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it`s time to put our heads together for your local `plan + share the reality that it works..
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
I address this to our responsible roles to help us become aware that people are not pooling our thoughts for efficient solutions to be shared.

please if you can reach out + check in within your self to hold yourself + others locally + afar accountable. but do it as a brother + sister for this is our human family we are talking about.

President Barack Obama, Congress, Senate, House of Representitives, Fema, UN Sec Ban ki-moon, please rethink + join heads as you come to the table eye to eye. please share this to trigger your thought.

if we fail to do our homework within our self + within our local community, we fail to have the reality prospectus of what is truly happening afar.

if you where to retaliate against Syria for supposedly chemical weapons, that would be very wrong.

the US intelligence has been wrong before in it`s communication in defining, same with you + me, as far as an answer to what I propose. not to mention even if they are using it, that shows us all the more they need our help.

Barack, please do what the American Indians did as they would bring in those disrupting community, into a group of wise people, + work with  them until they could find themselves, find their way as a community participant for the betterment of the whole, yet not leave anything left undone within, rather brought all to calm.

this is our human potential + sadly we have many indigenous ways that work that all are yet to become aware of + make good science to over ride the much that is presently manipulated + dysfunctional.

we have these tools to link + create a verbiage now that is powerful so each with their own tongue can understand + be fueled to responsibly due the same.

to retaliate is like an undeveloped child in a rage. to communicate + go their eye to eye would be a legacy that you personally Barack are very capable of do_in. change this programmed mode of aggression. change the mindset that presently is in many that hold responsible positions here in US + afar. tell them how you have been wrong + make it right as you focus together for mother earth now before it is too late.

Barack, you can link your personal experiences, your street lessons, your inner growth, your pain, your love, your unrelated energy + time consumption from the lack of good education in US as well globally, that lacks our true human potential of grace + diplomacy, as we prioritize sensitivity for all life + help people heal + simply understand the many solutions we have now, via like ecosystem/subject.

we can combine restoring ourselves, as we restore simple respect for mother earth + locally in a walkabout, students can reflect with the many left behind here in US, as they complete their local prerequisites as together we focus direct, linking in a good manner, efficiently with tools in place. so as to restore more efficiently amongst all to simply understand. how we can stop our misuse/abuse + close the rehabs as we open ecological sustainable restoration within natures enhanced limits.

presently we are fragmenting developments that further consume our natural resources, not prioritizing our people, nor our local communities. I see how resources are being shipped afar, or leased for afar, + even as I've told the corporate officers of Walmart how they could buy local as they restore how they have disrupted local businesses by doing what they have, to now make it right + help local people regain local reality via each ecosystem/subject. as we can better prepare for our earthly natural changes as we lower our footprint.

we have been too consumed with supplying more to wasteful living when yet we can lower our watts + consumption, as we all have the opportunity to work + heal our personal experiences, as many are so overloaded with waste of own misuse/abuse, they cannot free themselves.

Walmart is the perfect place to see this. please go sit yourself down + watch the ill people + what they have in their carts, + look at where it came from + the ingredients. I've told them they could gain so much more by healing people as they become a local community participant. work for zoning to end the GMO, the monocultures, bring in industrial hemp + start a revolution of good solutions as they help people self-sustain as we locally regain our own sovereignty, + share what works globally. so each can self-sustain, + stop the toxic waste of stealing resources from locals, globally.

the TPP, FDA, EPA, UN, Free Trade + even some Fair, not to mention many gov`s responsible positions, is totally off the wall with no ethics of thru science that we can restore/make now, + many have continued to live from indigenous that know well, environmental services to sustain all life that we are interdependent on, by simply respecting mother earth. Miguel Altieri can show you our global food crises now + how Bill Gates is missing out big time.

Barack, sit down with these 2 people + talk + see how all can work together now. we have great minds yet they are either being over ruled due to money gain, or technically not prioritizing what indigenous can do better, etc..

I`m ashamed to see good science not be created from the much good human work that has been, + still is, especially when we have people like prof Miguel Altieri making agro_ecology curriculum at Berkeley from indigenous that work leaving no ill effects now.

yes our education can resolve now if we restore our natural communities + let students co_evolve the curriculum to do it from local natives, creating a science verbiage we all can speak + understand.

as well welcome those unknowing leaving negative effects as we factually rethink + make wrongs right as they come into a tapering transition ASAP stopping what injures any life.

    yes community education, sharing awareness, where students open it as a class room, calmly co_evolving the long over due unreality that is not bringing up from the depths the truth for each to interpersonally align. digging deep within ourself, + giving hands on to the many unable, + in this transition we will see true human energy that is trapped eating at our organs + now redirect into a fuel of synergy.  as now teachers gain respect as students work hand in hand.

not to mention professional degreed also come as required continued education to see the negative effects they have left. + now have another chance to rethink + make wrong rights, admit truths, so our students see reality, not be lost in the fog of delusion from baggage that topples them now.

as we build natural sustainable working communities where people self satisfy + create, as each rid their baggage + do their homework, young + old + students see this revolution vs try to go figure once we are gone..

     where now music fills the air + drones used for poaching, saving our elephants, so they lead our path. globally each community can link as we reflect + restore our natural world that sustains us humans as well all the species that are lessening. as we prioritize our focus that can change our global earthly changes, making it more friendly for us all as a human species.

we can work sensitively our wild for each season as the indigenous still due. preparing us for natural disasters, as I stated before to FEMA, as we build seasonal shelters in all grounds, then being more sensitive observing wild life so we create more sensitive monitoring for natures call, for our survival, not for our weaponry destruction. with early signs our lime piles + camp outhouses will provide vs. people exploiting plastic buckets for people to run with as they are fear based, grabbing pills, when yet the plants plated along the way for seasonal foraging can give us all our food + medicine.

but not until you people stop your blindness with pharmaceutical/corporate exploitations. which Bill Clinton with such a heart yet such foolishness when it comes to making more business, wanting all to succeed, but Bill not at the expense of mother earth, when will you learn. you have had so many lessons yet you just want to see people gain from business. how about gaining in sharing the goodness that mother earth gives without finances that truly bring good wellness + wealth of quality relations. ya know where people have clean air + water + good soil, bio-sanitation, natural ways of living/restoring..

 as well globally, as all share + link we can address our global priorities more efficiently + peacefully, not to mention experience the joy of exploration locally + beyond as we all develop that student with yet to have the energy to co_evolve, as we do extended education.

where all are then supported to build their path as they walk into their opening. now being prepared to share conscious human work via a variety of ecosystems/subject that local prerequisites have prepared us for.

Barack you can co_evolve deeper personal experiences + link with us so now everyone has a chance to do the same, in your powerful position. in I have been  ashamed to hear of many technical traders fearing the mortgage companies in cahoots with banking industry that has corrupted, so they fear when one tries to sell their home after refinancing, they will not get titles to sell them due to manipulated financing, since the collapse in 2008 of banks, which they feel you bailed out, yet to collect.

what are you doing Barack, I know I have a total of 74 tel messages from a collection company as they bought another from my debt, another 32, etc. they have no intention to give up. how about you??

i'm happy you are getting deep within your experiences but I happen to think their are many more conscious people that go beyond the attention of a puppy, when yet so many good solutions are here now. i'd like to see our restructuring supported with the waste as people redirect from blame into solutions shared locally + beyond.

we yet to have such support, but we also will not give up.

we welcome you to rethink for students our the answer if we tell the truth so they can gain real association + application now to enable them to walk into the future.

just remember we have great virtual tools, but adults need the respect to not be required to have them, as our virtual tools are used only as we parallel eye to eye so people also without computer are on same page.

this has been wrong for so many virtual applications from you yet not good one on one communication. especially as with us speaking for many = our many attempts to propose merging.

Barack, I promise you, for my personal unfolding, if you go to war in retaliation vs go check it out + discuss true peaceful adequate solutions with real discussion that continues with the present solutions we have now when we are offered awareness, + offer it if it is not their. as well listen in case you yourself are lacking it, missing some major facts in US communications + how we interfere now vs simply respect + communicate so together as a family we share this earth + beyond.

so if you go to war, I promise you I will leave this country + seek other healthy minded responsible people in responsible roles.

peace is our option now if we share what works.

+ if anyone can do it best, you can Barack, so please let us help you, interpersonally truly unfold your personal experiences. + I`m happy to help you go their myself + talk to them to assess a humane perspective of what is missing, what happened where + how + who gave them these weapons for Israel + US is being quite irresponsible in weapon deals, if the rumors are right.

no other president has been aware to tell their own inner truths, not to mention the truth of these weapon exchanges, don't you think it is about time for you + other gov leaders to sit down eye to eye + stop the childish undeveloped ways. your not on the streets anymore. rather all of you can resolve this so we can redirect this fuel from the disassociated energy as we harness it + use it to build people, that have broken in all this waste..

forget prioritizing climate change + lets talk about human change + how we can become aware + rid these misunderstandings that make us aggressive, heal + share simple respect for mother earth + all life that sustains ours.

Barack, it is time for change, please rethink + go deep + realize you cannot just respond to what is within, until you edit out all this crap that has programmed us, due to all these hard times.

we have calm solutions + no way due our children have to carry this baggage that we now can rid our self.

let me help, for we have a `plan.

our combined` effect makes a difference, kara j lincoln

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