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— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Let`s take a look further of an application, of what we are talking about in our `plan. Danish`s thought is a good example;

CSR as a Catalyst for National Skill Development Mission

Posted by Danish Khanonline Danish Khan – Sep 23, 2013; 11:50pm    
In India where more than 2/3rd of the workforce is unskilled or semi-skilled there is an urgent need for the skill development of the youth in order to gain the benefits of demographic dividend. The unskilled labor is not just a matter of concern to the unemployed youth but also a grave issue for the companies who are unable to find the appropriate talent pool. Although, I appreciate our National Skill Development Mission but, the task of achieving the targeted 500 million skilled workforce by 2022 seems daunting.

Mandatory CSR in India can act as a catalyst in achieving this mammoth task. Interestingly, education, skill development and livelihood generation have been identified as the core areas of CSR by the companies. The CSR strategy formulators need to re-think and re-align their strategies in order to become instrumental in the inclusive growth and development.

This is a strong case of creating shared value through CSR.

Demographic Dividend: Asset or Liability?

please see link for Enduring Value Discussion Forum + take a review of their offerings;

+ our combined` effect`s response;

Thank you Danish,

this is interesting material that your entity offers that I am still studying. but before we talk I would like to share some more ideas of how we can work together.

I look forward to chatting with you further, you can contact me at your convenience to set an appointment to chat.

  as I view your quest where you feel it may be difficult above, I find it could be a positive approach if it is done simultaneously with students reflecting on a platform as we are attempting to define globally:

    ex; you can focus direct + co_evolve as we establish first a means to reach out to each school/community. which is what I just started to define In US, how already a process can be linked with that which is familiar with students/community. this for me is yet to be responded to by any that I`m presently awaiting feedback.

How do you do it in India? do you have a data bank with bulk emails/contacts? for here is US, I`m seeing each state has a directory for each school. which requires one to cut + paste into a bulk email, as well communities with no schools + areas with no communities as in other countries where people are in refugee camps/displaced, etc.

so this means to reach out is what I`m trying to define + have yet to see the marketed reality, for I would imagine UN or US AID/US education/global entities, etc. has more channels to purchase or obtain links. so I appreciate knowing what you use or globally what you have discovered as I continue to go figure. so we can also put a budget together to define how best to do this mode which I think is more efficient then creating a new software, which would take students away from the realities they are in now. vs. co_evolve them so younger students do not have to face the same negativity. as well gain from building on that which works.

so once this is marketed where now students are using this tool to reflect due to the shared focus directing for us each to live locally/socially responsible as part of the global community, focusing on good science that links our micro biomes + large trans boundary migration for our good health. as our human species is interdependent on mother earths life to be in balance. that means all life, including us human species. as each then define how best to work it into existing curriculum + then co_evolve it all creatively for ones community.

so this is a good science curriculum so together we create 1 global gauge via like ecosystems/subject so all languages can understand.

ok linking our awareness as we share/network + reflect, as we all restore our natural ecological sustainable working communities + harmonize is a great asset. making this process more friendly, knowing we each have a role to play, as we balance our natural world locally + link globally. + as each co_evolves their curriculum to individualize their own restoration of ones natural enhanced potential + to maintain as natural changes occur in real time evolution, becomes a unique tool.

not to mention a great ethnic cultural creative energy to share as we build these human family networks for everyone to explore + share their experiences. as now we see the equality in all human needs. as well carry thru the indigenous ways still working most efficiently, to then use values to create upon as needed.

this criterion as all assess each community/biome individually + stay with it in real time, can trigger others in different stages of development to experience the application + association as we can use virtual tools to communicate in real time to aid the process if needed eye to eye. considering many people are chasing a war mode + false green economy, yet to realize their is great work done in patches that can link. so pockets without can rethink.

+ collectively we can do what it takes to do an exchange so each is self-reliant. vs. bringing in aid. rather define what is not working + locals then do it. as locals unite, locals resolve..

we feel it is most efficient to gain local sovereignty with a shared focus direction of prioritizing our local natural grown food/fish. as it fuels then a means to continue to restore ones natural enhanced potential. a natural food potluck to introduce the community as students do a intro mode first in classroom, then with the reality of the local resources on the table, give the starting dialog of this project. defining what sustains us, as each obtain this restoration.

so once we define how to link, then to focus together as we organize this priority retrospect, then we examine what produced what is in the present, knowing well not to recreate it. then from here we welcome those responsible into a tapering transition, showing them facts of local ecological realities in a true to life perspective for each to understand. so they then can choose what it takes to co_evolve the negative resultant + make it right, or business assets are recycled as another chooses to make it right with the collective community then takes it over + keeps the local sovereignty momentum, knowing well it will no longer leave negative effects.

if we just come in to assess what is needed + resolve, we truly cannot build needed neuro networks until the baggage of what is, is put on the table for all to understand, as all go thru a local `plan land, fresh water flow to sea use review. we do not just want a global community of productive people making wages, complying to corrupt world stock markets as many are doing now.

   rather you should want whole mindbody development so each is supported to build their path as they walk it into ones opening. so now intellect is a creative expression as a real energy that is a resultant of prioritizing ones function as they live life energy efficient. so each then knows early signs to maintain discipline over self-sensory observation vs. belief. that becomes responsibly aware locally, globally + beyond. as we all experience the synergy of our humane consciousness.

especially with the cast system experienced  in India, as well how the Europeans took control over American Native Indians, + each country has it`s own suppressions/repressions of abuse to heal from as we identify these truths + rewrite the history books as Howard Zinn as done.

for we want people to heal + self-develop, not carry forward an enslaved mode of transformation into a world of technological advancement, that is what is happening now as many are neuronally whiplashed, as curriculum does not match the experiences of the business world leaving negative effects in every community. as in the world markets, which Bombay + China, I understand to be the most corrupt + all others follow with degrees of variance.

so our input with my understanding of what we can develop, which you may already be do_in?? can make a very nice tool. so I look forward to your feedback, to define if my perception + understanding of what you are do_in is correct.

for it is not just your mission to develop your Nation, rather it is the quest of many, which our long over due for comfort to be experienced, leaving no one left behind. + I don`t feel we need to wait as in UN world we want 2015. which I`ve responded to some what.

we do feel that this transformation gives a truly natural calming ability for us all to share this earth peacefully, vs. just the patches as many due now. so as I say music + smells of nice potlucks fill the air, not drones, as each day we assertively have our hands on what sustains us as a local, then to have our natural world link naturally in a healthy balance that makes our balanced environments be our best medicine. with natural local gardens of food + medicine to satisfy all needs. no longer ship them from afar. as all Free trade/PTP + even Fair Trade rethinks as we truly need no global markets, rather locally we can do exchanges as many indigenous on this earth have done from the beginning of time very successfully.

I welcome all to help us structure this global tool to live local, so we all get to explore mother earth + beyond as we simultaneously clean up the much needed negative effects now being done locally + afar. + experience the great work done in patches. + this transformation does much more than give jobs, rather it develops our human awareness to be mentally clear + physically strong. as we can care for those unable until they can care for themselves, + if not give comfort.

    for while many now are programmed to think their values that leave negative effects are the right way, yet many are left behind or misusing/abused, when yet their is a way that works. + if each can do their walkabout experiencing these options in their local community, that then with this process, will give the tools to define them as well the solutions, along with each day a productive day

meanwhile we gain so much more by reflecting with many folks simply living natural lives, not building rehabs, rather take down the resistance from old thought that houses many, +  simply build good organic intuitive based collective community functions, so each have hands on daily as we build our collective communities, then to give us a good night sleep to then awaken with new creativity as we build new neuro networks of harmony, that give us tools to heal, + reprogram.

we have the human tools if used right, to stay with young mind explorations for our ongoing harmony, as we `boon with the natural world + enjoy..

peace is our option as we share what works..

thank you for your review + do come take part..
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

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   Humanity has solutions please share yours, so all needs can get met along w/the local `plan of each community, sharing in solidarity, globally, so all get one's needs met, fueling each to get out of the survival mode and into being a mindful participant, as we all work this `transformation needed in every community now to prepare for global weather getting worse!

    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do one's local `plan that prioritizes our co_evolving collective plan of earth-space as together we rid toxic were most negatively effecting all species including humans, now to help! Only then can we al then live local doing one's local `plan, staying updated on our earth-space messageboard in the building, w/your help!
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