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— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
To those in responsible positions, I ask you to reach out, connect + share the many solutions we have now to grip this moment + restore our ecological sustainable working communities, + harmonize.

With 1 good global science we can resolve our local + beyond issues. Giving our students the best lesson ever as they walk by our side + we reflect as they see the much dysfunction carried within, yet holding responsible positions that are now being enacted irresponsibly.

The use of 1 good science can override that which has left us in misuse/abuse, yet unaware, as well guide the regulatory boards to be controlled by locals to maintain their own local natural sovereignty, so as to responsibly balance our genetic bio-diversity + link globally. With simple respect for all life that sustains ours.

We as the human species can co_evolve in this moment as we welcome students to walk by our side, giving them the tools to reflect with the many solutions that work when we respect mother earth.

Only then can each be assessed/guided to instinctively + organicly self-develop, so as to experience the synergy of bringing self, to simply be present in the moment + gain as we collectively work together in harmony. Knowing well we each have a place to responsibly act. + that is to develop our mindbody + self-express as we reflect/focus direct so as each becomes aware to know when to do what for oneself, + then when to do for others collectively.

+ I don`t mean come to serve in office, with over a hundred thousand salary + in 5 years or so end up as millionares due to inside trading. So each of you can go figure with your associates as well students now with more transparency can go figure whom needs support in a tapering transition. So as to rethink with local facts, to reestablish that which one has done inhumanely, as one as put self in front of the whole, interfering in the links that are required for a synergy of energy to be efficiently resolving as we all co-evolve with the natural world in real time.

This moment can bring forth reality of what has been dysfunctional as students show just cause to stop it. As well the facts of what should be for local communities to prioritize their natural local food sovereignty to give them the tools to link biomes so as to manifest the trans boundary + micro biomes for supporting life that supports ours. As well the functionality of all communities globally.

This natural means of prioritizing has been ignored + that is why you people have build neuro networks that keep you in the fog.

Shame on you for I personally have worked intensely to share our proposed project osic, to trigger your resolution long before this collapse of communication.

Where is `boon with the natural world that you are to support in this position of serving, you would see clearly there is no isolation in any ecosystem, their for leaving no lack of clarity to explain any natural changes that occur.

If each of you have an assessment with one that is naturally/orgainicly intuitively `booning with their collective community, you would reflect + see the neuro network you have failed to build.
We need not federal regulatory boards, due to just this experience, where people loose contact when layers of information gets transferred. Rather the natural world that we all are interdependent on requires in time reaction + movement in microseconds for harmony to flow.

Locals can reflect with each other in our proposed project osic to trigger each to independently be self-reliant.

The world markets are corrupt + dysfunctional + should be simply stopped. The supposedly Free Trade/TPP + even some Fair trade is not free. Rather they interfere in others ability to be self-sustaining + sovereign in the context of globally harmonizing the natural world which is required for our human good health + our co_evolution.

The present focus direction should be to reflect with those organically self reliant in their production of local natural foods at the cost for all to consume.

These tools will then fuel the proper use of our natural resources. So as to stop/taper into mother earths natural enhanced limits, as i`ve repeated this several times. As in Prof Altieri from Berkeley defining best how these natural enhanced limits are set, as he in real time creates agro-ecology from working indigenous thru out the world that do not leave the toxic negative effects as does the Bill Gates technology mode that is insensitive to mother earth, which we can show well in detail.

As well the other systems as in this political, medical, educational, judicial, social economical dysfunctions, many are experiencing.

i`m presently communicating with Danish whom represents the worse scenario as he strives to define with his non-profit in New Delhi. how 2/3rd of the young/students are unequipped to fulfill the needs of the country. as well he attempts to produce socially responsible corporations, so together something can be figured for resolution.

So his business mode, I feel has not made space for the human conscious mode that our combined` effort triggers. So I share with you to trigger solutions, please see what we are commenting to here;

Lucky all to reflect, to trigger our humane consciousness..

we are restructuring + would appreciate your support for together we can work thru this. If you people continue to not respond then we will continue to parallel for our own self – sustenance.

For it has been + is very wrong to whiplash our students + community members as they are taught one thing to comply to your national standards even though the Ed dept claims each state is in charge. Which presently leaves much non-compliance when you think of how much is taught to seriously restore as we suggest, our natural working communities for all to self-develop as local functionality is restored or for first time developed.

Which supersedes present rehab/regulatory/educational + social economic/political modes that are not working. + in this re-prioritization can.

As each is supported via students do_in their walkabout, giving hands on support after organizing in the classroom. So as to give support for all to come to the table + do their local `plan, land fresh water flow to sea use review.  Each becomes mentally clear + physically strong to become aware + become a local, global + beyond responsible participant, as they redefine themselves. That which has never been developed.

Their is no better education then to reflect with solutions as people apply + associate vs just talk in the fog. This is good science that can over ride + repair the worn torn links of the bad science that has taken place for what ever reason. As students connect this web as we focus direct. Knowing exactly which link, whom + how + where it is broken, from those unaware.  Yet in responsible positions.

So since we have such disarray it is the best time to restructure what should be.

We believe those that created a structure as the Constitution did it for their democracy for what they could perceive in their real time. + that was to continue, not as they saw it then for now. Rather for us to responsibly be aware in our time as we work `boon with the natural world to fuel our path.

This is where large browsers + micro biomes come in, as they are our leaders we should be following + are not. + agro-ecology does just this. Where GMO`s/monocultures/federal/state/county protected lands do not. When yet they can become leading educational tools for us all to become `boon with the wild as we rezone + work them sensitively.

So know rather then to visit a scenic wild wonder + pay a fee as a tourist, we `boon with it as we experience it being worked for it`s seasonal offerings sensitively creating with it`s potential.

In our subcategory project osic, on our forum - i come to talk story, I share many good science reports as people did studies of the Amazonians as they migrated in real time with their biomes seasonal offerings. Which I also gave to FEMA as a tool for people to become aware vs the present over emotional states due to being unaware of wilderness awareness + can be.

Which in calm times all can gain, as well in natural disasters each then have tools in place for a different experience that is not fear based as well more efficiently productive.

To do what we suggest here opens oneself for self-reflection, to edit the much baggage, yet to be aware of. As creative each can be supported with a student in interchangeable roles. As they reflect + network, giving real time feedback of what should be for the natural restoration, then to efficiently restore the local curriculum as prerequisites to fulfill the functionality of their local biomes.

This gives you reflection to rethink now your position, along with your role to continue to co_evolve the roles you have been in. to further define their importance or let another as you guide, due to defining your new position being more real, as well simply rid that which never should have been created as well stop it from now being created to add to the many layers that are out of real time. Which students focus directed can do. Especially if you are real with yourself, + if need time then please step down + get out of the way for the synergy to be a productive fuel as a tool for all to flow with the many solutions now that the global cultures, indigenous have built upon + continue.

This is the beginning of the end of technology that has superseded mother earth`s limits. + this process as we focus direct with all, can be efficiently done.

It is wrong for this entities responsible positions of the US Government that have been built from many prior to now, to allow continued dysfunction, without immediately utilizing executive powers for our humane conscious life rights, to no longer be interfered with as a whole.

Rather `we the people, have a responsibility as a local, global + beyond citizen to do our duty + you people are allowing this interference of dysfunction, to interfere.

+ `we the people, request you to do this review + let us focus direct together a peaceful resolution that carries forth locally + beyond 1 good science that is applied in clarity, as we associate present affiliations that work to guide.

In do_in this process with our students we will reestablish non fraudulent, efficient means to simply live `boon with our natural world + continue to build upon the any good working now that continue indigenous values respecting mother earth, that is centered + grounded for us all to gain organic intuitive based neuro networks + co_evolve with the natural world as we rid our baggage + stay present in real time, being aware to respond to early signs;

    education is a right to pursue our human potential, not for profit as others dictate what locals should do.. where health care is a right, as we become aware to maintain discipline over our self sensory observations vs. beliefs, as local gardens can supply needs if within we cannot supply them.. not for profit to purchase medicine/drugs that leave harm, rather change curriculum + include the Oriental ways that works. Requiring all to continue to do extended education..
    locals maintain for locals + our neighbors, not for profit, as goods are processed beyond our human consumption as well the food/fish we eat. Then more profits made in packaging, destroying more local resources. Interfering in locals ability to self-sustain.

These are good times when our combined` effect, supports each to rethink + responsibly fall into place. Giving one respect to heal, be honest to reflect as we focus direct solutions. Especially as we ask your support in gathering our national + international resources to make this platform to link our schools/communities + those with neither to have the ability to realize the great work that has been done + still being down.

So we put gauges in place to never waste again what many are doing now, as far as energy in time + resources.

Especially when the much left behind prior to this continued display of misuse/abuse + disorganization happens. when yet in every local community that we have experience with, has had many dysfunctional people in need of support to self-develop or if unable, be efficiently cared for + are not.

+ these people especially those yet to emotionally gain control become at high risk of seriously becoming more mentally + physically ill. + it is these people that leave high risk of injuring themselves + others with continued misuse/abuse.

Right now as we structure this platform + start transparency to reach out to all, students can give hands on aid as we start assessing the true neuro networks of all. Including all of gov officials/local degrees in working fields/people thru out our communities, students themselves as schools are re-prioritized for self-development/healing/high risk + come together with resolving support as all reflect with this transparency..

it has been so wrong to see education in economics + politics, as well all fields, yet see how many, ex; JP Morgan + Goldman Sacs get away with shorting markets, buying out as w/Wamu, using puts + calls as they gain both ways, as people are pushed out of business. Not to mention what they did unethically + illegally in the Congo. With the technology we have today, even though the gov does not give us complete transparency, are networking will share the truth.

We have experienced being part of all this. Where if we did something like this we would be in jail.

Yet many in Gov want to support more of the same kind + this is a crime against humanity. + we have lists of these practices that many are not interested in peacefully communicating, they are upset. Are you not listening to the airwaves, not to mention the global take??

it is a waste of our time to report + further vent here, rather we will build lists + solutions so people redirect.

Thank you for this review + we welcome you to do the same, please come take part.

Sincerely, our combined` effect makes a difference..

kara j lincoln


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