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i share a plan for mother earth to control her resources a bit differently...
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect

I share what I`ve just emailed to EPA;

Over the past year, the Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly shut down its own fracking-related water contamination investigations after being pressured by the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to EPA whistleblowers, the Los Angeles Times reported that the fracking investigation in Dimock, PA, was shut down despite evidence from EPA's water tests that Dimock's drinking water was polluted.

The EPA has also shut down fracking investigations in Wyoming and Texas. The early results of all three investigations showed that the EPA had evidence linking gas drilling and fracking operations to groundwater contamination; yet instead of protecting people in these areas, the EPA ignored its own scientific data and abandoned the investigations.  

It's time for the EPA to do its job and protect the drinking water of the American people from toxic fracking. Reopen the EPA investigations in Dimock, Pa., Pavillion, Wyo., and Weatherford, Texas and provide safe drinking water to the residents of those communities while these investigations commence.

plus I think mother earth is crying out saying come on, Kodiak energy (KOG) gained 5,557% in 35 months, this list goes on with plenty  of people making huge profits. as Petrosonic (PSON) now claims to do much better in its' heavy oil sector with it's new technology, which I yet to truly understand if it requires fracking to bring oil up then it does it's process to thin it, etc. they claim they are friendly + don't use water, etc.

so yes it is good to define better technology, but it should be your job + gov + all of us to define natures balance for every community, globally. then our genetic bio-diversity that our life is dependent on will be balanced. especially if resources go to this first. ya know like natural local grown food sovereignty to fuel the path of fresh clean water, where our neighbors share,  not as in dams stopping like the very hot stagnant water in san felipe, mexico. that was not nice + could be changed by letting the rivers flow naturally. for our marine life is dependent on this also.

no  large dams or large water desalinization, or energy large developments interfering in ones local sovereignty not to mention the micro biomes + large browsers transboundary migration that truly lead our path.

so don't you think wall street should change it's policy contributing with the other world markets. so no one gains these kinds of profits until we have global communities that live local, people have clean water, air. soil, recycled bio-sanitation, natural building, yes even a good night sleep after we all work at sharing these many solutions we have now if we simply network + all responsibly take part to build local, global + beyond communities, that harmonize.

harmony is not from the many people that have made trillions due to taking mother earths resources wrongly like a list that would take me a long time to share with you now, but it exists, from many as in Congo, where I must say it also should be your job to not allow US people to buy wrongly mineral from the Congo, as I've read reports from UN in past where US id not comply with requirements like they should, etc.

 thru out the world millions of people are left without basic survival means, to care for self. let along people in every local community in the US. meanwhile we are not holding people accountable as well our self due to being unaware, plus people locally + beyond run to places to land/sea/fresh water grab without their local residents holding them accountable locally + afar.

I see + have posted + will share this also on Barack Obamas` foundation on LinkedIn, for people are wanting to headhunt for developers in Africa for oil, gas, banking business, etc.

so please don't you think we should change these policies that are well known to leave toxic effects, or use to much water + resources to continue, don't you think this has been left uncontrolled too long?? look at the links I suggest on Baracks page where Center for Biological Research has filmed the details of the ill effects from fracking, etc. + many others. so why should we waste more good resources in law suits when responsible roles that responsible people contribute to can stop this cold.

leaving negative effects can instantly be monitored into an ecological assessment with good science globally speaking same languages for each ecosystem /subject. not to mention work with people like Professor Miguel Altieri with his science curriculum of agro_ecology gained from indigenous still using yet leave no ill effects with similar yields of others that do leave ill effects that this gov allows to do business locally + afar.

not to mention the quantity limitation to be set, + from all to take + prioritize in retrospect which community is to be prioritized for all life being abused, while every community, globally is reached.

so no more the world market just plays + gains , rather ecological assessments in real time are prioritized + funds are paid for by these businesses including in their permits that you would ok with your associates.

+ we suggest you do_in it with local students in every community doing a walkabout as in our proposal, as we are restructuring to link this awareness globally, at - i come to talk story, as in project osic to trigger ideas as we figure out with you + all how efficiently this can be done correctly.

i'm presently awaiting to meet with northbend district superintendents of schools to define their software that we can plug into. as we share + reflect making this process friendly. so everyone can be reached. as students prep in school to go into + with local community as prerequisites are co_evolved to restore natural healthy balanced ecological sustainable working communities that simply respect all life + harmonize.

this balance is only in small patches on this planet. but these folks are very simple + `boon with the natural world + carry the ethnic indigenous ways that work. as Miguel can share with you how the Bill Gates Mode has left negative effects. + I in my past observations have asked President Bill Clinton + his foundation with Hillary, as well President Barack Obama to do some explaining of how we can come together with these serious issues. + profit should be down at the bottom of the list, for these people making lots of funds + yet many doing a lot of damage to life on mother earth.

 I've asked Barack to give us an answer + I would appreciate it if you talk to him + your associates along with legislators + August is a good time to talk to us community members while we are all addressing important issues.

 Barack has committed to address these issues, yet we are still now having to talk to you, why?? for it is these kinds of issues that are being globally abusive to much life that sustains people + people are living in unbearable conditions, some locally in every US community as I have experienced. as well in very large numbers afar.

we all are contributing to this global food crises, not to mention much more + we have solutions now to network so we all can do our homework + work together.

so we ask you for your support to let us work with you in making this happen.

Environmental Action thank you for keeping us posted so we can get to the bottom of this + stop it, yet redirect this fuel so all rethink + regain a wholesome life, simply respecting all life the same.

please note i, kara j Lincoln am personally happy to help clarify + can be contacted at; tel 360-450-3749 please leave a message + I will get back to you, as far as our ideas at - i come to talk story + we look forward to triggering your thought, as you redirect do_in your walkabout for you as you share this with others, as you collectively restore your natural working community.

sincerely our combined` effect makes a difference..

please go beyond just signing the petition below + come talk;

Tell the EPA to quit protecting frackers. It's right there in the agency's name. We count on the Environmental Protection Agency to protect us and our planet. But it seems the agency, when it comes to fracking, is instead protecting the polluters.

Environmental Action members demanded Gina McCarthy be confirmed to head the EPA because we believed she would take strong action to protect our environment, as she has in the past. So far she has not. Sign here to tell McCarthy's team to stand up to frackers who contaminate groundwater as well.

Shocking new reports show that when EPA research proved that fracking was contaminating people's drinking water, even rendering it flammable, the EPA didn't pull the plug on fracking. Horribly, it pulled the plug on the study*.

Thanks to courageous whistleblowers at EPA, we now know the Agency has been sweeping its own research on fracking under the rug and putting the health of families and our environment at risk. McCarthy wasn't head of the EPA when this happened, but she's inherited the scandal. Click here to tell Gina McCarthy to reopen the study of fracking contamination.

Censorship of fracking studies has already happened in Parker County, Texas, and Pavillion, Wyo. And now, in the town of Dimock in my home state of Pennsylvania. You might recognize that name, because it's the hometown of filmmaker Josh Fox of Gasland I and II. Well if the EPA wanted to cover up research proving that fracking contaminates drinking water, they picked the wrong town in the wrong state to do it. But we need your help to make sure this scandal gets attention from the most powerful people at EPA and the Obama Administration. Click here to tell the EPA to reopen their investigations into contamination of water by fracking.

Jesse Bacon,
Environmental Action

*Fracking EPA Censorship: 3 times is a tradition, Jesse Bacon, Environmental Action Blog,  August 7th 2013

end Environmental Action.

begin Sierra Club..

Please note Sierra Club is reaching out to send below plus our comments to Secretary John Kerry, please contact them + do the same;

Since the closing of the State Department's review period for its environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline, a mounting collection of evidence has come to light showing that Keystone XL will have significant impacts on our climate and environment. It is therefore essential that the Department of State prepare a supplement to its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the Keystone XL pipeline.
The main conclusion of the State Department's most recent environmental analysis of Keystone XL is that its environmental impacts would be minor because it assumes tar sands development will happen regardless of whether Keystone XL is approved.
However, evidence from the scientific community, industry analysts, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that the DSEIS relies on evidence that is outdated and overly simplistic. A coalition of some of the nation's most prominent climate scientists commented on the DSEIS and found its conclusions to be "without merit in many critical areas" and "not supported by the science." Furthermore, the EPA critiqued the DSEIS's conclusion as "not based on an updated energy-economic modeling effort" and requiring further analysis.

The State Department's assumption regarding the inevitability of tar sands extraction is inaccurate. Experts have dispelled the notion that rail could serve as an adequate alternative to pipeline transportation, and evidence shows that the markets for light and tight oil are growing, which will further reduce demand for Canadian tar sands crude and increase the likelihood that tar sands crude will be stranded in Alberta. Additionally, new information shows that delays in other proposed tar sands pipelines are reducing the feasibility of tar sands leaving Alberta and increasing the importance of Keystone XL to increased tar sands development.
The Keystone XL pipeline would therefore greatly exacerbate carbon emissions if approved. With our climate and communities' health at stake, the decision to approve or deny the Keystone XL pipeline is too important to base on outdated or irrelevant data. Therefore, I request that the Department of State prepare a supplement to its Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL pipeline.

end Sierra Club..

begin Center for Biological Diversity...

please see;

the time is here for action + it will take numbers, so please join in; 


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