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Please see our response to Stanford `s study; Stanford shows how to power California with wind, water and sun..
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Stanford study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun

posted by news on july 24, 2014 - 7:00pm

    Imagine a smog-free Los Angeles, where electric cars ply silent freeways, solar panels blanket rooftops and power plants run on heat from beneath the earth, from howling winds and from the blazing desert sun.

A new Stanford study finds that it is technically and economically feasible to convert California's all-purpose energy infrastructure to one powered by clean, renewable energy. Published in Energy, the plan shows the way to a sustainable, inexpensive and reliable energy supply in California that could create tens of thousands of jobs and save billions of dollars in pollution-related health costs.

"If implemented, this plan will eliminate air pollution mortality and global warming emissions from California, stabilize prices and create jobs – there is little downside," said Mark Z. Jacobson, the study's lead author and a Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering. He is also the director of Stanford's Atmosphere/Energy Program and a senior fellow with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Jacobson's study outlines a plan to fulfill all of the Golden State's transportation, electric power, industry, and heating and cooling energy needs with renewable energy by 2050. It calculates the number of new devices and jobs created, land and ocean areas required, and policies needed for infrastructure changes. It also provides new estimates of air pollution mortality and morbidity impacts and costs based on multiple years of air quality data. The plan is analogous to one that Jacobson and other researchers developed for New York state.

The study concludes that, while a wind, water and sunlight conversion may result in initial capital cost increases, such as the cost of building renewable energy power plants, these costs would be more than made up for over time by the elimination of fuel costs. The overall switch would reduce California's end-use power demand by about 44 percent and stabilize energy prices, since fuel costs would be zero, according to the study.

It would also create a net gain, after fossil-fuel and nuclear energy job losses are accounted for, of about 220,000 manufacturing, installation and technology construction and operation jobs. On top of that, the state would reap net earnings from these jobs of about $12 billion annually.

According to the researchers' calculations, one scenario suggests that all of California's 2050 power demands could be met with a mix of sources, including:

25,000 onshore 5-megawatt wind turbines 1,200 100-megawatt concentrated solar plants 15 million 5-kilowatt residential rooftop photovoltaic systems 72 100-megawatt geothermal plants 5,000 0.75-megawatt wave devices 3,400 1-megawatt tidal turbines

The study states that if California switched to wind, water and sunlight for renewable energy, air pollution-related deaths would decline by about 12,500 annually and the state would save about $103 billion, or about 4.9 percent of the state's 2012 gross domestic product, in related health costs every year. The study also estimates that resultant emissions decreases would reduce global climate change costs in 2050 – such as coastal erosion and extreme weather damage – by about $48 billion per year.

"I think the most interesting finding is that the plan will reduce social costs related to air pollution and climate change by about $150 billion per year in 2050, and that these savings will pay for all new energy generation in only seven years," said study co-author Mark Delucchi of the University of California, Davis.

"The technologies needed for a quick transition to an across-the-board, renewables-based statewide energy system are available today," said Anthony Ingraffea, a Cornell University engineering professor and study co-author. "Like New York, California has a clear choice to make: Double down on 20th-century fossil fuels or accelerate toward a clean, green energy future."

Currently, most of California's energy comes from oil, natural gas, nuclear power and small amounts of coal. Under the plan that Jacobson and his fellow researchers advance, 55.5 percent of the state's energy for all purposes would come from solar, 35 percent from wind and the remainder from a combination of hydroelectric, geothermal, tidal and wave energy.

All vehicles would run on battery-electric power and/or hydrogen fuel cells. Electricity-powered air- and ground-source heat pumps, geothermal heat, heat exchangers and backup electric resistance heaters would replace natural gas and oil for home heating and air-conditioning. Air- and ground-source heat pump water heaters powered by electricity and solar hot water preheaters would provide hot water for homes. High temperatures for industrial processes would be obtained with electricity and hydrogen combustion.

To ensure grid reliability, the plan outlines several methods to match renewable energy supply with demand and to smooth out the variability of wind, water and sunlight resources. These include a grid management system to shift times of demand to better match with timing of power supply; and "over-sizing" peak generation capacity to minimize times when available power is less than demand. The study refers to a previously published analysis that demonstrated that California could provide a reliable grid with nearly 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

The footprint on the ground for the new energy infrastructure would be about 0.9 percent of California's land area, mostly for solar power plants. The spacing area between wind turbines, which could be used for multiple purposes, including agriculture and rangeland, is another 2.77 percent.

"I believe that with these plans, the people and political leaders of California and New York can chart a new way forward for our country and for the world," said study co-author Robert Howarth, a Cornell University professor of ecology and environmental biology.

The study's authors are developing similar plans for all U.S. states. They took no funding from any interest group, company or government agency for this study.

Source: Stanford University

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i would love to believe this but i can`t.

have you seen how many in California are consumption, wasteful people?

not to mention have you seen how Dept Of Energy is giving grants for ex; offshore wind mills to experiment 3-5, then to say if they have it their way they would want 200? + as in Wind Float experiment they where given 45 million, then they would add another 200 million if completed.

do you want these grids to plug into the war mode + false green economies?

what about the genetic biodiversity every community needs now, that is being depleted now due to unawareness to `boon w/the natural world?

our balance of our natural environments that can be worked now sensitively, as in our entire biome(s) if we work within our human potential, building self awareness, lowering our footprint, requiring only low impact alternative energy as a supplement. if we rethink,this supports the life that sustains ours + can help the human species co_evolve, vs. leave in the ill states as present, unaware.

so you want to be part of continuing this war mode + false green economy, thinking this is the way to go..

or be part of the solution, equate our interpersonal trapped energy stealing from our organs, leaving people in the fog, for we can harness this disassociated energy + redirect, gain transparency + then all can redirect w/the true energy that sustains us all.

i share our idea + ask you to share as you rethink, come aboard + lets make this work, as you add up the math to exponentially heal, leaving no one left behind, as we network globally what works;

peace is our option if we share what works, what doesn`t. + i saw how locals where not informed or their sustainable work as ex; commercial fisher folks where interfered w/as i experienced the Windfloat proposal above, or even w/the PEU Foundations attempt for Marine reserves, etc. as they fragment science vs use sound science that include what we propose.

so sadly as people divest from fossil fuel they are riding on same hedge fund mode into grids, this is not the way folks.

please let us trigger the real solutions as each locally go figure with your students + focus direct, not just let them run with it. for they need to see our dysfunctions as well their own space cadet mode lost in computers, etc. as well the much goodness in all can then be redirected. now we are talking about our human potential for global peace, so all explore + humanity goes forward in respect for the life that sustains us on earth + we continue w/good research to explore beyond efficiently w/realities in real time.

sound science can be a verbiage we speak globally so all use daily as common sense.

don`t you think our earthly resources can be better directed, many do + we would like to link these patches that live simply `boon w/the natural world w/the pockets left behind.

we welcome your support so together we go figure to end the war mode + false green economies, as we all support our local students to do this homework networking then bring it back eye to eye so all are triggered to rethink + understand being `boon w/the natural world.

this is our life right that has been abused for many, + together we can prioritize it locally as each do one`s homework, not just allow another to support our waste + consumption that causes our misuse/abuse. Not just allow Govs/banks/oligarchs, etc. to develop + not even respect mother earth contributing to such suffrage for all life.

sorry folks our parents + grandparents didin`t struggle for nothing, nor will we accpet anything less.

see a bit of what is happening now as i share these feelings as a good example;

    they are pretty pissed at what others have done to our industry, to linux efforts, to our country, etc. Many are about protecting people, didn't realize it was impossible. now anti-corporation FIRST, then a bunch of things;

They poison your food  GMO, chem, McDonalds, etc
They poison your beer  GMO & other CHEMICALS
They poison your tobacco  GMO & other CHEMICALS
They poison your water  fracking, flouride, etc etc
They poison your air  chemtrails, evilcorps pollution
They poison your land  fracking, oil, all of the above
They poison your sea  Fukushima, plastic, oil, etc
They poison your wildlife  see the last four
They poison your drugs  everyone already knows that
They poison your mind  MEDIA misinformation
They poison your country  got oil, lithium, gas?
They poison your software  windows backdoors, facebook
They poison your hardware  NSA router scam exposed
They poison your vaccines  yep, also exposed
They poison your Internet  evilcorp trolls, feds
They poison your newspaper  owned by evilcorps
They poison your radio  owned by evilcorps
They poison your TV & Movies   owned by evilcorps
They poison your leader  owned by evilcorps
They poison your laws  owned by evilcorps
They poison your justice system  evilcorps again
They poison your $$$ system  evilcorps & fed reserve
They poison your banking system  same as above
They poison your education system by leaving this out
Critics - see #15, and the last one is evilcorps again

and when they doubt the chemtrail line

80+ Patents That Prove Chemtrails Exist
Aerospace Worker: "I Installed Chemtrails Devices" ENGLISH SUBS
Chemtrail Aircraft Caught on the Ground!
Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014
United Nations 100% PROOF We Are Being Chemtrail Poisoned
Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison
The era of stratospheric geoengineering: Chemtrails

80+ Patents That Prove Chemtrails Exist

just some of what is on the list.

peace can be once we understand.

thank you for what you can do now after digesting this.

sincerely, kara j lincoln

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