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Folks offer your input to Barack for his State Of The Union - survey on 1.28. 2014.. i share mine..
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Organizing for Action

Friend --

When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday to give his State of the Union, there will be a lot to cover.

It's no secret that Congress has failed to get much done in the past year -- the to-do list is long, and when the President leaves the Capitol on Tuesday night, all eyes will be on this grassroots movement to see how much we can get done.

So OFA wants to know: What issues are you most interested in hearing the President address Tuesday night?

Thanks -- and be sure to tune in for his speech on Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Lindsay Siler
National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

please see how you can take part more;

our combined` effects suggestions given

     transparency that we need to do transitions + as we have shared much w/you, although your Michelle sight; talk to troy is in error, which i submitted as well the form to submit.

so please read my feedback their i emailed.

also the foreign affairs w/Sec Kerry is shameful. all should come to the table + good peace negotiations should be transparent to show the hidden links from those in the war mode + false green economies.

i'm soon to critique the UN Sustainable Energy For All, for we know it is ecologically incorrect sound science to build large alternative energy grid systems/ huge wave energy when yet local on land is incorrectly used, or large wind mill/solar farms interfering in large browsers + micro biomes migration that fuel our ability to sustain.

so no sound science is being used + our proposed `aloka platform will focus direct w/ students in every local community, globally to show these solution oriented options as we welcome those leaving negative effects, so planning dept changes along w/ EPA + other regulatory boards using a global sound science permitting in real time. as each existing is welcomed to go thru a tapering transition to comply + co_evolve making wrongs right.

ex; Al Gore making his billion w/ be shown, + others in every local community. + once people understand, + all tongues can as we share hands on to those in need w/ dull sensors, so as to resharpen + maintain their center, their control over them self.

we have a `plan but sadly no direct communication w/ legislators + Barack. which makes this process turn to people do_in w/ people.

as we have done + continue to try to calm the many in the fog due to all the dysfunctional layers from govs in the blind.

when yet we can gain a lot of clarity together sharing solution oriented options, so corps/TTP/Free Trade exploting ecological boundaries interfering in locals ability to produce their own neighbors aid, etc. + stop the global inefficiency, so we can redirect + prioritize.

so each local community defines their own needs as we link w/good tools, reflecting. so all realize mother earth should be the rule of law, not greed or delusion or disassociated energy that can be harnessed.

so you work w/ the world that has been far more developed w/ humanity in fragments that we can learn from, starting w/ no for profit health care system, this list goes on. it is not good for US to tell the world what to do, that only shows your lack of awareness. rather our platform w/ reflect what works from all as we simply share respect + co_evolve letting it trigger efficient solution for prioritizing, which those w/ dull sensors cannot do on their own.

their is no better education for all the undeveloped as well the young bright students then to feel this transition, as we do what we know works.

       but in saying this is not enough people in need of building new neuro networks need hands on.

we can do that w/ support, which i am presently trying to do w/ Google to reach out as a US 501.c3 non profit. + considering we could merge + do it more efficiently, i have offered, for you people have the tech + we have the clarity, vs. delaying due to our lack of budget, lack of tech + tools, having to study to do this.

when yet right now advanced univ students w/ your tech team + our clarity could do amazing real time success. leaving no one left behind.

but read what i sent in response to Michelle, for what you put up is missing some efficient ways. for too many gain tax write offs giving, or in feel good mode giving, yet people have no structure, not organized + support continues to be wasted.

if serious i would be more then happy to sit down or thru a virtual collaboration do some serious organizing for not just america, but for our foreign ongoing peace negotiations that i feel are not being ethically + morally handled. which is leaving many hidden links. that many think this is what you want to continue supporting the war mode economy.

other wise all the corps would not be too happy??

but i disagree w/ all + will continue to show how we can turn this around, + even parallel the US gov if you are lost in it as well.

+ this lack of clarity is very wasteful when yet all these resources could create working ecological sustainable communities so all become aware + end their own misuse/abuse, w/ students hands on help as they co_evolve w/ all in this transition.

where the right support given at the right time, gives people understand to regain sharp sensors, center + collectively build their natural simple communities.

+ now be aware of the early signs to redirect. but this is not easy if no support.

we have a `plan, i have spent a lot of energy offering this to you, yet no response directly.

good luck in your choices, for i have much work to do to do mine.

if change your mind + offer me a tech platform or resources to hire tech, if give a grant to partner + let us collaborate, then i happy to do it.

but not this way thru fragmented  errors, responding to generalized requests as OFA has.

nothing personal for i know you are working at. but sometimes it takes the right information vs a lot of people to go in an efficient path.

Barack let me be your mouse + advise you to direct what you have the power to do. give it a try + see if it fuels peace within all, locally + afar.

other then that watch your back for many are w/misinformation as w/Sec Kerry, same w/what Sec Hillary did. When yet people think they are being instructed by you, blaming you.

these ongoing peace discussions are in the fog. take a review of some simple thoughts on our front page as we are restructuring to build communities + live local. + ask yourself where that fits into the peace talks;

more important we need students focus directing on same page as in our `plan, so now each participant has several areas covered to present in a required series for all to explain + show where they are at. meaning ex; factions + Assad, to assist locals to decide + when they exceed mother earth limits, that the global community are interdependent on, we do not bomb + destroy the ecology more, rather we lay out sound science that includes all life, not just the wildlife that sustains us.

if you review the science curriculums of the past, by the time students understand, the war mode of corps allowed to exceed ecological enhanced limits as they over develop for profits, already leave earthly devastation.

this may be ok or in the fog for many, but for many we do not accept this misinformation w/ out of time sound science.

so we will continue to organize clarity  work at it. so no more media hype of lack of story or for a gain which ever it is. rather we know how to `boon w/ the natural world that sustains us + by knowing true in time story locally + afar, we then will be more efficient to share what works.

i thank you for reconsidering, for just having proposals to do fragments is not going to be in a real etak, meaning a polydimensional measurement of time + space to produce a motion covering humanity, rather it will just help a few.

you have a choice to help me understand where you are at now, so together we can define the next move,  + let my suggestions trigger yours.

please come talk, kara j lincoln or leave a message; 360-450-3749

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                     Peace is an option if we share it,
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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

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