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Starting point for aiding all life; migrants/residents/wildlife, globally... URGENT UPDATE SUBJECT; I need water/food/shower/place to sleep/willing to do work exchange!.
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
               Nabble I want to thank you all for your assistance in our ability to share this!

   Please, all let us all take part and make it so that everyone can awake w/a breath of fresh air, as I share this young lady and her care for her loved one, as well their love for the earth, as a gift to all;

  If you people only knew how hard I work, then to lose my work, like here, dam! I've had broken tools and then to adjust w/new ones is hard w/limited budget/help! So please Donate, address at end of post. If like our work and want to take part, email me, kara; This is the price I pay for so much yada, when I try to do my part to help all understand, to get involved and part-time is all it takes as you do your local `plan and come link sharing, fueling others!

  Please check back for updates/corrections and more!

  Yet imagine, as I share w/all at the Argentina G20 Summit 2018, how they look at what is happening and all that we look at? Yet it does not have to bother any of us, for our feelings begin in our gut and we can control that. If see this post today 12.1.18, check this video out free today for 24 hours. What we do to self and each other, this is not acceptable to subject our children or anyone's children or anyone already suffering! Please note humanity has the answers now! If you miss this Summit link below, then check out their calendar for more Summits;

    Episode 5: The Gut Brain Connection - LIVE | Autoimmune Secrets

      Point is, many good people are doing great work now to link w/sharing in solidarity!
 While many are struggling and it is these pockets, we want to seek out and help them best define what is best for them, once they experience humanity's options. As these folks above teach how we are not a resultant of our DNA, rather we can change it! Basically they too got tired of being ill, losing loved ones to pharma or unskilled doctors, etc. so they went and figured out yet another way, working w/good old nature!

    For being a local is not enough, rather networking, sharing/collaborating, truth can give us all a means to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant, so each center and ground, making a difference!

This `transitional shift message board is a good Ex; to start with, and the `International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases is a great start, as many came together as well online, to share and all will continue to add to their sight updating, giving us all in time story of many countries, to hold self and others accountable in the moment! So we are clear of how toxic they are and the destruction left now as they destroy habitats/steal resources/create terrorists, as they profit from others doing their dirty work, and then many locals are considered the terrorist when yet those at the root of the problem need to be identified and stopped, as in US GOV and NATO!


  I'm sharing this w/Sec Ben Carson, and Pres Trump to create upon/work w/us, with the signing of the Executive Order, of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. Even though I cannot support Pres Trump's wall, nor sanctions given to anyone, as well all Military bases/Nuclear use must end, and can as students focus direct w/one's communities as classrooms, prioritizing toxic, cleaning up earth/space.

  But as I just asked many leaders to help Pres Trump due to him being lost in retaliating to all that is being thrown his way! Come on Democrats, you are so fcking corrupt that you do this to him? I may not support his ideas, but i do think he deserves immunity from all this personal life stuff, so we get back to Governing business locally and afar, that is mindful! So all make change for earthlings to navigate more freely earth/space. For US Gov has a lot of wrongs to make right from the past, and Pres Trump if you not centered you will ride on their wave!! All should stay in the instance w/self and him, in his role, w/simple respect so we collaborate on real issues prioritized! SO as all go figure if we are to get out of this mode, into real solutions to clean up working with in earth/space systems!

    As the local `plan retains controlling interest for locals, including those as in refugees/homeless, aiding this transformation, gaining fuel to obtain one's desires along w/long term residents, etc..

  If any one has a better idea, I repeat then please share it w/us below or email kara; Thank you!

    Students we welcome you to create/orchestrate these local `plans, network schematics, having them on the table welcoming investors, as `World Markets change! Now they no longer will be permitted wrongly to do toxic! Rather earth/space will be prioritized as critical thinkers emerge/collaborate and resolve, no longer wasting such energy as in the present climate change controversy as we get clear on that too. So the local communities, clean up the toxic, as well make space w/neighbors to make available space for the unexpected ER issues, sharing in solidarity!

Those negatively accusing wrongly, wasting so much of Gov's time, needs to self reflect, so all get out of beta mind and come together to better clarify and understand, while having good communication, prioritising resolution of conflict! So as young realize this is not a behavior to accept, as many take them as normal. When yet humanity has options now to create upon.

    Especially if we transcribe the indigenous stewards of earth into a science of common sense, working w/present technology so as to no more to allow fragmented science to profit over the ecological ability to sustain healthy working communities. Where young people learn to become a local mindful participant, gaining from the exchange w/the community. As they understand the importance of protected sex and self development.

  For it is wrong to not be able to put content into retrospect, as w/Pres Trump and First Lady should be the only one to discuss their personal affairs, and in his position should have an immunity that is clearly supported, so as not to interfere in Government's work. You can't even imagine how much time and energy has gone into such negativity out of context! When yet so many locally and afar are in need of serious help!

  For let's get real, see this story of those gaining immunity, that deserve to be prosecuted, as no one should be allowed to do such mindbody harm. I share this story of a man's work I truly respect and ask all of you to join in. Clinton's and Madeleine Albright contributed to taking advantage of the Congo mines, and should never be holding another responsible position. Considering they have yet to be prosecuted for International war crimes, as our earth has yet to have it together to hold people accountable in real time, when much blood is on their hands!

  See Dr.Mukwege still paying the price from US Gov's wrongdoing and many others continuing in the Congo mines;

                      Friends of the Congo continue to do great work, thank you all! And they appreciate all the help they can get!


                        It's amazing how the mines produce so many scars, it's time to make wrong right!

    Congo mine, time to make wrongs right!

  Quote Dr. Denis Mukege;

          With this #NobelPeacePrize, I call on the world to be a witness and urge you to join us in order to put an end to this suffering which shames our common humanity. Taking action means saying ‘no’ to indifference. 

           In particular, the @UNHumanRights #MappingReport, a professional investigation into war crimes and human rights violations perpetrated in #DRCongo, is currently gathering mold in an office drawer @UN in New York.

           This is an issue which cannot be ignored, and I encourage advocates to continue to draw attention to the need to end #impunity.

            I accept the 2018 #Nobel Peace Prize in the name of the #Congolese people and dedicate it to all victims of sexual violence across the world. Together, we must use this recognition as an opportunity to draw a red line against sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Thank you Dr. Mukege!

     These people left from and still in war torn areas, need all the support they can get when their hands are filled trying to go figure, as in the DR Congo, and Joseph and others below working w/those from the Sierra Leone War, and we thank the many doing great work w/the orphans!

So please make a difference and hold these people @UNHumanRights #MappingReport accountable to release proof of war crimes and human rights violations perpetrated in #DRCongo!

  There is a time and place to prioritize, and we will be focusing more on prioritizing needs, as we continue to research these long over do wars and corruption as we try to go figure w/all sides ridding beta mind, so as to define peace!

  I'm happy to see Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is rethinking to see peace take place.

   For as we co_evolve our local `plan that every community can create upon! As well every community can involve one's homeless/orphans/refugees, w/their long term residents, as they work together w/their neighbors, doing this transformation needed by us all in every community now! So all get one's needs met by prioritizing the needs of the local `plan, that has solutions from Humanity now, as we all can share what works in solidarity!

   Please check back for updates, for we will be sharing in conversations on Google Hangout for all to understand how each is needed! And using Nabble for all to stay in real time w/time differences, so all interrelate.

  We try to aid Joseph and his communities to sort out whether their hard work is worth the effort where at, vs joining in w/others, for the orphan children at times, still go to bed at night hungry!

 Ex; I share Joseph Kamara's good work, one that i've been communicating with. This is his story in Madeni, Sierra Leone, you can reach him on his Facebook, for they appreciate those that can help;


   As he is working in a community w/13 orphan children from parents from Ebola, as well as amputees from the war, and the community is trying to make it work! And I've been adding some thought as in doing one's local `plan, as we work together to aid all, to make sure they cannot work better w/neighbors, before putting out so much hard work and then still unable to feed all! And others are doing their best to aid, but it is not enough and doing one's local `plan brings all together to rethink entire biome(s) w/neighbors, so as to prioritize what is toxic and resolve via networking locally and afar. While simultaneously also restoring one's `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working community.

   This shared focus of one's communities w/neighbors local and afar then bring reality to why one is doing what? And where best and how to do it? As agro_ecological systems are our grounding fuel to best define this!

  I can't tell you how appreciated Joseph and his communities are to learn, as we try to prioritize in exchange;

    Ex; Freshwater storage, for now, is dry season and that is hard for them, the chickens are starting to lay eggs, wahoo! but some critter is stealing them, I said you catch that critter and if can eat him for dinner and make bone broth! As we talk about recipes/food diversity w/nutrients in balance when add colors to each meal... They like learning from Geoff, thank you Geoff, your quick garden as helped, for we don't want children going to bed hungry! Also composting for waste as well for compost toilets to be made as well a good night sleep, which networking/creating markets to exchange in solidarity can fuel this!

  As we to learn from all this and we thank all to give them support and us to reach many more locally and afar w/needs not met, meanwhile many are profiting as they ecologically interfere w/out prioritizing earth/space, to give all good local tools to do one's local `plan, as we suggest sharing humanity's ways that work now, w/agro_ecological systems created by good stewardship!

   We welcome all to transcribe these lessons from traditional engineers, knowing well good stewardship, into the good science it really is! As I share w/Pres Trump and other leaders. Please no more Gov regulators permitting toxic developments, as they say, business is booming, as many are ecologically whoring, as well the US/NATO committing International and local crimes as well UN Charter, see more link below. Shame on us all, we must prioritize for we knew humanity does not want this to happen, but it has gotten out of control, and now we can educate and mobilize peace, so please join in!

   For our plan for all to do one's local `plan can profit from doing this the healthy working way, when we share in solidarity and network what works/what doesn't!

       If I can explain more after you visit/post on our sites, then please email, kara; or gather a group and let's talk, we can teleconference once we agree on what works for all!

   Not just think of one's own backyard, but also our human family afar, and all life that sustains the trillions of microbes in one's gut, to fuel our mind/body to support critical thinking that prioritizes, earth/space systems, to save the life now!

   Joseph Kamara/ebola orphans/amputees and community in Sierra Leone, watching Geoff Lawton's quick garden..

  For it is bad enough to have to prioritize focus to stop toxic misuse as in the 1000 Military bases globally, as we welcome all to gain understanding and help end them ASAP, as well the toxic developments in space, and come together to research/collaborate on climate change to save life on earth ASAP, let alone try to produce enough food so no child goes to bed hungry as happening w/Joseph's community, as they try to end that sharing along the way;

  Humanity now and since early time, indigenous has/had answers w/agro_ecological systems, as good stewards of earth/space, they saved life on earth to this point, as all of us destroyed, many unknowingly! I repeat; It is their great stewardship that needs to be transcribed into the science that it is, so as those technologically creating toxic can correct, as together all make wrongs right!

    People doing great work globally are willing to share, so as students using communities as classrooms can focus direct aiding all, via networking, as well learn oneself! Our earth/space systems give us daily tools to do one's organic exchanges, and this is what everyone should be doing to balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors!

  Joseph and I have been discussing this and sharing Prof Miguel Altieri's work and Geoff Lawton's, and Joseph is limited w/funding to have more internet time, but above photo is his start in watching Geoff's quick garden to grow! As he wants to not have the children go to bed hungry!

  Many don't realize the trillions of dollars that go into Nuclear/Military and they want more! As well the speakers in Dublin gave detail of how corrupt George W. Bush supporting Barack Obama/Madeleine Albright, to get more Military bases in Africa, to use corrupt Pres Kagame to use the Rwandan/Uganda Military as US airplanes picked them up and dropped them off in the middle of the Congo, after they were told to not come back from the President of Congo, Laurent Kabali. As to do their dirty work and loot from the Congo's 24 trillion dollar mine. Meanwhile, they supported locals to support them as they gave back weapons in Syria to then cross borders and more......

   I add Paul Kagame/Clintons/Madeline Albright for starters, also need to be held accountable for International war crimes, not have Hillary as President of US. And now Pres Paul Kagame is Pres of the African Union, and many say let it all be in the past! Meanwhile, Please let's be clear, if listen to the link; of the International Conference Against US/NATO Military, the last day, the first speaker shares a friend explaining what happened, and Madeline Albright was on the telephone repeatedly wanting to talk, to get permission for US airplane to land in the Congo to pick up the Rwandan Military dropped off!

  See this link and make up your own mind!Thank you Economist;

Also w/todays ability to share across the earth, many links expose globally much corruption. Bill Clinton supposedly took part in asking Paul Kagame to kill the African president, states a whistleblower Judge trying to get Hague to prosecute still, yet Bill Clinton takes US Universities to Rwanda and much more! I have this link on our Google site.

   This was after 6 million people died, and 1/2 were children! Still, US/NATO controls Govs all over this earth, as they put in and take out people globally to serve their looting of resources from the locals, meanwhile the Military's leave toxic habitats wherever at!

  I had many links before I lost this post, and the point is people on the run are running from corruption and harm, so don't let anyone tell you any different! You can Google them to stay updated thru the fake news on Russia Gate to distract all this truth and more.

  I just heard from a friend in Libya, as he knows well how nice it used to be! Do you know about the Great Man-Made River?

        It is a network of pipes that supplied water from the Sahara Desert in Libya, the greatest irrigation project ever, the world's largest irrigation system in the world also known as "the eighth wonder of the world". Destroyed by US/NATO with depleted uranium in 2011.

       As a result of the saturation of depleted uranium residues in agricultural crops, livestock and water sources, there is a appearance of grossly deformed newborns in Libya. Despite this serious health disaster, the countries involved with NATO are now demanding that Libya pay them one billion seven hundred million dollars for their help in toppling Qaddafi.Quote Gage;

      Libya receives hardly any rain and the heat evaporation rates are high. As a result of all these factors, and after considering the available options including the creation of desalination plants, transportation of water by tankers, and conveying water by pipeline from southern Europe, Muammar al Gaddafi decided that there was no solution to the water crisis in Libya other than the creation of the Great Man-Made River, the most ambitious irrigation project in the world costing over $25 billion dollars.

     The project aimed to extract water from the underground reserves and transport it to the various cities and towns across Libya. It carried more than five million cubic metres of water per day across the desert to coastal areas, vastly increasing the amount of arable land.

 How sick is this, yet many Americans have no clue of how we all have contributed unknowingly!

  I've suggested to my friend to gather good young minds/lawyers and talk to these people now in legal process of 9/11, sharing how it came down, by who and why will come later! For the people of Libya should get compensated as well a new water irrigation system, not have to pay NATO, nor the countries involved anything!

  So if yet to hear this great news please take part w/both these entities, and lets together seek justice, not to mention prove the science US Gov used over 9/11 is wrong. So in defining this we also can get real w/the reality of using science that works to define climate change, so the people of earth/space are on the same page and all can mindfully act. So first things first, please do your homework;

Quote Gage from link below; So this all is a huge lie of such mammoth proportions that every American should be sitting in the streets not working. And we should throw every member of Congress out who hasn’t called for a 9/11 investigation. And we should not watch movies with actors in them who are not speaking out about 9/11. And so that’s why I’m going to be encouraging Ed to keep talking to his fellow actors until we can get some real publicity on this. Because that’s, these days, where a lot of publicity comes from, is when celebrities speak out. Shame on all of you!

  I'm thankful for Russians and all earthlings, to help us be aware of George W. Bush/Dick Cheney/Rumsfeld/Barack Obama/Madeline Albright/Clinton's and others corruption, and we welcome all earthlings to come together now as we shift/rethink and co_evolve this mess together! Yes heal those that have done wrong and they too can participate as a local participant w/caution of what they add? And please any proven to be corrupt, let's choose good people to guide as all educate and mobilize, holding ourselves and others accountable, in this time-sensitive task, where all is needed. But not corrupt to lead us into more corruption!

  We all know what happens to people commiting a lot less crime, and we are happy that Pres Trump is working at reform!

  We thank La Via Campesina for their great International work for all, that speaks loud and clear for all life on earth! For the only borders, we should have on earth/space is the natural `enhanced ecological one's that is our true sustaining energy, respecting all able life to be in control of oneself, adjusting to early signs leaving no footprint on any life! And those unable are best to help all give/gain, what ever support needed for them too to take part!
     #Laviacampesina #Newyork another historic step of the fight of the via peasant in the third committee of the general assembly of the #un, today was approved the adoption of the declaration of #derechoscampesinxsya, only remains a process for the plenary to ratify. After 17 years, this is an important collective victory of the international struggle. This statement is a tool for the construction of peace, democracy and #soberaníaalimentaria

#PeasantsRights Historic victory after 17 years of hard work - UN will adopt the Declaration on Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas.

Today the UN General Assembly‘s 3rd Committee voted in favor of this declaration- this means the declaration should be formally adopted in December.

      We feel our research welcomes all from anywhere/where at now, to take part where at, as all share this message board to see where together all can create, and please forgive for we are not in synch w/all side Subcategories as we tried to get this done for this Conference, as well the many now w/needs not met!

 So start here, do your homework, and welcome all to work this `transformation needed in every community, globally! And please post, fueling others/correct us and add to it! Most important gather w/your local community to understand how best your local `plan can do for you, for this is a lot to juggle on one's own! We suggest make space to rethink this page and see how you can add it into your life?

Thank you and any good local `plan you start/take part in, make sure it has space for all life now before exerting a lot of wasted energy, and sure in time all gain one's desire to relocate as all sustain making wrongs right and the rebuilding processes needed! If even the Nuclear toxic waste/leaks/depleted uranium that is not depleter/chemical weapons left behind can be cleaned?

   All please see our `the sun will set spreadsheet's Nuclear page of medical details, as all should be monitored daily in every community to know your lands and what is coming in w/currents/winds globally circulating. As well I repeat, the depleted uranium is not depleted, rather males are contaminating via sex their grandchildren, children are getting contaminated playing on Military vehicles left behind!

  So please, w/all this, it is the time to have protected sex, we have enough children now going to bed hungry on earth, and enough unaware birth defects/miscarriages, as well suffering now carried for! So please join in!

Peace can be real for all as soon as all do one's part and shift w/us these scars from every being repeated, as we do our best to look at the Arctic/transcribe the indigenous knowing well good stewardship of the earth/space systems, creating w/technology w/common sense! For us all to act on what is most efficient, correcting so much contradiction. Where these feedback loops are supposedly causing global weather problems now, and Dr. Guy Mcpherson speaking for many scientists as he stays on top of this, states they will get worse, so prepare now w/agro_ecological systems once you gather w/your community and discuss a local `plan, to see if it is a reality for your location?

  Most important, Dr. McPherson states we cannot go cold turkey off fossil fuels, or the temperature variance will be too much for the complex life that sustains humans! We must communicate w/sensitive critical thinkers to go figure! If this is true?

  Please see Guy's links to help us sort out this issue;






      SUMMARY; 8.2.2016


Ok, many of you know how this feels, so now look at these videos, showing the opposite;

Shame on us all!
  I'm feeling we need to change the conversation to simplify and clarify what all can do now most efficiently, and that is to prioritize what is toxic, forget the words climate change, and let's focus on what now is making people and all life ill! I have some ideas to help people understand, if we gain some support? As I told Friends of the Earth, Fundraising, so if you can help them please do! I respect them for a lot of their work, some I don't agree w/for life is short and rather than to rebuttal who is right and why, which still can be collaborated on! I suggest, do your local `plan w/neighbors w/overview of agro_ecological systems first, some equate their studies as permaculture, which if done right stems from agro_ecology. This way all are living most efficient!

     No more waste in controversy having stress/fear or misinformation, rather you work w/pure goodness, respecting all life from ever microcosm that is our true sustaining energy!

  I'm sure by now you've all seen Greta Thunberg's speech at the UN COP24 recent conference, yes she is a beautiful young girl, and I'm not skilled enough on this issue, as it appears she is neither, but I feel as her, we must do something! And agro_ecology is my answer, so please let the birds guide you and get out of beta mind, and together realize peace is real now!

    But not at the expense of doing it wrong, if scientists are right about Global Dimming, etc. nor should any child of her age be burdened to take this on w/out having a sound stewardship science transcribed, so as when she or any child speaks as an activist, same w/us all, we speak without misleading and work to get truth heard!

   That has yet to be done!


  I disagree w/her about how, as we must respect the science that Dr. Guy McPherson speaks of above, for our children are studying the same. But my feeling is even as Dr. McPherson feels this will take a miracle to resolve, I too feel MAYBE this science is incomplete, and together we need to go figure how to sort this out. Before jumping at just ending the use of what has destroyed us on a big scale, as links above speak of from Dr. McPherson and so many more!

  The years of study, if one does not stay in the instance w/oneself, can program in any field, if study vs live it in real time, as in indigenous stewards do, and have done for a long time w/agro_ecological systems, which can fuel us to rethink this truth! To act on what one truly perceives, self reflecting w/others safely, as good stewards, when you start interrelating doing local `plans whereever at, with whomever there, working w/neighbors, networking local and afar in solidarity!

      Centering and grounding, doing your part, part time, then the rest of the time is yours to play!

  I've asked Fedor, who is presently doing a solo trip rowing in his boat around the world, please see his link. And I feel w/his experiences w/himself and the natural world, as well working w/science, he may have another perspective on these issues. For Dr. McPherson admits he is too bold to go hiking 5 days in the bush w/no water, as he recently was interviewed by Luke. I respect Dr. McPherson's work and we may not be able to get him to do what Fedor has done or still doing, but I have a feeling if Fedor finds the time to respond to us, and I share it w/Dr. McPherson, it may spark a new thought and he may be the man that can best transcribe this good stewardship into a science of common sense that many are missing! For he has taught many including me, as he has worked hard to save life on earth because he truly loves it, I believe! He states now none of this new data would make a difference, but we'll let him sleep on it, for there's nothing better than to have people around you that tell you their truth, and that is what we do w/all!

          Thank you Fedor if get this far in this read and we truly hope you are enjoying the experience!


 For US Gov is not using a science that tells the truth or they leave truth out that is important, as w/EPA and Internationally the IAEA, as we've experienced w/the Fukushima Nuclear accident in Japan, and many more places. And we want to see this change! Supporting the 9/11 lawsuit links above, can prove the truth if heard, they will tell how the World Trade Buildings came down on 9/11, w/thermite, installed prior to 9/11 to produce the controlled demolitions. That many skilled architects/engineers, globally have discovered. And now coming together asking all to help them. For they have worked hard to get this case to where it is now. Once this happens, next step will be to define who did it and why!

                         Please take part and accept nothing less than the truth!

                     You can also join in;

  Same now as I ask Pres Trump/Congress to open this investigation of 9/11, for the good stewardship science we speak of here can aid so much more, as in, Ex; those in the CA, USA fires, for it did not have to become so severe, damaging so much and killing so many, as well now the toxic mess their, that must be removed the right way! As well aid the support of restoring one's ability to go beyond survival mode, when people are so crushed from disasters that get out of hand!

    Not to mention Yemen/Syria/Iraq/Iran/North Korea and all working together, and every community come together and add this science of common sense, to one's priority list. So those that can act mindfully to end such scars/end such high risks, and really look at the math of destruction, can then bring good minds together to fill the skilled positions not being presently effective now to resolve!

 For when I see as Ex; People selling Military weapons, it is totally inhumane to tell our children stuff like this or show them how they destroy life on earth/space, vs come together and clean it up and act consciously humane w/each other! Our children look at this as a game of history's programmed illnesses, not what we do now to save lives and respect it, where ever, as we explore this beautiful earth/space, knowing well many were unaware/ill/leaving such destruction, knowing no other way!

   Being in beta mind is not the answer to figure all this out! We need people now in alpha/theta to come forward! One's w/purity of once consciousness, that have healthy view of one's clarity and intuition, speaking the truth as one self reflects and goes deeper, admitting one's faults, making wrongs right! For you are not alone, the human education of mindbody has been negligent and Gov has interfered wrongly/same religions, yet good stewards of earth/space continue to live it!

Good Ex; read this old article;

  Where are the teepees and traditions carried forward that sustain one's true health of mindbody, to fuel these young and old that have not had the fortune of reflecting from early on? This is not new, I can show you many people in every community we've networked in, as many like this are left behind as Gov wastes resources and continues!

 Ok now look at his link to see how they have transcribed the once Native means of stewardship, that many believed in, as we are only here n earth for a short time, and to perceive property rights wrongly, justifying an answer to profit over doing one's local `plan, as we suggest, so as to restore one's real needs to get met, while working within the needs of the local `plan, so as to work within earth/space systems. Superseding but can respect and create w/property rights, as a piece of paper, that respects one's space, so as others cannot take it away.

    But only if these property rights have the ability to comply to the whole community's needs to maintain ecological enhanced sustaining healthy working communities. Where the local `plan retains controlling interest, so I repeat; No more does any unskilled or manipulated representative of one's local `plan allow ecological whoring. Rather local `plan maintains in the instance it's natural enhanced state, so as all needs get met working within it.

SO see how they've co_evolved;

   We welcome them to get in tune in the instance creating/teaching us as we share what works. For mishi and I once lived in a teepee renting property form a psychologist that ended up to be a manipulative dishonest landlord and we had to move, after the family helped us build a beautiful wooden deck over a creek in the woods, and the teepee was on top. Why did we have to move, for the zoning did not permit and we trusted the doctor, same he did not have the correct sewer disposal as we thought we could compost and did it in respect to all life. So he never was honest and then one day he told us to go hide, wow!

 So I'm asking Joseph and all in his community, to have this conversation w/the Chief that wants money from them to purchase the land they are farming on now trying to sustain from, as children are taking part learning but still hungry sometimes, as they go to bed and this is wrong?

 Joseph please share this post w/the Chief and ask him to join in w/you and share w/us his feelings so all co_evolve together! And Thank him w/hug from me, kara!

    I say, Chief, Sir, please realize if you get paid for this land, you will be taking money from people that still are not sustaining from your undeveloped property. Rather look at it this way, you could join in as an investor and allow the local `plan on this land to work w/neighbors, so as it retains controlling interest and you can invest as the students brought in skilled from your communities locally and afar, networking to create schematics for all to take this property and define how best to sustain how many, leaving space for unknown to work w/neighbors in times of ER issues to help each other!

     Now Sir you become a local community participant as all interrelate and yes you are respected for you have been chosen to be a Chief somehow? And most likely people respected you for making good decisions to help them, is that true, please explain more, so we get to know each other and all give/gain, support for all to become whole/heal and do one's part! For what is most important is that if you are to continue to be our Chief then you must realize the much good work Joseph and all including the children are doing to your land! And how networking w/the world your land is becoming a very sustainable piece of land that can soon balance, w/your support, what all communities need to do and that is balance one's genetic biodiversity that naturally links the life that humans require to sustain from!

  What does that mean simply? It means our minds are controlled by our guts and that takes trillions of mechanical/biological functions to fuel, for we have trillions of life that we house as humans, and when you don't get the proper balance from your food filling these micronutrients required to heal and sustain a healthy mind body energy, so you can move and circultate make good choices and choose only natural organic living modes, you then will become ill or maybe already are? Or it easily can keep people in the fog as they yet to learn how to edit beyond belief. As many rid on other's waves. When yet each to be healthiest w/in one's potential must maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation!

   Which the resultant is a alpha/theta brain wave that then opens to creativity and harmony seeing intuition as vibrations `boon w/the natural world, and people join together in harmony to act! No longer overloaded as each edits oneself learning early signs, and if healthy parents now will learn w/children to stop caring bad behaviors from others passed down, as they did their best to survive! And seek out the good ones stolen or due to misuse/abuse was lost or fragmented, and now can once again learn from the many now still co_evolving in the instance and get in touch w/self and reality! Not go back to the past ways, but bring ways from the past that work and are still fueling good mindbody relationships!

  And I suggest all aiding this transformation as well self reflect along the way and have protected sex! So no more children are brought into dysfunctional worlds as is! And please just because you may of been fortunate to survive and make changes even if hard! As in from your dysfunctional parent(s) or from not having them still alive, etc. please realize what surrounds you as beta mind does not allow one to reach out in clarity, rather it keeps one short sighted/fragmenting/misusing/abusing, etc. SO that means if you think you want to have a child it is perfectly normal, it is in a womans design, and if the urge is strong have your hormones tested and you will see your urge goes away, for woman are baby machines.

   I know well leaving home at the age of 12 to help my family as I became a nanny and I've always loved children, and had them when I should not of, doing to not being aware that a child needs much more than love! They need a solid healthy positive ability to interrelate, so I gave them all I could but that was incomplete and they paid the prices for it, including I. But we don't give up, we learn together and co_evolve together! It works!

  So Chief, Sir please take a review of our work and join in as you are important to us, and we want you/your land and all on it now, to make the best choices for all! SO you may come up together in this conversation w/short or long term options, creating many proposals, and maybe even you may expand the limits of the land size by you representing your land and speak w/your neighbors? So all is fair, yet you people don't just stay isolated struggling, rather you heal and self educate and take advantage of the natural world you have and enhance it, so you Sierra Leone becomes involved, and the whole of Africa Continent becomes involved, as all are sharing for each local `plan to gain it's own relationship w/neighbors. Ending false aid from afar!

    Rather gain one's own sovereignty, thru planning the entire land with agro_ecological sensitive/skilled people to define where what and when should be done and more, so the truth is told of how many people best to sustain a healthy working community, knowing what can best be planted and watered how, as well composting/sanitation/energy to supplement what is/recycling as well technology performed at it's best as the local good stewards in your are come forth showing you traditional ways that still work or once worked but another illegally or unethically interfered and stopped and know you can define in conversation/collaboration now what your options truly are? And we share Miguel Altieri and Geoff Lawton  to best answer, and the many others that have learned w/them to guide!

   Plus as w/Greta's experience of being sensitive and perhaps her illness related to Autism makes her more sensitive, and we don't want her to stress or any child, in any way out of the normal healthy stress all experience. I've told here to read all of this post, as humanity's options now can help us all get out of this beta mode of over doing as well even her illness could be reversed and these folks I speak of above studying at the Institute of Functional Medicine are reversing Autism, and they know it is caused by vaccines and more!

  Rather as an adult all of us should admit our wrongs, walk together in this transformation so as to identify that which is within and make changes now as each put one's hands in the dirt or support those doing it. I share how beautiful Joseph and his community are progressing w/the little they have had to work with! So please Chief/Sir, don't let them stress trying to work hard at figuring a way to pay you for your land, when the fact that you can join in with them and us working within the many good options now to rethink with, then please rethink and have this conversation w/your neighbors! And I thank you and if I can help, please email me, kara;

Please Chief,go see their good work and add what you can! Others not near look here as Joseph continues to teach the children and all are working together, thank you all!

  Joseph Kamara/ebola orphans/amputees and community in Sierra Leone, watching Geoff Lawton's quick garden..

   Remember all, Chief Nana contributed to this name of our US non profit `i come to talk story, as we built our 42` Wharram catamaran in midwest of US and trucked it to WA, put it together and sailed to Solomon Islands where we met him. He had just had an illegal barge from Japan, before us come in and take a hillside of trees down. And all that mud went into his area where they caught their fish and not the fish had died and He did not know why. So we would talk and he would then paddle to his neighbors and share and come back and we would exchange thru learning and sharing w/all. and this continued for some time, then we continued on networking doing the same. And this is how our project continues, to share and learn and share some more!

  Fish dying was very hard and they ended up replanting in the hillside so it would stop running into bay! And gardens developed! But the first contribution to creating this sharing was the Rwanda war, that we listened to on shortwave as we sailed across the Pacific ocean, and that made me ill, so I had to work hard and recently I've gotten ill again learning about Pres Kagame and Pres Clinton/Pres George W. Bush/ Dick Cheney and more, held for war crimes yet to be prosecuted, same w/Madeline Albright and Hillary as I've stated, as people witnessed such corruption. So that too I've overcome as well this controversy over climate change. For humanity has answers and I welcome all beings to heal and self develop w/proper support in place, no matter where are, to heal and take part in a humane way, for no one has done this alone, we are all responsible in many ways that need to be understood.

   I have a plan so check back for updates, if need to know more!

  But I do feel they should not hold responsible positions as some continue! Rather they can present their ideas from in jail/prison as we thank Pres Trump to refurbish more so all realize no one person is accountable, when so many of us contribute unknowingly creating these positions/policies that entrap people, putting them into beta mind unknowingly then to go on to misuse/abuse.

   SO lets stop the death penalty please, and work toward creative humane ways for all to heal and come back as a local, global and beyond mindful participant, please!

  So here is the series I was sharing above and you decide what went wrong within yourself as well or if fortunate to of worked thru it, then please share w/us and others, as well check out `Natural Justice for I respect these people working w/African communities speaking for us all well, as they state if you do not do what is needed, you lose it and they can share what works;

  Natural Justice – Lawyers for Communities and the Environment

  I just saw this which is cute, our children will be the exponential answer to peace, as they need you and we need them, so join in and let all interrelate, for peace is real;
  The Epic Hangout - Episode 12: The Hunter gathers

    I wrote a post sharing how nice above, but then lost it! Point is one needs to continue this series into what is vs what can be and then show how as we are here as we welcome all to join in, help us understand what you don't so we correct or make changes and together go figure, mst efficiently for all life!

Here to I shared such a link of these series, that it appears different people are showing, so I not clear on how that is organized yet, or even if there are many different versions, so if watch maby can tell me if know, who producing each of these, the above link and this below?
So please folks create upon humanity's lessons and join in, making more, let our research knowing what works be used for your local `plan;
    Where the ecosystems define the housing as Natives always have done and students focus direct, networking creating upon humanity's options now, even making it better, after much work of figuring this stuff out! Then w/community eye to eye, they create and network schematics showing good investments needed, so people become aware and also take responsibility for self as well hold others accountable locally and afar. Not as now w/the World Markets, where you can buy puts and calls that interfere, w/no sound science of reality to respect the many microcosms of life/or humans ability to self sustain within a local `plan, for they yet to exist, accept for groups of people globally doing great work willing to exchange what works! And this is how our local `plans will network!

  If yet to another Ex; is this 12 part short series of humans co_evolving as Hunter/Gathers, and my perspective is that they did a great job showing what was, and I asked them how nice to show what could be up until today staying in the instance! For look at the peace as people enjoyed each other, respecting what each offered and co_evolved together creating human comfort, respecting all life! Ok then as they prospered yet fragmented as illnesses occur from living closely w/people and animals, they realized they needed to organize!

   But they did not have what we have not, such good tools as Nabble/Google/LibreOffice and more, to talk to each other, they did amazing work to get that far!

  So people shifted into controlling others, and I believe this is a big lesson to learn from, for up until that all where interrelating, and that is the key that our children homeschooled now do, from early on, we have learned from our grandchildren and children what we did wrong! As every move done, is respected by all! In retrospect of closely examining the bad behaviors passed on as normal, yet to be acknowledged/ And it is our children that can expose this as we see ourself in them, and then bring it to surface within oneself!

  I know this can be tricky when still stuck in beta mind, but please look at it this way, and not get hung up in guilt or shame, etc. for you have the ability to create a you and edit this within. Even as the many good folks from HealthMeans/HealthTalks are showing that we can co_evolve our DNA w/good choices!

            People are healing amazing diseases that many have died from prematurely or suffered for years unaware and now healing or reversing or better managing if too far! As Dr. Yun Wang as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor too, continues to help us define a way that works, as in even planting your food/medicine gardens for your area to heal the areas predominant illnesses and more! As he customized herbal formulas for you to sharpen your sensors, that you unknowingly allowed to become dull and damaged! And now can learn early signs to redirect and conserve your energy, so as to heal the damaged and prevent damage to begin with!

  You people now leading, and even the many in past leaving scars to repeat, have a heart for life, I can see it in your eyes! But it is fragmented and each must work at this, and all can give support, which has yet to be readily available! As Dr. Helen Caldicott whom I have great respect for states as a doctor; These men on their dying bed hug her, as the purity of one's soul comes thru, that all are born with, if fortunate to be healthy, and they tell her all the wrong they did, now knowing they are going to die.

   For she knows well, how babies are deformed or born as a glob, from Nuclear radiation, and some even live w/body parts they should not have or without them/one eye, books are here of all these stories, look on Dr. Caldicotts site. As true loving people care for them and develop a family as from Chernobyl Nuclear accident. And Fukushima will be worse, due to children younger now showing lymph abnormalities a lot earlier, and Gov tells doctors if they tell parents that is from the Nuclear accident, they will be prosecuted!

   As well the US/NATO wars using depleted uranium that is not depleted leaving radiation to be passed on to grandchildren! As they did in the Iraq war, and if you watch this video that was made, you will see that in the Iraq war, soldiers were not even told that depleted uranium is not depleted. They had no geiger meters/no alarms/they even went home w/Nuclear radiation on their clothes and baggage, then to contaminate their children and wife!

 For Governing heads are not telling the truth about this or Japan's contamination to locals now, as well to us all! And Sec Hillary Clinton right after the Fukushima accident, signed a contract to buy their fish. This is totally unaware and unacceptable for anyone to do these crimes, especially people in responsible roles that must end ASAP, and they must heal themselves and not interfere in elections/or business at hand.

   Same w/the attacks on Russia, who we thank for being mindful earthlings so as not to allow this to happen, as they awaken more US people, as we had no clue of how untruthful and unskilled many of you still are, holding Governing positions!

  Even Bernie Sanders, and many now legislators, shame on you for being in office as long as you have, then to allow all this without speaking up! Shame on us all!

  Pres Trump, no ecosystem can be isolated! Every deal you negotiate w/out prioritizing toxic and the ecology, and one's ability to do one's local `plan, will interfere in an  American life/or any life on earth, for no country survives on its own! The earth/space systems fuel humanity, giving all the tools to do one's organic exchanges needed, to balance one's microcosms that fuel our gut, giving us the ability to think clearly and have physical strength!

`We the people cannot allow this lack of awareness to continue, we want to help all understand, so each can hold self and others accountable ASAP, and take part! So we ask you all to tell the truth, that is the only way our children can help us now sort this out! For they would never survive w/what they think is right!

  We as a planet must focus on cleaning up our earth/space systems, that give each local `plan optimum efficiency to do one's organic exchanges,
 building `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors locally and afar! Using agro_ecological systems, not continue the use of toxic GMO's/monocultures/pesticides/fertilizers and this list is lengthy how toxic processing along w/toxic products are in the processed food that is killing/making people ill, as many in the western medical profession are unskilled to guide one to heal from these products!

 From here then Ex; the `Our Children's Trust Lawsuit also can end and all can get back to prioritizing toxic work needed to be clear to us all, to mindfully act as to prioritize if Arctic Ice melts this year or next, and whatever is happening w/your local toxic developments or natural happenings locally as well the effects from afar, can be resolved now w/agro_ecological applications? And most important quit the lawsuit and have a decent respectful conversation w/Pres Trump and Congress, working w/a science of common sense, that as I state, our plan is to help people understand the missing worn torn links!

   For `we the people, can take off our hats and become consciously humane, and learn to edit oneself, get out of beta mind so all can come up w/clarity/intuition/contributing/knowing when to seek collaboration or research, w/humanity's great options now, that have been carried forward from long ago, and apply in priority.

    Let the birds be your guide and self reflect and edit, you have the power within to obtain a healthy balance, walk into a forest w/a beta mind, and this frequency that prevents you from being clear to perceive w/your intuitive tools, that all have, if use oneself correctly, will alarm the birds! And they will warn all of your presence! Bush people/trekkers, have figured this out long ago!

     Ex; Adam Haritan states it nicely, to `learn your land, w/local good stewardship that he follows! This gives one answers to create solutions with earth/space learning the early signs.

  And our plan to share humanity's options w/your support, sensitive yet critical thinkers will emerge in all to go figure! As also doing one's local `plan w/neighbors, using agro_ecological systems are very efficient to produce healthy working communities, as all lands are worked sensitively and skillfully! Knowing in advance of how one's community can best prepare w/present toxic conditions, as you work w/students networking, working w/neighbors to end false aid from afar!

      Which also creates your best tourist industry by welcoming all in to exchange, aiding/taking home great ideas as each participates were at! Celebrating this good fortune of communicating peacefully to resolve ASAP what is toxic!

  No more fragmenting producing Military Nuclear weapons, while yet living in radiated areas as it toxic radiation circulates now are planet, as well the waste yet to be removed correctly has yet to be done! Govs are not to be trusted until they shift and show some transparency! And `we the people need to protect oneself from their waste! As well stop being interdependent on them, which may help them as well come around and want to join in!

      Let's together create peace w/all to share earth/space and clean it up in priority ASAP, and even make good investments as the local `plan retains controlling interest never again allowing unskilled to permet toxic developments! It's time to make wrongs right as we all join in aiding Pres Trump now to understand what we state here and much more as each community doing one's local `plan or defining it, will be the best to answer and ask more?

   As all need to stay in the instance and work together to sustain one's community before fragmenting resources in a trade that depletes you, or even interfere in other communities, to also do one's local `plan. As I've also shared this w/the Pres Of China/Iran/Saudis/Mexico/Congo, and Pres Putin and more, as he knows well to end all GMO's, not to mention each has something unique that all can learn! And I'm asking for a conversation to end all wars, prioritizing Yemen/Syria/Palestine and the list is long of so many on this earth w/needs not met! And to reach the purity of all to work w/humanity's options now, will give amazing results!

  Thank you all for sharing this along your walkabout for you and your communities!

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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

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