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we have solutions now to not allow our Columbia river or anywhere to be exploited wrongly...
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Please Governor Kitzhaber + DEQ Director Dick Pedersen, have a discussion with President Barack Obama + your colleagues + realize the importance of looking at our mother earth as a whole.

Please deny the draft permit for Ambre Energy's Port of Morrow Project + use it as yet another example.

every biome is dependent on the next to be in tack with a balanced genetic bio-diversity to sustain our earth as well all species on it + we as humans are one of them.

those in harmony now in patches cannot survive unless pockets without are also addressed + brought to sustainable measures for all life in them to link. for to be alive on earth is to be in motion.

sadly already our students undeveloped within all are suffering, not to mention we are losing a variety of our biodiversity, which can stop ASAP. please use this as an example for the many policies in need of attention now.

You can stop coal export in its tracks. I urge you to deny the Air Containment Discharge Permit and other state permits that will pave the way for Ambre Energy's Morrow Pacific coal export project.  

Coal is toxic. And DEQ should use its full authority to protect the entire Columbia River from toxic coal dust. This includes requiring a 401 water quality certification that will evaluate all impacts of dirty coal on our river.

Oregon should also refrain from making a decision on any permits until an independent Health Impact Assessment is reviewed and the federal government evaluates along with an indigenous review for the present science being used is incomplete.

    where as Oriental medicine can assess as in where western medicine has no answer, when they do. so look at the local knowledge + if all lost then bring in skilled, sensitive to update now as with Prof Miguel Altieri whom has created agro_ecology working with indigenous still working with yields similar yet no toxic effects left.

+ if you cannot we can, Miguel Altieri with Dr. Yun Wang along with others have solutions to clearly see the health impacts

we have to as a human species understand we are interdependent on all life + we need to prioritize our natural local food, for Miguel can show you clearly who + how our global food system is in crises. so regulators please rethink + gather good science to link your fragmented science.

  the Health Assessment can be completed as it already has been done in patches. to show  the significant impacts of coal export in an Environmental Impact Statement.  Coal harms our lungs, our water, and our climate.  

Stand on the right side of history: reject coal export in Oregon.

we should not have to petition every permit requested. look at this extreme waste of resources from people, that you legislators require, same with more funds, yet you have such payroll as is + retirement, when yet so many locals are left without.

      rather standards can be set for simple respect for life + when these boundaries are not met, instant tapering transitions preventing damage to continue as it is reversed immediately.  our planning departments need to have these good science gauges that presently are yet to be organized, as they engage with the many good folks we have now to link..

same with LNG wanting to come on north spit of Coos Bay, as in many places desired, as it also comes from coal, so stop them.

if you folks would take part more as a local community participant + ask all your colleagues to do the same, this good science could co_evolve this false green, as well the war mode economy.

this good science has failed to be organized globally + can. for every local community to require a tapering transition to set the stage so all existing that exceed natures enhanced limits, as Prof Miguel Altieri states, can then bring local awareness to what can be or should be denied, vs having to do petitions, which are prehistoric resulting from this programmed mind set in Gov. as people fall prey to follow.

we as the community can build new neuro networks to stop this type of self-destruction for we have many good simple small/medium alternative solutions as we become aware to downscale, leaving no footprints as we naturally `boon working sensitively the complete biome(s), better preparing ourselves for natural disasters as we work our seasonal offerings thruout, no longer set aside wild for tourism, etc. rather co_evolve our human potential as we sharpen our sensors as we self-develop by experiencing one with our natural genes as hunter gathers.

actually setting up seasonal bases as we work them in diverse geographical locations to then find refuge in with early signs as we technically then have sharper sensors to create better tools of warning, as we prioritize this efficiency, not exploit the false green development. or take advantage of other countries to fight for land/sea/water grabbing, etc. thinking we are developing them.

please let each develop themselves as we share simple respect for all life, so each start with their local natural food sovereignty. this gives us fuel for clarity setting each ones path into their opening as they work it collectively. better equipped to reach out locally + help sustain, no more goods coming from afar leaving such footprints. US aid is prehistoric how it interferes in locals ability to self develop. same with present Free Trade, which is not free, it steals from local environments + manipulated to make money for others afar. leaving distraught environments + ill people, not to mention kill all species prematurely.

we at are doing just this restructuring to help all people come together + understand what many are already do_in as we focus direct together + share making a more friendly efficient process, linking our sustainable earth that we all are interdependent on. as we prioritize what sustains us daily, such as our air, water, bio-sanitation, our many opportunities to naturally `boon with our earth so we stop interfering, yet get fueled from our ecosystem offerings. as people are treated with equality that know  them best, to show us yet another way..

please be part of this solution not the problem + stop this, for once we are organized as a human family sharing common denominators, each local community will reflect whom is responsible for what. + our mechanisms will then have exponential attention to resolve, so why go ahead 5 steps + back 3,  as with vaccinations, thinking that is the answer, wrong. when our natural defenses when built our own best tools. which requires us to balance each bio-diverse biome, + link globally.

we can redirect all the goodness many have now to go beyond this fragmented science that should not be allowed to whiplash our students, as it leaves the undeveloped student in adult bodies ill, unable to self-develop as normal healthy life can, once given simple respect..

  students will help us as they co_evolve their curriculum to harmonize with the natural restoration of every local community, globally.

             we will unite the many patches, for peace is an option if we share what works with pockets without..

+ we are happy to have you help us do what you can, not just for 1 development, but set the stage nationally/internationally, for UN is also dysfunctional. for this good science is the answer if acted on, that we do have.

      my experiences these last 4 years in Oregon has shown much fragmentation with every local science project I have seen, even with Mrs. Kitzhaber + Arnie Roblans support, as part of the marine reserves, where local commercial fisherfolks feel they have no say over it, as pieces interfere. when it would not have to be that way if everyone comes tot he table + feels respect. one local just told me when he spoke up a F+W person asked him if he had a PHD, he said no, so the man told him to shut up. this man, my neighbor is a very good commercial fisherfolk + many feel the same that they do not have the knowledge required, this is so wrong, for you people to not listen to those that are in direct contact with our elements.

this is why we are in such decline + dysfunction for no good science has been created from these sustainable folks, as the paper pusher regulators pursue grants out of touch with the real world, while they remain in tact with it, burdened by regulators. this can change, go sit down + talk + listen.

I can imagine what students will define with all of you as each entity is assessed further. such waste as been exposed so far.

     when I ask other fisher folks, they tell me they are not respected + cannot afford to fight every regulation due to it being bad science + their inability to share. which you also could help by developing a coop between the F+W directly with the commercial fisher folks, so they can clearly have participation making it safer for their work, allowing them to choose their schedule, when presently now you have many regulatory boards that are not even aware of the real time elements, that fisher folks are subjected to, with different openings of different species.

this can be a great example for the ongoing peace negotiations on this planet as well. for they have been very incomplete.

Gov  Kitzhaber, when I listened to your wife, I felt she was a nice lady, her heart was their but her skill + sensitivity for the natural workings of mother earth was not, but her story was for children, not for the working community to develop.

     we have so much good science that is not even being tapped into that as Prof Miguel creates from working with indigenous still living it, yet their ways are not toxic or polluting to the balanced environment we seek for our best medicine.

i'm sorry sir but Arnie Roblan + many others need to have students by their side if they are to continue, to enable them to get out of the fog + co_evolve in real time, for they presently are behind + missing a bit of science.. their fragmented work can be appreciated if students can link the missing gaps.

 thank you for what you can do to stay in touch with the many good local folks we have that are being over loaded due to the few with out nero networks to stay in real time with the natural world. which requires individual assessments not from same bad scientists, rather open to the local community people that know their local biomes best. not fragmented bad science.

to see Oregon Universities offer so much good science as good options are their, then to see it not acted on as locals have to fight for working grounds not to be interfered with that have worked sustainably for many years. which is all part of the neuro science as well all the fields of science being taught + researched, yet does not enter the local community real world.

    not acted on. yet no good science was even written from the sustainable acts still daily worked. then to see a proposed science come in like the PEU foundation with Our Oceans was unbelievably dysfunctional. if they would of had their way much more of the Oregon coast would of been set aside for marine reserves, etc. which would of totally interrupted the small commercial fishing fleet more then they already are.

 good example is charging fisher folks to have a person supposedly skilled to observe as they now take up room on their boat, + charge the ff for this how bad is this. where is the trust for our workers that endure our strong diverse elements, have you worked this coast, well  you should.

same with the battlefields, the legislators should go first, before making decisions.

fortunately this is a great opportunity to put good folks to work equally as  even many volunteer, as good sharp sensor develop, people heal + new neuro networks build from real hands on eye to eye application  takes place for many are suffering in every local community, globally.

     come talk to some oldies like Fran + Mike on F/V Behmer still working in Charleston, + they will tell you the story of how bad fishing rules have gotten. + you will see even now as the International Port of Coos Bay supports LNG development that is wrong, that many old ways that worked could be reinstituted + are not. rather you have incomplete fragmented dysfunction, that good students could help resolve, as each person is aided to better naturally align their industry so as not to leave an ecological footprint, the way it is continuing.

rather the tapering transition processes can fuel better regulation in real time for each location.

please ask your self what legacy you are leaving, + realize we have no future to give if we do not right now involve our children into this process + focus direct together, for they need to see our faults, our lack of neuro processing, so they themselves can possibly survive now, as many of them already are disillusioned from our ill state. let along thinking we should do for their future. when it won't happen that way.  rather they need us know to work with them, as we focus direct together. seeing the goodness of good science + they help us with these worn torn threads, so we stop the dysfunction.

     for the illness now of many, are fragmenting irresponsibly  involvement + unawareness continues to make regulation wrongly. as well our damage to mother earth continues. when together we can go figure + their sharp minds redirected with many in the fog, can resharpen their dull sensors, as then young + old sharp sensors fuel awareness.

so all come to the cloth/table + can be supported to build their path as they walk it into each ones opening. not be resisted by a belief that does not support each to maintain their own discipline of ones own self-sensory observation.

              we can keep sharp conscious thought in the present.

so people please if cannot do this step down or let our students aid us as we each then get out of the fog or get out of their way + heal, then come back as a local, global + beyond participant, that we all can be. especially if we focus direct now building working communities that become better than any rehab. that I once requested we needed.

especially when I say having more weapons on the street is not the answer with more police. especially when Oregon mental wards/hospitals/jails cannot properly facilitate the correct education for one to self-develop + heal.

so it is not a rehab we need to fund, it is a working community where people talk to each other + students prerequisites give hands on to those left without. as all degreed people come take part in their local walkabout next to the students to see the results of the community from their effects left.

for the present over regulations from bad science not being asserted has left people with layers of information that they cannot process, for it is beyond the comprehension of a healthy human being, let alone the ability for all life to be healthy that our life is interdependent on.

we must individualize + live local  by focusing on prioritizing local natural food sovereignty, we then can fuel our path to see our reality of our need to link our biomes globally.

no ecosystem can survive on it`s own, their is no natural borders, we are all one.

please if get a chance see David Suzuki`s presentation in Perth, Australia on you tube. he says all this best. this was the present I gave to the last port meeting I went to here in Charleston for it`s development, with Port of Coos Bay. + if David would of added what I state above with the need for our children to be part of this now, not our legacy mode, then his speech would of been very complete. as is, it is an excellent piece of work, for us all to work with.

we have a world of options + one good global science can support all to speak their own tongue as they self-develop, from the simple respect given from all, as each then easily can interpret good working communities where Free Trade no longer steals, rather it becomes care trade, putting no dollar value over a life of any species.

imagine all the possibilities with all our goodness, yet to surface, if we organize this walkabout so the much goodness in patches can be linked with the pockets without in every local community, globally

thank you for this review! + thank you Sierra Club for bringing this to our attention!

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good folks are building this network along with their community,
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