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are you thinking about the impact you leave..
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
this has been difficult for me to define President Barack Obama`s take on this question.

but considering you all have invited me to sign his birthday card, when I've stated I do not celebrate birthdays. rather we celebrate life everyday.

so I thought this would be a special moment to share this with Barack. for I want you to know I will stop trying to define these questions once you share your input. for I never assume to know what you are thinking.

but please be aware the many that are accusing you negatively, have been a great challenge for me to defend not just you, rather this dysfunctional system that I know can be repaired or we will find the means to replace it. same with UN. for their are too many good minds do_in very good work to have such continued stress to many from this lack of attention to distribute the awareness of what it takes to simply respect all life + how interdependent we are on all.

so lets try to address our local priorities in every community working with all, especially if we pool our thoughts to get thru these August activities, productively, so as to change this process, putting respect back into the people to self-sustain + self-develop, once we establish a platform, even if link existing, so we can share subject matter to trigger each to rethink, as we reflect with those already in harmony, via like ecosystem/subject. so as to see with our tools even from afar if have to, so as to apply only what we can take home to then share with the community to further define..

no way can we all do the same at the same time. our nero networks are coming from many different experiences + we need to share this compassion for each to be real with own potential in own time.

so i`m digging deep + i`ve been bothered to define how best to do this. not having enough engineering experience or even ethnic indigenous upbringing, so I work with my experience of hard knocks along the way. which I don`t expect any good education to allow this. for it is history, with all our good tools. + I certainly am very appreciative of my grand child at 3 to take part with mama Ellie at the Waldorf school method she has studied in a local farm setting.

for their is no way I can stop + leave this misinformation to my children or grandchildren, as we work now to go figure.

so Barack I ask you + OFA, + I`ve tried to ask several times with no answer, so please as I reach out this month i'd like to set this information straight with all I connect with.

Center for Biological Diversity shows us detail on the many developments of oil that have been a high risk leaving negative results + they plan to continue to stop this with their skilled team of lawyers as they reach out in global events that we plan to take part in;

I know the many issues the Canadian First Nations are working at trying to stop the tar sand`s shale as it pollutes/pipelines incorrectly developed/exploitations of their natural resources, leaving ill/negative effects, as many globally are having land/sea/water grabbed, etc. as in the many networks trying to define, such as IDLE No More is reaching out + the many coming together for their own local sovereignty, as well the earth survival camp get together, to further protect mother earth + this list goes on as people are ill from these negative effects + want to heal + want to make it right as they restore their natural community, producing own local sovereignty.

I support + agree with Miguel`s quote here;

quote Miguel Altieri, `we can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution.`

+ we can do it in solidarity, as we exchange information with our friends/neighbors, as many are our legislators, or people creating networks to help define as we collectively build working communities, locally + afar. + it is time now for these truth discussions to resolve in a tapering transition as every local community does their homework.

so my point is we want to stop the war mode + false green economies, + we feel if we simply take the time to have a natural food local potluck, it will be our best guide to start assessing our priority local needs, for we are each different. + everyone of the issues our legislators are addressing can be brought to our table, to define how we locally associate + apply into our daily living. so we don`t get lost in these layers of dysfunction. rather we harness this disassociated energy we all have taken part in creating + go within + hold our self + others accountable, locally + beyond.

no more stealing from others + getting away with it.

we feel if we all lay out what has been bothering us we will get clear to resolve collectively for our local community, as many are do_in now. yet many are left behind in every local community, as well many numbers more so in others, that we hope to share an exchange with, as we continue to restructure our thought of a global way best to focus direct like subject matter/via like ecosystems/biomes. so as to trigger our thought with what others are doing successfully.

many of you are excited about new jobs coming in with these developments, when yet we feel they can be done correctly. we can start by thinking this thru, for many are jumping on the bandwagon, yet much of these pipelines are to carry goods afar. this is not right, this is wasteful energy, when yet the products that consume this oil are yet to be thought out wisely.

what happened to the mode of using good old diesel engines as the trains use, with direct drive, so now we bypass the batteries, as the diesel powers the electricity. which people are not looking at the pollution when you charge your electric batteries as electricity is made from dirty sources as with coal, etc.. as well we yet to have a solution to recycle the batteries, when yet good old metal can be recycled. as well have you seen the fees one pays when the electric car battery dies in what 6 years? people are buying another car.

 at least Japan is recycling by leasing, requiring people to bring back, so as to replace cells + lease again.

the automotive industry is really controlling the world market place, as it makes great profits when yet we have much misinformation, as we continue to support it blindly. as in monopoly over tires which still cannot be totally recycled + now the electric car batteries, not to mention the price of fuel + more risks with those that process. look at the detail of toxic results of fracking. requiring way too much water to produce natural gas. + sure this gas does not spill like LNG which is cleaner but it is more toxic in processing leaving pollution in our air. + these products are traveling across our local communities while going afar. being transported at high risk, producing many accidents as link above shows..

+ even solar panels are very toxic to produce, so we cannot ride on these false green waves, rather we can downscale our usage. + we can rethink once we collectively come together, vs. all pulling their ways. the resources we save in do_in this will give us amazing clarity + physical strength to then rid our baggage as we sharpen our dulled sensors that we allow, in trying to keep up with all this stuff.

electricity is our best mode to research, + why is it teslas` research as been suppressed from us, yet used in military. he had the answers to use the existing earth for free energy.

many have no means to understand all this, + we propose our students to network this research to motivate them to go figure as they focus direct with us. vs. see bad ways as in US be used/promoted in other countries, especially Africa. where people have exploited it from the beginning.

when I say Barack Obama`s entity in Linked In network, seeing one promote oil/financing/banking industries to be built across Africa.  + I said to gentlemen, submitting their experiences to get the jobs, with your resources as they where stating their credentials, they need not carry these wasteful ways to Africa, or anywhere. rather we need to rethink all this for mother earth needs our respect.

+ with our proposed ideas with students reaching into themselves in defining themselves, as they see so much dysfunction from adults that have dulled their sensors, as they do their local community walkabout, giving hands on. so all come to cloth/table + do a `plan land freshwater flow to sea use review, as we have suggested many times. to then give them a reality check to do their own homework. as they then feel the spirit within all as they come around, with their support. then wanting to help them do the same.

prof Miguel Altieri can share our global food crises as many continue to ship food across the world + back. this is no longer necessary. rather we can live locally sustainable.

so Barack please tell us why you continue to aloe your associates to do these developments. when we want facts to use as gauges specific for each ecosystem that co_evolves in real time. so we can welcome our students to walk with those in a tapering transition as we assess our  local communities, + now network facts that can be fine tuned as we work with local planning/zoning/health departments + bring all to the table to rethink. vs. continue as is. + those leaving negative effects will instantly be put on serious tapering transitions so they rethink + have opportunity to make it right as they become whole. then to choose how best to seriously join in + become a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

I've asked many times for a MOU like mode to be added to every development that should be individualized as communities work together. knowing what they need. knowing with early signs to stop, + knowing how to go beyond awaiting until losses + damage occur. rather  even go beyond prevention + go right to simply living with respect for the natural world.

where we reprioritize the effects we leave, + settle for nothing less than harmony. so now look at the reflections we will exchange. the beauty the children are gaining in these farmed school home schooled settings as with mama Ellie + many others, will now be offered to the undeveloped child within adult bodies.

yes imagine self-satisfying going beyond just a job that pays money. now people gain the self-respect for being appreciated for volunteering until they center + ground choosing their direction. building their path as they walk it into their opening, leaving no footprint. `booning with the natural world as we work it for our potential to live, being aware we are interdependent with all life in a different exchange then what many have understood. + with this balance of local genetic bio-diversity, we truly heal + maintain a healthy life.

funds are being thrown around this planet pretty crazy, in fact that is one reason we yet to even fund rais as a US non-profit charitable organization.

rather we are ashamed of what we have offered the many years being unaware, leaving such footprints.+ to see our children face these issues, when yet we have such a hard time trying to get answers.

but we are clear as we reach out with these truths with our students, they also now rethink + have the fuel to make this happen. where many in responsible roles also will gain if you open to do_in your local walkabout this month especially. as Barack has brought all this to focus + with this attention we can gain efficiently as we rid these layers that each issue has entrapped many in.

many say what will happen to all this funding/tools/materials left in developments leaving these negative  effects. well if we locally work at what each has to address as students work these issues with community members in a common sense over view from what sustains us perspective. they then will be motivated to recycle what can + move forward.

can you imagine every community knowing exactly what is needed, as all come together from all schools, + focus direct for their community, each restore + obtain clean air, water, soil, bio-sanitation, natural building, real time self-reliance. oh my! no one left behind, as we all slowly co_evolve.

when yet in micro-seconds of being in solidarity to exchange with each other. many gain awareness to maintain discipline over ones self-sensory observations vs. belief that has allowed us to chase our head. leaving our bodies behind, leaving us in misuse/abuse.

this will end once organized + understood, many will feel peace now, as they feel these beautiful young people walk into their life giving hands on. as we bring our self present in the moment, as it is our potential now if we share what works.

Happy day to you all! + thank you for what we can go figure,
our combined` effect makes a difference.

peace, kara j lincoln


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