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Re: Test for aiding all life; migrants/residents/wildlife, globally... URGENT UPDATE SUBJECT; I need water/food/shower/place to sleep/willing to do work exchange!.
— by our combined` effect our combined` effect
I, kara ask all of you, please tell me how you can sleep at night if you do not work together as a mindful participant and talk to your representatives of their plans to stop all Military? I 'd like to start this conversation so either people act mindfully to stop all weapons of ar or they are voted out of office!

  Let's just take a brief overview of some of the many suffering on earth now, as in those Congolese in Angola issue!

  Or how about Libya, Iraq, and many more, where US has yet to make wrongs right! Yet more Military bases continue to cause destruction as well new bases being built!

  Yemen's issue is probably as bad as the Congo, carried forward w/US's intervention and others, same Syria!

Recently UN has bombarded my twitter account, showing me around the world how their peacemaking teams are doing great work, this to me is a twilight zone of the past, when it is not Military that makes peace it is a true art of living w/good cultural stewardship, respected in each community, transcribed into a science of common sense, that can co_evolve technology to rethink earth/space solutions, creating peace, prioritizing what on earth/space needs critical thinkers to go figure together now globally as Dr. McPherson thinks it will take a miracle, for we have no technology now to do what it takes.

  I not being a science programmed person, feels humanity has answer and we must not give up finding them, and that takes skilled organizing, so please help us ASAP do this;
           I repeat one of the above links, that is not being discussed at the COP24 recent conference, and if I missed it, please share:


This list is truly lengthy, and every community doing one's local `plan, must prioritize locally and afar affecting the global community! Each local `plan will be best to tell the story of who, what and where, defining this as students network!  It is up to each of us to hold self and others accountable locally as well those locals doing these acts afar, but not get hung up on blame! Or mistruths as now Pres Trump is getting bombarded with, which is very wasteful of Gov's time and resources!

   Rather a simple list, and anyone repeating w/out facts will be eliminated!  Rather we want one common verbiage of monitoring sharing in solidarity what can be done via what ecosystem/season and subject prioritizing toxic local and afar! Who did what to help us define what needed in detail, to gain more facts if needed, or our children will never be able to figure this out, until they see our mistakes. Then to aid us now to fill in their/our and the missing worn torn links, all together can prioritize now, as one's reps come together in collaboration ASAP, starting it here on this message board until we can gain more support to do it more efficiently, truly using all of Nabble/Google's tools and others!

 As I just tweeted to Pres Trump/Congress and Senate, asking them how they can sleep at night interfering as they do, paying others to do their dirty work, even if much has happened from others in past, each should stay in the instance to stop the profiteers from continuing. As well those of you w/the ideology that combat is needed, or war is going to save us, and you people that think this way is really serious that you are helping humanity.

  At the same time we need to support Pres Trump to do the work needed now and stay focused, not wasting time having to dodge all the negativity thrown his way from media and Democrats and more! As this disassociated energy itself is interfering in many now, unable to take part! This energy can be harnessed and we can redirect and get to issues at hand w/your help, so please join in so no more distorted energy keeps truth from surfacing!

  Well sorry, you are wrong, there is no healthy place for any aggressive acts on earth or in space and never was! which is wrong, for humans have an enhanced potential to seek good intermediaries now, to make peace now sharing earth and space w/all that has respect for all life!

  To see all these people starve to death, as even now have you seen the children and elderly in these pictures in Yemen and many other places now? I'm not going to post them here. None of this should of happened for it is not necessary when yet local `plans can learn from the indigenous that have been such good stewards of our earth! This shows us now that we all have been ill, to not see this sooner, to resolve!

   As we want to stop all weapons of war, showing people more detail of what they are supporting unknowingly, as well I also have been unaware as many. And many still supporting these scars to continue, as people profit, and many unaware of these missing worn torn threads. So we need real stories to fill them in, in every community.

 It's time to save life on earth and prioritize what is toxic and aid suffering! And we need all to join in part-time to make a difference! Miguel Altieri/Geoff Lawton and many have the answers now, so please see their videos posted in the UUS; ER offered subcategories on right-hand side as you take a review and then post as you stay in real time w/your needs and offerings!

  We will be doing a global ad campaign as soon as we finish correcting a few more tech errors w/Google.
So please join in and your Donations are appreciated, so we can get good tools/hire people/pay overhead expenses, and do this much more efficiently than a few of us working hard at this!

 if interested in Donating, please email kara, and title it Donations;

Peace is real if we share what works!

Sincerely, kara speaking for `i come to talk story..

                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

   Please see our new Subcategories on URGENT UPDATE SUBJECTS (UUS) on the right side, so as to help ASAP the many left behind/or on the run now, as we welcome all to post on this `transitional shift message board (`tsmb).

   Humanity has solutions please share yours, so all needs can get met along w/the local `plan of each community, sharing in solidarity, globally, so all get one's needs met, fueling each to get out of the survival mode and into being a mindful participant, as we all work this `transformation needed in every community now to prepare for global weather getting worse!

    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do one's local `plan that prioritizes our co_evolving collective plan of earth-space as together we rid toxic were most negatively effecting all species including humans, now to help! Only then can we al then live local doing one's local `plan, staying updated on our earth-space messageboard in the building, w/your help!
                        Thank you Nabble for your support!

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