that `boon with the natural world have much to teach us..

     please put heading on comment in specific subcategory most efficient, so we all can retrieve easily in our search via our like ecosystem/subject.

       ex; if your overview included several water wells or encased water ways, etc. in different ecosystems, then tell us which one your in - desert water system, forest, high mountain, savannah, etc.

if you folks feel we should add more subcategories or major mode switch. then let us know. But we don`t want to get lost in archives, we want to live it now + share the harmony from the goodness exchanged.

   this movement co_evolve`s + links, so as to simplify our clarity + physical strength for what we can do more efficient as we rid our own baggage interfering.
         same with trans-boundary migration for specific species/large browser/hybrid energy system, so as not to interfere in micro or large browsers, giving respect for all that have lived their life in the area. as we enhance the quality of simple natural living, which must be prioritized as a life right for all;

           ex; small collective, sensitive/aware chosen locations for each to harmonize + fuel life with the other; water desalinization, bio-waste, composting; natural building from local materials, chosen food forests, etc.

                when we start with a way` do_in potluck + with our very 1st gathering we center for our selves responsibly + only then can we truly inter-relate.. establishing our cooperative based on our local reality of prioritizing our natural food production. which then shows us the path as we then follow thru with all do_ins`.. when we get here to plan` we already have our shared community tool shed in place + can easily search support from those do_in..
                    yes we appreciate schematics but with a common language we can all apply in our community, knowing well it is the existing life that guides our choice. please simplify this science language that keeps many feeling they are not being respected or listened to. a good science is something we work with not keep in a file or isolate the discussion from the community, rather the community creates sustainable survival, by living it.

     vs. the fragmented science that is leading people/govs wrongly as they fail to prioritize the profits, ending up being pieces of paper with dead pictures vs. life giving attributes for local community to have basic survival tools, fueling them to create, as music fills the air not drones.

  so we all can link working to rid the war mode + false green economies. knowing well as a community that planning/zoning/local gov, will not allow such business/acts, if doesn`t enhance the life living qualities, as community makes decisions to stay in real time, within it's local enhanced natural limits.
         this aids our own inner-personal homework, + helps us define whom most sensitive to read what the land speaks.. so as to reflect with as we all come to our center + build a space to do this exchange. so we all become aware to be sensitive to boon` with our natural resources without interfering.

   sadly many natives/families, have been unable to pass this on, as others have interfered, beyond their control.

but now as we support this global organization, i come to talk story, to link with this movement, we then can seek solutions the microsecond we find our self being swallowed up by this disassociated energy.

   rather we then go with locals back to rejoin` do_in + define this energy exchange within us...d

                   this is for each of us to be supported from a sound system that ecologically sustains, as each define one`s issues whether riding on others wave to actual experiencing one`s own clarity as with simple do_in self-massage, or perhaps no local applications to fuel prioritizing what??

               as many local communities are in food desserts with no life giving support. allowing us to develop self reliance. when fall off, when unable to return for what ever reason, + for long term support, if needed. regaining our own balance ASAP, we continue to be a local, global + beyond participant with efficient support mechanisms in place..

   we each can be supported locally eye to eye to walk our path as we build it, into our own openings..vs. chasing delusions fragmenting, contributing to our choices as we chase materialism, delusions, etc.
             this plan` is in result to the cooperative being sustained while co_evolving, so please post accordingly, as a representative to your local group, land/water use.. do an over view + see what can light your path...

             go figure resources for community to pool together. so with all below that is to be considered, we can start with our food + intervene according to season, best for your local community;
                  such as making a plan` natural building/restoration/relocation, bio-waste for field set aside + rotate. public transportation, coop bicycling - sharing so tools are maintained, not left out in moisture, etc.. it`s easier when all recycle + use from our community tool shed, especially with shared focus, such as growing our food..

     although articles may be very good, please take out pertinent subject + put in subcategory of what you are working on. link us to the actual article. if folks are here we can go their.                    
          we will focus to clean up our air way trail of yada, that we allowed to accumulate in order to get this out their working.
                 we apologize for that + welcome you folks to do the same. this is why we choose Gaia Web Host. they recycle computer equipment knowing the footprint + incorporate them into their environment. they consume very little, along with being very skillful + respectful as they have aided us along this path of development. see their statement.

       this way our tool will build simply vs. having you to have to go thru a lot of information + dig out what you need. if you got this far you already have been thru a lot of yada from us. we did this to effectively reach out to many in different modes, from folks with actual sugar level issues unable to concentrate, along the way of folks suffering – without, to others that are very clear + have been helpful to reflect with, to those of us still removing baggage using it as a tool to explore + restore along the way.
              you can use this as an example to build your own community on Nabble, or other forums. for our objective is to post subject matters via ecosystems, sharing the bi`joy experiences as we live whole lives, accepting nothing less then harmony as we shift the fragments from lack of understanding real hands on applications.. sharing over coming the layers we easily can get stuck in. so others can feel + reflect. too reconnect with the natural world thru these bi`joy examples..
     we can`t afford to do your homework.
         we won`t take up space to house journals when we can link actual acts to replace negative effects..
       if people or entities/products/services are leaving negative effects, grip the bucket + state the reality;
               state what mode you are in for starters for it is not worth the energy to try to assess another without facts in front of your eyes, + even then if loaded with baggage we can`t see the earth below our feet... it`s always easier to speak for another then to define how what you say applies to self or how you have gained from it.

         such as you have yet to confront them with solutions thru a `tapering process, or folks are in the process + who, etc. type of resistance with alternative options via your ecosystem/subject. if you cannot address them directly, then post for others to join in with ideals, or how about yet even to unite locally with like focus to self-sustain/network + prioritize your own local issues etc..
               with like subject sensitivity + skill, folks together - responsibly make amends to negative effects, as well recycling what can. leaving both sides now in an efficient mode to balance mindbody + heal.

         As well us with clarity, no more dependency on that which was wrong. we hold ourselves responsible locally + at the end of our focus afar as we all co_evolve.. with yet more energy to part time cooperatively build our community to help us build our self.

                                 thank you those that fuel our path..

      i share words best said by many living within nature`s bounty, in a partnership with nature.               
           This starts best when we address our food, our sustainable practices whether wild crafting, sprouting saving local natural seed – free from GMO`s in our/neighboring fields, fishing + natural farming, efficiently using space/materials. realize their is nothing better than the energy that comes thru our food when planted in good earth with good water, air + space.
                  as in harvested straw returned to the soil instead of burning. The fields provide valuable habitat for a variety of animals. Migrating waterfowl inhabit flooded fields, providing natural fertilizer + aid straw decomposition. conduct an annual egg aid, collecting duck eggs in the fields before planting, incubating them + releasing them back into the wild. while practicing water conservation.

                  wind mills/generators, solar panels, water power, etc. potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the years + offsetting electricity is good if we break the grid mode traveling distances, reduce our consumption + do it locally. true ecological rethinking of land/water use for large participants in monoculture. + we are not supporting Al Gore mode as he has well profited financially as he still fails to see natural reality + how his credit swaps are not healthy.

    in our `tapering transition we can define + gain with small natural farms, lessen our consumption, less power needed or off set back into local community, conserving wild places for wildlife. or as in Prof. Miguel Altieri`s mode to assess + enhance in retrospect with agro-ecology.
         remember just production of goods is not good - if the whole space is interfering in the biomes/ecosystems ability to sustain them self. that which could better participate in our sustainability from them.
         the planet`s over all ecological sustainability, makes us all interdependent on these natural systems.                  

    we know earth can care for itself just fine, but how we `boon with it, can make us much more comfortable, for many patches` are in harmony as they unite with hands on with what sustains them, + are willing to share with the many pockets` without..
       we as humans have made this mess. So to restore putting nature back into it` s appropriate hands, we feel reflecting together can create our ability to rethink, as we share, building this platform to share experiences that work, giving us bi`joy results.

      many local ways give us a tool bag for an awareness to work within our natural energy as well the earths enhanced energy of every local ecosystem. so as we `boon with it, we co_evolve our human potential, build new neuro networks. live local + do conscious trade local + only when naturally abundant, afar.. + this Fair Trade has been abusive so it needs to be investigated with options. + we know Free Trade is not free.

   please take part in our ongoing live discussions of conscious trade to taper down Free Trade that is not free, + even the Fair Trade that is not our true potential. especially when many are without.

    we ask with compassion, to come together freely if in need. + those with more resources please support us to aid their self-reliance, as they gain understanding of these worn torn threads.

  contact me if interested, for we are collecting names now to enhance our understanding of conscious trade, in a live discussion;


       please reflect with this reality;

    we all are needed to create local + global linking to supply our genetic bio-diversity so as to sustain us all in good health, aid our small farms to give us natural organic food + medicine, at an expense for all + keep pests in check..
                in rejoin` we asked our self if self-sustaining.. gleaning – gaining from foods left in fields after harvest on land which is good but not at sea. did you think about a sustainable community design before you settled in. if like us many times – stuff brought us to a community, little to define how hard it has been to have access to diverse natural foraging + natural grown foods. still to see many without basic needs, new combers to area + long term residents. some on heavy medication, misunderstood + mismanaged, fall thru cracks.. mean while some continue to wonder without a home, have strokes, continue their addiction, or die in process.
                  yet i see as in ORCCA, an Oregon local community support entity, which is new to me. that Madeline + folks have a good sense of a lot of good input to help give comfort, relieve pain, help feed, free preschool support, etc. so all can better obtain peace. But many in some areas already have either to much funding + don`t apply. Yet they remain in the system yet uncomfortable, while others suffer stuck with too much funds yet unable to organize themselves to stay within their means,  especially when ill.

  + the dental health to me is out of reality by many, same with western medicine, when yet we have very simple early signs we can address with natural behavior modifying as well natural substances to aid our healing, stop our pain + support our ability to regain prioritized focus, as we suggest sharing in our local food applications.

  good old grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil to name a few should be in every ones med kit + this list is lengthy with local applications to replace those from afar...

       in your plan` see how you can interact with existing entities, to stop the fragmenting + apply for your local community to harmonize. before starting more, reach over + extend, while minimize + simplify efficiently. So your local folks can plug in + understand how best for more to rehab, manage + heal, as resources are shared.
        some communities, are limiting subsistent fishing, which we don`t agree with, if it is correct in Lane county, Or.. + here in Charleston draggers/trawlers are delayed from fishing, which disrupts many, considering this years crab season has been very bad. all these transactions need to be on a `tapering transition, not cold turkey. Some counties are stopping monocultures, which is a good thing. + this list goes on as folks are getting together + making change with legal backing, if needed. but we prefer not to go that corrupt route either.

    it is more efficient to transcend, redirect your energy in thought + come back as a healthy human + simply understand, vs. get lost in complexity.  rid your baggage + strive to be a local, global + beyond participant.

                       all is required to comment, if we are to prevent GMO salmon/foods/seeds, etc..

    this movement reaching out allows us to get on the wave with good synergy as many folks are do_in.                                                                                                                                                  
        we are  presently continuing this walkabout to define a language/way. that researchers + sustainable folks can agree on. to avoid the inefficiencies + inter-intra personal grief, due to feeling disrespected/not listened to, while more resistance is put on locals, when people/gov/businesses leave negative effects.

           ex; as in the commercial fisheries or when regulators are yet to see clarity, + how best we can help them see the natural truth. to promote safety to all life we are interdependent on.

    then to change policy/misinformation, etc. so we can act responsibly, tapering into conscious exchange, as we all `boon with our natural limits. not forgetting to go within, truly identify + differentiate our baggage, our misuse, or from others` abuse, or what we must accept peacefully as we parallel efficiently. until we co_evolve with solutions understood by all..

   please take a review of these links + see which mode fits your personal + community needs to trigger what you may be missing or add to it.. Google Intentional Communities for a start..

                   we all may share together for understanding, to then act;




      see the plan` category - the ocean we share.. + or the others which you may be closer to or in need to fine tune once over view in sight. + join in sharing this walkabout to explore what others are do_in.. add specifics in the subcategories if can focus direct. by sharing your community in the building, all can then trigger their thought by specific ecosystem/subject.

                here we prioritize – where many folks get lost in fragments – but if we look at an over view for our wild to stay wild, only then can we see a clear picture of what sustains us to be where we are + in building/restoring our communities...

  we feel by working the wild correctly we only enhance our own self as well our community. their is no isolation in our ecological categories. for in our genes we are hunters + gathers + if we migrate our wild + work it seasonally with it`s offerings, we then our much better prepared to move in harmony with earths physical changes that continue to happen. this is not knew, so don`t let anyone exploit the global warming issue.

      yes the earthly scars/negative acts still allowed to start/remain on earth + in space, damage all life. what we humans have done is inexcusable + unconscious, leaving much work, that will keep us all busy working at for quite some time.

      we don`t have to let this good work of self-developing, within our natural enhanced limits, that bring us present in our moment, to be stolen by others abuse or are own misuse.

    rather we can taper + this transition is very healing, so all come back into local community so we all work for each to build their/our path as they walk it into their opening.

  not ride on others` wave or allow our loved ones, our neighbors, our human family to continue in misuse, yet not understand. rather we can invite, reflect as we focus direct what sustains us as we start with our local food/medicine for restoring our local sovereignty. + in solidarity network in support.

   we are appreciative of the indigenous + locals that have not lost their `ways carried forward that work. + it is never to late to learn from those still do_in as we unite.

           we invite you to build this platform. as we come together here to support each to leave no footprint + make this process friendly..

         seriously knowing what issues can be addressed as we review + ask if in doubt + network seeing the application of others. to trigger where you may begin with what sustains you as you add to the whole over view...
         ask + define, what you do, for what sustains you...

               your wild areas supporting soundness to support all wild life we are interdependent on as you work them seasonally to `boon with your self.. do we have trans-boundary migration, linking paths for large browsers...

      over view of healthy watershed restored.. are our rivers flowing to our neighbors or to us, while yet you or another have developed, leaving others unable?? are we using ocean + desert to create water.. are we catching our rain, grey water + recycling for gardens in our yard with enormous yield with small space + vertical gardens, linking with community unused earth abandoned, along with foraged areas, sprouting, saving seed ordering bulk from farmers cooperatives..
                  ask do we have bio-waste recycling or can we build..

     do you build an outhouse before your house.. are pigs fertilizing the woods + ducks your fields + ponds + species to kill off the malaria mosquito species, etc.. increasing bio-diversity.. natural building within + replenishing natural resources.
                          ask do you have access to a grange` as in port townsend, Wa. where a building is recycled for get together for workshops. Julia supports folks to share.

       or like the boiler room also there. if they would add a juice bar it would be really good, plus find a cheaper building for social responsible activities, without so much tax. plus add direct work exchange with the local small natural farmers supplying their goods for the juice bar. as they address many local issues in poetry, song, performance of many in a creative gathering, in real time..

           For a true community experience you want to build cooperative prioritized shared focus + recycle with your community shared toolshed filled with an abundance of resources locally that many yet to be aware of...
                   explore Mandala` theater group which addresses local issues as it invites community to be part of the problem as they offer solutions, supporting those that have kept suffering inside to long. realizing they have yet another chance to rid + redirect this draining fuel as each can transfer to a positive solution of choice. as folks work together part time ridding these true needs of the community along with those needs embedded in our community members as they carry suffering from past experiences..

   us humans can build new neuro networks to apply harmony, we do not have to carry these unconscious scars from others or our misuse, no more.. nor do we have to continue to create/be lost in our own misuse.. but we must do our homework..

       by supporting early signs we become aware, if unaware check out our pri`performance do_in to bring them out. helping folks see another way to rid them. as we apply this in all subcategories..

             we don`t have to emotionally over react/allow horrors from past + present to continue to surface + interfere, without grounding good facts that we can act on, all the way to good governing..
               such as the killing of caldron dolphins.. or albatross that goes 10 days to feed + folks are finding their stomachs filled with plastic from flying fish dropping larvae on plastics thrown or dumped in ocean.. or killing coyote due to them attacking snowy plover, due to European grass planted to save sand dunes, invading plovers territory. or hunt sea lions out of balance + cormorants taking salmon.. this list goes on. but if we locally make common sense of our existence + regain a natural balance, these resolutions can be respectfully defined for each species.

              many humans have existed from respectfully hunting for food or bait, salvaging all materials for tools/clothing, etc. coming together yet many disagree with these issues as they emotionally lose perspective. this is a very sensitive issue to us. for to slaughter many vs. managed fair hunt, not as in mid west with a line of rifles for deer. A healthy balance can be restored + maintained.

Rather each community can do some relocation + management by plant succession. As each ecosystem is truly defined for it`s sustainability; very old, old growth, new + it`s stages, etc..

                  this list goes on if we make it or we stop it + take action + define story. once solution is researched from those with success respectfully for all life, as community comes together + posts. Enabling us to gain from the earth`s indigenous ways that work if we co_evolve with them.

           we put our shared focus in retrospect with our community tool shed. if not enough resources we rethink where funds + tools going.. redefine another simple way. change policy + make our dysfunctional entities work so they are not consuming or wastefully spending. Rather we rethink our importance in these issues. + together stop supporting some. + bring them to an end while yet other efficiencies are fueled. Simplifying. So that each can gain by this shared experience for furthering self-reliance. To walk with clarity + physical energy.

the plan` is going to be a bit different in each community, depending on prioritizing issues. but basic tools of do_in assessment can be shared by all, to trigger thought. as folks ground+ plug in with hands on producing.

            please  continue to reflect with all subcategories + define where best to make this tool most efficient by you for you, entering where most comfortable;

       remember when you post in what ever subcategory you choose, you state your specific location by latitude + longitude, contact info if offer/need more than what can be given in the comment mode, + express your strategies, even if not clear all the way, + let another come aboard + help you finish, or if clear than explain the steps that got you their, + add a schematic used or created. this `way the subject is simply laid out to address, help out or appreciate + use it as a good tool to go figure..

                    lets take a review 1st before you further fine tune your post, to better define if you have been part of the problem or part of the solution;

                  we suggest start with Miguel Altieris` work for overview of what should be as starters

                                  Miguel`s short version video of agro_ecology




(To receive updates and news about upcoming events and new publications, you can sign up the TNI's e-newsletter here:

                                        Miguel`s longer video


                                        Miguel`s pdf text

                        a longer version of a world perspective of agro_ecology from wiki


                  this text is being worked to simplify, but we hope it triggers your thought...

please remember don`t just mimic nature but be part of natural ways, laws etc...

     i share a post Wendy + i are working on;

             We and our govt are part of a system and collective way of being that has learned to have little consciousness of our effects on life, is not life giving, and even Barack was talking about going into Pakistan, for ex, as he was running for pres the first time. It was just not the main conversation or rhetoric.

     He was right though that it takes all of us, not just voting in and letting them make the decisions. They r too confused and immersed in a complex, corrupt, confused, fragmented world, even if they really think they want to do good.

        Even now in this false green economy mode many continue the path of not seeing/really looking/thinking through from start to finish-from resource extraction, energy/resource use to waste. Many remain unaware of the displacement, genocide, rape, and more that is happening over resources around the world, particularly in the Western world where many of us are removed from, do not see our effects...

      Fortunately, there is a positive side to this reality check, humans can be beneficial organisms, not just over-consumers and have the ability to look more deeply at themselves and all to really think through before doing and to come together to creatively clean up this mess that we are all a part of.

     We can cleanse, recreate and restore ecosystems that mimic nature and that can hydrate, feed, house, warm, etc. all life and with zero "waste" if done right. Community perennial food forests are just one example. I have a larger article we are working on with solutions so I won`t go on. I will share once I finish it. Love u!

                                    thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..



                             PLEASE SHARE!



                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

   Please see our new Subcategories on URGENT UPDATE SUBJECTS (UUS) on the right side, so as to help ASAP the many left behind/or on the run now, as we welcome all to post on this `transitional shift message board (`tsmb).

   Humanity has solutions please share yours, so all needs can get met along w/the local `plan of each community, sharing in solidarity, globally, so all get one's needs met, fueling each to get out of the survival mode and into being a mindful participant, as we all work this `transformation needed in every community now to prepare for global weather getting worse!

    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave a message
                            or email;
          We appreciate your participation, please share our link while you do your walkabout for you/your family and your communities!
                             `i come to talk story

        See more/correct and post on this `tsmb, now being structured here on Nabble under UUS in Subcategories!
       See more on our Google site, and excuse our inability to edit all here and there, to harmonize due to our feelings to help ASAP where can, those in need;

         Please Donate to our US Nonprofit Association,

                           `i come to talk story

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