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please contact President Obama + Secretary Kerry + tell them to stop the Keystone XL ASAP...
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
thank you Sierra for your good work...

ExxonMobil is doing everything it can to deflect attention from Mayflower, Arkansas, ever since the company's pipeline spill on March 29 spewed 85,000 gallons of tar sands crude into the community. The company even managed to get a no-fly zone established over the town. But it's not managing to hide the truth: tar sand pipelines are disasters waiting to happen. Watch this video of tar sands crude flowing through the streets of Mayflower.

The public comment period on the far more massive Keystone XL tar sands pipeline ends April 22.

Sierra Clubs link to contact President Obama + Secretary Kerry below;

as much as we try here at - i come to talk story, speaking for our combined` effect, to have these folks listen, it will take us all to give quantity pressure, for their present system is dysfunctional, not allowing people to interact simply with respect for every one`s energy, when they are lost, just follow the money + you will see what they listen too.

so we will continue to link for we have very good solutions for all this disassociated energy that traps all of us if we are not very careful + fortunate to have the collective community support that many are left without living in food deserts, meanwhile gov/businesses want to exploit more to send farther, not even realizing they are destroying the natural world that we all are interdependent on.

we personally see the manipulations of fragmented science that acts with volatile businesses, wanting more, as natural resources are consumed. especially taken advantage when no collective community to stop them. so this is where we need to gather like mind to reach out globally + redirect. so together we harness this fuel to truly co_evolve our many good solutions we have now.

our earth will continue to have changes, this is what nature does + many presently are not aware to handle natural changes let alone more destruction as they entrusted you to not do wrong, as many are yet to be aware of how trapped this gov`s dysfunction really is.

this below does not have to continue;

      Last month, we saw a tar sands pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas spill nearly 10,000 barrels of tar sands oil into a residential neighborhood. This spill is yet one more indication that we are not prepared to transport or clean up this dirtier, heavier, toxic form of oil. The Arkansas spill also highlighted numerous unanswered questions that must be addressed before we allow a tar sands pipeline nearly 10 times the size of the Pegasus line to bisect our country and run through one of our most important aquifers.

Then this month, we have seen record-breaking temperatures in major cities across the United States -- just one more indication that we are experiencing the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change and need to alter our course immediately. It is impossible to fight climate change while simultaneously investing in the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on the planet. Many of the administration's bold advances in clean energy and vehicle efficiency have been critical, but much of that progress -- and the credit that comes with it needs to be reviewed, for much of it is not working within nature`s enhanced limits. as with gauges from agro_ecology to give us local natural food sovereignty. review Miguels work, he knows well the corrupt food crises we have on this planet. so credit is not to be given until locals regain this.

not to mention take a look at the nuclear repository plans for 2048 still not completed correctly from the cold war, while 40% of navy/submarine are using nuclear power as it continues to pile.

we have serious global issues that need not not just local responsibility to be taken. rather the way resources are exploited in the Free Trade agreements that are not free, same with some Fair Trade, when we should be having care trade

we are working at structuring a global org to parallel. established clear natural boundaries + welcome those leaving negative effects into a tapering transition. the gov/businesses/regulatory boards are being manipulated perhaps to greed, perhaps to programmed neuro networks as the layers of dysfunction preoccupy. the no fly zone here is a good ex, not to mention the way bus/gov is proposing if people are lucky elsewhere. other wise they do it behind peoples back or incompletely.

we can downscale + end this war mode, false green  + lack of developing within nature1s enhanced border, economies for we have great solutions in small/medium applications, globally. which our platform in the building will support people to reflect, to trigger yet another way to rid this baggage that simply results form lacking respect + sensitivity for all life.

we have a plan, come join us as a US non-profit in the building, as,
 i come to talk story, speaking for our combined` effect,  restructure`s project osic + creates 1 good universal science to link + restore the damage well done globally effecting every local community. which we can harness + put people to work building lives/heal/self-satisfy as natural communities fuel this transition. + each can self-develop once students with their goodness redirect, restore rehabs to bring all to the table + make a local `plan, so we all can become a responsible local, global + beyond participant. + help all understand their is another `way;


we welcome those interested in structuring to contact us + all else please come aboard + reflect the goodness of application we know that works, as collective we go figure with those left behind presently in every local community, some much more %`s then others without simple living comforts, as waste + consumption continues from the many dysfunctions, that we feel our students in every community can help focus direct with us, to link these worn torn threads. as we together restore ecological sound working communities + harmonize..

supporting music to fill the air as people have local fresh food, clean air, water, soil to build food forests, etc. from simple means of bio_sanitation recycled/our human indigenous offerings co_evolving old + new ways, etc, with small to medium size alternative energy as supplements only, as people learn another way to self-express, explore yet leave no footprint as no longer do we need to over supply consumptive behaviors carried forward from the many that have struggled/died prematurely due to this dysfunction carried forward.

together we can stop these negative effects from stealing many moments, keeping people unable to be fully present in the moment as pain continues. good working people that fought for what they thought was peace, while yet others manipulated for their gain + still are. unable to go beyond their nightmares awakening them as they yet to know they can, as sleepless nights fill them with the horrors of war..

         not to mention those ill yet to have proper care as western medicine is still not offering simple ways that work.

we have a `plan so please rethink, support us to better support your understandings + we will show you these negative effects already happening + we can accept no more..

folks we all have to do our homework, + network. please don`t settle for anything less then the many patches of simple folks living in natural communities as they maintain within nature`s enhanced limits, or invite in to build on others ways as they redefine what can work via like ecosystem/subject, as they have for centuries. as all can `boon with the natural world creating a natural life/ policy to go beyond these destructive ways from entering. while yet collectively we work within our self + others trapped, as we continue to rid this baggage,.

Environmental momentum in Canada means that other new tar sands infrastructure is no longer a guarantee, so stopping Keystone XL will indeed be a big step against the tar sands. I demand climate leadership from this administration, for existing decision making is based on false/incomplete science that we can show is wrong that exceeds natures boundaries. this we cannot accept. and that has to begin with the rejection of Keystone XL. I also request that this comment on the draft SEIS and the pipeline, and all other comments, be made public in the interest of transparency and accountability.

Barack + John as a human family participant, please stop allowing yourself to be so preoccupied that you no longer can see what sustains us all, for our children, ill + frail are sensitive + people everywhere are being negatively effected by this simple lack of good science to be applied. we have other ways that work.

please all do what you can + share with congress/all so as each understand we can give more details to fill in, where manipulation is strongly trying to over ride, failing to see the complete study in every community along this path.

if I can further explain please contact me;

kara j Lincoln 360-450-3749 please leave message,
 or email + I will get back ASAP.
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do one's local `plan that prioritizes our co_evolving collective plan of earth-space as together we rid toxic were most negatively effecting all species including humans, now to help! Only then can we al then live local doing one's local `plan, staying updated on our earth-space messageboard in the building, w/your help!
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