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Request `Environmental Impact Survey for Dakota Pipeline + see `Brand New Congress discoveries of wrong doings, for all to join in.
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Please lets share in a few thoughts of many working hard for change + come abpard + add comments where can to hold self + others accountable ASAP to stop such abuse/misuse..

How could anyone give a permit for a portion of a 1,170 mile pipeline supporting only specific areas, without knowing if an enviromental review was completed for the total project? This is insane + irresponsible permitting. US Army Corps of Engineers must hold them self accountable + do a EIS as you stated you would on the Missouri River crossing at Lake Oahe + explore possibilities for alternative routes to complete construction of the pipeline, once + if an EIS  is done on the complete length of the pipeline.

For every land it passes should require the same, that a study locally be done, as well before approving make sure the entire length has been done. Enough scars from fragmented science being manipulated or misinformed, etc. That is bad science. Working together on each community do_in one’s local `plan as `i come to talk story’s plan fuels thought, can at the same time go beyond fulfilling the needs for many jobs, rather then to ecologically whore, people interrelating in one’s local `plan then grounds working within the natural enhanced limits, + restores ecological sustainable working communities. Where people heal, rid baggage, get clear + explore, building successful careers..

Enough scars on the planet + beyond. ENOUGH SCARS ON THE PLANET + IN SPACE THAT NEED OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NOW. Local `plans can research + resolve as they prioritize one’s local toxic problems + rid them, working w/neighbors, PROTECTING THOSE VULNERABLE + COLLECTIVELY GIVING SUPPORT TO THOSE WITHOUT LOCALLY. + THOSE THAT CAN GO BEYOND helping others unable.

So as to protect the vulnerable as EX; from Nuclear radiation circulating the Northern Hemisphere, weapons of war as the Military Industrial complex leaves the largest footprint on the earth + in space, as well end all large alternative energy grids + do only localized systems w/low impact as people lower one’s footprint + understand as all are supported to take part in one’s local `plan, realizing how important each are to make a difference.

           A LOCAL `PLAN CAN HELP ALL PRIORITIZE, so as not to go 5 steps forward + 3 back.

Many are thinking in fragments, i share some thought w/a new group, Brand New Congress (BNC) + their desires; 

   Ex; Next week will be asking Brand New Congress and Justice Democrat supporters to attend town hall meetings. We will ask you to announce the rollout of our agenda and a full-throated support of a unified electorate.

We are a small band of determined citizens who believe that every American deserves the same opportunities, the selfsame life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Together we can help the better members of Congress find their courage and replace the rest. Our agenda is simple:

Rebuild the American economy by adding millions of high-wage jobs. `i come to talk story (ictts) asks what is the plan? + Suggests people are tired of ecological whoring not even knowing their is another way, as they become lost in in the fog, chasing survival to pay one’s bills, yet have materialistic programming they desire, due to all the media being controlled by governing irresponsible unscientific people, that have no clue how the natural world works most efficinetly.. Rather they permit for profits. Dakota pipeline is good example.

   So please go within + ask yourself, are you being shallow + chasing a job or own job security + afraid to leave it. When yet we feel by you do_in your local `plan you will reflect w/the real world as sensitive skilled people assert what is needed to live local by locals for locals.

With everyone’s support for your local `plans, every community working w/academia, can network, leaving no one left behind. Using sound science, to fill in the wrong permitted fragmented science, where all come to the table + gain understanding as each take part. As all contribute to 1 universal sound science of the earth + in space, so all of humanity is on same page w/like ecosystems/seasons + subjects. At least enough to fuel further definition, so no one has to reinvent the wheel + be left out as many communities are isolated now, contributing unknowingly, giving support to those wrong doing. Permitting for profits, + just to gain more jobs, this is wrong + incomplete.

When yet to be mindful local participants, all need to be working at the table w/locals to live local, even if temporary/or refugee  all should do one’s homework to be a local participant, that takes interrelating at the table while studying. + The local `plan fuels the local rule of law. Reps can be in interchangeable roles so they them self do their part as a mindful local participant. Congress, the same, as well any governing body, etc. then support what is real + in real time for one’s communities.

+ WE ask why do we need them anymore at all?? But i suggest to have a local transition, for those that have been corrupt or trapped in the dysfunction of it all, are good to welcome students skilled to walk by their side + define w/transparency what the real problem is , as all then can take part if can help, so all recycle what can + all people are given a chance to be supported to become whole. For they did not become corrupt or wrong doing on own, rather many of us unknowingly supported them as our own greed + ignorance or lack of participation got in the way.



 Let the truth be told. But only if we all have something identifiable to relate it to. So a local `plan gives people local food/medicine sovereignty to start w/as simple as a local potluck natural, locally grown, wild food/fish + animal.

No GMOs as other countries are not even allowing them. When yet US is hung up still on wanting them labeled. Forget the FIGHT TO LABLE. Just tell what is in your product on the lable. So if say NO GMO then people will buy it, + redirect all this energy that legislators waste as well resources, + redirect into your local `plan to do much more. Like get real with your biome(s) + rid the Colonial grids that control you, that have programmed you to believe something that is not real.  Rid the set aside land for tourists + work them sensitively + seasonally for yourself. No better tourist business then to welcome one into your local `plan in real time. Celebrating along the awy that together all make this a better world to live in for all.

So you prioritize, walk by your students side + develop the student within  that never had such nurturing as what all can achieve now w/one’s local `plan to clear the path. For many have dulled one’s sensors. W/students giving hands on, each can sharpen + this transformation of people wanting to come back to do their part is truly the human healthy spirit at work shines.

Because the energy of the earth w/it’s natural cycles of space create life + death to support human life + the life that sustains us. As energy comes thru this balance of being clear, calm + open w/gratitude, love + empathy for all life.

So all can gain this understanding to maintain sharp sensors + respond to your early signs. So you maintain self sensory observation of your sensors + no longer be enslaved by belief from another, or even yourself. Not even a religion. This is what a local `plan does, as students use one’s communities as extended classrooms, prioritizing w/sensitive skilled people to define + work w/communities to restore one’s enhanced ecological sustainable working communities, working w/one’s neighbors. As large browsers if have, fuel the path w/their trans boundary migrations being supported to remain in tact.

Not more religious stories of the past or even fragmented bad science that many permitted. Rather a understanding for all tongues, to be whole as a human being, as a living organism that requires genetic biodiversity to stay healthy/to heal/so as to maintain one’s own organic exchanges w/the earth, `boon w/the natural world as a beneficial organism. Not profit over it as others stay without. Leading to BNC’s next desire for all;

Guarantee health care and education for every American. ictts suggests by interacting in one’s local `plan, even if temporary, it fuels one to center + ground, to get clear to fulfill one’s desire, as you take lessons with you to do the same when you explore. respecting all life. As you may start a local `plan if not already started. This in itself to realize how important everyone is to make this work, truly is the start of healing, holding self + others accountable, locally + afar.

But our plan sharing these thoughts, from many links we welcome, that have great sensitive skills that work contributing to every one’s local `plan, if applied correctly by each within the natural world you live with. Not ride on other’s wave. Rather sharing in solidarity globally, working w/the earth + beyond’s natural systems.

For no one community/city/county or country can be isolated. It is not the natural way of any ecosystem, rather all are interdependent on our neighbors also balancing their genetic biodiversity supporting migratory life that sustains all. Yet many talk only about America.

   President elect Trump at your Inauguration you never said one word, unless i made a mistake, correct me if wrong, about our earth + beyond, or to clean it up or to share in solidarity for all to heal. To stop the Military Industrial footprint that destroys many people as well families + the habitats people are dependent on to live local. Yet many Americans support the wars. As many profit from them.

US has yet to learn how to have an economy without wars. They fail to see yet or listen to ictts, so please share when can such as what all the local `plans living local can achieve as the local `plan retains controlling interest, not any one person or ideology, etc.. + Students can have on the table schematics ready to invest in after locals have organized working with one’s needs + offerings complying w/the local `plan.

  Making space for neighbors in time of ER whether natural diasters or human made. So no more false aid comes from a far or interferes. Rather people work together on local `plans networking, offering ER options as seasonal workings will have comforts in place, vs having to house people in a school or building leaving many uncomfortable.

   Rather the local `plan lays out what is real for the land/seas/fresh water, + w/wildlife to sustain community, people then know how much space is for a community to restore it’s potential to open to as in the refugee issues now. Where many are interfered with by US, then have to leave to survive. Or they rebel becoming ill them self, then on to hurting others as well oneself. From this interference from others.

   So please hold yourself accountable + know how your local community is doing what, as well yourself. As your students research who, when, what + where so you can collectively hold self + others accountable w/transitional support. Stay calm, give empathy + welcome them as a local participant, ending the policies/roles that never should of existed  as reps get real w/the local `plan. Knowing their boundaries of who to work with.

  Not put people in jail, rather get real w/the cause + heal, make wrongs right w/supported transitional  changes each would do. For entities being dysfunctional contribute a lot to ongoing addicts/homeless etc. So who’s to blame? NO ONE, rather define the root of cause, admit guilts + support to make it right.

 With students taking part in all this, every community coming together in one’s local `plan can see the early signs of those in need of support long before they misuse/abuse self + others if all support this efficiency to take place.

   Or if you reach out + can’t find like subject then use the tools of the times to research to help you make good connections. This we hope will be offered as well to refugee status, so their polices change + they are treated as a human family member. So all can enjoy making these transitions friendly instead of horror stories as they continue. Choose to get clear first + do your homework.

  For many leave their families due to trying to get clear, yet to realize how clarity can be right at home if you share w/your loved ones what you feel + not be afraid or as more social support from academia. Then good communications can be taught w/early signs of such unawareness. Long before they lead into a mindbody illness, etc. This way the whole family continues to explore as all support each other or do it together, etc.

  To explore to better one’s life + enjoy the unique bio cultural ways from people long ago still living `boon w/the natural world or even young people of today creating upon such ethnic ways that work, is here to find. + When you do they shine their energy + it feels good. Making one want to go within + define what is preventing self to shine or share in the exchange having it to be a healthy experience.

  Which all should take part + that is part of one’s local `plan, to have that right made more friendly. No one should have to stay in one place. We too can make it so all can migrate as the pollinators + communicate our bi`joy experiences. That is our human right. Not have to loose one’s family + community to wars as other’s profit, or deluded in their decisions, at the expense of others loosing their life/being injured.

 I can’t tell you how bad the stories are from vets, as well i see their minds + bodies broken or mistreated, over loaded w/pharmaceuticals that are wrongly prescribed leaving more side effects. When yet Dr. Yun Wang from Seattle, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor can share another way w/customizing herbal formulas as one tapers off of western drugs, then off the herbs most likely, as one sharpens one’s sensors + listens more mindfully to self. Not to old memories from programmed thought or riding on others wave, rather do your homework + sort out your own baggage so as to stop wasting time + good energy repeating.

 If you seriously look at the reality of what took place in the Vietnam war or Iraq + others, it will show you how wrong they all are. + They must stop, we the people must become active to share what can be done, not react to what is + get all upset so you accomplish less. Many issues of the times, yet not all are yours. So working w/your local `plan, can help sort this out, so you go figure w/good support in place, making good decisions to maintain self. Knowing when to help another or when to do it collectively.

  Locally i’ve addressed the drug addict issues as well homeless + shared our `Transitional Shift Message Board ideas, yet many do not respond from Governing bodies, + i know w/their support + the academia, the public would come aboard. So see our Nabble site of `i come to talk story + let these real experiences fuel yours.

For their is no better way to heal or to be educated then to come to the table, self reflect + take part, knowing you do make a difference. It aligns you to center you, holding you accountable + others, locally + afar. For many are unable to care for local problems, yet many have great opportunities, leaving no excuse to do one’s local `plan. then to link w/ictts virtual platform sharing fueling others, giving support where can, gaining support when perhaps never felt it would come from another direction, but it does. Many in the world have created their healthy bio cultural ways from living w/respect for all life, opening to the earth + beyond’s natural systems, working with them. Not just America’s ways.

  In fact in our travels we have seen, as well we are guilty ourselves, as many chase the American materialistic delusional ideas, that one cannot see the natural solutions below their feet. For many cultures share agro_ecology as Prof Miguel Altieri’s curriculum fuels ictts’s virtual platform to share his link w/all. As well many have collective food/medicine gardens, as people forage + share + maintain their local needs + offerings w/locals.

I know what i + many have experienced w/western medicine in US, loosing loved ones, suffering to death. We are not saying all doctors are wrong, but many are. As well the use of pharmaceuticals are out of control, mismanaged by unskilled people/ as well profiteers. As well not properly diagnosed. As people are not living as natives/ethnic indigenous did or still do locally, w/the natural world do_in one’s organic exchanges to participate in make a community that harmonizes fulfilling one’s needs + offerings, if fortunate to have them. Rather many lost their way + no good shared social strutures or educational systems as in our plan fueling one's local `plan.

Rather large energy grids interfere in our pollinators/or life that sustains people. It is another hedge fund mode, when yet clean energy can come from many ways if done right, many have worked hard to develop them over the years + their work should be respected + built upon. Vs wasted as present Governing bodies do as they wipe out another’s executive order or hard worked plan that many worked at, etc. When yet a local `plan has no room for anyone to do this.

Climate change has been profited over by many, Al Gore is a good example as he made billion dollars that is wrong + he should give it back, same w/many others. The credit swaps interfere in communities to live local.

So the next desire of BNC we already addressed above. + These desires are meant well but fragmented, yet some ideas are worthy of rethinking w/one’s local `plan so as to co_evolve together good ideas + speak for one’s local `plan. Vs throw people off by ideas that are generalized, keeping people preoccupied in the wrong direction, missing the whole picture. As people stay at unease picking at wrong roots of the problems.

Achieve a 100% renewable energy economy.  ictts supports lowering one’s footprint, no large grid anywhere, only localized low impact systems that one's local `plan defines, which is most efficient, recycling what can.

Institute real criminal justice reform. ictts supports local `plans as people come to the table, even from existing criminal prosecutions/prisons/rehabilitations/corrections, etc. As Military ends + only local police + Coast Guard state the reality, as they get to know one’s community at the table as a local participant, taking off one’s hat. So as to gain understanding of possibilities within one’s local `plan as a rule of law for locals to work with/heal + become educated by interrelating in a transition, starting w/`Transitional Shift Message board.

   So all co_evolve within a fair amount of time as each work what can to make wrongs right fairly. Not one get all the blame but the communities many times need to tell the truth to start this transition. Again i repeat students skilled walking by one’s side in governing bodies can open transparency so people gain support, + if corrupt will be exposed to agree or be removed from one’s positions, so they still are offered opportunities to take part to make wrongs right, as they become a local participant, co_evolving oneself along this transitional support system.

So please remember many of us have + still do get upset thinking one should be put to death, which we do not agree with + the world should stop it. Nor be imprisoned without opportunity to heal + become educated by taking part in one’s local `plan, w/safety security respected for all during one’s healing process. Which again requires western curriculum to add eastern ways of medicine, which many are do_in on own. Yet doctors in western medicine should be required to walk by one’s students side going to their patient’s turf to see the many ways unaddressed yet they prescribe as they do wrongly in many situations. As well take continued courses to become educated w/the world’s reality of healing most efficiently.

As well Vet’s/other hospitals make more people ill the way they are not plugged in to communities potenital when w/local `plan.

Ensure equal rights across the board. ictts suggests all work at one’s local `plan, where all are supported to come to the table if can or their voices. This way real issues are prioritized + broken down into understandable realities that people can identify with. As groups come together to support needs + offerings efficiently. So all public schools gain personal support as in home schooled, same w/private, all students come together for one’s community, vs mixing mindsets, yet others can’t afford or understand.. Let alone governing bodies do it for profit or status of control, delusional realities, lobbyist for own agenda, etc..

No religion should be part of school. It should be a choice to choose once one is old enough to realize choices. But put into it’s place as a story of the past or belief of another. + The local `plan should be put into priority for locals should live in real time w/local resources as they maintain the balance of one self by taking part to make a healthy community working w/neighbors.  + sure bring in aware people to guide. Not people coming from afar to control what takes place.

  Rather the local `plan ecologically works within some enhancement from skilled local people, as well afar proven to work w/certain types of ecosystems, yet not interfere in local ways. A good permaculturist is skilled in agro_ecology. The natural community is worked with respect of it’s limits w/all life. For the life that sustain people to be balanced by the community to link w/neighbors as i said above.  Now you add natural building + never would you see the many ill delusional mindbody shifts. As you do now as people are housed in such ill states w/bad air quality, unheated, toxic materials as natural resources are depleted,  yet they pay a lot for such wrong doings, this list goes on. Yet natural building works with the natural local resources, so as to sustain them, + due it very energy efficient as well creative to collectively share. So all co_evolve together leaving no one behind.

Then locally this is put into retrospect so all gain awareness to become able to make good decisions. To support all to do one’s homework to heal, self educate + part time interrelate in one's local `plan to work to get clear to where desire + do the same at a community of choice, where they to work within their local `plan as people become earthlings. Truly building new neural networks by simply asserting daily acts that are mindful to work one’s local `plan part time, making space for self, feeling when interfering + stopping w/early signs + people learning good communications.

I can’t imagine being in the civil war or even now in one’s presence as they discriminate over one’s color or belief, as long as they maintain one’s discipline over one’s self sensory observation that keeps one calm + enjoying the goodness the earth offers to us all. If we all act on changing policies to explore this planet + beyond efficiently, with support in place for awareness of one's local `plan.

As people will gain over time w/experience what their local `plan taught them elsewhere in one’s travels. As they worked to or maintained balance of their natural world. + In time each co_evolve shifting w/the natural change, where one is at, fueling what is right for each to decide, as long as one leaves no footprint. As that should be the only ecological wall that exists on earth, where one is at, at the time.. ASAP mindfully prioritizing to clean it up + support for local `plans in every community. s we state above helping vulnerable, etc.

We do not support any aggressive acts, accept for healthy egos.  Nor do we support any waste of resources as in a wall to define people when it interferes in the ecology, as locals canot truely live locally `boon w/one’s wild natural world. We work to continue to lower our footprint + reprogram the much misinformed experiences we have witnessed, unaware at the time that we too could grip the moment, yet we rode on others wave. So we continue to co_evolve w/everyone trying to make a difference. + Have gained empathy to communicate w/respect + not assume. Rather ask.

So i do not have the feeling that many do, rather i’m a happy camper because i work hard at trying to share, as well welcome others to donate to help our thoughts reach out. For ictts’s virtual platform has collected many very sensitive skilled people, as well we are w/your support working to perfect it so as to simplify + organize, making it easier to be a resoure for you + your communities. So students can come + network as they seek your communites needs, share your offerings within your natural enhanced limits. Stopping the waste that is presently being exploited around the world.

Rather if all share in solidarity we can perhaps make a big dent in how we all have stolen our children’s future, for what ever reason or excuse you want to use.

So please realize you can make a difference now + your support where you feel best to help you + your community is mostly appreciated. For issues of the times are seriously leaving negative effects on many + it is up to us each to hold self + others accountable. ictts thanks you all for what you each can do.

BNC adds to their desires; Let’s work together to ensure that Congress not only looks like America but also fights for us.  ictts suggests all stop fighting, enough scars from fighting.  + Get real w/the earth + beyond’s mess so we can focus + respond mindfully + efficiently via one’s local `plan working w/students networking. Lets share more gratitude, love + empathy as we skillfully focus direct w/communities, sharing what works, making changes collectively so we don’t have resistance..  Rather w/clarity + respect we co_evolve together in a healthy way, not having a huge footprint at the expense of others being uneducated that support the profits wrongly.

For what ictts does is share basic nuts + bolts, + want to reach out globally in solidarity welcoming ethnic traditional engineers to share their ways to help guide. To date w/Nabble’s support + Google’s Adgrant to us a a non profit, we have near to 12 1/2 million ads globally sharing + welcoming people to join in to mindfully act now. They to can help you network. To organize for you + your communities. As well come link w/us at

 For as to give academia real values when do_in one’s local `plan to fuel thought to take existing technology that has left negative toxic effects + ASAP recycle what can, respecting all the hard work from past generations, so good decisions are made, not wasteful ones. For many still now are left behind wrongly as well from wars + toxic conditions continue to effect much life on earth now. + With US’s Military budget building, much more is at a big safety risk w/each new Nuclear weapon of war or each new Nuclear plant, as yet the old ones are still mismanaged.

  + Remember US has no Nuclear waste program to rid it, as it continues to stockpile leaving toxic Nuclear radiation effecting many for years to come. As well even being transferred to Southern Hemisphere as well Nuclera plants are opening, globally that is wrong. Yet many fail to rid their own local toxic ways or communities toxic developments, so if anyone has a better way more efficiently to address these issues then our plan sharing local `plan, then please bring it to the table + link fueling us all.

For it is hard to do this alone, yet many patches of people are do_in great work + many are willing to share w/the pocket left without.  No one can stay isolated without becoming more infested. No one can just due their own local `plan, for it does not happen unless you open to share the life building process. For every community needs to;

Balance the genetic bio diversity in one’s community to link w/neighbors, for the migrating species that sustain us, pollinate your food/medicine, balance your pests, support the balance of microbes within healthy bodies as well those that surround us that all share, this list goes on. So lets ask how can communities do this when others interfere as they do??

The EIS must be done from skilled sensitive people to consult with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and evaluate how this pipeline would affect THE ENVIRONMENT  AS WELL IF AN ACCIDENT. AS MANY PLACES NOW SHOW MANY TOXIC DEVELOPMENTS YET GOVERNING BODIeS ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR NOT HOLDING PEOPLE + THEIR COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THE DAMAGE THAT CONTINUES, OR IF RESOLVED THE LENGTHY BATTLES TO DO IT. POLLUTION CONTINUES at many communities along this route. So why would you think this would be dealt with any different??

    AS THEIR IS NO PLAN TO RID THE NUCLEAR WASTE THAT CONTAMINATES  many in the Northern Hemisphere. Drinking water, air, soils, the health + cultural way of life are being subjected to radiation in some places more then others, yet monitoring is not done successfully.

Look at our site + look at the Nuclear page on `the sun will set spreadsheet + see many ill, diseased, prematurely dieing from this + many more toxic developments as people do for profit vs retaining ethics/morals to support healthy communities. + They get away with it.



 This is so bad when Governing bodies allow fragments to be permitted without ANY entire project being correctly assessed, + if can qualify then permit THE PROJECT. BUT MANY ECOLOGICAL REALITIES ARE NOT EVEN ADDRESSED ALONG THE ALREADY CONSTRUCTED AREAS OF THIS PROJECT, IF ALL THE COMMUNITIES DO THEIR STUDY.


Let alone the children having children unaware of good communication skills to self develop first then to explore relationships by mentally having shared subject matter to fuel each to self develop. For sexual relations become more special once a responsible person is aware of such responsibilities + protection, So every child can be planned, to gain the best of life. As i see how beautiful the homeschooled children are.

Every child deserve this nurturing + your local `plans can produce very good schools for all to work together gaining needs to be met, offering s to be shared, life to be explored. Even if as an adult that never had it as a child, now is your time to walk by the side of your students/perhaps your children + do an exchange, as together you build your local `plan.

It’s time to awaken to the earth + beyond’s natural systems, welcoming good minds to guide as all heal + sort self out to then take part as we clean it up, creating organic exchanges. As we the people become aware of humanities options now to do it the right way.

 Please see `i come to talk story + together lets share in this living local process + do one’s local plan + link, fueling others to accept no other way. + Have empathy for these people now that have no understanding of oneself or a sense of collective community working one’s local `plan, + share us. For together 1 Universal sound science verbiage can fuel us to share this earth in peace, by simply understanding, that all can take part in do_in one’s local `plan.

Post comments now please + take part; 

    BREAKING: U.S. Army Corps Paves the Way for Dakota Access
Submit a Comment to the Army Corps: Complete the Environmental Review!

Peace is everyone’s option if we share what works.

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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

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