our combined` effect
our combined` effect
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summer fills the air with more biodiversity, num as we get to know new species.. 0 topics
spring is here, buds/shoots are popping out.. as we choose the seeds to plant, see old + new critters.. 0 topics
bi`joy planner for all to share the experience ASAP 0 topics
`we can define a way to share the ocean `s resources, yet keep it sustainable:. 0 replies `sea life in balance:.
it`s good to look back + reflect, self-observe what ya thought vs. what was.. to help us define the next`move.. 0 replies GMO/Nuclear see more.. The next` move do_in.. can be a very important move..
create a mobile personalized bio`planner to share.. 0 topics
reflecting with like shared focus to get a better understanding of what ya thinking.. do an exchange for further recipe thought + add link.. 0 topics
Lady Bug Landing community garden in Coos Bay, Oregon.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
1 eye to the other, bi`joy in patches' do_in.. 0 topics
our energy.. what a simple recipe can awaken. 0 topics
living the log book.. 0 topics
the next` move - life right links to be built.. 0 replies life right links to be built:.
12.9.2010 Cape arego area proposed marine reserves + surrounding.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
make sure to update feelings of OFA elections for 2010, if can't meet.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
i'd like to share + you also can use for walkabout - due to not being able to fit schedule to do live discussion of what we can do now for ourselves + each other.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
Re: a `way is valuable to rethink our priorities now regarding gulf oil spill.. it helps us refocus the networks behind our eyes.. 0 replies a `way do_in with a bi`joy experience
a day with Dave + folks at - ouroregonocean.org, regarding proposed Cape Arago marine reserves + others.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
join in the events, locate them along your way.. 0 topics
suffering can be gripped early on.. 1 topic
patches' of sweetness for refreshing ourselves + lil bu's.. 1 topic
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